War At Lucasfilm - One Side MUST Win 

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The recent reaction to the return of Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian reveals just how strongly fans still feel about Star Wars. But there's a civil war raging at Lucasfilm between Kathleen Kennedy and Jon Favreau, and only one side can win.


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9. 01. 2021





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Miscelânea Mix
Miscelânea Mix Před 16 hodinami
In recent years, I have witnessed the destruction of all the things that helped me go through my childhood by the hands of some assholes raising flags on topics they truly don´t give a shithole about. All they want is to ruin other peoples´ fun, happiness, enjoyment, and freedom just because they lack and are unable to achieve any of those mental and spiritual states. They are all immersed in a void and when they find something to fill it they fill it with hate, unhappiness, and sorrow. Remember what Alfred said in Batman: "Some people just want to watch the world burn." Nowadays this quote sounds truer than ever. But suddenly a beam of light shone and I remembered in the late 80s and on, the rise of the independent movement (Well, in fact, independent movements always existed it was just that in that period of time they seemed to have got more notoriety). That time it happened mainly with record labels. And why not help this movement gain force again! I have seen here on YT lots and lots and lots of great independent short films made by extremely talented people. Just to give some examples there is a guy who made a sequel of short stories called Astartes Project by Syama Pedersen (csshows.info/up/video/f52hyJ3af5jQlnY.html). There is a fantastic channel called D.U.S.T with lots o great very well-made short sci-fi stories (csshows.info/label/7sDT8jZ76VLV1u__krUutAfeatured). The great fan film STAR WARS ORIGINS (csshows.info/up/video/g7yM0KuVqnPSsmk.html). And there are hundreds, probably thousands more. And I thought: Why not fundraise these people instead of giving money to companies that have sold themselves in the name of certain 'beliefs' that don´t even make sense and don´t give a flying fuck about what people like and esteem?
Repeater Odious
Repeater Odious Před 23 hodinami
I don't watch this show so sorry if I'm late to the party, but who the hell OK'd that Luke shot with that weird popping this his hand does? These people are _swimming_ in money and put out that crap?
laresial Před dnem
Fire Katheleen Kennody, Disney. Do It.
THE META Před 3 dny
The Mandalorian kept my love for Star Wars on Lifesupport after the disaster of The Last Jedi and TROS, Clone Wars Season 7 gave me the will to keep going, and Mandalorian Season 2 got me back on my feet......then i saw High Republic and back on that lifesupport i went, then with all the shit with Gina Carano and the rest of the shit that Disney has done to "fix" the Sequels i am finally done with Star Wars, i have NO HOPE in this franchise being saved
MB PM Před 3 dny
Feminists have the universe's worst case of penis envy. So bad that they're yelling at the top of their lungs in everything they do. They're so fucking insecure. It really is a fascinating social phenomenon - never before have the weakest been so loud.
John Hodgdon
John Hodgdon Před 4 dny
"hard to imagine an adult male would be so infantile" Really? don't you own a mirror?
Brian Schwab
Brian Schwab Před 4 dny
The Left destroys everything they touch. Just miserable little people that can't stand seeing others happy.
Dean Mcneely
Dean Mcneely Před 5 dny
Sebastian Melmoth
Sebastian Melmoth Před 5 dny
I once worked in a convenience store where the ice cream freezer was unplugged and empty. I asked the owner why he wouldn’t start it up and fill it with all those tasty fudge bars and Haagen-Dasz pints that were very popular and had high mark-ups. The owner said something to the effect that it was too much of a hassle to operate the machine because people kept buying out the ice cream and he constantly had to restock the freezer. As a result, customers were always coming in and pestering him for sold-out items, and he had to explain that he was awaiting delivery. “Those people got to be a real pain in the ass,” he explained. Yes indeed. Nothing is worse than eager paying customers.
Jobs mine
Jobs mine Před 6 dny
I knew Disney was going to milk The Mandalorian by referencing previous old characters. They took one what was a great father-son story into this franchise with all nostalgic elements. The first season had a bit of potential and seed of hope for new star wars era but no... they made it fillers, introducing old characters and just cringy and disappointing.
Streetcorner Před 8 dny
Fun video but as an illustrator I can't get over the "Star Wars the High Republic" character illustration you showed. What the actual fuck!!!! I could do better than that by pissing on a canvas (it would be less gross than that shit).
Lyle Slaton
Lyle Slaton Před 10 dny
A hard sober look at the problems at Lucasfilm,no wonder they love you so much.
Danny Newton
Danny Newton Před 11 dny
This series gave us strong female characters without beating us over the head with it and constantly telling us how they are strong. The last shot of this show was Mando standing on the bridge of that ship surrounded by great female characters and it all made sense they were there.
Jacob Hood
Jacob Hood Před 12 dny
No need to hate on Jynn. Shes cool.
123 456
123 456 Před 14 dny
The mandolorian wasn’t just successful because they gave the fans what they wanted it was also just genuinely entertaining. I have no interest in Star Wars tbh but still enjoyed the mandolorian when multiple friends told me to watch it and I finally checked it out (wish they brought in Sebastian Stan for the Luke scene instead of that digital recreation)
InfamousDBZ Před 15 dny
3 months later Gina Carano is fired. Too much testosterone
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith Před 15 dny
"Too female to be fired"....Haha, I like that one!!
ZergS4uc3 Před 16 dny
dave filoni is as much an enemy as kathleen kennedy, he has done his fair share of destroying iconic characters and fun stories, he was responsible for the destruction of grievous being a scary not to be fucked with villian and boba and jango being mandalorians, going so far as to retconning jango from being the mandalor to some guy who stole armor, he was a yes man to lucas and a yes man to kennedy.
It's moot, damnit not mute
To be honest, I haven't watched any of the Mandalorian yet because I frankly lost interest in Star Wars the moment I saw Ewoks in 'Return of the Jedi'. That said, I'm a little confused here. How is it a young Luke is rescuing a baby Yoda? I remember Yoda being Like 800 yrs old (or something like that) and dying shortly after sort-of training Luke.
Michel De Bruyn
Michel De Bruyn Před 9 hodinami
It's not literally Yoda as a baby. It's a different member of the same species, no relation to Yoda. Everybody just started calling it Baby Yoda.
Nikolai Terry
Nikolai Terry Před 19 dny
Kennedy has won. Its over
Ancestor Empire
Ancestor Empire Před 22 dny
The Fanbase needs to win this. Corporate has gotten away with too much fandom cancelation, smears, and written hit pieces. To quote Jessie Pinkman: "He can't keep getting away with this"
Chad Every
Chad Every Před 22 dny
Well said 🍺
Hello Před 23 dny
Dave Filoni is amazing. He worked on TCW and Avatar, the two best animated shows, and is sort of like the General Grant of modern-day Lucasfilm
S R Před 23 dny
"the customer is always right" Kathleen kennedy: "hold my glass of orphan tears... I mean beer"
Andrew RollOut
Andrew RollOut Před 23 dny
Wait, is Critical Drinking asking to...make Star Wars Great Again??? ;-)
MKM05 Před 24 dny
Some people are saying that the mandolorian is proof that the sequels will get canceled.
John Dymowski
John Dymowski Před 25 dny
INDEED... The one thing missing since the first trilogy, is its spiritual essence. George screened the first film for Joseph Campbell and hoped the "power of myth" and its rite of passage was incorporated. Joseph said, "YOU GOT IT George" Thus without soul you dont have Life! Along with a Myriad of other issues the Following pictures failed...
Amp Amp
Amp Amp Před 25 dny
KK and identity politics must go! KK never understood Star Wars! How many chicks do you know who actually understand Star Wars? 0?
spod32827 Před 27 dny
Why’d you get so crotchety and mean? Why’d you drink that creature’s milk, it’s green?
John Honovich
John Honovich Před 27 dny
Star Wars is a 4 Billion investment . I have not seen " The Rise of Skywalker " because I was done with Disney. KK is a talentless hack that lived on past works. I told family I am done with Star Wars except the originals . I saw the crumbs that were given and loved the return of Luke Skywalker but I know that Disney will not change unless forced . So now it is no purchasing anything Star Wars or Disney. If you buy you are giving Disney a reason to continue.
Jack Rodak the movie guy
You know there are people out there who like Disney’s Star Wars and they deserve to roam free in the world
Jagoz Před 28 dny
Thomas Kositzki
Thomas Kositzki Před 29 dny
I'm a feminist and I fugging hate what these arseholes do to my once beloved franchise. Look at Alien and Aliens for advice on how strong female characters work without trashing the whole movie! That's not feminism, that's toxic characters (as in psychological issues) pushing their agendas.
Sergi Medina
Sergi Medina Před 29 dny
Definitely Disney haven't got what it takes to handle _Star Wars_ properly... And firing that actress just because she expressed some of her views on Twitter... speaks volumes about them. Disgusting. I like _Mandalorian_ season two, but it was far from perfect... Also, why didn't they just put Mark Hamill, at least for the closeup shots, and *then* some deaging CGI and not what they did which looked very fake? I mean, they had Mark Hamill right there! A wasted big opportunity...
M0butu Před 29 dny
Star Wars: Afterlife "There hasn't been a sighting of Luke Skywalker for 30 years."
pretorious700 Před měsícem
I'm glad I never gave 2 shits about Star Wars.
Ryan Bollinger
Ryan Bollinger Před měsícem
There is no war at lucasfilm. Kathleen had to green light Luke being in the show in the first place.
aires69uk Před měsícem
I watched SW7 (I can't remember what it's called) and I didn't like it. I watched SW8 and I thought it was shite. I watched Rogue One and I loved it. I've never seen SW9 and I don't intend to. The Mandalorian reminds me of Rogue One... proper Star Wars.
Lock Bresnar
Lock Bresnar Před měsícem
Her contract is being renewed. Greattttt.
John Pannozzi
John Pannozzi Před měsícem
The irony is that Kennedy helped convince Filoni to work on Mandolorian in the first place: starwarsthoughts.com/2020/12/23/like-dave-filoni-as-a-live-action-director-thank-george-lucas-kathy-kennedy-and-rian-johnson/
TheNewApelles Před měsícem
The only thing redeeming about that "The Force is Female" picture is the 2nd girl from the left. She could feed a whole village.
Deducing Reality
Deducing Reality Před měsícem
One thing that's always bothered me. I'm going to say it here for the first time though... Why do they judge how well a movie did by how much it generated in income? Likewise with gadgets and sold units? I mean, you can't know for certain how much you're going to enjoy something before you've had a chance to enjoy it. Isn't it more likely that sales only instead represent trust or hope, and have absolutely nothing to do with the product itself, until the next version comes along? How many would have watched Terminator 2 if the first one flopped, for instance... How many never watched Tremors due to it looking like a silly plot? etc etc... Edit: About the topic of this video though. The reason films suck like this, is due to the fact that no one likes to find out they suck. So those that have power to choose who gets to do what, make sure that none of it risks outshining their turds. And when such happens, it's more due to accident and gross incompetence on the part of the person that gave the go ahead, than an actually talentful choice to do so. It's why everytime there's a new CEO in a company, they fuck with the program, to leave their track marks all over the product, cuz genus... What good is power if you don't use it, how do you know you even have any? So they shit all over the customer base just to prove they can...
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens Před měsícem
Pascal whom plays Mandalorian, has called President Trump a Nazi multiple times and made many comparisons to the holocaust on his Twitter, even recently.. yet nobody calls for him to be fired lol.. cause he's one of them. A loony leftist filled with hate and pride.
btqy Před měsícem
Star Wars is nothing without Jedi.
Rydo Wolf-Leviathan
Rydo Wolf-Leviathan Před měsícem
I like Jar Jar
AlertedCoyote Před měsícem
Say what you like about the Mandalorian, that finale with Luke was the only time recent star wars media made me actually cheer and laugh out loud like an idiot in my own house, as it dawned on me who was in that single X-Wing, when the green sabre lit up, and it became more and more clear who had come to save them.
Emilio Monroy
Emilio Monroy Před měsícem
Why do white first-world country rich privileged women want to be the victims so bad? lol
Bean boi Piercey
Bean boi Piercey Před měsícem
Dam I actually think the people at Lucas should meet you they’d learn a thing or to
-- Před měsícem
Now this is probably the worst thing i could say but I don’t care anymore I will only be happy when i read “ KATHLEEN KENNEDY FOUND DEAD AFTER BEING FIRED FROM LUCAS FILM “
E314 Před měsícem
Damn dude cmon nobody needs to be dead over that man. Fired sure but not dead
J. Kevin Parker
J. Kevin Parker Před měsícem
This commentary on the “divisions” and “civil war” of Lucasfilm is based on fake news. So much nonsense here.
J. Kevin Parker
J. Kevin Parker Před měsícem
It’s not the content that’s divisive. It’s commentary like this and the toxic stans that spew this nonsense. Luke in TLJ was perfect, btw. 😅
Fine_ Addition
Fine_ Addition Před měsícem
I think the mandalorian is very over rated but I was excited to see luke skywalker. It was just a couple of minutes and I don't like to let nostalgia make me think somethings better than it is but it was pretty cool to see Luke as who he is: a hero which is apparently a lot to ask these days, to see a character portrayed properly
Piotr D.
Piotr D. Před měsícem
Apparently, Darth Kathleen had last word.
Jarpi Pask
Jarpi Pask Před měsícem
I rewatch this alot
charles R
charles R Před měsícem
preach on bro truth matters...
Doug Wafer
Doug Wafer Před měsícem
Love how you put a picture of Casien because no one would know him by name 😂
Coloton Beast
Coloton Beast Před měsícem
Is it just me or is that scene of Luke in the Mandalorian veeery similar to Darth Vader at the end of Rogue One?
ShapeshifterOS Před měsícem
The Rangers of the New Republic, The Bad Batch, and Rouge Squadron all sound like awesome shows I’d want to see. I want starfighter battles and Republic special forces with normal people, no jedi or very limited jedi presence at least.
cinemaFix Před měsícem
The tiny hat club strikes back.
Josh Marden
Josh Marden Před měsícem
According to the investors call today KK and the go woke go broke Disney PC loons are going to be at it for "many years to come". Even Jon and Dave have bent the knee. Star Wars isn't Star Wars anymore. Bye bye Disney, bye bye dividends... their stocks are garbage now. I'll buy in a company with a future.
ThatBoyMeak Před měsícem
Kathleen Kennedy is Abeloth. she was there as a servant to help star wars, then she went bat shit crazy and said the force is female.
Ryanne Strife
Ryanne Strife Před měsícem
Took the words right out of my mouth
Brazen Bull
Brazen Bull Před měsícem
The foundation of woke is nonexistent or at best, shoddily poured. In the end it will crumble..
P Před měsícem
Say what you will about Rey. But her facial expression while watching Old Luke milk the alien testicle udders - her shock and disgust, disbelief, worry, mild fascination, morbid curiosity - seems spot on. "What the hell is he doing, that's dirty and gross and disturbing in more ways than I'm willing to think about ... is he squirting it into a cup ... is he actually going to drink that?"
Michel De Bruyn
Michel De Bruyn Před 9 hodinami
You can't take the farm out of a farmboy.
Lobo Před měsícem
You are speaking my mind man. Thank you for putting this out!
#sloths Před měsícem
Nailed it.
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Před měsícem
I'm here to say goodbye... to my friends, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Gina Carano's Cara Dune... #firekathelenekennedy
Phillip Gouthier
Phillip Gouthier Před měsícem
And then they had to mess it up by going after Gina Carano....
Petr Bouda
Petr Bouda Před měsícem
Well, the dark side aka Cathleen Kennedy and the rest of her...ehm...squadmates won again. Which is a bad news for all the fans of the good old Star Wars. At least they don´t need to waste any more money after Gina Carano was fired, because it is evident that both Disney and Lucasfilms are doing their best to deliver a finishing blow to the already dying franchise.
cmillerpa33 Před měsícem
Sadly being garbage human beings Lucas film destroyed even this. I know I am done with Disney until these people go. If you are a shareholder keep this in mind.
Andrew Sanderson
Andrew Sanderson Před měsícem
Yeah we know about Catherine Kennedy interrupting people I watch New Hope yesterday de and then Empire and then Return of the Jedi and was like so they basically copy the entire original trilogy that's all they did guys Mark Hamill space when they had the premiere of the last Jedi basically summed it up not only god I feel gutted for the actor who actually cared about the character is kind of like if you're a builder and you build the Arc de Triomphe not turn it into the Millennium Dome I still thought they're finishing that off and then someone said no they're an actual feature the yellow cranes anyway you only saying what we all felt mate I was very disappointed when I watch that also someone warned me and I thought it can't be that bad looks in it yes he was and I bet there was a lot of colourful heated conversations during the filming process including fake scripts and a couple of stone of tape on the editing floor
bananaempijama Před měsícem
The brand is already fucked. Mandalorian is an oasis only
Tom Hill
Tom Hill Před měsícem
Like the way you put Briane of Tarth in the video as an example of a female that can kick arse because she had earned the right to. Shes massive and in most cases bigger and stronger than the men she is pitted against. Not some skinny Bre Larson that just defeats villains left right and centre because the script demanded it. I've said for years that MCU movies are an insult to the average person's intelligence. But now it's even worse.
Tom Hill
Tom Hill Před měsícem
I love the Mandalorian, but I feel it's doomed to failure. We are already witnessing, in the second season, Disney's hand at destroying it. Pedro Pascal taking off the mask more often, Gino Carrano getting fired. I fear where this is going. Im anticipating the third season, but Im quietly fearing what the Mandalorian will look like after Season 3.
DC Před měsícem
There is no war
Cornelius Snow
Cornelius Snow Před měsícem
Ok, I'm just gonna say it. Drinker NEEDS to be hired on to write and create ATLEAST ONE of these spin off shows, if not half. Whatever favro and filloni aren't working on, they should give creative control to Jordan. Because he is already an accomplished writer, obviously has a true love for star wars and understands and respects the source material on par with favro and filloni, and aside from those 2, I doubt anyone can make as good of stories and character development as drinker could. I've been binge watching his reviews and "fixes" all week long and he obviously knows how to make good characters and fix bs problems made by other shitty writers. Seriously Disney, hire this man to lead a team and watch how amazing the shows become. I said it, and I stand by it. Drinker needs to write for star wars. So that the fans, and himself included, can finally get some decent, nay, AMAZING, star wars movies/shows. Like if you agree.
The Prussian
The Prussian Před měsícem
I guess its more if a generational thing but I was more stoked to hear Temuera Morrison having grown up on Battlefront 1 + 2
Edward Před měsícem
Jyn Erso is a great character.
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark Před měsícem
Lucasfilm is the microcosm of our society as a whole. Whoever wins in Lucasfilm will be a good indicator of who'll win in our society. SJWs or normal, reasonable people who actually have responsibilities in life.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před měsícem
After the pandemic many franchises (including SW) won't make the billions they made before (especially in 2015 and 2019).
Sadie Nailed it
Sadie Nailed it Před měsícem
and a few months later they canceled Cara Dune and they ruined everything they did with Luke.
Natnael Ghirma
Natnael Ghirma Před měsícem
Go with the force Master Drinker
Raytheon Thunder
Raytheon Thunder Před měsícem
Unfortunately, it seems like in the end the KK faction won the war.
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman Před měsícem
I hope the last jedi side wins I'm done with fan service I dont watch shit that feels like I made it.
Ian Kikel
Ian Kikel Před měsícem
Mandalorian, a good quality show. Not perfect. But high quality. 8/10.
Jm Haugen
Jm Haugen Před měsícem
Were it not for the idiotic writing of the show's first season, this drunken Scotsman almost convinced me to give "The Mandalorian" another try. Almost... But hallelujah! Someone finally gets it! THIS is why the Rey trilogy was such a failure: IT. JUST. WASN'T. FUN. It was so pretentious and self-absorbed, and that was on top of the shitty dialogue and worse acting and plot. And for all the Expanded Universe's faults, it could do something Disney couldn't; make you want to explore the Star Wars universe.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před měsícem
The Mandalorian is boring and formulaic as well
Mike Gould
Mike Gould Před měsícem
Somewhere along the line, "A Galaxy Far Far Away" became "Everything has to be about a Skywalker". Mandolorian broke that mould. It had to do with a mercenary no one knew, who saved a child everyone loved, and had a cast of characters everyone could relate to in one way or another. Sure, it had Luke in the end, but it wasn't about Luke. I was the story of a person becoming a parent without meaning to. It was a classic retelling of Wolf And Cub. It made us cheer, broke our hearts, and made us love Star Wars again. IG-11 will go up there with K2SO as one of the best droid characters ever.
Neil Brooks
Neil Brooks Před měsícem
Shutting her out like that is how Japanese companies do it. If you're on the out, no one says anything, or acts different, but you don't get the meeting schedules, your coworkers go around or over your head for decision making, and you're no longer asked to social gatherings. People are perfectly polite though. It'll be good if they get back to business proper.
rivenhex Před měsícem
You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger, and you don't fight a Skywalker in a hallway.
Damian Wootten
Damian Wootten Před měsícem
There is no doubt which side will win. They’ll hold on to the mantle for as long as they can, but as soon as they run out of money and loose their grip on culture thinking they milked it for all it’s worth, get it robbed out of their hands and hopefully criticized for their pathetic attempts to push anymore garbage agendas. I sure can’t wait for the day but it is coming soon!
Kaleigh Ostrewich
Kaleigh Ostrewich Před měsícem
I HATE Kathleen Kennedy the more I learn about her. A show like ATLA is exquisitely, effortlessly feminist. Filoni-Farvreua understand representation. Box check representation that your check-actors like Boyega have rightfully roasted is Infuriating. That c-bag has a massive straw manned nerd boy chip on her shoulder she thinks she's "owning" but she's just feeding the trolls and pissing off allies.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před měsícem
Boyega is a terrible actor and Finn is a terrible character
Kellhound32 Před měsícem
982 KK crony Disney employees don't like this video.
Jäšøñ Mēådę
Jäšøñ Mēådę Před měsícem
Hmmm. DBZ is also owned by Fox, and therefore Disney.
Brian Wieden
Brian Wieden Před měsícem
You said it all, I have a few bits of info on star wars related things that your fans may like, one is a short, I guess, fan based but had government sponsorship & took a few years to professionally make, sorry the name eludes me at the moment but it was like a cross between Indiana Jones & star wars based on earth around ww2 with Nazis in it, I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. The other is just a star wars song sung to the tune, ' it's all about the base', both I found were a good watch.
Casey D
Casey D Před měsícem
After seeing the end of Clone Wars, Mandalorian, and the trailer for Bad Batch, my confidence is slowly being restored in Star Wars
Ian Canterbury
Ian Canterbury Před měsícem
I don't know about a cassian show but if they did a series of books around the character i might read those and i haven't read anything from star wars since the jedi apprentice series.
Tom Kirtley
Tom Kirtley Před měsícem
I WISH I'D AID THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING STAR WARS FANS WANT TO HEAR
Aaron Salinas
Aaron Salinas Před měsícem
It wasnt that cool but whatever
John Boze
John Boze Před měsícem
STAR WARS is dead to me until they Kancel Kathleen Kennedy. My father literally launched 12 men to the Moon and 9 to Skylab Space Station just 4 years before Luke destroyed a Space Station with the Force! STAR WARS meant EVERYTHING TO ME --> Then Kathleen Karen Kennedy leader of the "White Slavers" (Words of George Lucas) DESTROYED EVERYTHING LUCAS CREATED by produced horrible plots, terrible storytelling, and persecuting peaceful Conservative Christians just like the Evil Empire! STAR WARS is DONE until Kathleen knows what it is like to be cancelled: Kancel Kathleen Kennedy!
Aleximusprime Před měsícem
"We need people who actually care for and respect the legacy of the universe they have been lucky enough to inherit". If ever there was a line to sum up the political and cultural climate of today.
pafalzon Před měsícem
That part at 0:45 where luke takes his hood off looks like it was taken out of ROTJ where he meets Jaba at the palace.
Lance Ash
Lance Ash Před měsícem
Remember when the Simpsons completely changed who Principal Skinner was and where he came from? Yeah...
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