WandaVision - It Was Fun... For A While 

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WandaVision really sparked my interest, then totally lost it by the end. Let's find out why.


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9. 03. 2021





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před měsícem
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Merlen-G -Smith
Merlen-G -Smith Před 27 dny
Have a good day
VicMikesvideodiary no
VicMikesvideodiary no Před měsícem
The reason you and your mates got into a fight is because you are all a bunch of self absorbed narcissistic/sociopaths who throw the idea of nurture right out the window. End the madness, now. The point in all of this was to milk the fan base for profit by using a "clever" script scenario. Truth.
Brandon Arena
Brandon Arena Před měsícem
Drinker, review the Twilight films, they seem desperate for a review by the drinker himself.
Goomba999 Před měsícem
Hey Sir Drinker.... you gotta check out Dark on Netflix. I was halfway into season 2 and still saying wtf is happening?!?! So nice to be kept on ur toes like this. Had to pass my recommends on to you as I think you would enjoy it.... go figure I needed to start watching German TV for a good show. Americas entertainment is fatally broken!
Masked Badass
Masked Badass Před měsícem
A liberal light skinned woman who only thinks of her own needs uses authoritarianism to "improve" the world. Where have we heard that before? You even have the dude in charge who looks down to minorities and shoots at a blck woman and kids for no reason other than muh patriarchy.
Master Cricket
Master Cricket Před 19 hodinami
Shes a reality warper. Has always been. Her powers are consistent. Besides that you nailed it again
hamobu Před dnem
I think Agatha wasn't an actual witch but a regular person who's still trapped under Vanda's control.
istrumguitars Před dnem
This show was horrendous. It’s as if Marvel intentionally sabotaged Scarlet Witch, doing things that would make the audience hate her. I can’t help but feel like this is a conspiracy since she was so much more well-liked than Captain Marvel.
ravenlorans Před dnem
I would like to know how the rebuild Vision was able to have the Powers he did, when the POWER Stone Gave Him those Powers and was taken from him. Specially Flight????
AName AnotherName
At this point I've stopped caring and I just hate literally everything related to Marvel in any capacity. I haven't watched "Endgame" and I don't feel like I missed anything either. These characters suck, the stories suck, everything about the entire franchise is garbage and isn't worth even wasting 2 hours to watch.
Hyaphire Před dnem
Her powers came from the mind stone. Not the reality stone. And the entire show is her bending reality. I wish I could say I was lost, but at this point I don't even know if I'm going anywhere.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope Před dnem
I really wish I could work for Disney to keep them from ruining shows like this. I'd do it for next to nothing, $80,000 a year is a steal when I could make them millions.
Fabio Pancaldi
Fabio Pancaldi Před dnem
You must tell me why I agree every fucking word with You! :D I think that the show has been mutilated so much that many things and many scenes didn't make at the final cut, even if You watch the trailers you will see a couple of scenes that have ben cutted out. This leads to all the nonsense of the final product. Hope that we will si a Wandacut also for this one. The arc of Wanda was going to be all different, after the death of Vision she desperately seeks for peace but couldn't find. A couple of dark sorcerers, alias Agatha and Mephisto leave her a strange letter on her car, leading her to think Vision was going to build and house and live with her. This makes her explode in sadness, making the plan of the two work. Even that white man tried to provoke her in the Vision scene but he didn't succeed... Now you see that Agata gives her the rabbit to Wanda before getting pregnant, these 2 kids were, in fact, promoted by Mephisto. We heard some kind of bullshit about the end about becoming a monster, but for sure the rabbit was going to become the villain of the new Phase. Eating the fly is a symbol of his demonic powers. Probably Mephisto was going to get the children and Agatha was going to drain her powers, and I have a 100% clue that Mephisto was going to be portrayed by Mark Hamill himself (there is some test video also in SW8, showing Hamil darksided). Since that ending/cameo would be redundand with the Mandalorian, and since all this was going to make some kind of mess in the upcoming movies and since MEPHISTO WAS PREDICTED BY FANS they edited it out and we will see all in Multiverse of Madness, leaving all the fans with a boHner.
J K Před dnem
Yeah the show kinda poops itself when it decided to become more about servicing the mcu than telling it's own story. Previously the mcu was the gold standard for this kind of thing. But here you can tell that the main nut of the show was bringing back dead characters, finally making wanda the scarlet witch... Like way late in the game. Establishing her as a sort of supreme power. Introing other characters for later unrelated projects in very clunky fashion. I like the casting choice for Monica and liked the character in the comics but her story here gives her too much screen time not enough character development.
Robert Carr
Robert Carr Před dnem
Well i disagree majorly. It was a great show
I totally love Wandavision. However there are after credit scenes only in last three episodes and I found out after I checked last episode. So incoming of White Vision was very out of nowhere for me.
Brandon Tackett
Brandon Tackett Před 3 dny
I was also a little confused......did she resurrect Vision or not??? I thought she did but then it turns out the Vision in her world was purely her creation....
Brandon Tackett
Brandon Tackett Před 3 dny
To be honest I didn't really take it as her being a hero.....I interpreted it as her being the protagonist, but she's done horrible things and the ending hinted at more possible horrible things to come (the scene of her reading the Darkhold)
Lener Link
Lener Link Před 3 dny
Well scarlet witch...was ALWAYS witch but they couldnt do much with her because of how they changed her powers in the MCU....so they had to sorta recon her powers in this show to allow them to make more stories following the comics (like this one...but without professor X helping her....I was hoping this was how they would introduce the X-Men into the MCU)
Chad M
Chad M Před 3 dny
So idk if you are watching Falcon and Winter Solider... I’m only 2 episodes in and yeah it’s pretty much formulaic, also that girl from Solo leading those pirates is pretty much playing the same exact role.
James Nnabeze
James Nnabeze Před 3 dny
The mcu is done in my opinion after dr strange and black panther its over identity politics will be the end of the mcu.
8ight 8ight
8ight 8ight Před 3 dny
Seems like a metaphor for the destruction of Western civilization. Evil must tell you its plans...
orso35 Před 3 dny
Dear Critical Drinker, I wonder if you`ve watched "Legion" and I would really appreciate your oppinion on it. Best regards from a fellow drinker.
A H Před 3 dny
They should have called her Monica Ramboe: “the HIPSter”
Xray T4 20 ́
Xray T4 20 ́ Před 3 dny
Never heard of WandVision, looks stupid AF!
Patrick Harris
Patrick Harris Před 3 dny
Do you think you'll review Loki?
jack wright
jack wright Před 3 dny
I agree. It was great at first. But the last few episodes killed the show.
Free Golem
Free Golem Před 3 dny
Wanda in this seems like an echo of the remade Maleficent.
Edon Elis
Edon Elis Před 4 dny
From what you said it seems you only have a problem with the finale episode so 9/10.
Chadfleanthony Před 4 dny
Somebody shared a thought with me that the line "They'll never know what you've sacrificed for them" was a reference to Wanda killing Vision but the writers relied too much on viewer's ability to correctly interpret ambigious lines that are more likely to refer to something that happens within the show and not in one of the previous movies.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Před 4 dny
"They'll never know what you sacrificed for them". Doesn't one of the characters, when coming out of the trance, say that it's the most pain he's ever been in in his life and it's constant? lol
Krimsel Před 5 dny
my review of the show: ep1-3 10/10 all the others: 2/10.
McDonald Trump
McDonald Trump Před 6 dny
u almost commited a mini genocide !! but muh feelings okay oaky, lets pin it on the white guy
Nickel The Wise
Nickel The Wise Před 7 dny
Frankly, I'd have killed for a season each for the first two incarnations of the 'show' within the anomaly, I got a thing for old TV~ it was cool and all, but its like the writer in charge of the cool intrigue stuff had to leave a little after midway thru the season, and they panicked. But that very first episode was total fun.
Vivian Muliira
Vivian Muliira Před 7 dny
Diversity is killing cinema
Vivian Muliira
Vivian Muliira Před 7 dny
Diversity is killing cinema
patrick wheeler
patrick wheeler Před 8 dny
whispers: 'No more mutants', that's from the House of M arc [I think] where wanda's mind snaps, just like in the tv show but just cooler
BidenBlows Před 8 dny
"captain marvel 2"? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cymbolic_space Před 8 dny
i just watch this channel instead of any mcu media. i get more entertainment and waste less time.
Not a troll ;-
Not a troll ;- Před 8 dny
Garbage show
Payne Toni
Payne Toni Před 8 dny
My biggest question of this show was, "What's the time frame of this series? Three months? One week? Four days? How long this she kept the townspeople trapped for?
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Před 6 dny
One or Two months I think
Joe V
Joe V Před 9 dny
Family Ties instead of Growing Pains, but a fantastic critique
thundercron77 Před 9 dny
The problem with a lot of streaming shows that tell a single story is that the conclusion is never as satisfying as the set up. It makes sense. With a movie, you have only sixty or ninety minutes of set up, so it's easy for a conclusion to deliver. A streaming show has six or eight hours of set up. It's lopsided, and is rarely satisfying.
Vegeta Vegeta
Vegeta Vegeta Před 9 dny
*Wands tortures thousands of people cuz she's a weak minded child and we are suppose to view her as the hero. typical social justice warrior garbage, kids these days can be killed with words.*
Amal Pushparaj
Amal Pushparaj Před 2 dny
Where was she being shown as a hero? The show was exploring her dark side most of the time and clearly showing she didn't create the hex intentionally. She is a grey character at best.
Niyi Boots
Niyi Boots Před 9 dny
You really are a good person TCD.
murilo Před 9 dny
I loved the sitcom part tho. It was really clever and it had a really sad meaning.
This show had the most potential and Disney Disneyfied it in the end. Now the Marvel fanboys are drooling over that terrible Falcon show.
EGP Před 9 dny
The MCU has and always will be one of the most overrated series of movies / tv shows ever created - Change my mind.
Trenton Welsh
Trenton Welsh Před 10 dny
It was Agatha...trying to stop wanda and save the town...all along....
Mark Wandrey
Mark Wandrey Před 10 dny
You didn't expect them to focus on a white guy, or hero, did you? Wanda is set up for the villainy role in Multiverse of Madness, and I hope they go all in. The reason her powers seem muddled is because she's supposed to be a mutant, and the Fox conflict made them make her into something else. Mostly this series tried to put the shit back in the horse. I still liked it, some unique story arc work.
Paul Williams
Paul Williams Před 10 dny
It’s that shit ad rather watch paint dry
David McPhail
David McPhail Před 10 dny
Drinker doesn’t seem to like women or minorities. Just an observation. I was a fan of his channel and then I noticed a pattern. Anything not starring white men he hates. It’s a fair thing to point out as it’s pretty prevalent throughout his review history. I bet he’s not even conscious of it.
Country Boy rebel
Country Boy rebel Před 10 dny
Wanda vision was awesome
enginepy Před 11 dny
Funny how the villain is Wanda but it’s okay bc love or something? I guess she got the marvel girl pass. Wtf marvel.
enginepy Před 11 dny
I was totally digging this show by the third episode. It was really creative. But then it went all game of thrones and forgot everything it set up. I was super disappointed when it turned into just another teenybopper witch fight show. Lame.
Jiwan Gurung
Jiwan Gurung Před 12 dny
the whole thing was so fking boring. what a waste of time and money
Zax BitterZen
Zax BitterZen Před 12 dny
Like Wanda sweetie this is exactly what government agencies are here for. To help regulate, and defend people from world-shaking problem children like yourself, Stark, and others. Wanda is now the prime example of anomalies that need to be kept behind bars because their mood swing's could kill/enslave thousand's of people casually.
Nile1899 Před 13 dny
Having Wanda face the consequences of her actions would've made the finale a lot better and set her up as the villain for Doctor Strange 2. Still loved the show regardless, especially episode 8. Overall 8/10 for me.
Anonymous Dolphin
Anonymous Dolphin Před 13 dny
Idk why everyone trashed the first 3 episodes. In my opinion they were the best out of the show. I thought it was better when we didn’t exactly know what was going on.
Donnie G.
Donnie G. Před 14 dny
I couldn't get past the first episode and didn't have the patience to see where they were taking the story because I too, did not care for Wanda or Vision. Thank you for watching so I didn't have to.
bigmack70 Před 14 dny
This show just needed to pick one thing and stick to it. It just tried to do way too much and collapsed under its own weight
Name Před 15 dny
The show is a stepping off point for doctor strange multiverse of madness and as wanda as a villain
CT- 117
CT- 117 Před 15 dny
The "villains" were just there in a futile attempt to distract the audience from Wanda's own villainy
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor Před 15 dny
So, had Hitl.. ummm, some random German dictator... released a bunch of people just before he lost, he would have been hailed a hero, correct? Because this show establishes that releasing people you've been holding against their will for no other reason than your personal feelings makes you a good guy. Hmph. Thats like believing you can be a terrible schmuck your whole life and just say one simple sentence and God will magically welcome you into Heaven. People are dumb.
Jason Ski
Jason Ski Před 15 dny
Not gonna lie, they had us in the first half.
Rivershield Před 16 dny
Isn't vision literally just a robot? Wanda falling for him is the same as my weeb brother who wants to marry Hatsune Miku.
Scott Fillinger 40k
Scott Fillinger 40k Před 16 dny
I guess I'm the only one who loved the final episode and skipped the first couple episodes.
Casinoe Productions
Casinoe Productions Před 16 dny
This is so much more blatant if you binge watch it
Arcade Gannon
Arcade Gannon Před 16 dny
They even do the weird zoom cuts that Modern Family does
Gagliardi Vex
Gagliardi Vex Před 16 dny
I really don't care for post endgame marvel The bad guy was rightfully concerned
Andrei B
Andrei B Před 16 dny
Didn't watch this, but from what i'm getting they tried to make something in tone with The House of M event, but low gudget, low scale, low stakes, low quality
Sarah Phyllis
Sarah Phyllis Před 16 dny
Wanda missed Thanos - end of story 😂
2Uiator Před 18 dny
So, watched WandaVision again after this review as many of your comments rang true. A much more compelling storyline would have been that Wanda was being unknowingly compelled by Agnes to imprison the citizens of Westview in return for her fantasy of the Vision being alive. Then, Wanda would be forced to give up her fantasy in order to free the citizens from her mind control. It would have been a subtle change, but cast Wanda in a much more sympathetic light. I’m not even a screenwriter and I could think of a better setup than Feige and company.
ObjectDefiance Před 18 dny
Finally found someone who in the end didn't like/loss interest in the show. Me personally I was really confused in the beginning and then became an addict and am so glad I watch it.
antunespe Před 18 dny
I have mixed fielings about this show, but the Mônica Ramsomething line hits hard on people with family and that lost someone recently (go gess)... If it was for me that village would be in perpetuous hell to keep my family alive... And I wouldnt even blink to make that choice 😁
Cassio Martins
Cassio Martins Před 19 dny
White generic bad guy was the hero all along!
1:52 and daredevil is not creative and risky?
Brad Dillon
Brad Dillon Před 20 dny
Couldn't make it past the 2nd episode and now I'm glad I didn't. Boring, indecisive, confusing and just uninspired. "Wanda deals with grief in the worst possible way."
EZ ION Před 20 dny
Red haired overpowered woman rewrites history to suit her own selfish ends then acts like she's the victim. You sure this isn't a Kathleen Kennedy production?
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Architect Mase
Architect Mase Před 20 dny
I thought visions stone was destroyed. How is he alive.
The Survivor's Sanctuary
I need an evil scarlet witch now! She's now Mmy favourite marvel hero, and I'd love for good writers to get Mme to hate her before redeeming her. A third party manipulation, as well as a reveal of buried dark impulses would make for a relatively quick redemption for the audience. However, if her villainous side does vile enough things, then we could see the birth of new villains, anti-heroes, and factional allegiances, based off an evil scarlet witches legacy. We need imaginative writers who can deliver the goods though.
CrysJaL Před 21 dnem
I found the premise solid at first. It was the last couple episodes I found annoying, especially the way they portrayed the characters. Agatha, a centuries old witch came to stop Wanda, no actually she came to stop the actual MAGIC ANTICHRIST, an individual who as Agatha herself says there is an Entire chapter dedicated to in her grimoire. I don't care who you are, stopping someone destined to Destroy Reality is a good thing. Hell she wasn't even going to kill Wanda, even give her what she wanted after siphoning off the magic... Agatha was right, as we'll no doubt see in the fallout of whatever Wanda does next. The one moment I truly hated was when Monica said words to the effect of, and I was genuinely gobsmacked by this, "it's okay, I too would torture thousands of people for the same reasons you did". Fuck Me. I lost all respect for her character after that and I'd been generally ambivalent/positive of her up to that point as she looked like a generic white knight hero with little in the way of a personality. It turns out she's fully aware she's a psychopath, so at least she isn't a generic pure of heart hero anymore... The Sword guy was sort of right in the end, Wanda is unstable and should have been put down. His only mistake was in trying to resurrect Vision as a weapon and not jsut try to resurrect the dude wholesale, especially when through donig that he'd probably have kept Wanda relatively stable and as a useful asset for defending the Earth on top of having an active Vision. Vision never did anything actually wrong as far as I recall so I''m disaponited in him for giving into his fear and trying to make Vision his weapon. The fact white vision went to go destroy himself (presumably, but I think he'll show up in the Guardians next installment myself) was kind of ironic because of that, with the Ship of Theseus conversation being my favourite part of the show. Also what did he think was going to happen even if he won? Picture the scene, probably a handful of in universe years after a theoretical win for White Vision. "Oh look Banner, Vision has returned to us!" Thor excalimed. "Actually he's my weapon, he's not technically alive. He's just a robot." "Bullshit," says Thor, who proceeds to electrocute White Vision into overcoming his programming and being properly alive again, because alien space magic, something something more advanced than Earth something something. There was no way this wasn't gonig to go poorly long term. Whether it's White Vision overcoming his programming and regaining control, or being helped by an egghead hero, or even being manipulated by a villain via whatever controls were put in place this could only end poorly. I know it's partly me being an outsider predicting comic tropes, but in a real life scenario this makes absolute sense too. There is no way Banner, Thor , Strange or even Spiderman wouldn't have tried to do something about it individually or collectively and probably succeeded on finding out about White Vision. And then there'd be the ethical consideration once the wider world learned about what had been done to Vision, one of Earth's defenders...
youlittlerocket Před 21 dnem
It was a load of shit, its all crap these days, ive turned to korean/japanese/Chinese productions
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před 11 dny
Chinese movies are often dumb as fuck and nonsensical but they are damn entertaining.
DuGStp Před 21 dnem
I liked the first 3 or 4 episodes. Then I stopped watching cuz I don’t care
n r
n r Před 21 dnem
Unfortunately all i got from this is there is going to be a captain marvel 2 . God i hope it flops. FLOPS
soundsfromthestreet Před 22 dny
I had an eye roll of epic proportions when Monica rambeau uttered the words "ally" and "your truth"
LoserDestiny Před 22 dny
I found the show brave for going such an unconventional path. I binge-watched it in a single go. It was captivating, and at times creepy. I found the villains somewhat underwhelming: the evil whiteman was too bland and obvious cliche villain, but ultimately absolutely dumb and incompetent; and the witch was sort of annoying and I kept wondering, where had she been for the past 350 years? Indeed, I was expecting that Wanda being a real villain to a few thousand people would be fleshed out much more. But after all, I enjoyed the show despite its flaws.
timothy paul
timothy paul Před 22 dny
Even after all the positive reviews, still can't bring myself to sit through a full episode...
Nicolaus Camp
Nicolaus Camp Před 22 dny
I thought this was about grief, accepting what has happened and move on... Then Vision comes back to life and we see her still looking for her children in the post-credit scene so... What was this show about? What was the point? What did Wanda learn? How did she grow as a character? What's that? She got a new costume and her official title? Well alrighty then! Never mind!
Radford University
Radford University Před 22 dny
I couldn't stand this series. Felt like they were making it up as they went along
Daniel Jacobsen
Daniel Jacobsen Před 22 dny
Thank you for all the spoilers, you Drunken Wanker, you spared my life hours of disappointment.
Systematyc Před 22 dny
Hm, I felt just the opposite, the 4 first chapters were boring as fuck, because nothing really happened, and later on the show managed to be inteteresting. But still, good but not bad, nice but not great🤷
Alborz Ajeli
Alborz Ajeli Před 23 dny
I don't think it was trying to say "Wanda is the hero" at the end.. even if sometimes the writing seemingly implied as much (that Monica character was the worst thing about this show). She was clearly personified as a grey character here, on her way to the dark side. Though I agree they tried to do a little too much, I still respect and admire that they did something different, took chances, and even when they had a "villain" or two show up at the end, Wanda was still kept in the grey, not to be perceived as the "good guy." All those scenes with the others confronting her were for that very reason, not pure "awkwardness" as you put it. They also finally bothered to explained her powers, which was a nice touch when blended with the whole witch storyline. All in all it was a good show, far from perfect, but pretty good nonetheless.
Ji Cottrill
Ji Cottrill Před 23 dny
I think the problem with Wanda is that as a character she is way too OP, and they couldn't figure out how to utilise her in ANY of the movies or this show. And they mishandled her brother Quicksilver, their storyline of the relationship to Magneto etc..
MrSoiSauce Před 23 dny
The funny thing is that most ppl don’t see any problem with any of the problems mentioned, and they seem 2 like the boring CGI fight scenes cuz “thing smash other thing, so kool,” so Marvel ain’t gonna do a damn thing abt it cuz it’s the true and true formula that works. Seriously, I no ppl who thought the live action Mulan film was the best thing ever created, but we all no that isn’t the case.
david cross
david cross Před 23 dny
Would be nice if she joins her father in the house of M. And the formation of the brotherhood
Vince Mathews
Vince Mathews Před 23 dny
Vision is Entei, Wanda is both the unown and the little girl, the kids are the pokemon the girl creates
ben wood
ben wood Před 24 dny
A psychopathic dictator holding mass amounts of people hostage? Well...she is russian
catgirl3055 Před 24 dny
There's implications in the show that Wanda made the Hex by accident or subconsciously. She wasn't fully aware of how much people were suffering until later.
Kaito Spin
Kaito Spin Před 24 dny
Drinker: "What the fuck was the point of all this?" Disney: money more stacks trynna get my cheese back.
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan Před 24 dny
I'm not sure she's the hero here. I mean she might be to Monica but even Wanda seems to know that's bullshit. She even says it wouldn't change how they see her. And her punishment of Agnes, while fitting, is pretty horrific too. I could definitely see her going down the road of accumulating more power to the point that she could be a villain in the new Dr. Strange movie. I mean the stinger just shows she off getting more powerful to perhaps "do it right" next time. But part of what makes the character fascinating is how incredibly powerful she is compared to her ability to wield it. Just like Legion. The world is only saved by their inability to control their power. Actually not an uncommon superhero trope.
Boras Raven
Boras Raven Před 24 dny
Thanks for this I never planned to watch it but was slightly curious...
Darek Baird
Darek Baird Před 24 dny
Here is exhibit A of why I'm done with the MCU. It wasn't great outside of a few films and honestly it should've bowed out with Endgame. I look forward to a slow painful death. Like GOT season 8 but with more episodes.
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