Zack Snyder's Justice League - Worth The Wait? 

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Well, it's finally here. But is The Snyder Cut any good? Let's find out...

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20. 03. 2021





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Scott Schultz
Scott Schultz Před 3 hodinami
The problem with DC is Nolan. He set the style up and the walked tf away, leaving the Universe (kind of) in the hands of a guy who just wants to make zombie movies with loads of explosions.
Anna Lieb
Anna Lieb Před 12 hodinami
i watched the movie for breakfast... AND LOVED IT !! 🙌🤓🥐 Stop whining about its length! (title of your sex tape) 👀
Namey Lessone
Namey Lessone Před 13 hodinami
Even though I didn't watch the theatrical version, I can't really harp on it too much, as Joss Whedon had to work with what he got and with the movie deadline and studio interference, it's amazing the Josstice League didn't turn out worse. That being said, it's good to see the movie returned to the original director. Zack Snyder did a good job (not great, but good) at telling the story he originally set out to tell.
Alexey Danilkin
Alexey Danilkin Před 17 hodinami
0:20 Why name it "original Zack Snyder footage" when it's clear as day that it's the latest Snyder Cut footage? I've yet to see any original teasers or trailers in this aspect ratio. This is NOT his original intent. Although he can retcon his intentions to infinity and beyond right now...
Grey Avenger
Grey Avenger Před 18 hodinami
I think Darkseid forgot where the mother boxes were due to the injury he sustained. Probably went into some coma and woke up having forgotten- make sense?
Mookie Sheikh
Mookie Sheikh Před 19 hodinami
It was the same boring movie just twice the runtime. Endless SLO-mo’s 🤦🏻
Victor Kunchev
Victor Kunchev Před 21 hodinou
The irony is that Thanos is a copy of Darkseid...
Shin Malphur
Shin Malphur Před dnem
To be fair to darkseid forgetting which planet he left them on, he said something like “conquered 100,000 worlds” I don’t even remember what i had for dinner on Saturday, 2 days ago, never mind 100,000 planets.
Shin Malphur
Shin Malphur Před dnem
I sat down on Sunday and watched the whole thing in one viewing. I couldn’t feel my legs during the credits. Loved it though.
Don Chen
Don Chen Před dnem
lmao cant believe all these so-called "critical" movie reviewer actually wouldnt dare to fuck with this garbage. zach, as wonderful of a person he is, should stay the fuck away from every superheroes movie forever, for fucks sake its not even close how dumb he made batman and how stupid superman became in this movie. superman has always supposed to be a good man, not some god shit who MUST protect the world because HE WAS BORN FOR THAT. fuck this piece of garbage.
AName AnotherName
Raise your hand if you think the "Snyder Cut" is just as shit as the original.
Ryanne Strife
Ryanne Strife Před dnem
Well let's hope they #RestoreTheSnyderVerse
Marland Kennedy
Marland Kennedy Před dnem
Why are the Animated movies better than their live action counter parts. Just saw Justice League Apokolips and it 1000x better than the incomplete Joss Whedon version and the bloated Zack Snyder version. The Whedon version cut out so much the story didn’t make any sense and Synder version bloated with useless scenes, it tried to pack to much in one story like cartoon characters trying to pack to so many cloths in a suit case, on they touch or move it explodes. I agree with critical drinker, the flash and cyborg needed their own individual movies. I disagree with his positive review of this train wrack of a movie.
anyanyany anyanyany
animations are not meant to be realistic. It's easier to animate quick action scenes than to act them out. btw if you want to compare live action to the DCAMU movies, try JL:War. The basic premise of the story is the same. JL:War is shorter but definitely lacks character intros because the intended audience are comic geeks and those already familiar with DC characters. ZSJL makes up for lack of character intros by introducing brief expositions to previously unseen characters, which results in longer runtime than the average movie. JL Apokolips was basically the finale of the DCAMU universe, wasn't really that great anyhow but pretty decent among the DCAMU lineup. And TCD wasn't really positive of this movie. He mentioned in the beginning that Josstice league had already set a low bar to surpass, and ZSJL surpassed that easily.
Jay Gibbs
Jay Gibbs Před dnem
He forgot which planet he left it on in the goddamn MULTIVERSE. Jeez. The Mother Boxes are like GPS devices, which he obviously did not have.
Lobomaru02 Před 2 dny
At least Darkseid is actually namedropped and they acknowledge the Lord of Apokalips.
Ken Baudoux
Ken Baudoux Před 2 dny
anyone think it will convince the studio to continue the saga?
Count Iblis
Count Iblis Před 2 dny
Ask your local "mohel" for an extended cut and see what you end up with / without.
THE META Před 2 dny
i HATED the 2017 Justice League. it was just fucking bad. i watched Snyders and yeah i did have to stop and come back a day later cause it was so long, but that was acceptable because the movie for the most part was enjoyable. skip Flash's solo scenes and ignore how fucking stupid the Amazons are for waiting half a day and having a big ceremony to warn the world and it's great. hated that they brought back Jared Leto but liked that they restored his hair and covered hisface in makeup, overal the movie gets graded on a curve because of the original version, so instead of a 7/10 it's more like an 8.5/10
Now that the MCU is basically finished, DC could have picked up fans wanting more superhereo movies. Instead of rushing some not well working movies, they should have made a long time plan and wait with the justice league movies until people are attached to the characters. Basically like Marvel did.. At least the animated DC movies are mostly quite good.
anyanyany anyanyany
@The Mad Titan I mean, with Iron Man and Captain America gone forever, I have even less enthusiasm for MCU as a whole. The only movie I'm looking forward to is Shang-Chi.
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Před dnem
In what universe is the MCU “basically finished”? They’ve got dozens of movies and TV series planned for the next several years.
Hubert Sosnowski
Hubert Sosnowski Před 3 dny
Honestly, I think, that JL could be better and BvS could be at least decent, if DC/WB had more patience to release introductory movies before BvS and JL. Snyder would make this movie 2,5-3 hours and BvS more focused about... well anything, instead of chasing every plotline possible. Maybe some day. Maybe if they #RestoreTheSnyderVerse (which for me should be just JL 2 and 3) - we'll see more focused movies. Time will tell. Great video :)
Nohashtagshere Před 3 dny
Thanos was created as a marvel version Of darkside. Funny how’s it’s the other way now
I Don't Know
I Don't Know Před 3 dny
I think the Zack Snyder cut of Justice league's soundtrack fails in comparison to Joss whedon's soundtrack for Justice League. Don't get me wrong here I'm not saying Justice League is a good movie no matter how long it is.
I Don't Know
I Don't Know Před 3 dny
Steppenwolf the stepping stone!
I Don't Know
I Don't Know Před 3 dny
Makes use of the 4-Hour run-time."
I Don't Know
I Don't Know Před 3 dny
Yeah but Joss whedon's cut isn't for f****** hours.
I Don't Know
I Don't Know Před 3 dny
LMFAO the only battle Darkseid ever f****** lost and he forgets where it happened!?
I Don't Know
I Don't Know Před 3 dny
He must have changed his vision. A lot of the original is Snyder's and people blamed Whedon for the cringe.
Floyd Floyd
Floyd Floyd Před 3 dny
Bad casting was a problem.
Willzb2000 Před 3 dny
I only miss the dialogue between wonder woman and steppenwolf It doesnt make much sense in the snyder cut This one will be mine I BELONG TO NO ONE
AlaMaKoty Před 3 dny
My only problem with this movie was Amber Heard.
Michalis Koufos
Michalis Koufos Před 4 dny
I like your analysis, oh mighty Drinker!.. This was a superior movie, by far, in every aspect. I watched it twice and even Ben Affleck was almost enjoyable. Sometimes even kick-ass.
Danne1312 Před 4 dny
don't feel bad drinker this shitshow had me fooled to. I am just happy we got real pals at EFAP and YMS that make ut wake up from our alcohol indused fever dreams so we can live healthy again.
Prince Procrastinate
This is the Justice League movie that these iconic characters deserved.
oddist Před 4 dny
2:46 😂
Andrew Sanderson
Andrew Sanderson Před 4 dny
I seen it and also got into An argument about who came 1st THANOS or DARKSIDE so being me said Eros and thanatos is Greek I think it represents life and death and is 1000S of years old all because they were arguing which baddie was the original having telling them they're both different comics having said Stan Lee was clever you just thought that I did the Joss Whedon cut I like both waiting to see what you think of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the statue Randalls I mean flag smashers
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami Před 4 dny
Hopefully it wont go anywhere
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami Před 4 dny
Did we need this movie? No. Did we want it? No. Are we happy we have it? No. Are we happy that its being torn to shreds? Yes
Calamity Cain
Calamity Cain Před 4 dny
"...it's...narratively rich..." I know the answer Drinker but...were you drunk when you watched this?
BurnsXI Před 5 dny
Some very valid comments but personally I feel it was great. If this was what we got in the theatres I would have been more than happy a few years back. Less orientated about the few plot holes and more about seeing the characters you followed as a boy on the big screen in a film you’ve been waiting about 15 year for. Shame greed and desperately wanting to be an mcu clone got the better of WB and overruled snyder’s vision. Imagine the extended universe we could have had if he had been given time, budget and more films? A truly dark, gritty, violent DC universe. One can dream. Also on a side note, I’m sure it mentions Steppenwolf rebelled against Darkseid at some point in the past and lost, now he has to conquer X amount amount of worlds in the name of darkseid to be allowed back into the fold at his right hand. Kind of a symbolisation of God and Lucifer for some story depth I believe.
Sir CroakAlot
Sir CroakAlot Před 5 dny
What?! no FU to amber heard in this cut? she didn't deserve the sweat off a dead dogs balls, let alone a role in this movie
Sir CroakAlot
Sir CroakAlot Před 5 dny
I watched it recently, and having never seen the theatrical cut I thought it was pretty good, 7/10 ish, enough to watch a sequel, so then I went and looked the original cut... GOD AWFUL :| so its not mind blowing but it was half decent
Ella De Castro
Ella De Castro Před 5 dny
I liked it but still got confused with the editing. But that's me.
Ced Northman
Ced Northman Před 5 dny
Just when you 're starting to realize you spent rather good 3,5 fucking hours despite the boring slowmotion action everywhere, here comes the fucking nonsense epilogue to ruin that surprisingly satisfying feeling you had.... This movie should have been 3 hours maximum.
Francis Garnier
Francis Garnier Před 4 dny
I think Snyder always wanted the epilogue scene to be in the film. And the knightmare scene sets up JL 2 perfectly well. And also, I'd say instead of 3 hours, 3 and a half hours would've been a good run time. A few slow motion and other scenes could've been cut.
toni vidovic
toni vidovic Před 5 dny
8:18 A Steppenstone if you will... ill see myself out.
A Free State
A Free State Před 5 dny
Maybe worth the increased presence of streaming services over theaters, maybe we will start to see the format of movies change a little to accommodate more varying runtimes
buryitdeep Před 5 dny
Whedon should stick to forced diversity and fart jokes.
Allie Před 6 dny
This is one of the best super hero movies ever. Actually almost as good as infinity war
J C Před 4 dny
I wouldn’t quite go that far, but it’s your opinion and it is a good movie.
Maurindio Alessandro
weed and cat
Lankycide Před 6 dny
I have to say, despite the Drinker's ""alcoholic Scotsman" persona, he really can construct a well-executed review. I wasn't that interested or invested in the Snyder Cut, mostly because I wasn't aware or involved in the background stuff, but now I think I'll give it a shot.
TRUCK-KUN ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
Well I didn't watch the movie and I don't think I will since I'm not a big fan of superhero movies, but it's incredible how stupid people think that just because the movie is 4 hours long, you got to watch it entirely in one day, just do the same as you were watching something on Netflix, after all, it's streaming and you're not in the cinema, you can finish it whenever you want
anyanyany anyanyany
and the funny thing is, ZSJL functions more like a miniseries than a full feature-length director's cut. I watched in on two separate 2-hour sessions and it worked out well for me. Now if ZSJL was released in theaters I imagined the reception may have been different.
dadarkvador24 Před 7 dny
Worth the wait?? Of course!!
chil Před 7 dny
Dude, I find your mix of comedy and surprisingly accurate and meaningful insights incredibly refreshing. Thank you
Bob Risse
Bob Risse Před 7 dny
"War and Peace" was exciting compared to this crap.
Thanos 2.0? More like the og antagonist of a hero team.
Nick Frost
Nick Frost Před 7 dny
I could be mistaken but I've heard that the 'wheaton' cut was actually the studio stepping in and telling him to cut a 4 hour movie down to 3. Than when he nearly finished, they said cut even more. What I know Joss from is creating great banter between the characters. It's often funny and relatable, I found a lot of that was added in the extra scenes from the Snyder cut.
Kevin Tenuta
Kevin Tenuta Před 7 dny
a steppenstone?
Mereel Skirata
Mereel Skirata Před 7 dny
For one I am concerned that The Drinker is sounding more and more coherent in each successive video. I am worried that he will end up as The Critical Tea-Drinker.
elsep77 Před 8 dny
I’m not sure why Hollywood hasn’t hired you to take apart shitty scripts before they are released!, they’d avoid a lot of headaches if they did.. you definitely know your shit
Hugh Wyman
Hugh Wyman Před 8 dny
Shawn MacFarland
Shawn MacFarland Před 8 dny
David Před 8 dny
The expression is 'pissed off', not 'pissed' at you. A drinker should know better.
Evan Fultz
Evan Fultz Před 8 dny
Perfect criticism
Robert Ortiz-Wilson
An EFAP discussion on this could be fun! Although I would recommend limiting the discussion participants to maybe two people on each side of where they lean on the movie(s) just to keep the discussion orderly and focused. 😀👆
Robert Ortiz-Wilson
Now I’m left wondering what is the combination of the two films on look like. The best of both perhaps? No matter what though, I really wish this universe and movie started out completely different than what people were stuck working with and having to try and enjoy.
Dwight Stone
Dwight Stone Před 8 dny
I haven’t seen it and really don’t care 😂 four fucking hours? I will wait till it’s free on some streaming service.
Francis Garnier
Francis Garnier Před 4 dny
Well... It was released on a steaming service... HBO max ever heard of it
GentleGamer.de Před 8 dny
#RestoretheSnyderVerese is all I want
Gianna Smith
Gianna Smith Před 8 dny
How much did wb pay u
anyanyany anyanyany
zero, I presume.
Vaidas Šukaukas
Vaidas Šukaukas Před 8 dny
Whedon cut would probably also had been better if it he was allowed to direct from the beginning and be 4 fucking hours long. Snyder cut is just not fit for cinema release.
anyanyany anyanyany
whedon cut was doomed from the beginning because he wanted to turn JL into some sort of Avengers clone, and it didn't work out well.
shardinhand Před 9 dny
what a waste of movie and time, well done on this one fans.
BidenBlows Před 9 dny
easily could have been 2.5 to 3 hours at most, So much better then the Josstice league. Looking forward to the next justice league, and giving the green lantern the respect He deserves...
Nunur Biznus
Nunur Biznus Před 9 dny
I only watched the Snyder cut once but wasn't Steppenwolf's mistake that he tried to usurp Darkseid? I thought there was a part in there that implied that if it didn't say it outright.
jsum33 Před 9 dny
Shoulda never hired Snyder to begin with.
Roel Ven
Roel Ven Před 9 dny
I wa mad .... that my wife was home a few hours before me when it was released ... and already saw 2 hours of it... she didnt even have the heart.... to wait for her darkseid to get home.... hmmm she might be glad that i dont use the old ways .. lol
Roel Ven
Roel Ven Před 8 dny
@V. Va 22 years and counting ;)
V. Va
V. Va Před 9 dny
You're making it hard to believe you're married.
Creighton C
Creighton C Před 9 dny
Actually he knew the mother boxes were on earth, along with the Amazon’s, and the Atlanteans? He also knew a Kryptonean had been on the planet, who saw as a threat. What he forgot was that the thing he spent the last 5000 years looking for, the anti life equation was there. He saw the symbols he knew it was there. He lost the battle, spent the next 5000 years looking for what he had just found and then it was found again on the same planet he had last seen it on. It’s a pretty bad over site by Snyder. He also got taken out by Ares and Zeus, the same Ares who stole the power of Zeus and got tanked in a solo by Wonder Women in her movie.
V. Va
V. Va Před 9 dny
Was this shown or told? I didn't watch it. And I ask because sometimes there are holes in the plot that some people desperately try to fill in.
Chris Mallory
Chris Mallory Před 9 dny
Cyborg was boring and added nothing to the film except for a token minority. Aquaman was an abortion. Aaron Eckhart should have played Aquaman, not that tattooed freak they used.
nofosa Před 9 dny
The snyder cut is a great improvement of this movie is my opinion, the film was over 4 hours long but that didn,t bother me because you did learn more about the caracters in the movie.
Lokio Pens Loloc
Lokio Pens Loloc Před 9 dny
Excellent points have already been made so I'll make one I haven't seen yet: the CG are absolutely shit. It's like playing Riven in some parts.
Francis Garnier
Francis Garnier Před 4 dny
@Lokio Pens Loloc the CG was not that good at places but it's nowhere near as bad as Josstice league. And also they had to do all this during lockdown. And the other guy is right, some CGI in recent comic book movies (especially marvel) are obvious. But I'd say Man of steel and BVS were the only films which had flawless CGI.
Lokio Pens Loloc
Lokio Pens Loloc Před 8 dny
@It's Always Something I disagree. It was ridiculous how bad it was.
It's Always Something
Get your eyes checked. Although some parts are a bit obvious, it's no worse than any other comic movie to come out in the last 10 years.
Al Ex
Al Ex Před 9 dny
Time to do falcoln
SH Před 9 dny
the MCU films are just cheap forms of entertainment that for some people keep going to watch even though the quality of movies except for the first iron man have been terrible. The only good super hero live action movies you can point to which are objectively good were all made before 2010s.
SH Před 9 dny
@V. Va dark knight trilogy, the first two Superman Christopher reeves movies, Kick Ass, the watchmen, Iron Man 1, Blade 1 & 2
V. Va
V. Va Před 9 dny
Yeah I love CatWoman, Superman IV The Quest for Peace and Fantastic Four.
Tony Pressley
Tony Pressley Před 9 dny
It was better than the theatrical cut, but I feel this version was over long and self indulgent. I can see why the studio wouldn't want to release it. It's still hugely messy, and overly complicated. The tone was still depressing, and I can see the movie flopping in the cinema's. It's was interesting, but not much fun.
Francis Garnier
Francis Garnier Před 4 dny
And it was all the studio's fault for not doing solo films for other characters before this one. If they made an aquaman movie and a cyborg or flash movie before this one, this movie would've been 2:30 to 3 hours long.
Milton77 Před 9 dny
I would love to see a discussion between Drinker, MauLer and some others (e.g. Nerdrotic, Robot Head) as they have quite different takes on this cut and I respect them both/all as movie critics
Kaustubh Korgaonkar
7:50 "Darkseid is Thanos 2.0" ..... ???? ..... dude i heard you crying about Thanos loosing his shine when the New God
Kaustubh Korgaonkar
6:25 "their own version of Avengers" .........?????? ... Idiot Justice League was always a thing before Avengers movies.... Infact even in comics
Kaustubh Korgaonkar
5:45 " hew doesnt have the charm of Peter Parker" .... ??? what?? ... he doesnt have to....
Seth Binkley
Seth Binkley Před 9 dny
Since I never deigned to watch the theatrical version, I thoroughly enjoyed this cut. The background wailing for Gal in nearly every shot tickled tf outta me. 4 hours might've been enough for one too many pints...
Eric Doogan
Eric Doogan Před 10 dny
Way better fight scenes, the only thing that was corn ball was the slow mo and the over dramatic music for each hero
Daniel Před 10 dny
The unnecessary slow motion cuts is the only problem I have with the movie
Lynx Před 10 dny
Didn't see Batman v Superman until I prepared for the Snyder cut. I watched the "ultimate" version. I hated BvS, it was a perfect encapsulation of everything Warner has done wrong with this franchise. Zack Snyder's Justice League is a hell of a lot better and I enjoyed it... except for The Flash. Ezra Miller might be less obnoxious than he is in the Whedon cut, but he's still obnoxious, and Flash himself is shoehorned into the story just to include him. He has exactly two moments of legitimately being useful to the plot and in both cases it was artificially shoved in there just to give him something to do.
Levi Singer
Levi Singer Před 10 dny
It's actually mentioned what steppenwolf did, desoid mentions that he tried to vertake darkseid, a rebellion, it failed so now he has to pay for his mistakes and earn his way back
McDonald Trump
McDonald Trump Před 10 dny
Where is my 4 hour long review 😡😡😡😡
PRTKL XLR8R Před 10 dny
I'm glad I wasn't tainted by the first iteration, passed on it after the bad reviews. I also had a bad taste in my mouth after Bats vs Supe, so had no desire to watch it. But I really, really enjoyed this more than I thought I would.
Viktor Před 10 dny
Why the fuck did you change the original aspect ratio?
Abhinav Před 10 dny
I don't think the movie would have been 4 hrs if cyborg and flash had solo movies you can't blame Snyder you blame the studio
Francis Garnier
Francis Garnier Před 4 dny
@Abhinav completely agree
Abhinav Před 4 dny
@Francis Garnier yeah but this movies timeline is before Aquaman movie and also flash is getting his solo film sooner or later it's just that if they had released these movies before the Snyder cut wouldn't be 4 hrs
Francis Garnier
Francis Garnier Před 4 dny
Aquaman and flash would've been better
Ben Hamilton
Ben Hamilton Před 10 dny
Wouldn’t thanos be darkseid 2.0?(just because he came out first)
Das Schmied
Das Schmied Před 10 dny
Even with all it's faults, I ended up enjoying it
Paulius Steponavičius
Still , a long way to be on MCU level
Eric Pike
Eric Pike Před 10 dny
have sky cut some stuff out of the movie? its 3 hrs 52 mins on now tv
Keenfire Před 11 dny
The entire Justice League has Daddy issues.
Lovable Idiot
Lovable Idiot Před 11 dny
It’s better than Joss-tice League... but, boy it’s not much of a step up
Pubes Harrington
Pubes Harrington Před 11 dny
Have a happy "Prince Phillip is dead" everyone
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