Wonder Woman 1984 - A Ridiculous Disaster 

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So it turns out Wonder Woman 1984 is an even bigger mess than I expected. Join me as I do my best to make sense of it.


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28. 12. 2020





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 3 měsíci
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Luke Walken
Luke Walken Před 15 hodinami
@saffie girl I think they could have found a better looking actress than Wiig
saffie girl
saffie girl Před dnem
Kristen Wiig did the whole “hot librarian” trope a huge disservice. Most movie nerd girls pull off their glasses and lose their nun-bun hairstyles and VOILA! Instant hottie. Kristen Wiig does it and she’s...Kristen Wiig...with frizzy hair and nothing else.
Luke Walken
Luke Walken Před 21 dnem
@mike bee lucy lawless would have a perfect ww... 20+ yrs ago
Luke Walken
Luke Walken Před 21 dnem
@J!nx is jenkins a radical feminist like Kathleen Kennedy?
K Bob
K Bob Před 22 dny
Nah I’m good.
Arnav Pandey
Arnav Pandey Před 3 hodinami
youre voice is my my voice while taking a shit
Ronnie J Dio
Ronnie J Dio Před 3 hodinami
Can we quit pretending Pascal can act?
zhubacca Před 4 hodinami
I had Orange Chicken for dinner and now I'm watching this video while taking a huge Unnamed Xi Jinping of Unknown Origin Edit: CCP when Biden hands the west over to you, please dont force me to make Nike Air Jordans(TM) in a concentration camp for this post
CHRISTOPHER Bearce Před 8 hodinami
A grown woman acting like she's not hot when she already knows that she is
john doig
john doig Před 9 hodinami
yeah my eyes got a real workout eye rolling throughout the whole mess.
Sunny Sun
Sunny Sun Před 9 hodinami
I need more of your movie critics, I watched them all multiple times. The loger the better and ads don't bother me.
Bai Su Zhen
Bai Su Zhen Před 12 hodinami
1:21 oooh this scene is almost like Spiderman but way worse.
Luca Cabiati
Luca Cabiati Před 14 hodinami
a script written by my teenage "minorities-rights/bad-cis-male" daughter wouldn't have been so ingenuous and puerile
TheFourthWinchester Před 15 hodinami
But Diana did fly in Batman vs Superman. Remember her entrance against Doomsday? And Zack Snyder's Justice League also has her flying. Anyway 1984 sucked. Ruined the best live action female superhero.
JAMIE BOBKO Před 17 hodinami
Hey, at least Seth Rogen was the bomb in Jobs
TheFourthWinchester Před 18 hodinami
I cannot believe WW 1984 was from the same director who gave us the amazing Wonder Woman.
Mike K
Mike K Před 19 hodinami
Here's a thought: What if Steve had used the dildo stone? I realize it's Steve's spirit there, but he's renting a real, living person's body, so would that wish "take something important" from Steve or the human AirBnB he was inhabiting?
Mike K
Mike K Před 19 hodinami
The ONLY way Steve Trevor's experience as a WW1 pilot would've come in handy is actually understanding flight aerodynamics (at least to a degree) and likely having an easier time keeping the jet stable in the air. Other than that, he'd be completely clueless as how to start it up, lift off, or land because all three of those processes are VERY different from WW1-era biplanes. Even in real life, pilots have to go through extensive training for each and every aircraft they use, so Steve should've looked at the controls and said, "Diana... what the hell is all this?" I might've been able to look the other way if they'd stolen a private Cessna or at least a WW2-era plane (even though those planes would STILL be quite different from the aircraft Steve had experience flying) because it would've have been completely implausible that he'd have some idea of how the plane worked. Unlikely, yeah, but it'd still make more sense than flying a fighter jet. Of course... a Cessna or WW2-era plane wouldn't have had the fuel to make it, but then again, depending on the jet in question, it might not have had it either. Remember, the movie took place in 1984, so the jet they stole might've been from the Korean War or Vietnam War. Those jets lacked the same operational range modern jets do today. And even if we ignore that... why would ANY museum keep any aircraft fully fueled and maintained (every hour of operation requires many more hours of maintenance) for active duty? The answer is they wouldn't.
Sunkmeistern Olsson
Sunkmeistern Olsson Před 23 hodinami
At the 13:28 mark what did he mean? His brain is doing a funny laugh?
Sunkmeistern Olsson
Sunkmeistern Olsson Před 23 hodinami
At around the 9:30 mark there is a bunch of people in the mood what those he try to say with that ? That because most people don’t speak English it’s “shit?
Claq Yagami
Claq Yagami Před dnem
The flashback was, hands down, the best part of this movie.
Kimani Reid
Kimani Reid Před dnem
Dildo stone, really that's what you went you with
Sam Neeve
Sam Neeve Před dnem
Fuck off film 🤣
lowdownone Před dnem
You knew when they brought back Trevor it was going to be a disaster.....a "wish stone"...unbelievably lame.....Cheetah served no real purpose
Jasper Genuino
Jasper Genuino Před dnem
You're my new Favorite movie/tv reviewer, I appreciate the deep dive and brutal criticisms! Subs! Like!
Ellen Smith
Ellen Smith Před dnem
I loved it. It was very female gaze, and I enjoyed it. It was fun, light hearted, had some female oriented fantasy, and i thought the cast were really good.
Off white Tiger
Off white Tiger Před dnem
The dildo stone
hikimies Před dnem
i loved wonder woman the first one. this one i actualy slept about 40min about it in the midle. it was so damn boring and bad.
Thundersub Před 2 dny
So happy I never watched this garbage movie.
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens Před 2 dny
Notice too in these feminist movies and show, who are the bad guys? White masculine males...
Indrid Cole
Indrid Cole Před dnem
complaining are white males being the villain? Seriously? White guys are the hero in almost every movie.
Cooper Bentley
Cooper Bentley Před 2 dny
don't disrespect Seth Rogan like that.
Shannon Mcatee
Shannon Mcatee Před 2 dny
Now I dont hafta suffer threw this
F***Google Zionist Scum
When the first wonder woman ended i got out of my seat and said, well that sucked. And was literally harassed out of the theater.
Ahmadreza gh.abolfazl
i swear to god im gonna make/find a replica of the dream stone and have it on a stand with the name "The Dildo Stone" and then donate it to some museum
LIMIT Gaming
LIMIT Gaming Před 2 dny
I forced myself to watch it all but I was dying inside praying that it would just end.
360whiplash Před 3 dny
I didn't think the movie was that bad. Gal Gadot looked even more beautiful than before. I was disappointed that Blue Monday didn't get played even once like it did in the trailer.
Soviet Union
Soviet Union Před 3 dny
I love the part where a “feminist” rapes a man!
Baldomero Ayala
Baldomero Ayala Před 3 dny
Diana and cardi b sleeping with men without their consent
Scott Před 3 dny
I wonder...did not one person wish for “world peace”? How do two contradictory wishes be granted at the same time?
Daz Washing up liquid
One of the main criticisms I have with dc is that their stories don’t always connect with each other it’s all kinda scattered
Pineapple Pizza
Pineapple Pizza Před 3 dny
I actually liked this movie lol, oh well.
Will Yum
Will Yum Před 3 dny
Does anyone like Chris Pine in anything?
Bias Před 3 dny
I'm surprised Chris Pine didn't die from snu-snu in the first movie.
David Smigielski
David Smigielski Před 3 dny
Tell me how a fight jet, which by the way is in no way capable of being handled by a ww1 pilot, has enough fuel (why is it fueled anyway, it stands in a museum) to fly to another continent?
Orange Před 4 dny
The mere fact she didn't have her sword and shield, because she's a pacifist now or whatever, that was enough to make some of the action scenes a lot less fun.
James Weston
James Weston Před 4 dny
I’ve watched loads of these videos and I have to know... what is that fart lady scene from?!
James Weston
James Weston Před 3 dny
Yeah. And I can see why the drinker uses this clip.
Actin Před 4 dny
It's this one: csshows.info/up/video/ctuu1anQaZ-qu44.html
maynard mccarthy
maynard mccarthy Před 5 dny
Bro you are so right, this movie was total Bullocks! I don’t feel so Bad watching Tennet several times to try and understand it, to still get it wrong! This was a joke.
Anton Před 5 dny
It's a case of a bad “direct to video” sequel
Michael Maxwell
Michael Maxwell Před 5 dny
I just watched WW for the fourth time because I recently purchased a 4k tv. I went looking for the sequel but they only had the trailer. I had avoided the drinkers take before I saw it. Now I am glad it was unavailable on HBO max
Naruto K10
Naruto K10 Před 5 dny
I'm surprised no one wished to make out with wonder woman herself
Zetos Před 5 dny
Not gonna lie, I thought this movie wasn't actually that bad. It was no thriller, that's for sure, but it was charming at least. I mostly had a problem with some of the special effects like when she started running down the city street like a robot, lmao, and also the flying scene was a lil cheesy while making me wonder why she wasn't doing that shiet in JL.
Honey Tea
Honey Tea Před 5 dny
I thought the trailer for this movie was my fever dream and it didn't exist. I'm disappointed it does
Mockingbird7504 Před 5 dny
I am not big into movies, but I did like this channel and liked the reviews. Will be sticking around for sure
Richard J Slater
Richard J Slater Před 5 dny
It's so hurtful how this movie depicted alcoholism for people who have lost loved ones to the illness. Totally inconsiderate and ignorant stereotyping.
Ŝw多 DEADPOOL Před 6 dny
Why the F she destroyed that stone I mean when darkseid arrives next time for the antilife equation she can just wish darkseid to get erased BRUH
M Chambers
M Chambers Před 6 dny
9:46 Note how the guard is using an HK GMG 40mm which didn't come out until 1995. Just like 'Terminator Genisys' using HK products from the 1990s in 1984, Hecker & Koch is paying to promote their current products and not its products in 1984 so lets just have everyone driving Hummers or Teslas.
M Chambers
M Chambers Před 6 dny
3:40 The show handled the issue of the Amazons' immortality better when it switched from 1943 to the present day 1970s. Since on Paradise Island no one ages, Diana hasn't aged and Major Steve Trevor hasn't aged because... he's Major Steve Trevor Jr. the son of the 1943 Steve Trevor. The show was so good it actually got away with it because audiences wanted to see Diana Prince and Steve Trevor together again. The films are nitpicked because they're so shitty we don't want to see any of there characters.
M Chambers
M Chambers Před 6 dny
It takes real talent to make one of the greatest TV series based on a comic into one of the worst film series ever! Remember how on the show the Amazons were all really sexy and wore togas? And remember how Paradise Island was paradise because it was so simplistic and they didn't need big cities or technology? Neither did the filmmakers.
Arkeyu Před 6 dny
What movie is this? A man named Steve from World War 2 meets a woman who he falls for and eventually sacrifices himself in a plane to save the day at the end of the movie just to come back at later a time confused by the advancements made. Captain America? Nah. Wonder Woman. 💀
Ryan Roach
Ryan Roach Před 6 dny
Holy fuck this guy is hilarious 🤣
TheWilk75 Před 6 dny
There's far more to this: - every man in the movie, EVERY, is a jerk, brutal idiot, boozer, liar. - She saves only girls! Yeah, it's crazy. She never saves any man, not even a teen boy! - Nobody has the idea to wish the stone never existed. Would end the movie after 30 minutes. Good riddance - the worst scene in a super hero movie of the 21st century: the clouds and thunder catching lasso!
unusual person
unusual person Před 6 dny
DC after making two good movies :let's go and make more good movies WB:we don't do that here
Ronald Jack Mc.G
Ronald Jack Mc.G Před 6 dny
My Grapel Character in TF2 can rope better... and I suck in MP
Elliot Walton
Elliot Walton Před 7 dny
So, it also has nothing to do with '1984'?
Elliot Walton
Elliot Walton Před 7 dny
This is a real thing?
Young Confidence
Young Confidence Před 7 dny
They’re really trying to claim this boring piece of shit had more numbers than ZSJL smh
Adora of Eternia
Adora of Eternia Před 7 dny
Totally reminded me of trump and im not even american, he says his business is big when really his oil wells are dry like trump university
Tomanista Před 7 dny
After I had finished the movie, I had to go back because I totally missed when Diana made her wish. Doing so I noticed the only thing I liked in the movie. The dude who mockingly touches the stone and wishes for a cup of coffee which he gets a few moments later. I wonder what he lost for that cup of coffee...
Vinnie Lea
Vinnie Lea Před 7 dny
I feel gal gadot wasn't a good choice for wonder woman from the start
No Way
No Way Před 7 dny
I love movies and was under the impression that over time, movies would get better and better with technological improvements... Oh was I wrong.
Kelvin CW Chang
Kelvin CW Chang Před 7 dny
It’s a waste of good actors and good director thanks to a lousy script.
Mark Beiser
Mark Beiser Před 8 dny
The only redeeming quality of this movie was the little short that interrupted the end credits.
Paulafan5 Před 8 dny
And people wonder why Warner Bros wants to move on from the DCEU... It's been a disaster! Yeah, Man of Steel was good but it was a standalone movie. BvS was a mistake; they should have made Man of Steel 2 where Lex is trying to murder Superman, not Batman trying to murder Superman, and then do an older Batman film with Ben Affleck. They tried to copy Marvel and failed. WW1984 might be the worst of the bunch, and that's saying a lot.
Gus VanWagoner
Gus VanWagoner Před 8 dny
My biggest issue with this dumpster fire is the way it ignores all forms of logic. Right... Everyone would just say their wish out loud. That’s just an example. It’s lazy garbage.
Mr H
Mr H Před 8 dny
I love how Steve looks on in wonder at these new things called fireworks. To be fair, they had only existed for a millennia or so before WW1.
Chris Před 8 dny
As a huge DC fan, even i had to turn the movie off after 45min. What drugs did they take while filming this movie?
Robert Stevens
Robert Stevens Před 8 dny
I have not brought myself to watch this film. And the more I heard, the less I wanna a. Thanx
Salad Dressing
Salad Dressing Před 8 dny
Wiig needs to stick to actual comedies or just SNL, she does SHIT movies.
Fish Raposo
Fish Raposo Před 8 dny
The only good thing of this movie is the meme "Life is good, but it can be better"
James Před 8 dny
It took only a few minutes for me to realize that this movie was ridiculous boring garbage so I quit watching it.
fuck2016 Před 8 dny
I can’t believe in this day and age they would allow a plot where a person uses someone’s body without their consent and has sex with them wtf
Vetman Před 8 dny
You know you have a bad movie when the best part was when Linda Carter showed up for a cameo after the credits rolled. I had such a crush on her back in the day.
Wonko The Sane
Wonko The Sane Před 8 dny
One the many problems with Hollywood is too many of the screenwriters think they can write better than the original writers. When one makes one's living writing in a land of illusion, one ends up being deluded by their own imagination, into thinking they have an imagination.
Paul Hasenauer
Paul Hasenauer Před 8 dny
like a lot of hollywood big budget films all style but no substance,,wait,, 👎no style either!
Stuff & Things
Stuff & Things Před 9 dny
Walked out of the theater during the first one. This looks even worse.
Thomas Flores
Thomas Flores Před 9 dny
Are you about to turn into a were wolf wtf lol great video!
he's the Master
he's the Master Před 9 dny
The best Amazon warrior now runs Disney.
Andy J Art
Andy J Art Před 9 dny
They ought to have a Zack Snyder cut 🤣🤣🤣🤣
OneAndOnlySound Před 9 dny
The original reviews/critics: "This is like Richard Donner Superman in spirit, done with a morally strong message, blah blah blah" Me: "This feels like Superman IV, because maybe it's just me but I'd rather watch Superman III five more times than this one more time, and it's also a massive moral failure in nearly every way." I can only say I like Gal Gadot, sometimes she even seemed lost in the performance of "what to do," and same for Kristin Wigg as Barbara/Cheetah, she was doing fine but the movie was total trash.
moses jones
moses jones Před 9 dny
Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese Před 9 dny
The only thing good about this film is how hot Gal Gadot is....that’s it.
moses jones
moses jones Před 9 dny
Your Ordinary Twat here
I was so dissapointed.. i wanted to love it so bad but i just couldn’t enjoy it. i’m a huge fan of Gadot and thought she did a great job but everything else about this movie was dogshit :/
Crazozourus Před 9 dny
BTW making plane invisible for human eyes wouldn't make it disappear from radar. That's not how radars work.
Rudeboyja92 Před 10 dny
Dildo stone!🤣
Juan Rios
Juan Rios Před 10 dny
I left my house when I was seeing it.
STRAWMAN Před 10 dny
So bad that it’s good?
I-YELL- A-LOT Před 10 dny
Dwarficus C. Maximus
One of the biggest differences for Steve pilotting is not so much the huge difference in technology, but our understanding is how air patterns work in our atmosphere. During WWII, many pilots found themselves hundreds of miles off course after going over a given height (what's annoying me here is that I can't fucking remember what this is called), this being a height only possible with pressured cockpits that where not possible in WWI. This effect also allows for our current age of aircraft to be so fast. Would love to have had the scene of Steve turning around to Diane commenting on being lost due to this.
Mr DFK Před 10 dny
Having just watched Wonder Woman , I'm in two minds about watching the sequel. Everyone and their gran' has said how bad it is but now I kinda wanna see just how bad before I watch this review
Ian sox
Ian sox Před 10 dny
How tf do Amazons have kids anyway, and what happens to the male babies, can they even have them? Are they like China except feminist?
Legion Of SnowBros
Legion Of SnowBros Před 10 dny
I waited for this movie for years... but when reviews from trusted sources ALL said the same. Fk it. I skipped it.
Dime Baggins
Dime Baggins Před 11 dny
"The stone took my powers at the start of the movie! Guess its a good thing turning things invisible is completely non super"
Gary McDerp
Gary McDerp Před 11 dny
I swear I tried to sit through the whole movie but I couldn’t.
Fara Al Rafi
Fara Al Rafi Před 11 dny
Don't portray covid 19 like Donald Trump .
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