Why The Hobbit Sucks 

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The Hobbit trilogy is one of the most disappointing things since... well, most of modern entertainment. And I think it's about time I explained why these movies are so terrible.


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5. 02. 2021





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 2 měsíci
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Has anybody edited this so that it's more like the book?
Rowan Reed
Rowan Reed Před měsícem
@Mario Kyree i am trying it out now. Looks promising.
Mario Kyree
Mario Kyree Před měsícem
Dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my friends Facebook password by using Siczine. Just google for it :D
Declan Hogan
Declan Hogan Před měsícem
No way!
Carrissa Jean
Carrissa Jean Před měsícem
I was so bored in the theater that I fell asleep 😶
Andreas Malits
Andreas Malits Před 33 minutami
This trilogy is so awful. I would have been interested in the version of del Toro who had a different approach and didn't want to copy the look of Lord of the Rings ... until he got fired and replaced with Peter Jackson who initially didn't want to direct it. It's an overbloated mess that doesn't know if it is a kids movie (appropriate for the source material) or a Lord of the Rings lookalike...oh and somehow the special effects look way worse then in LotR.
Eric the Red
Eric the Red Před 3 hodinami
The plot - IT"S ACTUALLY THE BOOK YOU PILLOCK Hm, someone forgot that The Hobbit was written first. Bugger off.
nottnkif Před 3 hodinami
The singing was a part of the book. There's several songs in the LOTR books, those weren't added to extend the movies' run time
Greg Rogers
Greg Rogers Před 5 hodinami
Why the Critical Drinker sucks. Ans. - Because he’s breathing.
boredom2go Před 6 hodinami
Love your channel, but sometimes I get the feeling you'd be standing at the Grand Canyon and saying, "This plot sucks." Some movies you need to leave the critic hat at home. These movies are those. I'd go on an eight hour Peterman Reality Tour if it went through Peter Jackson's Middle Earth. It's just fun to watch.
Dingle Berry Boy
Dingle Berry Boy Před 10 hodinami
I kinda likes this trilogy ngl
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor Před 10 hodinami
Fellowship of the rings was wonderful, Two Towers raped the book, ripped it to peices and ate it then crapped it out into the mouths of viewers. Return of the King wasn't as bad but still was disappointing
Sammed Pandharkar
Sammed Pandharkar Před 12 hodinami
the 48 or 60fps or whatever was so so idiotic. It makes the action utterly weightless like pieces of Thermocol flying off into debris
Vance Niehaus
Vance Niehaus Před 14 hodinami
The thing I could not wrap my head around is that LOTR got three movies that total 12 hours(extendo versions) for 6 books. And the hobbit got an entire trilogy for one book....did not understand.
kdoeone Před 20 hodinami
It was goofy and had a really auful story. Wasn't worth the tw I spent watching it.
Clarkyowns You
Clarkyowns You Před 20 hodinami
It’s amazing how half the complaints is about the characters, action and plot being goofy, while it’s a movie based on a CHILDREN’S BOOK 🤦🏻‍♂️ is it too long? Sure, could it be better? Absolutely. But Jesus can we stop comparing it to the greatest trilogy of all time?! Anything is gonna look shit if that’s the standard you’re comparing it to and it’s tone is completely different and clearly for a different audience 🙄
[S_Rock] Beats
[S_Rock] Beats Před 21 hodinou
9:11 well to be fair, aren't dragons supposed to be greedy and don't care about anything but shinies?
henmich Před 21 hodinou
His best movie may still be "Bad Taste"...
Victor Kunchev
Victor Kunchev Před 21 hodinou
If people expected more LotR from The Hobbit, then I get the disappointment. LotR and The Hobbit are very different movies AND books. The tone and target audience of The Hobbit (the book) is very different from the tone and target audience of LotR. I knew this before watching the movies and kind of expected it. The Hobbit is much more cheerful and adventuristic and there's nothing wrong with that. LotR was much more dark and mystical and there's also nothing wrong with that. While there are glaring flaws in The Hobbit, I think you were a bit too harsh this time. They're different books, hence the movies will be different too.
bionicman696 Před dnem
I think Smaug just represents the Federal Reserve J's and their covetous ways but I know we are not allowed to discuss such things in our current day.
Greyhawk Grognard
Rankin-Bass managed to do a better job in 78 minutes.
Mark Barker
Mark Barker Před dnem
The Hobbit still better than any harry pothead movies
Man Ho Marcus Fan
The only reason why I love the hobbits is because of my childhood memories.
Hiltsy Homestead
Hiltsy Homestead Před dnem
Oh ya, I hate 4k everything looks so damn fake. and fuck the hobbit, I like the book though.
Szymon Duda
Szymon Duda Před dnem
Would love to see more hobbit content not gonna lie
Michael Capanelli
You should check out something called the "Tolkien Edit" of the hobbit. A fan edited out all the elements that weren't in the book and as a result it becomes a much more realistic 4 ½ hour film. Still long but not 3 movies long. Right there you can see just how much filler they put in. Before it was released I just couldn't understand how such a small book could cover three films. Unfortunately I'd find out when I saw it in theaters. Literally half the time spent in the three movies is fluff or filler. Anyway, check out the fan edit if you want to see a version that's a bit better.
Brad AmeerBeg
Brad AmeerBeg Před dnem
The only reason you want people to think it sucks is because you weren’t cast in it as one.
Opinionated LookinBoy
When I realized there wasn't going to be any elf-babe (Liv Tyler's) boobs or ass, I lost interest. Drinker's right. Blame Game of Thrones. lol
Holeypaladin Před 2 dny
One thing that really ticked me off about this trilogy is that they turned Smaug, the archetypal evil dragon, who is the basis for the dragons of modern fantasy, into a wyvern. They knew full well that a dragon is supposed to have four legs and two wings, and he is specifically drawn that way on Tolkien's map of Middle Earth, but they were too lazy to do the CGI correctly, and removed two of his legs to turn him into a wyvern. It's a pretty important distinction for those who know the difference between a dragon and a wyvern.
Jonathan Bradley
Jonathan Bradley Před 2 dny
First one was okay, 6/10 Second one was a bunch of boring filler and silly shit, but the smaug scenes were cool so 4/10 Third one was a total dumpster fire piece of crap, 1/10
Porter Wake
Porter Wake Před 2 dny
Yeah the movie should have been about Bilbo. In the book he starts as kind of pansy and by the end he is a confident hobbit after all the trouble he gets the dwarves out of. In the movie he just bumbles around.
Alexandre José
Alexandre José Před 2 dny
The greatest sin of this trilogy for me: Smaug the Golden barely had anything to make him stand up. He hadn't the belly filled with plenty of treasures to make it almost impervious, no golden scales, nothing. Just a big lizard. As much as I disliked the "Battle in the Mountain", I enjoyed when Smaug walked out of the gold looking like a staute, thinking "so that is why they will call it 'the Golden' in the move", but less than ten minutes later he is already back at being big lizard.
Peter Udir
Peter Udir Před 2 dny
I never watched LOTR and the Hobbit when I was growing up, thus I have no emotional attachments to the series as I have for Star Wars for example. I thought LOTR was absolutely incredible and that the Hobbit was fine. I wasn't insulted by the quality as some who have an emotional attachment to the series. I think the movie wasn't that bad however, it didn't live up to its predecessor sort of like Dark Souls 2 SOTFS was a good game, but for most not as good as a Dark Souls game should be.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Před 3 dny
Smaug was pretty good, I thought. I mean he really does just like burning towns out of spite, so that’s accurate. But otherwise these movies were almost unwatchable.
Wolf Hreda
Wolf Hreda Před 3 dny
1 Fun Fact And 2 Depressing Ones for The Hobbit Trilogy: Fun fact: The framerate for the movies is either 48 or 52 FPS (I can't remember which), which was a design decision that no one seems to be able to justify and which tended to give some people headaches. Depressing Fact #1: Guillermo Del Toro was originally set to direct The Hobbit when it started out as only a pair of movies. After months of zero progress on account of production issues, Del Toro left to pursue one of his other projects, at which point they wrangled Jackson back into it and it bloated to three movies. Depressing Fact #2: The Hobbit screwed over the entire film industry in New Zealand when our movie executives worked out a "deal" with the NZ government that circumvented the rights of their film workers' union by declaring them all 'independent contractors'. That's right, the American movie industry subverted the power of a sovereign government in order to continue making the trilogy in New Zealand.
Jan Černicki
Jan Černicki Před 3 dny
First of all I haven't seen these films in a coupe of years so take my opinions with a grain of salt, but I really enjoyed these films. I actually remember more from the Hobbit than LotR (that's probably because of the simplicity of The Hobbit). Most of your points are valid, but I can't help, but feel that some of the things you mention don't really drive down the quality of the films. Honestly it could be nostalgia or it could be the fact that i'm a sucker fot the feeling and aesthetic of Tolkiens legendarium, but I quite like these films.
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore Před 3 dny
I liked the first hobbit. Wasn't the greatest but I liked certain things about it. I like how the hobbit movies got kinda darker with each installment. But what I didn't like was how they shoe horned legolas into it and turned him into a action hero. Like while in the Lord of the rings he was an expert in combat, but it makes no sense, in terms of continuity, to turn him into a elvish version of freaking Jason Bourne or John wick when In Lord of the rings he wasn't depicted like that at all. How they kept azog ( I apologize if I spelled any names wrong. It's been awhile since I read the books) alive. It would make perfect sense to have bolg be the main big bad orc because he wants revenge for the death of azog, and thorin wanting revenge for the death of his father. It would make a great dynamic between the two. And let's not forget the elf lady ( I forgot her name tbh.) that wasn't in the story at all that they made a love interest of kili. There are other ways to make a charaters death more tragic than a forced love story. I honestly don't even remember if he died in this adaptation, Or if they even attempted to explain where she was during the events of tlotr. Casting was... alright I guess. I could never be hate Ian mckellen as Gandalf. All in all, this movie had the potential to be as good as the original trilogy, but they just had to mess it up.
J S Před 3 dny
Drinker, I am not a writer. I have grammar ass backward with finger painting. I don't know how to use punctuation to save my life. So, forgive me for the abuse in advance. Now, to the point. You should do a 'Drinker Recomends' for the cartoon version of 'The Hobbit'. Made in the 1970s, that version of the story is well done, captures the flavor of the book, and has everything the new movies don't. I dare to say, the cartoon is far more accurate than this new garbage. Again, sorry for my supreme lack of proper punctuation and any misspellings. My singular claim to communication is a larger than average vocabulary. I know what an 'abattoir' is... a slaughter house. And I know what the longest word in the english language is, but I ain't typing it out because 'antidisestablishmentarianism' is a long f'ing word!
Gabriel Hungria
Gabriel Hungria Před 3 dny
Hey Drinker, what are your favorite fantasy books? Mine are Silmarillion, Book of the New Sun and Lord of the Rings. Love your channel!! Cheers from Brazil
MysticManiac Productions
I agree, though it seems a lot of your complaints are also stuff with the books
GamingDinoNerd Před 3 dny
I love the 1977 cartoon of the Hobbit.
Bias Před 3 dny
This movie was mostly for dragons
Eric W.
Eric W. Před 3 dny
How to make the Hobbit film better: - Focus more on Bilbo -Cut most of the Master of Laketown out - Have it as ONE film. - Cut Dol Gudar, Radagast, White council, Tauriel/Kili out - Cut most of the Dwarves out. Leave only 7. - Tease the battle of five armies, but have Bilbo be knocked out. It stays true to the message that Tolkien wanted in a children's story. Not glorifying war. - Cut Azog out. - Main villain of the film will be Greed. - Let the tone be different from lotr. Hobbit is more of a kids adventure story rather than an epic.
Noel Pratsch
Noel Pratsch Před 3 dny
Fuck off,Billy Connolly riding on a giant pig, absolutely brilliant.Where else are you going to see that.
Dio brando
Dio brando Před 3 dny
I think part one and to were good, but part 3 was kinda bad
S0LIXUS Před 4 dny
honestly wish th3birdman would do a series on this guy.. this is like the 10th video i've listened to that he's been wrong so many times.
Ace Rimmer
Ace Rimmer Před 4 dny
I hate say it but it truly did suck! It would have been better to have never been made!
Adam The Confused
Adam The Confused Před 4 dny
Real talk: I don't blame the producers or the director for the Hobbit trilogy. I blame all the people who went to see it, and/or bought the DVD. The second they said they were making it into2 movies, I knew it wouldn't be that good. The moment they announced they were now making it into 3 movies, I knew it was hopeless, and gave up on it entirely. Edit: The sudios will make whatever cash grab they think they can get away with. It's up to the people to say "NO!" You do that by not supporting crap.
ElvenKing 992
ElvenKing 992 Před 4 dny
To all the people that disliked this video, you are not truly a fan of Tolkien and his work if you find this dislike worthy. EVERYTHING he said was spot on. I am a fan of Tolkien an his work for almost 20 years and will continue to be to the end of my days. The Hobbit trilogy is not what it was suppose to be.
Stormtroupe Před 4 dny
Honestly, I liked the first Hobbit movie but the second and third were a mess.
rick davis
rick davis Před 4 dny
'bout as shallow as a puddle a piss on a concrete slab.
Narapoia1 Před 5 dny
To be fair - all of the criticisms you level against Smaug, are just accurate descriptions of what a dragon is, and what Smaug did, in the book - the Hobbit. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather pass a gall stone than watch the part of the second one I saw again before giving up. I hate these films, but Smaug is just a vehicle to get the adventure going and lead to the battle of the 5 armies. I haven't watched the third film, but I assume they turned that battle it somethings as over the top, retarded and unexciting as the bullshit with the barrels in the river. Fuck I hate these films.
unicornzNbeez Před 5 dny
I enjoyed these films very much!!
Code Optimization Ware
The Dwarves look like Gnomes, not Dwarves! And why did that guy have like bird-shit all over his face!? And there's no way that Legolas would've shown up in _The Hobbit_ story, not even to wave to the fanboys in the audience, no way! And talking about bad ideas: What in the hell possessed someone somewhere in the Studio to think that stretching _The Hobbit_ into THREE films isn't the most half-baked idea EVER!? Peter Jackson's heart was not in these productions, and it shows, but I don't blame him in the least. It's the Studio that did all the botching in the case of those three ( **gag!** ) movies.
Mary Grace Nakao
Mary Grace Nakao Před 5 dny
I actually enjoyed the movie trilogy but they could have made it into a duology instead and follow the books as closely as possible.
John Stenson
John Stenson Před 5 dny
Nah, Smaug one of the few good things in the movies, the other villains are fodder though, I'm not gonna pretend Azog is no more than an excuse to pad out the story
Konstabel Coetzee
Konstabel Coetzee Před 5 dny
Exactly, I miss the frame rate and the graininess, thanks for putting words to my frustration, now I am going to drive my wife mad repeating that everytime we watch a movie
ThatGuyNicho Před 5 dny
>Target RIch Environment Hahahahah
darthvincor Před 5 dny
Yeah, they did it the wrong way round. It should have been: -1 movie for the Hobbit. -6 movies for LOTR.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Před 5 dny
Drinker, for the first time ever, I disagree with you. This trilogy where is far from perfect and easily could’ve been two movies and a lot of the stuff I hear you saying is stupid and shouldn’t have been in the movie. It’s stuff from the book. Maybe I am just a tolkien super fan. However! Something people don’t realize about this franchise is TLOTR and hobbit take place in the 3rd or 4th age when the world is pretty bland and most of the magic/monsters are gone, what they need to do is go back thousands of years and do movies when dragons are aplenty, theres werewolves and just MORE science fiction elements, the world is so young n vibrant and untold, so much potential, those are the movies i want.
Ella De Castro
Ella De Castro Před 5 dny
I actually enjoyed this movie. Watch it every Christmas before LOTR and after Harry Potter.
PufferFish Před 5 dny
*i disagree*
Ashley Před 6 dny
this story didn't need to be told in 3, 2 hour parts. peter still knows how to make movies it's just that the studios fucked it all up. its always about time and money. "get me this amazing product in 3 days for no cost at all and have it make billions of dollars!!" now its been a minute since i read the hobbit but as far as story goes bilbo is barely in it. he's an important cog in someone elses machine story. i mean its why gandalf went to him and convinced bilbo to go in the first place. its like in dungeons and dragons, when you make a character you don't want a whole group of humans. not only is that just boring but other races have skills that are helpful. dwarves are big and bulky and they needed someone small and quiet which is what hobbits are. its odd for a book to be called "the hobbit" and have the hobbit be such a small part of it. but again an important one. its a fucking metaphor, member what those are hollywood?! also forgot that in the book the dwarves get picked off one by one until theres like 4 or 5 left i think? i know one of the twins dies, fili or kili. i dont think any of em die in the fucking movie. a lot of em died to the spiders lol oooo im trying to picture hollywood making the simarlion or whatever that book is called into a movie. barely anyone can read it let alone have it be made into a movie. oh my god it would be such a mess lmao
Tom S
Tom S Před 6 dny
The LOTR trilogy was terrible. The characters were corny as hell . They sent the 2 weakest characters to go get rid of a super important ring while everyone else is Dickin around with flirting with hoes and bickering over nonsense to make the movies as long as possible. Any other franchise would be stoned for the plot armor in this franchise.
Michael Workinger
Michael Workinger Před 6 dny
All true
VaderPopsVicodin38 Před 6 dny
Desolation wasn't toooo bad.. The only saving grace for me was Cumberbatch as Smaug.. the "Not at Home" sequence, I thought, was one of the BEST parts of this bloated trilogy.. and hearkened BACK to Jackson's "Rings" trilogy, and how when he gets somethin RIGHT, he delivers.. and that scene delivered.. Edit: The only OTHER scene I thoroughly enjoyed was Gollum's scene, meeting "Baggins" the thief, under the Misty Mountains.. that was very well done, especially considering the RIDICULOUS scene of the Goblins introduction before it ..
Zandor Clegane
Zandor Clegane Před 6 dny
In short (ha) Read the book or play the lego game.
Amber Legowik
Amber Legowik Před 6 dny
It's almost like the characters suddenly realized they have a supreme magical item, the ultimate MacGuffin, an item as powerful as it is mysterious. . . Plot Armour!
Cairo Venn
Cairo Venn Před 7 dny
Give us a lotr review
Braden Farrell
Braden Farrell Před 7 dny
I like the Hobbit trilogy but... stretching a 300 pages book to three movies was really not the smartest thing to do. There are too many fillers. I could have lived e.g. without the complete Tauriel-Sideplot. Evangeline Lilly was great in Lost, but her part in this movie seems to be put-on. The Hobbit is at least ten years younger then FOTR but the CGI looks horrible in many shots (especially the chase scene after Rivendell). How did that happen when they had the technology for convincing CGI in 2001? Bought it from the lowest bidder or tried some new techniques that makes everything looking total realistic (compare to the Mummy Returns from 2001 vs the Mummy from 1999)? On the other side the movies give a lot of fan service for LOTR-fans and you see many beloved characters from the LOTR-movies again. Felt almost like a family reunion when I first watched the Hobbit years ago. :)
Rob Bob Brah
Rob Bob Brah Před 7 dny
This movie isnt that bad. It's actually a really great movie if you need help falling asleep. It's stronger than sleeping medication.
Daniel Richwine
Daniel Richwine Před 7 dny
I stopped watching The Hobbit after the first movie. Haven't regretted it yet.
Offensive Pepe
Offensive Pepe Před 7 dny
I remember there being an animated movie for the Hobbit at some point, that really captured the kid movie tone from the book.
Michael Scrilla
Michael Scrilla Před 7 dny
Totally agree. I watched one of them on TV and had no idea it was even the prequel til I saw Gandalf and Legalos.
Varghese Jacob
Varghese Jacob Před 7 dny
But tbf LOTR Sauron is the embodiment of a 'generic' villain. I don't know how much I agree with this critique. EDIT: Alright I watched the second half of the video and I agree with you a lot more.
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith Před 7 dny
I really like the hobbit movies actually, obviously not as good as the other lord of the rings movies but I do enjoy them. Brilliant points as always though Drinker.
GradKat Před 7 dny
I loved the first Hobbit movie! Just wish I hadn’t watched parts 2 and 3.
Kudo Lemon
Kudo Lemon Před 7 dny
i like high frame rate. i do miss film grain though..
Haruchai Před 8 dny
It sucks, because it was made to make money, not art. Like Star Wars when every actor and their dog wanted in on it.
jlpjlp1953 Před 8 dny
I realized the Hobbit movie sucked big time, but couldn't quite put my finger on why. Now I know. Thank you!
Draco Padilla
Draco Padilla Před 8 dny
Am I the only one who liked the hobbit trilogy? Everyone always talking about how it was children's book, well there's a lot of movies like that. The lorax, cat in the hat, the grinch, cloudy with a chance of meatballs. I liked that they did 3 movies.
Benja Lucian
Benja Lucian Před 5 dny
No. I like it better than LOTR.
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Před 8 dny
Jackson spent basically three months prep time for each movie in The Hobbit. Whereas he spent basically a solid year prep time for each of the LOTR. Not to mention all the bad writing, overstuffed plot with added BS, and shitty CGI. And finally, they took a light hearted children's adventure story and tried to stretch it into three epic movies. And between them stretching out that already thin material, and trying to compensate with over stuffed bullshit, cgi, and practically no love or prep time.... it was doomed to fail from the outset. I just wonder how Peter Jackson, a huge Tolkien superfan at one point could just sell out so hard. It's sad and shameful.
Father Lucid
Father Lucid Před 8 dny
I agree it’s overall a more lighthearted story than lotr. But it’s not exactly lighthearted in every moment. In fact there’s quite a bit of darker stuff than you would expect. Like Gollum in general as a character. There’s even a moment where beheading is mentioned from what I remember. And the battle of the five armies isn’t exactly traditionally childish material. There’s violence in it that sounds more adult like than childish honestly. It’s kind of a mix but overall lighthearted at it’s core. It’s more a family friendly book as opposed to strictly for children. The hobbit films on the other hand took it way too far. It should’ve been very simplistic and focused on Bilbo. I would’ve even liked to see Sean Connery as Thorin. Someone older and wiser looking. Dwarves are not exactly good looking either. They are meant to look rough and borderline ugly. When you cast young male “models” as your leading dwarves like Thorin, Kili and Fili specifically you’ve done something very wrong. Also the slapstick stuff was just there to remind us that this is meant to be lighthearted but it ended up distracting from the depth of the world they exist in. And also it didn’t work with the epic darker tone they were going for. It’s weird the book feels more grounded in a way. Because the world he developed had a lot of depth to it and you felt the length of their travels as they edged closer to the mountain. The difference in the movies is that they didn’t actually feel grounded despite trying to be dark and overly somber. The hobbit isn’t somber but it feels more grounded in a world with layers to it. Thorin was a much better character in the book and I loved how you barely see the battle and they go for a more minimalistic approach because it’s from Bilbo’s perspective and the spectacle is kept to a minimum. The way I can describe the book is that it’s legendary. The movies didn’t even come close. They should’ve made the Hobbit one simple film during the early to mid 90s with Ian Holm before the LOTR came out in 2001.
Aden Smith
Aden Smith Před 8 dny
Tbf to Martin Freeman, he was great in Cargo
?、 Před 8 dny
I agree with everything except the singing, because they actually took like 4 songs out of the trilogy that were in the Hobbit book.
shardinhand Před 8 dny
the hobbit trilogy remains great, i only wish we had more reasons to see that beautiful world again. i morn its end.
Martin Eriksson
Martin Eriksson Před 8 dny
The thing that actually got me most taken out of the movies, was the look of it. They just litterally look like Playstation games.
Brendan Higgins
Brendan Higgins Před 8 dny
Aragon: falls off 500 ft. cliff into water Also Aragorn: f*cking lives just a joke, i agree with his point
Guanglai Kangyi, Age 15
I think in terms of pacing, having a miniseries instead of a trilogy would've suited the structure of the story if they wanted to remain faithful to the novel. It seems like the only way to do the story justice without falling in the traps of mediocre hollywood movies trying to beat Marvel.
ICaNtThINkofACooName 30
I like the Hobbit better then LOTR but that’s because I never read the books.
Jonathan Tyree
Jonathan Tyree Před 9 dny
3:25 Whos the streamer?...for research purposes.
Ren Garcia
Ren Garcia Před 9 dny
I actually loved the 1st Hobbit film. But, and I knew this going in, I hated the next two. Thorin becomes a poor man's Fred C Dobbs, Bilbo becomes a bloody after-thought and, as he did in LOTR, Jackson gives all of the Hobbit's best moments to the fucking elves.
OlafttheGreat1998 Před 9 dny
Martin Freeman was very funny in The Office (UK)
Prince Solomon
Prince Solomon Před 9 dny
Dee Lee
Dee Lee Před 9 dny
Who's the "shiite" woman??😄
croymanc Před 9 dny
Sick of seeing this pleb trash perfectly good films to gain a few views, sad really !!!
Jeremy Flener
Jeremy Flener Před 9 dny
The barrel escape made me hate this film. Went on too long, too much movement, beyond ridiculous.
Father Lucid
Father Lucid Před 8 dny
In the book no such thing happens lol. It’s a quiet journey to Laketown. Which would’ve been nice for good dialogue in the film. Take the Great river for example they let you bask in the moment.
Arne Andersen
Arne Andersen Před 9 dny
Specoos Před 9 dny
Twitch streamer's name? ...asking for a friend!
mfmageRaids Před 9 dny
Tbf, only about half of your criticisms were movie based, a lot of them are book based. The movies weren't good, but only for about half of these reasons, imo
Mike Crabtree
Mike Crabtree Před 9 dny
Before I actually watch this I just want to say I can’t wait. TCD has some funny and Interesting?! Takes on things.
bombomos Před 10 dny
Literally the only movie me and a date fell asleep in lol
Markusewitz Před 2 dny
There are things worse than that ;-)...
Herald UK Gaming
Herald UK Gaming Před 10 dny
Martin Freeman is a naff actor and was wholly unsuitable for the role. Seeing as he'd already ruined Arthur Dent, who'd've thought ?
Ellesmere Wildwood
Ellesmere Wildwood Před 10 dny
Dear Mr. Drinker, I love your reviews but I'm really missing the angry, frustrated, drunken "GO AWAY NOW !" at the end. You know, like how you used to do them, like at closing time in a Glasgow pub and the cops are trying to drag you outside. Do Glasgow pubs ever close ? I don't know.
B1azingPh03nix Před 10 dny
This trilogy is a case study of what happens when the production company make the decisions, rather than allowing the creative team to do their jobs. If you compare the behind the scenes of the Hobbit vs Lord of the Rings, it's actually a testament to the talent of those involved that it ended up as mediocre as it was. Jackson had the LOTR movies planned years in advance of production, he had been planning them long before he even stared pitching the idea to the production studios. It was a passion project from the start, and he almost had a blank check from the studio to do what he wanted with. The Hobbit on the other hand, was born from the studio wanting to milk the franchise, and the project had little to no organization from the start. Most of pre-production was done by Guillermo Del Toro, and the movie was meant to turn out as weird as you'd expect from him. WB didn't have faith in Del Toro, and dumped him and decided to go crawling back to Jackson, and gave him a year to figure things out before they started shooting. Jackson had to throw out everything Del Toro did to attempt to make it consistent with the LOTR trilogy, and essentially started from scratch. One year to plan everything out, make the sets, props, hire VFX artists, pretty much everything. Interviews jackson did for the behind the scenes are kinda sad to watch, he said there were some days he'd call a two hour break during filming, and sit on set trying to figure out what he was going to do, because he had no idea how to fulfill the trilogy and tone requirements laid out by the studio, and make a coherent movie.
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It wasn't all that bad. If you ignore the bullshit cinema 60 fps and the entire goblin crap, here's how I'd rank the movies: 1. LOTR 1: no Tom Bombadil or Glorfindel, but otherwise perfect. 2. Hobbit 3: my expectations were low after the second one, and it did have a TON of noise, but it did do some downright epic scenes and it felt like the biggest chunk of Middle-Earth I've ever seen. Felt like watching a battle from the 1st Age. 3. Hobbit 1: ignoring the goblin crap and the fat dwarf jokes. Hopes were high. Eyebrows were raised towards the end. 4. LOTR 2: would've been lower if it weren't for Gollum and some of the lyrical moments in the Helm's Deep battle. At the time, it was a major dissapointment for me, but worse came later. 5. Hobbit 2: I hated it. But it introduces Thranduil so... 6. LOTR 3: Yes... worst. Everytime I see the "You bow to no one" meme, I want to puke. It's as if the editors of the first part had a stroke and thought they were in Hollywood.
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