Tomb Raider - The Movie Everybody Forgot 

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2018's Tomb Raider reboot starring Alicia Vikander, was about as bland and forgettable as movies come. But why did it fail to make an impression? Grab your dual pistols, and let's find out.

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16. 03. 2021





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TheBayzent Před 7 hodinami
I saw the thumbnail of the video, I thought to myself "damn, I forgot to download this movie", then I finished the video and I remembered that I did watch the movie...this...this is the kind of flick this is.
Vajrapani X
Vajrapani X Před 13 hodinami
Well.....at least she raided a tomb. or ?
Brandon Selinger
Brandon Selinger Před 13 hodinami
Cant stomach any more strong waaahhaamenn bs movies.
Sienisota Před 20 hodinami
Only rich people who have never had to face hardship because of money, think pretending to be poor is cool.
RaptorRex007 Před dnem
This has me questioning my love for tomb raider
RaptorRex007 Před dnem
I was mad that her father was still alive in the movie
ravenlorans Před dnem
"She" also looks like a Trans Male.
Sandman Sleeps
Sandman Sleeps Před dnem
Thank god this video exists, because now I know what happened in the second half of the movie. Honestly, I think I'd have enjoyed it more if it was just a bike courier movie like that Joseph Gordon Levitt film. Just have her go up against a corrupt mp and don't call it a tomb raider film. Call her Laura Crawford or something.
Gateway Realtor
Gateway Realtor Před 2 dny
One big disagreement : the rebooted games are fucking dope. Movie sucks though
THE META Před 2 dny
this movie is literally a discount version of the game, why would i spend 2 hours watching Not Lara Croft when i could play Lara Croft? 1 that looks better, sounds better and is overall BETTER? Lara Croft is an intelligent woman who instead of living a life of luxury and comfort, spends her money travelling the world to dangerous places and having adventures where she ends up saving the day ALOT, every part of this character shows how strong and amazing women can be, so why the FUCK did they rob her of that? i mean i thought SJW/WOke/P.C etc people were supposed to cream themselves over a female character like this? so why did they tear her down? cause she's white? sooooo instead of being a powerhungry immortal woman who took over the bodies of other women to sustain her life she's instead some sort of hero? you seriously re-wrote her character to be a GOOD person.......by zombie plague? in the game Himiko is actually a badass, who unapologetically uses young women to sustain herself and then tries to take over her descendents body only for Lara to stop her, THAT was a fucking amazing story and it's ruined by this generic "sealed away great evil" nonsense
F4PTR Před 2 dny
Isn’t this loosely based off the videogame?
SupermanKelly™ Před 2 dny
I enjoyed it but expected it to be more of a matured typical Lara in a sequal.
Tired of Life
Tired of Life Před 3 dny
The way events happen around this Laura almost reminds me of Mad Max: Fury Road, but with the genders swapped for the supposed protagonist and their supporting characters. It sounds about as intelligent and captivating as well
VogtTD Před 3 dny
I watched Antman and Wasp twice because I forgot I had ever seen it
Athiest Monk
Athiest Monk Před 3 dny
12:10 thats what women want.
Kingmobmor Před 3 dny
I'd seen this movie and completely forgotten about it. Thank you Critical Drinker for reminding me of this crap. How much heroin do I have to take to forget the fucker again?
The Prince ESO
The Prince ESO Před 3 dny
this is the least funny failed cinemaCins ripoff i've ever seen
Squirrel Power
Squirrel Power Před 4 dny
The point about the bicycle vs a Harley Davidson forces me to use an unused term - Soy Girl.
Mojo Deadman
Mojo Deadman Před 4 dny
I played the remake game, which was the same story
Kegmonkey Před 4 dny
lol, I didn't forget this movie. *I never even knew it existed.* That's how shitty it was, literally nobody talked about it.
Ordinary ThaiGuy
Ordinary ThaiGuy Před 4 dny
Even the TR2013 game story is more compelling and memorable than this one.
Disabled Prepper
Disabled Prepper Před 5 dny
@12:46 - as a veteran of the digital world, I appreciated this version for the simple fact that, 90% of what the original Laura did, would have been difficult beyond description with 44DDs (or whatever her "true" measurements were/are. To me, it's the same as having a 4 foot 6 inch dwarf carry a hammer/axe weapon that is 6 foot long (ala World of Warcraft). Clearly a weapon of that size would weigh so much it would be physically impossible to wield by any creature, in any universe. So I appreciate the more modestly endowed Laura in this movie (and the newer Tomb Raider games - Rise of Tomb Raider & Tomb Raider PC) Other than that specific point, I agree with everything else you expressed.
Jovica Materic
Jovica Materic Před 5 dny
This is a better Uncharted 1 movie than a Tomb Raider movie.
Zylo Wolf 2.0
Zylo Wolf 2.0 Před 5 dny
If you showed this to me 10...20 years ago without telling me this was Tomb Raider, i wouldn't think this was Tomb Raider.
TheCintefacu Před 5 dny
Holly shit, I've remembered I saw that movie. LOL
DoomentiteOmega Před 5 dny
I quite literally forgot this movie existed. Never watched it if we're being honest.
id104335409 Před 6 dny
I didn't even care to watch the movie.
Looktoong TH
Looktoong TH Před 7 dny
3:14... HEYYYY Thai Police! Hi5!
G Hart
G Hart Před 7 dny
What I remember the angelina jolie version doing well is following a bit of the james bond playbook. I get that she was easy on the eyes, but the Jolie movies were pretty fun to watch.
enovsky9 1
enovsky9 1 Před 7 dny
I watched this video and then through the clips realized that I had already seen this movie. Wow, truly forgettable
Lankycide Před 7 dny
12:29 I love how unapologetic the Drinker is in these videos. It's refreshing to see someone with the guts to not be bothered by what others would think. Keep up the good work! :D
DiZ Před 8 dny
It just occurred to me, but this movie took its plot from an episode of "Eureka". "A Town Called Eureka" for you Drinker.
stacy swiss
stacy swiss Před 8 dny
The I say old boy line with the dog had me rolling my man
Belligerent Ulsterman
Thor: The Dark World. So forgettable that I watched it a second time because I genuinely didn't remember having watched it. It wasn't just that I forgot what happens in it, I didn't even realise I'd watched it to forget it. And now, knowing I've sat through it twice, I still couldn't tell you a single thing about it.
psychotictactoe Před 8 dny
Dad: Hey Lara, thanks for watching this vid, can you destroy all this research so it doesnt fall in to the wrong hands? cheers! Lara: Why didnt you do it you lazy bastard!?
CaliDorko Před 8 dny
not toilet duck again... Father Ted was outstanding
Benjamin Fawkes
Benjamin Fawkes Před 8 dny
I don't think The Drinker knows this is supposed to be a young, and inexperienced Lara. The start of the movie is good character building, it shows that she is athletic, and knows how to fight, preparing us for what she does during the rest of the movie. It's almost as if The Drinker just craps on what's popular to unload his blatter onto, instead of giving us a real opinion on this film.
Rui Pedro
Rui Pedro Před 9 dny
Lara has a lot of potential as a cool, fun, character, and I see Vikander as an inspired choice for the role, but everything went down the drain when the word "realistic" was first uttered by the producers (it could only be worse if they added "gritty" to it). But I guess they went real close to the inspiration, as the new Lara from the game's reboots is really dull and forgettable.
Zentauri7 Před 9 dny
I just rewatched the movie. It's not great indeed, but far from bad. It seems they really wanted to make an adventure movie, but simply did not have any great ideas for a story. A lot of "inspiration" was taken from Indy 3. : The fathers gone missing, fathers child goes on a quest to find him. A book written by the father - containing all his research, hints, discovered traps - that never should fall into the hands of the enemy... falls into the hands of the enemy. And then in the end the fathers child is forced to help the villain, or father get's killed. The traps/ordeals from the fathers book/diary: Indy 3 - The Breath of God - “Only a penitent man will pass” - The Word of God - “Only in the footsteps of God will he proceed” - The Path of God - “Only in the leap from the lion’s head will he prove his worth” Ordeals of Himiku - Cross the Chasm of Souls (like "The Path of God", except you need to bring a ladder) - Pray to Survive the Faces of Himiku (like "The Word of God ", except with crystals instead of letters) - Behold Her Army of 1000 Handmaidens (a lot like "The Breath of God", I believe. Was that the scene with the rotating spiky bars?) - Descend upon Himiko's final resting place (well, the last two where not actually "ordeals") - Unleashing her scourge
GradKat Před 9 dny
I haven’t forgotten about it. I really liked it.
PrtyProductive Před 9 dny
y'know why this movie isn't at all relatable to me? my playstyle. i play the Tomb Raider games like a fucking madman. this iteration has empathy and humanity. 0/10
Give me the sexy Lara who is fun and awesome back. I don't want this dull, skinny woman.
Stephanie Dee
Stephanie Dee Před 9 dny
It would be more relatable if she had the money, and used it all up trying to find her father.
Jimminey FingCricket
Am I the only one who thought they made a mistake not having Camilla Luddington not play Lara.
Rafi Před 10 dny
i didn’t forget it
ClayZ Před 10 dny
At least Angelina is exotic looking. This girl is plain and ordinary looking. No charisma.
nozzer2002 Před 10 dny
To be honest i dont think this movie is that bad,its not great but ive seen worst...
brb 12192
brb 12192 Před 10 dny
So the tomb raider movie copied the plot of the first uncharted game which took inspiration from the tomb raider games? The circle of life??? Edit: Wish I made it to their end before writing this. Already said.
KneeGurr Před 10 dny
Im a simple Man,he says that the series Is a cheap copy of uncharted,I dislike the video
KneeGurr Před 9 dny
@My new channel tomb raider Has a female protagonist,people from ancient tribes and more stealth.Tomb raider has a bit better storyline (dont get angry but i think that in the first 3 uncharted games the story Is pretty lackluster and Has some pretty Big plot holes,while in the forth Game the storyline Is good.And in tomb raider the storyline Is good in in 1 and 3,and it's decent in 2).
My new channel
My new channel Před 9 dny
@KneeGurr nah red dead has cowboys and no cars mate
KneeGurr Před 9 dny
@My new channel that's the same as if you say that Red Dead redemption Is a copy of gta or if you say that the Last of us Is a copy of resident evil
My new channel
My new channel Před 9 dny
well it kinda is tho
Andrew187 Před 11 dny
I couldn't get through this movie, but they really decided to rip off the end story from the first Nathan Drake game, which is in turn largely a rip off TR games? Maybe I should've watched more than 20 minutes & gotten some giggles.
The Game Master
The Game Master Před 11 dny
another movie that was fed to the MCU Community/generation lol
iam-SpliFF Před 11 dny
Wait, so she can touch the magic finger but everybody else becomes a zombie?? how does that work? or was it plot-immunity
joel woods
joel woods Před 11 dny
Is the great Ben Wheately still signed on for the sequel? Why Ben why?
Trey Bray
Trey Bray Před 11 dny
I was in the hospital with my mom two days ago and this came on. Completely forgot it existed and it was dull and lame.
Proof wimmin don't have wimmin friends 🤷.
Raymond Leggs
Raymond Leggs Před 12 dny
Angry Alicia Vikander
Jennifer Pyrce
Jennifer Pyrce Před 13 dny
"A more grounded realistic Lara": Yea, cuz 100 lb. Alicia Vikander totally looks like she can kick everyone's ass, LOL!
Jennifer Pyrce
Jennifer Pyrce Před 13 dny
For me, Angelina Jolie will ALWAYS be Lara Croft!
john smith
john smith Před 13 dny
small boob lara version to plz frustrated feminist don't sell well
nexusvideo Před 13 dny
They did the bio weapon pandora bullshit in the second jolie film. How fucking incompetent is this production?
voteDC Před 14 dny
The thing for me is that the stories of the reboot trilogy games would have worked better with the old Lara in them.
The Mongoose
The Mongoose Před 14 dny
Wow, fuck these guys. Himiko was a wise and benevolent leader only feared for her grasp of statecraft. She was not a lich!
Klaatu Necktie
Klaatu Necktie Před 14 dny
Do you feel like you owe Red Letter Media any money, seeing as you’ve borrowed Mr. Plinkett for your own material?
Cameron Milligan
Cameron Milligan Před 15 dny
Toilet Duck... that brings back memories
vellabella Před 15 dny
Apparently she worked out like crazy to get the “Lara Croft” body... yet she still looks like a young boy
Niborino9409 Před 15 dny
It's insane how hard it is to make movies that make sense. The blueprint is THERE. No need to take out the parts that makes it good. They obviously CANNOT make something better, that ought to be obvious by now. 😑
A Shot of Whiskey
A Shot of Whiskey Před 16 dny
I hated the Jolie movies and hated the newer games. I knew this movie was going to suck harder than a vacuum powered by a black hole.
Rivershield Před 16 dny
I just really miss actually sexy and actually powerful Lara, in both video games and movies.
Eric Miret
Eric Miret Před 14 dny
She's sexy and powerful in the latest trilogy...
EgA Před 16 dny
I've played the first two reboot games and... wtf? She's still rich in the new games and her father was a Lord still. And dead.
Dark Cortana / Shadow77711
first the movie story line is shit the in game story was far better , then they just remaked some scenes from the game just in worse quality and also the actress does not look like Lara Croft at all in this movie she looks like a latina
raythackston1960 Před 17 dny
New movies will just get worse...mindless, stupidity that makes no sense and that FELL good. And this kinda shit is just a waste money.
InfamousDBZ Před 17 dny
If you want to see the lead without clothing watch the end of the 2014 movie Ex Machina.
Sarah Phyllis
Sarah Phyllis Před 16 dny
She looks like Penolope Cruz and would do good in romantic movies instead of these action flick
One Voice
One Voice Před 17 dny
Yes, it has all those problems you mentioned, and probably more, but I still enjoyed it. I'm also happy about the sequel. It's no favorite. It's just fun.
Rpreggie Před 17 dny
oh gawd... can't even watch.
Johny40Se7en Před 17 dny
In summary, that 😂👉7:34
RogueBrit Před 17 dny
An average movie and a bit forgettable
John Shepard
John Shepard Před 18 dny
@3:50 vandalism, paint on cop car
John Shepard
John Shepard Před 18 dny
toilet duck is better than nighty nighty snoozy snooze I suppose
Cíťa Před 18 dny
I never played any of the games, guess I just got stuck with CJ in San Andreas and the game industry just isn't much for me. So I went to see it with a clear mind and I must say, it's not as good as Indiana Jones (honestly, what is?), however, It's not as bad as Captain Marvel and given the circumstances, I happened to like it. Nice adventure movie, yes, kinda generic, but not "girls-are-better-than-men-and-they-win-whatever" generic.
SpotLight Před 18 dny
Wine is fine but Whisky is slicker while toilet duck just gets you f’d 🤷🏻‍♂️
danigar Před 18 dny
I actually liked the movie. It wasn't super great of course and I expected more as a Tomb Raider fan, but I felt like at least it scratched that Indiana Jones type of action adventure movie itch. How many of those are out there that are not super hero movies? And despite its flaws I think it was competently made and I liked Alicias performance
BlaQ Před 18 dny
Andrew Keifer
Andrew Keifer Před 18 dny
Your movie reviews should be required viewing for all Hollywood writers and producers!
Stephen Forster
Stephen Forster Před 18 dny
And no rack....
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Před 19 dny
That was an awesome new version way better than the original with jolie screw your movie recommendations
Dahrkvulf FU
Dahrkvulf FU Před 19 dny
I actually really enjoyed the first installment of the reboot games. Never saw the movie, likely never will.
eye twitch
eye twitch Před 19 dny
this videos a joke would’ve been interested to hear your opinion, then I saw the titles and thumbnails for your other videos. How boring must it be to not enjoy anything. Bless
eye twitch
eye twitch Před 7 dny
@SamtheBravesFan how would I be joking??In this regard I was highlighting the abundance of content this dude creates where he commentates on media he doesn’t like. To which I said, “how boring must it be to not enjoy anything” What’s unclear about this ?
SamtheBravesFan Před 8 dny
You're joking, right? You obviously didn't look very far. He talks about things he likes regularly.
StonyD Před 19 dny
True Story: Based on the title alone, I thought this was about the Jolie movies. Forgettable, indeed...
Alex Miller
Alex Miller Před 20 dny
It did well in China ...so we all get a sequel to this hot mess
Peter Panda
Peter Panda Před 20 dny
What movie? Had to read the title 3 times to remind me what you were talking about.
Gordon Promish
Gordon Promish Před 20 dny
wow... I saw the last half of this movie at some point in the last year or so and totally forgot about it until i watched this. no shit.
Liah Fox
Liah Fox Před 20 dny
Thanks for saving me roughly 2 hours!
geodiet Před 20 dny
this movie was just completey forgettable, it has basically the same story as the game and I cant remember anything particulary interesting about it, well Lara gets her trademark twin pistols in the end, whoop de doo
Owen Jolley 3
Owen Jolley 3 Před 20 dny
1:46 I almost forgot she worked for deliveroo.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Před 20 dny
The Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider movies *SUCKED* !
George Saint
George Saint Před 20 dny
So wait? Lara gets captured by a group of men that have been on an island for a while now... with no women... and they use her to do labor? Really? Evil men with no women in sight, use a beautiful girl for labor? Really? LOL.
Sergi Medina
Sergi Medina Před 20 dny
While a somewhat an improvement over the previous ones, this one still had a long way to the real _Tomb Raider_ experience - it just didn't feel like _Tomb Raider_ much. It's not only adapting videogames is difficult - it's mostly people who are given the task aren't passionate and/or talented enough (directors, writers, the studios)... Only an actual fan with good enough moviemaking abilities could make it justice, as he knows and understands its characteristics and the feel after many many hours of playing. I'm still hoping they will do a proper _Tomb Raider_ someday... that really feels like epic adventure, mad archaeology in ancient tombs from ancient civilizations and architecture!
CMDR Dreamstate
CMDR Dreamstate Před 21 dnem
So... Laura's assets were just as small as her... assets... lol
Darth Imperious
Darth Imperious Před 21 dnem
I actually rather liked the first two games in the reboot tomb raider series :,)
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