The Mandalorian Season 2 - Fun But Formulaic 

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With Season 2 of The Mandalorian now over, it's time to find out if it was worth the wait.


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22. 12. 2020





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 3 měsíci
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Folker46 !
Folker46 ! Před 2 měsíci
I found it boring and predictable. They just kept hitting those Star Wars tropes. Still like the first season but the second? Forgettable.
Daniel Fortescue
Daniel Fortescue Před 2 měsíci
@deliaproductions Go back to watching "Charisma on Command" because lord knows you need to. You radiate basement dwelling 30 year old virgin energy.
Daniel Fortescue
Daniel Fortescue Před 2 měsíci
@Random Things "Capitalism bad" Would you rather move to Venezuela and eat the family dog?
Daniel Fortescue
Daniel Fortescue Před 2 měsíci
@Alex Capitan Armendariz No one cares or asked.
Hoover Před 2 měsíci
Hey CD, would love to see you review the 19 79 classic, Excalibur. That should be close to your heart
J R Před 2 dny
Maybe because I am a woman who likes playing computer games I actually liked it. I liked how small set backs had consequences and drove a need in next episode. I liked how for once the character didn't need to worry about money, he took jobs to either help out or it was necessary for obtaining information or an item (but you didn't feel that they'd starve or not be able to fuel the ship). I definitely agree that the fights are boring if there's no tension, but I liked how he kept upgrading his gear. The cherry on top was that because there weren't unnecessary time jumps we had time to see the fatherly bond grow stronger and that what makes this show for me. I didn't cry because Luke came, I cried because a man and a child were saying goodbye and he took his helmet off for him. It's like saying "I'm no longer defined by being a Mandalorian, I'm your father and you mean more than anything in the world to me" That's what made the show for me.
trev Před 2 dny
Why was there so many cameos, it started to feel like it relied on them
Priest Morrison
Priest Morrison Před 3 dny
!!LOOK MOFOS!!! *"THIS"is hiw we got DISNEY STAR WARS! you cant just ENJOY da Scene!? It's FUCKIN rude
Byron Davis
Byron Davis Před 3 dny
Ewwww watching people review the luke scene😂🤮
The Mighty Reds Television
Reminds me of the a team
DaveKarl Před 4 dny
This is one of the funniest reviews ever by Drinker.
Vrolijk Před 4 dny
Luke new where grogu was because of the jedi temple thing. I thought the show made that pretty clear but whatever
StevenWolf Před 5 dny
Bill Burr is getting his own show soon, and its gonna be called "I hate Star Wars"
StevenWolf Před 5 dny
Mandalorian is OFC not without flaws, but atleast its fun and not reminding us of stupid social political shit unlike some other sequel trilogy i know
StevenWolf Před 5 dny
Here, let me fix ur title for u: "Formulaic but Fun" Ur welcome
Ali Smith
Ali Smith Před 7 dny
Ep 2 was funny though, with Baby yoda stealing and eating the frog eggs at every opportunity
Simon Castrelo
Simon Castrelo Před 10 dny
expanded universe has a comic about boba fett getting out of that predicament he fell into
I-YELL- A-LOT Před 10 dny
Troy Mayne
Troy Mayne Před 11 dny
I'm after binge watching the entire 2 second series, and you're right: fun. I felt like got to watch someone play a computer game. Yet, that bit where Luke arrives...ah, the smile is still engraved across my face. I say smile, more like a grin of pride for Hamill, and all us fan boys of the Star wars saga. It was sublime. Especially when he says "Talent without training is nothing..." as a nice dig at Rey and wokeism Star wars.
Stephane Dorion
Stephane Dorion Před 14 dny
After watching a few of your videos I'm glad I haven't seen any star wars stuff in 20 years. 😉
I like how you found a way to criticize the Luke scene while also acknowledging that it meant alot to alot of people, it DID come out of nowhere and was very fan service but fan service is dying, its becoming more about insulting the fans these days, what fan service we get we need to take, its on its last leg
Troy Mayne
Troy Mayne Před 11 dny
It didn't come out of nowhere. I knew the minute that white lightsaber Jedi mentioned someone would come to them when the kid touched the stone. I knew he was going to be the one who'd save them. It is set 5 years after RoTJ, after all.
Louis Duarte
Louis Duarte Před 17 dny
Now that Critic described it, Season 2 did feel like watching someone play KOTOR or Old Republic. But it was still fun to watch, more incompetent Stormtroopers aside.
Tim Bo
Tim Bo Před 19 dny
About money indeed. Disney executives are no doubt furious at the missed profits from the Sequel Trilogy, as well its poisoning the well of a previously guaranteed fan base. (Fury not seen since the 20th Century Fox executives realised their mistake in letting Lucas keep the merchandise rights!!). I’m not enough of a fan to be bothered but it seems pretty clear, as this review says, they have made The Mandalorian without the provocations of the ST. Even the side quests here sound interesting. The TLJ Canto Bights side quest was painful to watch in a movie that was already excruciating. --- Read this: The Mandalorian (Season Two): Indulging nostalgia and setting up even bigger paydays World Socialist Web Site www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/01/11/mand-j11.html ... As season two was wrapping up, on December 15, 2020, Lucasfilm took part in the Disney “Investor Day” event to announce the various future film and television projects scheduled to appear over the next several years, many of which are spinoff series from The Mandalorian. The list of 10 new projects include a Boba Fett television series directed by Rodriguez and a new feature film written and directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster, Wonder Woman) to be released in 2023. The fact that Lucasfilm chose to unveil these projects at a Disney investor event shows what the Star Warsfranchise is primarily being fostered to achieve: a maximization of profits. This has been the approach of Disney to the whole endeavor from the beginning-to create products that tug on nostalgia and adolescent dreams rather than presenting something artistically challenging. Of course, the Star Warsfranchise has never been artistically challenging, but it did have a certain low-key charm at one point. As we have noted numerous times in similar reviews, there is considerable talent and innovation involved in the making of works such as The Mandalorian, especially from a technical standpoint. Both seasons have made use of a new technology known as “the Volume”-a combination of physical set, 20-foot-high LED panels and digital elements appearing within the panels to be shot live along with the actors. Actors report that this technology better supports their performance, since they can more effectively immerse themselves within the setting, and the creatives can ensure that digital elements line up what they are filming on the spot rather than in post-production. ...
M L Před 21 dnem
Still pretty good. This is the way.
Jovche Krstitelche
Jovche Krstitelche Před 21 dnem
Ahsoka is the best thing to come out from the "clone wars", i think clone wars are remembered by this mostly (besides correcting the anakin arc of the flaws and skips he had in ep. I and II, thus making this show from where you actually continue to follow his arc, to the ep III). ashoka has all of these character traits meticulously developed over time through the show, making her likable and relatable...
agentbo1979 Před 24 dny
I give the season 2 finale of Mandalorian a pass because it restored (if even fleetingly) the sense of optimism and accomplishment for the character of Luke Skywalker that the sequel trilogy utterly decimated. As an 80’s kid, that is my Luke Skywalker.
Troy Mayne
Troy Mayne Před 11 dny
I agree, it was a fitting send off for Luke, and Hamill, as well as a nice dig at them mess Disney made of it all. Having said that, that was not my Boba Fett. It just felt wrong, wrong, wrong.
R Mwf
R Mwf Před 24 dny
I enjoyed the second season, but the amount of actual story was WAY too low for what should be acceptable
Robert Kerr
Robert Kerr Před 24 dny
Credit where credit is due; the story in ep1 mentions in passing how Fett may have escaped. The sand worm thingy lives in an abandoned sarlak pit. When asked how a sarlak pit can become abandoned, Mando passively mentions you could eat your way out.. how did Boba Fett eat an entire sarlak? Don't know...
T Brown
T Brown Před 27 dny
I’m sorry critical but you do realize the actor for bobo fett is completely different from empire because that guy passed, so that joke was pretty dark
Alan T
Alan T Před 27 dny
Simply the extraction of the Krayt dragon Pearl and subsequent celebration from the sand people brought a tear to my eye. The amount this show gets right on lore is insane, to the smallest detail. Dewbacks on Tatooine, Sand People not being portrayed as savages, which is something even the original trilogy didn't really do. The way they killed the Krayt dragon was so similar to how you do it in KOTOR. Also, three shows have made me cry, and this was one of them. They succeeded in getting me emotionally invested. And despite Pedro Pascal's personal politics or whatever, he did an amazing job as Din.
MetalForTheMasses Před měsícem
8:32 Did I completely miss something? -Didn't "Mayfeld" (Bill Burr) serve under the empire and witnessed his friends (among many others) get killed from the officer's orders to bomb their location? -How is that not a justified motive for revenge, when Mayfeld was put in danger at that location?
Dylan McGregor
Dylan McGregor Před měsícem
It's physically impossible for me not to flip-off the screen whenever Kathleen Kennedy is shown.
Alessandrosaiyan Před měsícem
This is tv shit, not show
Zambicus Před měsícem
Luke being able to find Grogu might have something to do with the giant blue skypiercing force-beacon they lit a few episodes before, which they explained was a means to contact Jedi, but hey, your guess is as good as mine. Also, going into "battle-mode" was maybe because he had just docked on an imperial ship, and there were 6-foot, black-armored robots coming at him with glowing red eyes - but again, this is just me guessing. Those dudes made a point about the scene belonging maybe at the end of season 5, where it's more earned. My thinking is this though: these days it feels like a question of very little time before a franchise is turned into pure trash, so at least I got to see Luke in a cool scene before the show turns to shit.
John Martin
John Martin Před měsícem
"Episode 2 is hardly worth mentioning....the very definition of filler."- quite right.
Myriad Works
Myriad Works Před měsícem
Man, fuck the sequels. They make the prequels look like masterpieces in comparison.
Myriad Works
Myriad Works Před 29 dny
@Isaac XCII It set up alot of interesting plot points, like who is Snoke? How did Finn break out of his conditioning? Who are Rey's parents? How did Ben go to the dark side? How did they find Luke's lightsaber? What has been Luke doing this whole time? You must be blind not to notice the directions it could've gone. TLJ shut that all down.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před 29 dny
@Myriad Works Not really.
Myriad Works
Myriad Works Před 29 dny
@Isaac XCII Huh? Are you serious? TFA set up so many possibilities.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před 29 dny
@Myriad Works Except TFA setup exactly nothing.
Myriad Works
Myriad Works Před 29 dny
@Isaac XCII TFA had it's problems but anything cool the TFA set up, TLJ shut down. It put the whole trilogy to a dead stop.
Krys Lucas
Krys Lucas Před měsícem
I can see them planning to make this into a video game...
Umbrella Watch
Umbrella Watch Před měsícem
Hey I play role playing games and when our group saw these we loved the formula!! Because we know it well!!!!!
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer Před měsícem
I had hopes, but season 2 killed the franchise for me. The mood is great, but the writing is horrible. The Empire is depicted as so comically inept, there's zero tension or stakes. Several episodes involved the "heroes" infiltrating Imperial bases and killing hundreds of stormtroopers while running away. Even the dopey comic relief character is able to blindly kill stormtroopers. I started laughing at a scene that's supposed to be exciting and dramatic, because why are they running away? They've literally killed almost every stormtrooper in the base yet haven't even suffered a scratch. Just stay and finish the job, because everyone has impenetrable plot armor. Not just Mando. The show is fun only if you're a sheltered 12 year old. The only reason this show has gotten any fanfare whatsoever is because the last 6 movies have been such dumpster fires, our expectations are so low, even a passable script is met with wide applause.
Ethan Trice
Ethan Trice Před měsícem
Great video. Also, it's absolutely true about subversion of expectations. It's great in the occasional book, but it is terrible in something people get emotionally invested in. It was the same thing with Game of Thrones. The traditional subversions about certain characters were alright, but the entire show ended up being a subversion rather than a narrative. It's also a shame that this show is realistically over. The loss of Gina and the shifts in Disney make it seem this will all be done.
RoeFox Před měsícem
I still want someone to explain to me how all this shit with the Dark Troopers can happen when I know damn good and well that Kyle Katarn destroyed the whole Dark Trooper project in Star Wars Dark Forces, an early PC shooter that came out in 1995. Oh, he also stole the Death Star plans within the first 5 minutes of the game as well. Fuck off, Disney Star Wars franchise and your blatant plagiarism.
Aussie Roos
Aussie Roos Před měsícem
Stormtroopers couldn't hit Water 💦 🚱 if they fell out of a Boat 🚣‍♂️
Joe Mapes
Joe Mapes Před měsícem
Mandalorian was overall good, only rub I have with it is that it doesn't really explain the relevance of this group of bad assess to the overall Star Wars SAGA?? Which side are they on?? If their not on one side or the other, why should anyone care??
MetalForTheMasses Před měsícem
I don't think that was the point - I think it was merely a portrayal of the lawlesness and 'survival of the fittest' mentality in the outer rim, beyond Republic ("and Empire") influence.
Ivan Strydom
Ivan Strydom Před měsícem
For all your knowledge on story telling, you really have not clicked that the Disney Sequel propoganda is not cannon. This Luke scene is not fan service ,showing him in a time before the WOKE propoganda, this is a clear statement from Feloni that the woke propoganda is not cannon and the actual story after episode 6 is now starting. Just cut out the pathetic feminist gang scene and I loved the show. It shows that the story can be enjoyable and thrilling even when you don't have the destruction of entire planets at stake , small stories (side quests) can also be interesting. The fact that you ha e no clue what the Groco meditation blue beam was and then in the very next scene not understand how Luke found them ... Shows that for this review, you don't really know what you are talking about, you just aim to rant on this one. So I have to disagree with about 50% of what you have to say on this man.
Hello Me
Hello Me Před měsícem
There is a book called... A Barve like that.. 1996 that fully explains how Bobo fett left the pit.
The Yellow Light Saber
The Yellow Light Saber Před měsícem
Yeh this video has become dated already with the sacking of Gina by the exact woman you presumed had no influence anymore.
Brett Thickhammer
Brett Thickhammer Před měsícem
Mandalorian reminded me a lot of old western tv shows like bonanza, rifleman etc.
bornagainwierdo Před měsícem
This show is more for the literature fans tbh I get what your gripes are but this show is compensation for the raping of the canon that happened in the latest trilogies bit your misunderstanding of scenes that to you seem empty and irrelevant actually heavily hint to things that are extremely relevant to hardcore fans of star wars literature. Like how boba fett escapes the sarlacc is a total mystery to you however that is explained in the slave ship novel and then his story is furthered in the bounty Hunter wars book series. So to the actual hardcore star wars fans this show follows the novel canon beautifully but if you haven’t read the books then I can see why a lot of shit seems irrelevant and pointless. And to answer your question on how he gets out the sarlacc he detonates his shoulder rocket inside it’s guts and forces it to surface before it dies then is cut from its guts by dengar the other human bounty Hunter he kicks it with. Then spends months recovering on tattooine because his skin has been digested off which is why he looks like uncle fester. Anyway that aside a lot of what takes place in this show seems irrelevant to a casual fan but to the hardcore fans this had lots of Easter eggs worth speculating over for what might come next and a lot of canon correction that was what on by Disney in their attempt at movies.
judd 7777
judd 7777 Před měsícem
Sadie Nailed it
Sadie Nailed it Před měsícem
I thought the ending was OK nothing more and nothing less
Azamat Alabergenov
Azamat Alabergenov Před měsícem
I’m a Star Wars fan and can appreciate good stories when I see them, but those grown men crying over a good but cheap scene disgusts me.
Dr Renn
Dr Renn Před měsícem
Here's why I like Luke's reveal, if you go through the timeline it recons the entire sequel trilogy
Gustavo Barbosa
Gustavo Barbosa Před měsícem
You are right, but I loved it.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před měsícem
Again Disney plays with nostalgia and slavish devotions to the first 3 films and the bait works. At least Lucas with the prequels tried to diversify the world and the stories.
KING TB Před měsícem
So, It’s a dumb ass show, for dumb ass SWF. That think Disney ruined SW.
Jamie Vaughn
Jamie Vaughn Před měsícem
If Bill Burrs character gets his own show I'll fuckin watch that shit.
surewhynot goahead
surewhynot goahead Před měsícem
Im all about watching KOTOR post ROTJ
robotpanda77 Před měsícem
Free of identity politics? lol which show were you watching? botan, asoka, granny that fights asoka, botans friend, cara, these are all shoehorned in "tough" female characters that all have the same personality. Smug looks, act tough, talk shit. We have a black bad guy and another black main side character, botans friend is black and a black actress to play asoka. Hispanic guy playing Mando. None of that is accidental.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před měsícem
And exactly like Oscar Isaac, Pascal is an overrated actor
Cypeq Před měsícem
It's quite funny how success of mandalorian made disney shit their breeches with excitement xd . Another 2 shows confirmed, and i have a strong feeling they will be total shit shows.
Cypeq Před měsícem
Surely it would be a better show with longer more developed story, but all the side quests are fine. It's one of the very few shows where i enjoy simple one episode stories. All those cameos that are used to setup shows... were actually a really nice bit of fanservice. Who cares about alterior motives if it's just awesome to see boba fett and luke in action again. They managed to make boba fett look really badass as he deserves.... Even though in one scene skinny diverse model overpowered his pull on the line xd, you could feel that golden touch of katlyn kennedy there. Its not the best show ever but it is best thing that happened with star wars for a really long time. In its own right it's really watchable show.
Cypeq Před měsícem
Yep only person that needs his own show is... Bill Burr's rouge stormtrooper
Alchemistic Academician
Alchemistic Academician Před měsícem
"Why did Luke only come for him now?" What do you think happened on the planet with Grogu sitting on the rock? "Why was he ready to fight?" I mean he just rocked up to an Imperial Cruiser. The only way he doesn't need to fight is if it was empty. Not to mention he could probably connect with Grogu and can feel the distress anyway, even if it wasn't clearly an Empire ship. Come on mate...
Heinrich De Klerk
Heinrich De Klerk Před měsícem
"Cara Dune rejoining the Republic to set up her own spin off show"
Les Salazar
Les Salazar Před měsícem
ST is garbage. But, it's lowered everyone's standards so much that the Mandalorian looks like a great show when in reality it's mediocre at best with extremely inconsistent writing. The only reason it's a hit is because of Grogu and all the callbacks/fan service, which is fine if don't right. But, it isn't here unfortunately. Luke's scene was great, I loved it. But almost everything else was poorly executed and we can't keep praising Filoni and Favreau when they're not even making a well written show.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před měsícem
Also they recicle the same old tropes of 40+ years ago without trying to make something really new (like Lucas himself did with the prequels).
Chris Schick
Chris Schick Před měsícem
The Mandalorian has always been a Mission-of-the-Week show. I do hope Season 3 builds a strong storyline that spans the entirety of the episodes instead of those clear cut filler episodes.
Sensational Being
Sensational Being Před měsícem
"Skip to a random time code and just hope for the best" is the best way to handle anyone who's going to watch this kind of video and care about spoilers.
Matt Krause
Matt Krause Před měsícem
Bill Burr was the best part of this season. Probably because it was great acting and not shoe horned in.
Kaleigh Ostrewich
Kaleigh Ostrewich Před měsícem
I can't help it, I'm a sucker for adventure side quest shows. I adored the first ep of season one for the mythic feel of the Krayt. What I HATED in this season, was the robo-ironman-dark troopers. Booooo lame robot fights!
Petrow Egynyolc
Petrow Egynyolc Před měsícem
My bet is that Boba dropped at Luke to hint him the location to Baby Yoda.
J T M Před měsícem
I should admit, before anything else, that I'm in the first category with regard to appearance of Luke (i.e., emotional). With that said, my main criticism of how Season 2 ended was how they wasted the drama of Mando letting other people see his face inside a side-quest. The potential parallel between Darth Vader without his helmet at the end of Return of the Jedi and Mando without his as he hands "Baby Yoda" over to Luke would have been a nice touch, especially if they had risked having Mando be a bit more ruthless up until this point. ps. as to politics, I couldn't help but be amused by the presence of Bill Burr ... it is hard to exaggerate how much most SJWs hate him
Vincent Wright
Vincent Wright Před měsícem
"fun but formulaic" is exactly how I'd put it. Lots of fan service, some of which is cool, some felt contrived. Felt very video-gamey... --each episode, go to a different planet, meet someone, do them a favor/side quest, learn a little something, etc... around the time Boba Fett met Mando (my favorite episode!) I had a pretty clear idea how the remaining episodes would go and was mostly correct. Didn't see Luke coming though. Still have mixed feelings about CG performances, technically it's an actor's performance, but wearing Mark Hamill's face... would honestly prefer an actor putting his own spin on it but knowing star wars fans, people wouldn't accept it.
Hank Barber
Hank Barber Před měsícem
Mando Season 2 Last Episode AKA Fuck You Disney
Wade Eightyeight
Wade Eightyeight Před měsícem
Jeez. Beta males crying bcuz luke Skywalker showed up? They must have low testosterone.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před měsícem
Should have been Jar Jar
Jeff Nelson
Jeff Nelson Před měsícem
Have you seen and heard the CSshows ads for the mandalorian? It’s totally pavlovas dog. All the sounds that are meant to make you want it. Lightsabers, R2 whistles, ship sounds, music bits. It’s total mind control.
aamry Před měsícem
Isn't Moff Gideon's suit for TIE pilots? Minus the cape obviously
lux_emp_eb Před měsícem
I understand what you say about the side quests but honestly for me as a lifetime Star Wars fan I really enjoy them because it gives scope and depth to the lore we see in Star Wars games and books and just things outside the main film. I wouldn’t like a bunch of side quests in a main film so having them in a show works for me
lux_emp_eb Před měsícem
Also I’m pretty sure it’s canon that boba escapes the pit from ROTJ before this show was ever thought of so not just a nostalgia grab. Actually works well within the universe imo
Robert Baur
Robert Baur Před měsícem
Cinematic abuse! I'm dying lol
Iron Lotus
Iron Lotus Před měsícem
This review is quite nick picky but I get drinkers point.
Aaron Salinas
Aaron Salinas Před měsícem
They ruined star wars so it wasnt that great
Aleximusprime Před měsícem
The best thing that could happen now is we find out Baby Yoda (aka "Grogu") is so powerful in the force that while passing wind one morning he causes a rift in spacetime and sends Disney Star Wars into an alternate timeline where the sequels never occurred and we can look forward to a bright and uncharted future for Luke Skywalker that doesn't involve milking space cows.
Tyler Deleringo
Tyler Deleringo Před měsícem
I sorta lost interest when Fett was bested by a female. Fett. The hardened very experienced bounty hunter that escaped a giant monster and lived through Jedi battles only to get bested and over powered by a female. Yea ok LOL
Rebel Scum Customs & Weathering
Luke seeked grogu after sitting on the stone. Also he went full battle mode bc its an imperial ship and hes luke fucking skywalker 😂
Publius2k4 Před měsícem
Wow... he just described the Star Wars fandom basically as Stockholm Syndrome.
Rich Tygart
Rich Tygart Před měsícem
Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw the theater in my life at 6 years old. I remember I had a freshly broken arm in a cast and had to keep it elevated on a pillow through the whole movie. For those two hours Star Wars made me completely forget about my arm. It changed my entire childhood and because of that Star Wars means more to me than most people. That's why I am sickened by what Star Wars has become.
Rich Tygart
Rich Tygart Před měsícem
Shows like this make me happy that I spend half of my time in Thailand where there are no feminazis and a girls act normal
Rich Tygart
Rich Tygart Před měsícem
I gave up on Star Wars after the first 15 minutes of the 1999 movie with Natalie Portman. The one where Han Solo died some years back was acceptable but other than that all of them were an abomination. There are only three real Star Wars movies and they were made long ago
Jason Peoples
Jason Peoples Před 2 měsíci
That guy who shoots up the Imperial base is Bill Burr, a brilliant comedian. I don't know why they don't use his comic talents more when they use him like in Breaking Bad, he's a funny guy but never really funny in the roles he's put in.
Ogier the Dane
Ogier the Dane Před 2 měsíci
Luke's appearance was epic, made it worth while... but you can take your "emotional vs. logical" stance and shove it, you aren't that smart ;) ... Luke was "called" through the force amplifier, and the whole point of the scene with him showing up, was because he truly was the one to bring balance, the strongest Jedi to ever exist, so just accept that he could be there when he was needed, because he just is who he is.
col06007 Před 2 měsíci
This show is like watching cinematic scenes from a video game spliced together.
Gwenhwyfar Před 2 měsíci
I felt pretty emotional about the Luke scene, but then I was mad it was over with no explanation about anything.
J A S Před 2 měsíci
At least no one asked him to get 9 rat tails.
Patrick Giles
Patrick Giles Před 2 měsíci
I've been referring to Mando as The Jedi Variety Hour this season. It's basically been reduced to fan fiction and Mando is now merely a bit player in his own show.
Ary Storey
Ary Storey Před 2 měsíci
"Fuk owf shoo" lol
Gonza Bruh
Gonza Bruh Před 2 měsíci
Baby Yoda became a living radar with that stone in an earlier episode. He basically linked himself with Luke, so it's no coincidence that Luke arrived for Baby Yoda. And if i'm a jedi looking for another one of my kind because he might need help and i find out he's on an imperial ship... yeah i'll be taking my lightsaber with me. And if i see imperial robots starting to shoot me as soon as i arrive you better believe i'm going into combat mode. As to why did luke arrive literally at the end of the season, i fully agree on that. It makes no sense bc we don't know how far he was from baby yoda.
Andrew Parkinson
Andrew Parkinson Před 2 měsíci
+1 if you want a Bill Burr spinoff. Why the hell not.
Janet Rose
Janet Rose Před 2 měsíci
8:00 not to be mean, but this was what I thought too.. what’s the point of armor if it can’t cover your now larger body?
TopJimi Před 2 měsíci
Busy work! Great analysis
Roller Girl
Roller Girl Před 2 měsíci
He went from Bobafet to BobaFAT
James H
James H Před 2 měsíci
This guy is pure gold
Michael Parks
Michael Parks Před 2 měsíci
The Mandalorian: Big budget fan fiction from Disney, the movie company version of McDonalds (bland filler material that doesn't offend anyone, and every one is identical to the previous one). Follows the same formula as Firefly (1950's American Western set in a "futuristic" space setting) and stealing story lines from other movies and TV shows ( '*cough*' Seven Samurai, '*cough*' Waterworld, etc.). Pretty predictable that they would shoehorn Luke in at some point. Maybe in season 3 Han can come and pick him up in the Millennium Falcon and Leia can take care of baby Yoda. It was a fun series to watch, but each week I kept having a feeling I had seen that story before....
Chris Před 2 měsíci
i agree with your drunken critic, but as someone deeply rooted in RPGs i can watch mando doing sidequests forever
Johnny Wallace
Johnny Wallace Před 2 měsíci
Another show that needs to die before Disney completely destroys it's integrity.
Vinny Ganzano
Vinny Ganzano Před 2 měsíci
The Mandalorian is now dead to me since Disney and lucasfilm have fired Gina Carano. Arseholes.
Warlocc - Paul T
Warlocc - Paul T Před 2 měsíci
I know that line was a joke, but I would 100% watch a Bill Burr Star Wars show.
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