What Happened To Our Villains? 

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Every hero needs a good villain. Movie villains used to be awesome, but now they kind of suck. Join me as I explain why.


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18. 01. 2021





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 3 měsíci
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Luke Skywalker *
Luke Skywalker * Před 13 dny
@Jack Hartmann I can
Jack Hartmann
Jack Hartmann Před 13 dny
Write a movie script!!!
Sam Bohan
Sam Bohan Před 13 dny
Not every hero needs to be calculated or physically strong most the examples u made made sense but some aren't
Ostrak Před 15 dny
Heya Will, is there a way to get a signed copy of your book(s)?
Luke Skywalker *
Luke Skywalker * Před 16 dny
Darth SIDIOUS though is a great villain evil almost killed Luke won in the prequel era he is a threat to be reckoned with also he loves being evil
erik red
erik red Před 4 hodinami
well said about Vader winning in ROTJedi. the books said it plain as well back in the 80's but it never really made it into to movies except subtle. you got it.
Charlie Dehn
Charlie Dehn Před 5 hodinami
Actually your first long description of Kylo Ren points out why he might have made a much better actual hero than villain (and why Rey was such an uninspiring hero). It was Kylo who had way more obstacles to overcome! If the writers had just realized that and not felt compelled to create a female Luke (except better, of course), it might have made for a very interesting trilogy.
Arc Anon Drum
Arc Anon Drum Před 7 hodinami
Actually, 5:45 not true. When we see Darth Vader and Princess Leia together for the first time, she is petulant and obstinate.
kingslayer86 Před 10 hodinami
i actually think that you are lookign at a problem that doesnt actually exist. you are comparing the best examples of villians from the bygone era of movies to average to mediocre examples of the modern day. compare the best villians of today, to the best villians of yesteryear and they still hold up. case in point? people are still talking about thanos from infinity war.
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
In fairness, he does show Thanos and I think he understands that Thanos is a great example. Many mediocre villains in the modern day are in movies pertaining to popular franchises, with large budgets and script writers, which produces a potential breeding ground for wonderful concepts and content often unused and under-utilised. When Star Wars goes from a powerful fallen Jedi and tragic cyborg out to slaughter the opposition to a raging manchild and -admittedly delightfully accurate
Bedi Özuluseven
Bedi Özuluseven Před 12 hodinami
11:13 Captain Marvel vs Thanos??? Drinker im pretty sure he fisted her into oblivion which was glorious
VeteranRedBeard Před 13 hodinami
But drinker...a woman growing and overcoming a threat implies that women aren't perfect the way they are and they have to change...and we can't have that.
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
A significant shame, considering most movies with successful male leads involve those men being tossed around by the baddies, outwitted, outsmarted at several key points, until they overcome their adversaries and obstacles.
NexusDarkworldProductions Před 15 hodinami
I suggest you read the Grey Faction series, the heroes are well written, but the villains are brilliant, terrifying, and there's no doubt that any time the heroes survive a battle, they did so by the skin of their teeth, or because the villain has more serious threats. Like a secondary character pushing the villain to the brink while the heroes getting his ass kicked elsewhere.
PKMN37 Před 18 hodinami
Considering how ridiculously powerful Rey is, the Disney trilogy should've made *her* the villain. It could've been a Negative Change Arc, as we'd see her fall to the Dark Side and Kylo Ren would evolve into the hero the story needed. *That* would've been *way* more interesting that what we actually got.
Metal Jacket
Metal Jacket Před 21 hodinou
The villains are all men and are meant to be seen as weak , unhinged, even silly because ..politics.
Carl Cordova
Carl Cordova Před 21 hodinou
Brilliant balls analysis, should have its own show, protected by a nuclear powered force field from the WokeDom Scam mobs.
PierreShark Před 23 hodinami
One of the finest villains I feel personally work are for example Gul Dukat from Star Trek. He's cocky, arrogant and throughout the series he loses and is underestimated, then he comes into his own and becomes a serious and maniacal threat. Another is Scorpius from Farscspe. He's efficient, he never does anything unnecessarily. He's shown as almost sadistic but he's never shown to enjoy it, its always purposefully, with a means to a goal for him. He even evolves to become and anti-hero of sorts as his motivations are discovered.
BROSKII / Před dnem
Get this man to be hired by Disney just to shit talk their Star Wars characters till they make another good one after 2 decades
Сергій Мартиненко
Even though I hate new SW movies, I think you missed the point of Kylo. He is Vader wanna be by design. To me his actions are natural, his motivation is understandable. He is supposed to be struggling to become great. IMO, it makes him likable, even though absolutely different from Vader. About loosing to hero - problem is not Ren, but Rey. Character who basically destroyed everything about Force mastery. Strong force users still supposed to learn to use it. Still have to learn to use lightsaber. She didn’t, just made this way. Seriously, she feels more like plot device then with no personality
Aarij Jamil
Aarij Jamil Před dnem
Here is what a good villain needs, motivations, goals, traumatic past, strength to commit the hardest crimes and felonious crimes, powerful and a personal connection to the protagonist
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
@Сергій Мартиненко Palpatine's past was added later on. He knew he was different because he felt a great power growing in him, and his dad decided to treat him differently to the negative. The alienation he felt played straight into the hands of the dark side, and the way of the Sith. His Sith master may have served as a father figure of sorts. ...But again, that was all added later on. Originally, Palpatine was a shady emperor with little known about him, except that he helped create Darth Vader and kill Anakin Skywalker, and fought to keep father and son -Luke and Vader- at odds.
Сергій Мартиненко
If I remember correctly, Palpatin had no traumatic past. Still made into a great villain.
Jeremy Wadkins
Jeremy Wadkins Před dnem
5:34 Yep! Poe just witnessed the whole villaige get slaughtered and hes making snarky jokes?? Like he doesnt care about the bodies on the ground around him...doesnt care that Kylo just stopped a blaster bold in mid air and is clearly very powerful. I had the same problem when he did that in the first few minutes of the last jedi. Mouthing off to a fleet that is about to kill them all and making the villains look like idiots who we cant take seriously. I reject these Disney Star Wars movies as cannon
Tony Belanger
Tony Belanger Před dnem
"shitty drink" over a shot of baijiu?! I thought you'd love it
TheSuirad Před dnem
In other words, these feminists are fucking our villains up.
elliot Stannard
elliot Stannard Před dnem
Luckily, The Snyder Cut gave us some of the best villains in cinema since Sauron.
Bill H
Bill H Před dnem
Yeah I guess Kylo Ren should have punched-out Rey. One thing her noodle arms aren't good at. But then, he would have seemed evil or something. At least Gina Carano can punch, but hey, cancelled.
Dexter Morgan 666
Well said u caànt well fucking said
Dexter Morgan 666
Men who act like that would never rise to that type of power it all feminist BS facts
Haha JustPlayingGames
chaos walking is a good example. the villain was like a side quest mission
Erik Kaye
Erik Kaye Před dnem
"Not only are these villains evil, they're evil and inept!" You mean, like Donald Trump? Or to give a nod to your side of the pond, Boris Johnson? I'd say our villains reflect the times that we're in. And in this time, we're on the very brink of global destruction because of stupid, inept, but intransigent shitheads! That's who we want our heroes to defeat now!
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
Those were also the villains back in the past. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, everyone the West and Western cinema viewed as evil was actually a bumbling buffoon despite all of the evil acts they committed, numerous documents and memoirs from their staff and military structures explain such. Back then, cinema was more focused on villains representing ideas. Darth Vader was based off the Galactic Empire and it's vice-like grip on the Galaxy, and the evil ways of the dark side of the Force. Even the dictators were sometimes portrayed as competent. An issue with modern cinema is villains are no longer portrayed as frightening and terrible obstacles which must be overcome, there are no morals or techniques one must earn to defeat them and prove that evil is bad. The bad guys are bad and stupid now, and there's no fearing them, no having to overcome the obstacles they represent. It's poor character development for the heroes and makes for uninteresting villains. The Trumps and Putins of history have existed for thousands of years, and history and modern events repeatedly mock them for their evils and stupidity. Those clowns would make for evil henchmen and sub-plot villains at best. What modern cinema needs is evil characters representing evil ideals, which aren't afraid of adversity in and of itself. If we are not taught that evil is dark, towering, and has the potential to smite us, how will we produce generations capable of overcoming it? Weak villains produce weak challenges which are easily overcome. Strong villains produce strong challenges, and the good guys have to utilise strong skills and strong morals to put the villains and their bigotry in it's place. That is what we need now.
O.A.J. Před dnem
The best villain I ever saw was Pain in the anime Naruto. Pain was scary and he is a perfect antagonist for the main character .
Gilly Writes Comics
GALACTIC RODENTS of MAYHEM. Read that comic coming out from Scout 4/28/21. No pussified villains.
chris hall
chris hall Před dnem
OMFG but thats not how life works....in an altercation between men and women they are just physically smaller and will end up dead or raped or raped then dead FUCK HOLLYWOOD
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
Not always, some women are crafty, fit, well-trained, ect. A muscle-y thug is easily downed by a woman with a weighted purse if he is not careful. But there's a key difference modern movie writers seem to miss: The MALE leads in films usually get tossed around here and there, and do not always win fights and engagements. They have to develop their tactics and morals to beat the enemy and defeat evil. When female leads do not follow the same formula, it becomes bland.
unholy7 Před dnem
If you think about it. The villains are following society. We're more and more expected to be watered down and PC
random tall person
Would have been funny if Rey turned out to be the villain all along like she turns evil in the second film. Idk that would have been interesting
Kuribo Kutsu
Kuribo Kutsu Před dnem
You wrong, thing which connect all that "strong villains" is that they "toxic males" which undermines woman superiority agenda.
Frozen Hawk
Frozen Hawk Před dnem
Simple answer. They had their BALLS chopped off. Got to look good for the Mary Sues out there.
captain pinky
captain pinky Před 2 dny
so basically the female hero's and the villain's males is a lame way to do things?
Grammatical Rouge
Grammatical Rouge Před 2 dny
Gnorga "The Queen of Mean" from A Troll In Central Park was more of a villain than many so called modern ones... and she was defeated by a _four years old._
Man Ho Marcus Fan
Man Ho Marcus Fan Před 2 dny
Darth Vader Me: "Yay Vader!" KYLO Ren Me: "I Wish You Never Existed." Edit: Kylo is just an edgelord of the sith, a bigger edgelord than any edgelord I've ever seen in any edgelord lore in edgelord lore.
Jan Hensel
Jan Hensel Před 2 dny
Well, if we were looking for TRUE equality women should loose at a rough average of 50% which is cleraly not the case. Feels way mor like payback than equality!
DJTrickyM Před 2 dny
actually i think vader killed people very often out of anger, and not just in a calculated way. this is shown alot in various comics, including the vader comics.
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
When did Vader kill anyone without an additional motivation alongside his anger, where it damaged his reputation and essentially messed with the plot?
Ed Corona
Ed Corona Před 2 dny
Kinda hilarious when you look at every single example of shit villains; what's the common denominator? A protagonist that's a strong female lead with no flaws or challenges and can't possibly be beaten or embarrassed. I think we see what the root of the problem is.
LBboarding b
LBboarding b Před 2 dny
Well luckily we got plenty of non Hollywood villains that are still awesome. Anyone ever consider Griffith from Berserk? Maybe the best villain ever tbh
Neil Peterson
Neil Peterson Před 2 dny
I was not surprised in the slightest that all the bad villains you mentioned were men. I guess Hollywood didn't give them a choice. They couldn't let the man win against a woman, whether it's a magic battle or a physical battle (which clearly makes no sense.) If they did, they would have the entire angry internet after them. They'd lose their job as a writer and director, and loose everything they had. They were backed into a corner and they had to comply.
bigorange2082 Před 2 dny
Rey can swim in the Last Jedi. She grew up in the desert. But she can swim. She can pilot a boat in the Rise of Skywalker, in a storm that was supposed to be dangerous. Nope. Rey can do it with ease. Han flew the Falcon for decades. Rey fixes the compressor and saves them. Fixed the Falcon in a way that Han is impressed by, almost like Han couldn’t do it himself.
Kcuhc Před 3 dny
Social media has fucked everything, good luck finding an alternative.
Eric Knight
Eric Knight Před 3 dny
I agree re: Doofus Vadar.
Scott Belanger
Scott Belanger Před 3 dny
Austin powers.., type shit
Mentor OfArisia
Mentor OfArisia Před 3 dny
Veinal Chunk Plays
Veinal Chunk Plays Před 3 dny
10:02 Was that brother where art thou?
Ian Rotten
Ian Rotten Před 3 dny
It's really a shame that Vader was done well in the original trilogy, and then George pulled a 180 with the character in the prequels...
tgbandroid17 Před 3 dny
Kylo Ren is an interesting character, but he should not have been a main villain. Killing Snoke is one of the biggest mistakes of Last Jedi.
MeCanWin Mac
MeCanWin Mac Před 3 dny
Yeaaaaaa star wars is dead now. You go woke you go broke
Rice Juice
Rice Juice Před 3 dny
They could've used his childish-ness for some actual interesting character development like how Ashoka starts off as an annoying ignorant kid and became a badass perfect character later or like fucking Zuko
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
Yeah, Ahsoka is amazing. One of my favourite animated characters, very fluid fighting style and very firm when it comes to standing up to messed up stuff. Also, her design and backstory are lit.
funkydanieluk Před 3 dny
I disagree with you on Thor Ragnorok. Thor hit Hella lots and wasn't holding back at all. She was just too strong for anyone to beat in a direct fight so he had to do something clever to stop her. I dont think if she had been male that would have played out differently, that seems like a fairly classic way for a villain to work.
Krystal Myth
Krystal Myth Před 4 dny
Battle Angel's Alita was the last good female protag imo.
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
Ayyy! Apparently that film sucked, but I sincerely enjoyed it. ^^
meux meux meux
meux meux meux Před 4 dny
Kylo Ren = Beta Vader Also all recent media is about inversion and subversion. It's predictive programming,trying to change the established order of things by convincing people subconsciously that it's different from real life.
Johnny Whitsel
Johnny Whitsel Před 4 dny
I was under the impression the legal drinking age in Scotland WAS 13. EDIT: A good writer WILL make a villain likable. Saying they don't need to is foolish and would only promote the lackluster writing you rail against. A really good writer can make you see the villain's perspective and understand their thought process.
Rainman Slim
Rainman Slim Před 4 dny
Modern star wars was destroyed by 2 things. Modern identity politics and snarky fucking quipping
Alan Ryun
Alan Ryun Před 4 dny
Mostly true and well thought out. Except for Thor ragnarock. Thor outsmarted the antagonist and sacrificed his home. Real growth.
Gordon G Grey
Gordon G Grey Před 4 dny
If you need your balls back then that means something or someone took them. If something or someone was able to take them, then you never really had them to begin with. Valuable people are innate; born. They are not made. You have it from the beginning or you don’t ever get it at all and never will.
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
So if a character is temporarily beaten, they are permanently beaten, because if they were truly capable of strength, they would have had it already. To have an advantage and then lose it to an antagonist, means one never had an advantage to begin with. ...Thaaat's a fallacy. Yes, valuable people are innate. But a person's value is in learning what they should value. Someone destroyed your village? Hunt the scoundrel down. You became homeless? Get back on your feet. Anger issues? Overcome them. Need a trade? Develop one, because whether you are born for that specific trade you find or not, you are not born with the advantage and benefits of working that trade until you develop it.
Belligerent Ulsterman
The Last Jedi gave Adam Driver something to work with. I'll give the film a smidgen of credit for that.
Stewart Bailey
Stewart Bailey Před 4 dny
Excellent observations and insights into the gender homogenization being modeled to the young by the film industry. We live in a sibling society where Hollywood is training us to think laterally and look sideways for guidance and knowledge. Remember, "Just because your are a character doesn't mean you have character."
Krystal Myth
Krystal Myth Před 4 dny
Keep in mind thats what this channel does. It has a mission.
Mark Hellner
Mark Hellner Před 4 dny
Brilliant video Critical Drinker.
reproshenkaMV Před 4 dny
We got them in touch with there feelings
dsforeva Před 4 dny
Just one thing - Vader is the good guy 🙃
Jared P
Jared P Před 4 dny
How could you not show golem. Besides that great job
Kuro Jorm
Kuro Jorm Před 4 dny
I agree but just to play devil's advocate: there are some mangas (and a couple adapted anime) that have protagonists that are way OP but the story is still work the read/watch. Most of they OP protags usually have other aspects that they fail/lack at. But the story is still an enjoyable ride and not some mangaka preaching from a bully pulpit. One Punch Man I believe qualifies, but giving any other examples would probably end up in arguments on what is "good" manga/anime and that's it's own bucket of fish...
Commissar Barga
Commissar Barga Před 5 dny
staypuft as a symbol of power and menace. whoda thunk
Zeus & Athena
Zeus & Athena Před 5 dny
As a woman I totally agree! I don't want to see an easy win. I want to see the amazing storyline it's suppose to be.
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson Před 5 dny
Haven't seen the John Wick movies, have you?
Dr. Schniedel
Dr. Schniedel Před 5 dny
The solution is very simple: don't watch movies or play video games with key female characters.
Dr. Schniedel
Dr. Schniedel Před 5 dny
It's Google's fault
Fasika S.
Fasika S. Před 5 dny
Lol😂😁right on
SkyrimDude1 Před 5 dny
1:02 bit I laughed so hard
I feel like we are right on the edge of a villain Renaissance. We just need to hold out long enough for enough people to get angry enough about poorly written villains.
robin turner
robin turner Před 5 dny
your the best
Cece Diamant
Cece Diamant Před 5 dny
I didn’t even realise that bias about men and women when fighting. I understand from a producer’s standpoint: they don’t want the keyboard warriors on them. Them ppl would be ready to cancel them for something like that. But at the end of the day, it aint glorifying shite. If a male hero hits a female villain and wins in the one-on-one fight, then what’s the issue? She’s a VILLAIN, you telling me bc she has bum and breasts she shouldn’t be taken down like any other villain would? Where’s the gender equality in that? She was gonna kill the hero regardless. Ppl are way to sensitive lol. And thats coming from a woman. If the female is facing against a male opponent, there should not be any bias. Pit em against each other equally so we get a real test of strength (and its okay if the strength is amplified - they’re fictional characters after all). Lets remove the plot armour.
Rainbowappleslice Před 5 dny
general Hux was such a wasted villain. he could've been an amazing villain but got ruined by both directors
VaderPopsVicodin38 Před 6 dny
Well, not only does the PC Culture wanna castrate the male villains, they wanna make em as incompetent, "toothless" *barkers* with no bite.. So what we get, is just... Just.. Silly ..
9 Of 9
9 Of 9 Před 6 dny
I know enough now not to watch any of the Disney star wars narratives
y2jjerichoy2js Před 6 dny
To be fair about Kylo character , at least they tried to give him a different personality and attitude compared to Vader . If he acted exactly like Vader did he would come off as a cheap Vader knockoff and be super unoriginal .
Jeff Fuller
Jeff Fuller Před 4 dny
That's kind of the point of the video. He doesn't need to be a knockoff, but he should at least be competent.
akeleven Před 7 dny
Why assume all villains have to be male?
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
There was no assumption made indicating villains have to be male, simply that villains must be well-written. A villain that is too powerful to overcome or too weak to develop against and overcome is a badly written villain. The current trend is that the villains are male, the female heroes battle them with little in the way of obstacles or development and the females win all of their fights. It spits in the face of conventional script writing where female and male heroes had to develop skills and morals to honestly overcome the villain, regardless of their gender or biological sex. So, no, he didn't make that assumption at all.
Super Leaf 64
Super Leaf 64 Před 7 dny
Oh boy...you really didn't watch the video did you?
HauntedPancake Před 7 dny
I guess it doesn't help, that the worst that has happened in the life of your average "Elite" Hollywood writer these days, is that, one time back in University, somebody messed up their order at Starbucks.
Sosozanyway Před 7 dny
Atomic Blonde did a great job on making the female protagonist believable in my opinion. She was a badass sure, but she got her ass kicked plenty by a lot of the men in the movie. Even when she managed to beat them, it wasn't without a huge physical loss. The beatings she receives leave her bloody, beaten, and broken. Multiple times she is overpowered by her bigger, stronger male opponent, and she basically has to resort to cheapshots and reliance on a bit of luck. Atomic Blonde made me root for the protagonist to the point I didn't think about the fact that said protagonist was a woman. I just loved the action and fight choreography.
naviscript Před 7 dny
The argumentation that there is an unwritten rule that women can not be stronger than men is so stupid.
InfamousDBZ Před 7 dny
When Disney offers to buy your studio, it's an offer you can't refuse. George Lucas walked away with billions.
Razvan220 Před 7 dny
Old villans where alpha males , this new villans are virgin incels :))), shortest explanation
Da gru
Da gru Před 7 dny
The main thing I learned today... Mr and Mrs Smith was an awesome movie and I need to watch it again :D
Marasco Před 7 dny
Too much nostalgia. What you would want is to Kylo Ren to be exact copy of Vader... He is (somewhat) conflicted and immature, he should be, that's the point! These movies had different problems, Kylo wasn't one of them.
Godsdj Před 4 hodinami
Kylo Ren should be an actual villain with strength and firm motivations instead of being a weak-minded manchild and pushover. The idea that he "just wants Kylo Ren to be an exact copy of Vader" is a misunderstanding. Some immaturity and conflict is fine, but Kylo Ren just falls apart whenever he faces staunch adversity. Every. Single. Time. And is repeatedly mocked and belittled. A good story showcases the villain's strength and evil before they have to be overcome, instead of immediately poking fun at them and bringing about their ruin at every opportunity. c:
Super Leaf 64
Super Leaf 64 Před 7 dny
Except for one thing, nobody replaced Kylo's role either as a true villain.
KIRKHAUS 878 Před 7 dny
Humongous and Wez, Mad Max 2. Bad mofos!
KIRKHAUS 878 Před 7 dny
Scaramanga! Great villain😎🖤
James Newstead
James Newstead Před 7 dny
I miss bree Larson she was so bad it was good and yes bree this is a personal attack
Unkn0wn_289 Před 8 dny
It probably was made from a dog especially since it's from china
Miranda Adria
Miranda Adria Před 8 dny
Wow. That's amazing. About an hour after I subscribe, I find a reason to unsubscribe. This video is just straight up word vomit spewing garbage in every direction. It's boomer level whining to the maximum. "REEEEEE villains used to be cool, but now they're stinky". Christ, what a waste of my time.
HBG3 _
HBG3 _ Před 5 dny
Bottom surgery must be bleeding
Super Leaf 64
Super Leaf 64 Před 7 dny
You know I can't tell of your serious or you really feel insulted for wasted time
Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts Před 8 dny
So true
Watts Of Gaming
Watts Of Gaming Před 9 dny
theory time because like most things thry save the best for last.
Nicholas Morgan
Nicholas Morgan Před 9 dny
Golbez made a better vader than kylo ren
Jay Cross
Jay Cross Před 9 dny
The ginger community nominates the drinker as the new leader of the uk!!!!! This man is the truth
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore Před 9 dny
Add on that movie called “The Old Guard”. The antagonist(s) was one dimensional af and the protagonists had a HUGE advantage
Andro Libre
Andro Libre Před 9 dny
WHat I noticed......was the amount SOY face in the new villains. There's enough to you know they are males but all masculinity is drained from them
Mike BMC
Mike BMC Před 9 dny
You know why they don’t write strong villains anymore? Because they can’t. That would require character depth, a looming threat, and odds against the protagonist. All these writers can do now is clown on characters.
jim vermeer
jim vermeer Před 9 dny
Kylo represent the woke mass turned to the dark side of the force because they use anger and anger leads to hate ,pain and suffering like wise Yoda once said to Luke Skywalker .
clearly disappearing
your video should be called 'marvel and disney films are dumb' because that's all you're talking about, these companies are just cashing in on some common themes in public discourse at the moment, who cares if it's dumb - there are plenty of good movies coming out so yeah, this video is useless
Super Leaf 64
Super Leaf 64 Před 7 dny
That's because currently Disney is the biggest offender. He'll they own the rights to alien now. Be prepared for Woke Ripley,just what literally nobody wanted
Opinionated LookinBoy
Drinker's a guy so this assessment of villans written by women _has to be_ biased. Just because he used logic, reason, and good sense to solidify his point of view, doesn't mean he's omitting his obvious dislike of women. Sure he has excellent editing scenes to further support his explaination........uhhh.....but he's a drunk. And you drunks can't be better than women.......so there. Ha! Nailed it! [sets aside shovel used to toss 🐂💩 in readers ears. ] Also Democrats.
Super Leaf 64
Super Leaf 64 Před 7 dny
I can't tell if your serious or not
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