Why Do We Need Heroes? 

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So the recent announcement of I Am Not Starfire from DC got me thinking about heroes, comic books, and how we treat our modern myths and legends. And well, it doesn't look too good. The question now is, why do we even need heroes?


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2. 12. 2020





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 4 měsíci
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Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Před 25 dny
I guess the real question is why, why do we let them tear it down? Why do we cave to their every whim ? We can ignore them can’t we? We can do what history has always done to those people. Forget them.
Kamdyn Braylen
Kamdyn Braylen Před měsícem
@Jayden Jonas I will try it out now. Looks to be working :)
Twirtnik Před 2 měsíci
The most of his books are so bad.
Mackie Messer
Mackie Messer Před 2 měsíci
Wow, you stated the condition of our society today.
joshua moskovitz
joshua moskovitz Před 2 měsíci
Dunno man. You look pretty sober in your picture on amazon. Get's me worried.
tem Před 2 hodinami
damm man that was deep! and soo true...
MKits Před 3 hodinami
this is probably the first time i have to disagree with you i mean in one video you said stop changing superheroes into something they werent while talking about doctor who and a few comic book characters and i completely agreed but now someone creates something new to put their stories into which you said you think they should do and you attack them simply because they look like your average human modern teenager which in all honesty many DC characters did anyway like the teen titans i just really dont see the issue here trying to appeal to its own audience
The Lone Rider
The Lone Rider Před 4 hodinami
“A man needs heroes. He needs to believe in strength, nobility and courage. Otherwise we become sheep to be herded to the slaughterhouse of death. I believe this.” -Louis L'Amour
The6thMessenger Před 5 hodinami
The problem is that these people are insecure that they can't take seeing people that are better than them. The world has to bow to their delusions that they are perfect the way they are, that they refuse to change and improve. Mere being thin is shaming fat women everywhere, why previously fat women like that once celebrity was shamed for making the decision to lose weight.
Avi Před 12 hodinami
Ignorance is bliss and you don't care about my happiness. But neither do I apparently. Upon finishing the video, this is my new motivation video.
JMUDoc Před 15 hodinami
"You're fine the way you are." Even if true, we have cars and planes and astronauts and skyscrapers and vaccines today because some people weren't happy with "fine". If everybody is a hero, nobody is a hero.
Drew M
Drew M Před 17 hodinami
They talk about inclusivity but in reality they're just trying to push themselves in and everything not that out. They act like there are no black comic book heroes. I'll admit not all of them are that popular but when your comic universe has thousands of characters it's really hard for all of them to be popular. Storm is one of the most popular characters of the xmen series and marvel in general and last time I checked she was black. Not that he's always been but T'challa was created in 1966 and now at least he's really popular. There is inclusivity all over comics it's just small minority groups don't get front and center attention like they want.
Captain Deathsquirrel
Geez, there was even a shot from Mystery Men.
Konstantin Koverchenko
WTF?!??! >_
Ineda Nap
Ineda Nap Před dnem
Commenting for the algorithm boost, this stuff is good!
cyberpimp29 Před dnem
Amazing message!
Torque Nation
Torque Nation Před dnem
Forget Covid . The new threat governments should focus on is the iconic villains disguised as blue haired women who try to change heroes so that it would be easier to defeat them 😉😉😉
Alexandra Před 2 dny
“From time to time we receive letters from our readers who wonder why there’s so much moralizing in our mags. They take great pains to point out that comics are supposed to be escapist reading, and nothing more. But somehow, I can’t see it that way. It seems to me that a story without a message, however subliminal, is like a man without a soul. Im fact the most escapist literature at all - old time fairy tales and heroic legends - contained moral and philosophical points of view. At every college campus where I speak, there is as much discussion of war and peace and civil rights and the so called youth rebellion as there is of our Marvel mags per se. None of us live in a vacuum - none of us is untouched by the everyday events around us - events that shape our stories just as they shape our lives. Sure, something can be called escapist, but just because something’s for fun doesn’t mean we have to blanket our brains while we read it!” -Stan Lee We’ve long since reached the point where these types of entertainment channels value pushing an agenda to the right more so than they do protecting the integrity of the art they claim to love. It’s come to the point where these channels don’t even need to agree with themselves anymore, as long as they put out as much crap as possible whining about whatever the left did that week they and their audiences will remain satisfied. It’s hilarious that this is the same group of people who love to pretend that they are being persecuted by the left when they are literally the very monster they describe when talking about the left. Hopefully one day this cycle will break, but considering how good these channels have gotten at propagandizing the pop culture landscape, I don’t see it happening any time soon.
Bojan Stijović
Bojan Stijović Před 2 dny
You are a poet!
Slivress Sliver
Slivress Sliver Před 2 dny
Wait...this is real? I thought this was a spoof at first. I used to collect comic books in my teens, years ago. Weird stuff out there now! 🤣 Edit: That speech 😚
*Insert funny username here*
Stop ruining entertainment for the majority to appeal to the minority
Rich Martinez
Rich Martinez Před 3 dny
Wow! Better than a Shakespearean speech!
secret superstar/s
secret superstar/s Před 3 dny
This is why Manga is better
Martin Portelance
Martin Portelance Před 3 dny
But but but Drinker, weren't you glad when Peter Parker was revealed to be a lowly school nerd in RL? And that young Johnny Storm was at the time the most powerful FF? Or what about Green Arrow's sidekick's drug problem, the comic bronze age? For my part I was glad some characters detached themselves from the ivory towers heroes should hang in, and get closer to real life we, the reader, experience; One of the early heroes, Heracles, was plagued by many human problems and he's allegedly the most famous strongman-type hero of all time. I think the key is in the doseage; Reading today's comics one gets the feel that about 50% of the male population is gay, for instance.
Keitto191 Před 4 dny
Wow... the end of this was quite inspiring 🤩
Greg Mac
Greg Mac Před 4 dny
From 1:36 until the picture of the author... Holy shit I just laughed so fucking hard.
Baily Sawyer
Baily Sawyer Před 4 dny
Mother of god that was actually the front cover art?
Robert Fritz
Robert Fritz Před 4 dny
Well said.
IkarusKommt Před 4 dny
The target audience of the comic books has vestigial intelligence and probably will not notice the difference.
Cam Kels
Cam Kels Před 4 dny
This concept sounds like a great idea for a comic book super villain. A villain who, is resentful of those who set a high standard so they convince the people that the heroes are the one who are evil.
bepis the science man
Yeah that's a neat concept
John Snake
John Snake Před 4 dny
Definitely one of the best, most thought provoking videos on youtube... This drink is to you Drinker.
ND Math
ND Math Před 6 dny
U good bro?
christy elliott
christy elliott Před 6 dny
...so how far to we got with the inclusivity, is she still allowed to fight crime or does simple waddle into the scenario, wheezing, nearly havign a heart attack, and barley able to move? becuse thats what being obese is... so its actually offensive to portray it differently? surely?
Karmell Mazurek
Karmell Mazurek Před 6 dny
deadpool forever. and 100% agreed
American Dad
American Dad Před 6 dny
Ridiculous. 🇺🇸
Kal Lemon
Kal Lemon Před 6 dny
You're far too logical for the useless idiots who couldn't comprehend what you say, cause legion of sadly generic looking Reylos who will buy this just cause want the exceptions to be the rules. Idk, I never bought anything as political statement, but then again, I'm not a useless fool.
mdiem Před 7 dny
Postmodernism is one of the greatest threats to humanity today. All it does is destroy and can create nothing .
Chris Toney
Chris Toney Před 7 dny
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you. I'm a fan of Jordan Peterson, and this is as close to a Jordan Peterson presentation as you've come. Thank you.
Ten To Ace Studios
Ten To Ace Studios Před 7 dny
"like burning money" the comedic timing on that was incedible
Jim Kilpatrick
Jim Kilpatrick Před 7 dny
Dunkin' donuts might get inspired and motivated.
Lilith Purura'Regina
Wowww..... a grown adult who thinks a picture of himself chugging the most hipster liquor on the planet deserves to be in each an every CSshows video he makes, multiple times per video!, doesn't understand what modern young adults want.... I'm so0o0o0o0o0o0 surprised 😑
Marya Runkle
Marya Runkle Před 8 dny
“Do not pray for an easy life. Ask for the strength to endure a difficult one”-Bruce Lee
Dirk Starbuck
Dirk Starbuck Před 8 dny
Love that ending shot of Superman. Christopher Reeves will always be Superman. And in my heart, that portrayal of Superman will always represent what superheroes should be. Heroes.
peter k
peter k Před 8 dny
Pugley Wednesday. An experiment by Uncle Fester to artificially create a humunculus. Inseminating one of Wednesdays donated eggs with the residue of Pugley's discarded tissues after a vigorous night, following peeping on his sister in the bath.
Łukasz Haśkie
Łukasz Haśkie Před 9 dny
Dang, man, your speech sounds like Jeff Daniels from Newsroom opening scene, respect!
eddy ismai
eddy ismai Před 9 dny
Beste speech ive heard about our world today
Arun P
Arun P Před 9 dny
Woke came from one of the most nihilistic generation. We want heroes like us who are whiny, lazy and self entitled. Working towards being a better person is too hard and it's someone else's fault we failed (never our fault). we even made a insulting word for people who work hard (try hard) because anyone who doesn't think us are fake and therefore bad.
CharroArgentino Před 4 dny
DC heroes don't work hard either. People have always called superheroes out for being completely unrelatable, most of them are born extremely powerful and beautiful, or gained their beyond god-level powers; there's just nothing to learn from them, they are power fantasies. Some comics fixed that by giving them more philosophical struggles, rather than just making them punch people at 3 million kilometers per second, but in general they are still nothing one can realistically strive to become. That's why Spiderman was the most popular superhero of the late 20th century, he was relatable as a person, and had clear limits to his superhuman abilities. Batman is a hard worker, but he's not liked for that (a genius, prodigiy, playboy, who achieved peak human condition, mastered 124 martial arts, became a god-tier engineer, world's greatest detective, and master escapist in only TWELVE years of training, yep, completely relatable), he's liked because he's a massive power fantasy that one can justify ("but he worked for it!"), and also because he's more interesting personality wise, being far more morally grey than the rest of the JLA.
Laughing Dragon88
Laughing Dragon88 Před 9 dny
If I ever need a good cry after a night of drinking I can always watch this series.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Před 9 dny
It pisses me off when they change any of the character's race, sexual orientation, etc. Sorry, Capitan America is a straight white dude and Black Panther is a straight black man. I do not find that offensive. I do not want obese, gay superheroes and I am obese and gay. Why must they ruin everything?
Kal El
Kal El Před 9 dny
From the culture of the Superman to the culture of the last man. The Fall of Ideals.
And that’s why dark horse is best
Vergil Valerian
Vergil Valerian Před 10 dny
"...legends and stories of heroic men and women accomplishing great deeds." I dont see how an angsty blobular teen who dresses in black and can't seem to even win the battle against donuts falls into that realm.
Lau Před 10 dny
Drinker, you intoxicated genius. You put into words my thoughts and managed to express my feelings without us meeting over a pint (or twenty) of hard European beer. That, my inebriated friend, makes you an artist. That is the very definition of an artist. I gotta say, if I wasn't currently busy holding my mug of gin, I would applaud you. Alas, priorities. I bet you'd understand. Anyways. Salutations from Romania, and I hope you have the chance of coming by, so I can introduce you to the Romanian national drink. "Tuica". It will blow your mind. Literarily. Now go away now! Ps: i am very interested in your books now, and I promise I will read them as soon as possible.
Plebtile Před 10 dny
Damn bro, I hate onions.
Moorbene Před 10 dny
Thank you for not being an idiot.
Christopher Edwards
Christopher Edwards Před 11 dny
You want body positivity and inclusiveness in superheroes? Look at real-life body builders and athletes. Those body types are your reference for creating a hero who is healthy and strong. There's still a lot of diversity in body shapes in athletes and sports players, but they're all healthy if they're any good at it. We should use the same philosophy when we create fictional heroes.
Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit Před 11 dny
Well. Said.
Apple Pye
Apple Pye Před 12 dny
Oh my gosh, yes.
Ian Klingensmith
Ian Klingensmith Před 12 dny
When the fuck did woke people become comic book fans?
The Killer
The Killer Před 10 hodinami
Woke people were never comic book fans, they see comic books as a way to force their agendas on people
Ian Klingensmith
Ian Klingensmith Před 12 dny
I have a hard time believing that Drinker has less than a million subs
Jay Sellers
Jay Sellers Před 13 dny
Spot on!
Yellowhat Dick
Yellowhat Dick Před 13 dny
That small triangle of cleavage on her tells so much🤣
Gawani Whitecrow
Gawani Whitecrow Před 13 dny
Like this one sir, pantheon study included. The shackles of christianity are clearly hard to break.
Justin Case
Justin Case Před 14 dny
Why not
??? name
??? name Před 14 dny
Wow, the character looks exactly like the creator.... I can't wait to see the future of comics. 🥴
ExUmbraVirtutis Před 14 dny
This is beautiful.
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor Před 15 dny
This is why I am totally against humans & aliens (or even androids) breeding. The resultant creature will always be something that should be sold to a circus. Starfire, as a right & proper Alpha coming from a warrior culture, would have snapped the neck of the defective offspring at birth. Its the right thing to do. Its Darwinism at its finest. Sad little people don't live their sad little lives if you don't let them. Its charitable, actually.
James Borek
James Borek Před 15 dny
A long, long time ago when I was a child playing baseball and our team got absolutely smashed into the ground, the other team's coach asked ours if we wanted to "mercy rule" the game. He asked us, and they way he put it still rattles around in my skull all these years later.. he said, "Boys, we all know the situation, but I'll leave it up to y'all. Do you guys want to quit, or do you want to lose?" We choose to play on and lose, which we did.. but we didn't quit.. I don't know why this video brought that memory back so vividly but whatever..
william hicks
william hicks Před 17 dny
Excellent, thank you.
Gerry Callaghan
Gerry Callaghan Před 18 dny
Fantastic closing monologue
Cordin Archer
Cordin Archer Před 19 dny
The girl will be fine, She just needs to lay off the spicy Cheetos and go for a jog once in a while.
Chris Gentry
Chris Gentry Před 20 dny
Intensely profound words Mr. Drinker. You've earned my respect.
Andrew Marcus
Andrew Marcus Před 20 dny
We are groot.
It's moot, damnit not mute
"Once you accept everything, there's no need to strive for anything" He felt Entropy's breath and saw the bright lamp of progress holding the long, cold dark at bey sputter just a little as these words were uttered. "Damn!!" he thought "Where can I find some of those methylated spirits? I'm going to need something to keep me warm..."
Victor The Defiler
Victor The Defiler Před 21 dnem
You mean, heroes became more like real humans are and not how most humans would want to be? who would guess xD.
Free man
Free man Před 22 dny
Come work at a college - all your questions will be answered!
Teodor Radovic
Teodor Radovic Před 22 dny
1:12 that laugh that fucking laugh
idkchocolate Před 23 dny
Fuck current era
Gary Kish
Gary Kish Před 23 dny
My preference is the art work from Neil Adams and John Byrne. How sad this crap is what they are calling comic books now.
Jonas Savimbi
Jonas Savimbi Před 23 dny
HoLy ShiT THE goth Is ANothEr hokey An ď not a BLACK This IS RACist #critical drinker more like critical racist
Stevie Před 24 dny
I notice all your examples were taken from WESTERN civilization. Shame! You’re supporting the homogeneity, um, the hegemony, fuck it, the continuation of the PATRIARCHY! Bad white man, bad!
Levi Peres
Levi Peres Před 12 dny
Darren Klein
Darren Klein Před 24 dny
Deep and meaningful right to the very end. Th Critical Drinker said all that needed to be said, and all that ever will need to be said.
Andy Brummel
Andy Brummel Před 24 dny
Hell people damn near deserve medals for speaking truths like this, due to the petty retaliation from weak minded hateful sad and jealous waste of life. Thanks for only dealing in facts. Facts do not care about your feelings. Thats what makes them great.
Stephen Marshall
Stephen Marshall Před 25 dny
Interesting enough I’ve never been a fan of superhero fiction, whether in a comic book or in films etc. I think it is because I’ve considered them to be childish, implausible and often risible. It will not, therefore surprise any reader to learn that I am quite a boring person. I do remain, however, a fan of science fiction so long as there is an emphasis on science and not fantasy. I started to loose my love of Dr Who when he started reading minds, I mean how does that work? Is it electrical, magnetic or electro-magnetic? When John Pertwee was the Dr he once said in an episode “There is a scientific explanation for everything, we may not know what that is but there is one”. As a result of this excellent monologue I intend to be more open minded and shall also try the Drinker’s novels. I will, however, continue to outsource film watching to him as my tolerance with the implausible is very limited. I, for example, think that Dunkirk is a bad film which undermined its realism with too many historical and technical inaccuracies. 1917, however, is a superb film because the liberties it takes are fewer and can be ignored as they are swamped with good, accurate, realnesses.
KL Před 25 dny
Toxic. That's the word to describe this culture.
T. Drake
T. Drake Před 25 dny
Damn...I’m in tears.
John Bruce
John Bruce Před 25 dny
The Incredibles envy paradox. "When everyone is super, no one will be"... Buddy Pine. Alternatively... just ban all supers.
Envious Penguin • 69 seconds ago
"..hunger for stories of larger than life heroes.." *Oh she's large alright*
Lyle Slaton
Lyle Slaton Před 26 dny
DRINKER PHILOSOPHY 101, almost brings a tear to me eye.
Abijah Overman
Abijah Overman Před 26 dny
Wow, I'm stunned, you really nailed it this time, philosophically, drinker. 👏 Indeed, Comic Book Heroes represented an ideal and as Jordan Peterson has said, "every ideal is a judge". Some people aspire to the ideal and others want to destroy the judge.
Whiteness Envy
Whiteness Envy Před 26 dny
Why do we need race/gender swap garbage.
Jared Slater
Jared Slater Před 26 dny
👏👏👏 Well said! More people in this "woke" society need to see and understand this video.
s1nnocense Před 26 dny
deep waters
CainCrow Před 28 dny
I know I'm late to the party here but man...that was a GREAT video. Personally I'd like to buy you a pint for adding 90's Flash, Cormans Fantastic four, that 90's Red Skull and my personal favorite...Barb Wire. I love The Crow, The Shadow, The Phantom, Dick Tracy, Darkman and Barb Wire. I'd love to see you review all of them....though a little afraid you might bash them too hard in the end. Anyway, great video you did here.
Lauren Před 29 dny
Nailed it
Mike W
Mike W Před měsícem
I have the answer. I’ve been brewing a comic series that will change everything
Michael Gibbons
Michael Gibbons Před měsícem
6:00. Very well said. Spot on.
Merrill Milner
Merrill Milner Před měsícem
This reminds me of a special section at our local library. It's YA, and adults aren't allowed.
Bioweapon N
Bioweapon N Před měsícem
I don't know whatever super villains they'll have to face will be scared of. They just have to wait for diabetes to kill them off.
Moonjumper Reviews: Who Cares What I Think!?
I'll admit, I have not read this comic, so I was surprised to learn that the black-clad, plus-sized young woman on the thumbnail was the daughter of Starflire. I initially thought that Raven had been spending a little too much time around the buffet, but no--she's Starfire's daughter? Why does she resemble Raven more than Starfire? Why am I even bothering to ask?
Chris McMahan
Chris McMahan Před měsícem
Wow that was extremely inspirational. More well written and thought out than 95% of movies and tv.
Chris McMahan
Chris McMahan Před měsícem
Thank god there is a large library of comics out there, because I refuse to pick up any of these “woke books”
Harvey baldry
Harvey baldry Před měsícem
Peter Boghossian brought me here. And I'm glad for it
Professor Ronin
Professor Ronin Před měsícem
Drunken bastard brought a tear to an old man's eye.
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