The Girl Who Wouldn't Back Down 

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Let me tell you a story about a woman who stood up to the mob.
(This is not an endorsement of anything she has said on social media, it's simply an observation on how she's been treated.)


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11. 02. 2021





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 2 měsíci
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Kay Bowling
Kay Bowling Před 4 dny
@Hallow Killzone lol yes... Very funny 😏
Hallow Killzone
Hallow Killzone Před 4 dny
@Kay Bowling Odd, you came off as a snowflake by saying this guys opinion is offensive, funny when snowflakes use snowflake as an insult
Kay Bowling
Kay Bowling Před 4 dny
@Hallow Killzone lol sorry but naw, dude. I like challenging my perceptions of and learning more about things in general. "Sorry" for not confirming your biases tho, snowflake.
Hallow Killzone
Hallow Killzone Před 4 dny
@Kay Bowling Offensive? I dont think you should watch content that triggers you
David Hacking-Bonilla
@InfamousDBZ In short the CC and Twitter whiners yeah we know.
Michael Před 2 hodinami
Shit video.
Bradley Evans
Bradley Evans Před 6 hodinami
Wow, what a shitty take.
MegaDoug Před 6 hodinami
BoxLunch has marvelous Cara Dune t-shirts, even in my size. I shall wear to Disney(dismal?)land next time I go 👍
Skexzies Před 9 hodinami
The problem with 'cancel culture' is the fact that every position has 2 sides. I applied my own 'cancel culture' and killed my monthly Disney Subscription. So they can take their smug, Liberal filth ideologies and pay their bills with someone else's money.
Jason Lusk
Jason Lusk Před 14 hodinami
Actions (and speech) deserve consequences, Snowflakes.
BasedWinduXII Před 16 hodinami
so you deleted my comment on this video because i criticized your defense of Gina Carano. you made a fucking bedtime story about "The Woman Who Wouldn't Back Down" and painted her as this hero who pissed off the "SJW elites". when i push back saying she deserves what she got because what she said is horrible and that this video is too biased, my comment is deleted. guess The Critical Drinker can't take criticism.
grover Melody
grover Melody Před 17 hodinami
4:10 Firmament Dome they show in logo Disney
SizzleChest McMurphy
SizzleChest McMurphy Před 17 hodinami
When the "arts" are more about money than actual art... Fuck these arseholes in their suits in their boardrooms.
Anakin Skyobiliviator
Anakin Skyobiliviator Před 20 hodinami
In the face of fear, fear of losing their jobs, status, people tremble with their resolve even in the face of truth. Many praises for Gina for standing up against it all.
Bảo Hồ Trần Gia
Bảo Hồ Trần Gia Před 20 hodinami
Free speech is dead, anything that doesnt support their agenda is consider “hate speech” and being racist
Xyphoid Process
Xyphoid Process Před 22 hodinami
Haven't seen The Mandalorian or any of her work. Heard about this story a couple of times. But this bedtime story made me an instant fan of Gina Carano. - Edit - After some searching, it appears I did see her work in Deadpool. Didn't know she was the same person.
Russiasvechenaya Před dnem
Based and certainty not gay
Erob Před dnem
Holy shit! Gina Carano follows The MadLad!
Bob Mcguffy
Bob Mcguffy Před dnem
Lol the revolution does eat its children
Dude Před dnem
I imagine a dystopian future where Cara Dune triumphantly returns to the Star Wars Universe. At the right hand side of the Emperor. His Warlord(ess?), covered in glory after returning order to the galaxy. The most powerful with the force, destined not to return balance to the force but to rule it.
Reed Arnold
Reed Arnold Před dnem
Yeah im sorry but this is a completely gross misrepresentation of what happened. She didnt just tweet one thing one time and got fired for it. She was already on probation by disney for things she said during the first season and in the past. She knew exactly what could happen by posting insanely offensive things again! She said that people being told to wear a mask was the same as when Jews were villainized before the Holocaust. Thats fucking insane to think but even crazier for a public figure already on probation for those kinds of comments to do again! She's allowed to have an opinion but when work for company like Disney or are a public figure representing a brand you need to be careful with your comments. No sympathy for this "strong" woman and she got other deals after the facts so shes fine. You just want a watered down version of controversy so you can throw it back.
Xiu Před 8 hodinami
Thank you! I agree.
I spray water for CASH
Guarantee you 90 percent of the people who have a problem with this woman never even see her resume of work.
Frost Forged
Frost Forged Před dnem
dude....seriously, stop simping for nazi apologists
Carl Austin
Carl Austin Před dnem
That sad, tired, and exasperated "Go away now" is probably the best summation of the absolute state of things I can think of.
Wil Marrow
Wil Marrow Před dnem
Yep. I turned down free disney plus over this and the fact that they're totally chill about filiming in the shadow of a chinese concentration camp
Juice J
Juice J Před 2 dny
bruh no cap.. if a fox host came out and said they supported Democrats. They would be fired.. So if a Female actress hired by Disney ( Woke Company) came out on her Right Bullshit.. She ofc would be fired... America is all about sides...
NELSON X Před 2 dny
Sounds like a good movie.
Critical Errol
Critical Errol Před 2 dny
Ahem, *Actress*
unusualGuy Před 2 dny
Jean Luck Piccard
Jean Luck Piccard Před 2 dny
Now THIS is what you call brave.
zhoul eater
zhoul eater Před 2 dny
This is motherfuckingly inspires me somehow. How great can a drunk commentator creates an actual story about an actress who wouldn't back down. A good one.
Wilhuff Tarkin
Wilhuff Tarkin Před 2 dny
She's one of the few Hollywood women who don't look ridiculous as a warrior.
Follow the white rabbit
Its funny, how much her story reminds me of old disney movies.
Anthony Ugarte
Anthony Ugarte Před 3 dny
Boy did this video and all of the simp comments age horribly. You know you're on the wrong side when Ben Shapiro starts defending you. Even the protest shirt got cancelled HAHAHAHA
Scott Fee
Scott Fee Před 2 dny
@Anthony Ugarte your sides goalposts just keep shifting. Give me shapiro over any one of the corporate beholden liberal talking propaganda machines any day of the week. Go away now.
banana leaf
banana leaf Před 2 dny
@Anthony Ugarte Really, I don't have accurate goals for life? What are you're "accurate" goals for life? Because right now your "goals" appear to be attacking people from inside your safespace, refusing to see the perspective from anyone other than yourself, displayed clearly by your laughable sense of self superiority. Also may I ask what is the problem with Ben Shapiro defending Gina Carano? He's an Orthodox Jew defending a woman that Disney claims made "anti-semetic" tweets. Just because he supports the "orange man" does not make him a bad person. But you'll probably refuse to listen whilst your mocking Gina Carano and tweeting about the Georgia Voting Law to activate a feature in your brain called common sense.
Anthony Ugarte
Anthony Ugarte Před 3 dny
@banana leaf Can't justify it to someone like you who is clearly so far gone. You don't even have accurate goalposts for real life.
banana leaf
banana leaf Před 3 dny
@Anthony Ugarte how is he a trash human being, when he is undoubtably more educated on political subjects and have earned more respect than you’ll ever have
Anthony Ugarte
Anthony Ugarte Před 3 dny
@Masinissa Ibrahimi Ben Shapiro the trash can human being. Stop trying to make everything about political parties.
charles foster
charles foster Před 3 dny
When the Drinker said this 1:20, I started laughing.. it is funny because it is true.
Aaron Azimov
Aaron Azimov Před 3 dny
I'm with you 95% of the time Drinker, but this is so unnecessary. Although Gina never deserved the hate or pressure she received from idiots on twitter, she also doesn't deserve the ridiculous adulation and praise she's gotten since. I think there are times when bravery and stupidity are indistinguishable, and she did a shit job walking that line.
Thomas Scurlock
Thomas Scurlock Před 3 dny
Thank you for this story. I am sure that Gina is proud.
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Před 4 dny
This should be a legimit book it's a compelling story focused on current po political trends and has almost a game of thrones vibe to it where the hero is beaten but than maybe could do a follow up where the hero inspires the next gen to do something. Just a thought.
Shawn Spencer
Shawn Spencer Před 4 dny
I was enjoying your videos (subbed as well) then saw your shitty take on this. Nosubforyou
chris oprescu
chris oprescu Před 4 dny
Nobody cares about your opinion about anything except for movies. Now shut up and go away
Meme Licker
Meme Licker Před 4 dny
Okay I fucking hate this channel but shitting on Kathleen Kennedy will always be funny no matter what
THE META Před 4 dny
Gina Carano, an ACTUAL strong female.............destroyed by the very people who cry out for a strong female, ironic
Thepinktricam Před 4 dny
Sam W.
Sam W. Před 5 dny
This tale you tell is better than 98.6% of what was released from Hollywood in the past few years.
Sebaschan706 Před 6 dny
People on twitter can't get any more stupid can they?
Isaac Sorrels
Isaac Sorrels Před 6 dny
Ok, possibly an unpopular opinion here but whatever. While her being silenced by Disney is a massive problem on it's own, as it gets into a very gray area when it comes to whether a corporation should have the right to fire someone over political opinions, all the rest of the hate she gets I don't really have a problem with. Freedom of speech is not freedom from critique or judgment, and I personally find her political positions to be atrociously naive at best and maliciously ignorant at worst. In that way I don't blame and am not shocked by the massive amounts of people who fucking hate her stances, and by proxy her. She pushes incredibly damaging narratives using a position of public prominence and anyone who wants to take shots at her because of that isn't really in the wrong as they are using their own power of free speech to combat a point of view they find dangerous. Does this mean she should get fired for it?? Idk, as the context is important. Did disney fire her because they disagree with her ideology?? If so that rubs me the wrong way. Did they fire her because she brought too much negative attention to their brand, and it didn't have anything to do with the politics?? Then I don't have a problem with it, free speech is not free of consequences. Obviously disney, through their language, has fired her based on ideology, so in this specific instance it's obviously wrong, but Carino strikes me as someone who could easily get fired from any corporation that does not support her ideology because she specifically tries to stoke and cause controversy in the public sphere. Any business is within their right to fire someone for bad pr, disney's mistake is doing it because of "muh social justice" pearl clutching.
JAWL0C777 Před 6 dny
Not a cult a religion.
truewolf Před 6 dny
me listening to Joaquin Phoenix Oscar speech: STFU!!! No one cares, you prick!
Ryan Ihm
Ryan Ihm Před 6 dny
Gina Carano is pretty stupid to say being a republican in hollywood is like being a jew during the holocaust. Being a republican is more like being a brown shirt before the night of the long knives.
HalluciCorp Před 7 dny
Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi Před 7 dny
Imagine being stupid enough comparing Jews in Nazi Germany to conservatives today.
banana leaf
banana leaf Před 2 dny
Fun Fact: She never mentioned conservatives, Trump or Biden in any of her tweets. She said the political climate was as toxic as the growing influence of Hitler in which he caused people to hate each other in this world. She said it’s how the political climate has several similarities.
Da gru
Da gru Před 7 dny
Small funny thing I just saw. We all agree that the Mandalorian is pretty good and the new trilogy is complete shit? Well, looks like Disney sees it the same :D If you go on the Star Wars Tab in Disney Plus, the Mandalorian has a Disney watermark, the new Trilogy not Not even Disney likes this billion dollar grave of shit. Nice, I like that.
Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison Před 7 dny
This is both the funniest and stupidst thing I have watched in ages. Putting too much brown in the Irn Bru, me thinks.
twitandoka Před 7 dny
I don't agree with any of Gina's statements, political views and opinions, but I'd fight every day to preserve her right and freedom to be an idiot publicly as much as she wants.
Jommamo Soffat
Jommamo Soffat Před 8 dny
I couldn't care less about the celebrity politics and despise everyone who is absolutely infatuated with this bullshit
glen wooten
glen wooten Před 8 dny
Gina Carano for a Nobel Prize ! That was great Critical Drinker.
Mama Say Mama Sah
Mama Say Mama Sah Před 8 dny
The perfect post. #defunddisney
GimmieTheGaff Před 8 dny
This Covid thing has really messed with my head, who’s the actress?
Perlos Termankou
Perlos Termankou Před 9 dny
🤣🤣 she said some stupid stuff and got fired. Seems normal in todays censored world . People will still watch The Mandalorian
Phuk Uoy
Phuk Uoy Před 9 dny
Lol the tale of some nobody roided up alt right moron
Spotty Pongo
Spotty Pongo Před 10 dny
I mean.... that's what you get for using your popularity to spread false conspiracy theories and supporting an ultimately harmful and potentially dangerous regime. Also Pedro Pascal tried to talk sense into her and still is a friend to her despite her political beliefs so she wasn't abandoned by friends. Those friends just didn't believe the same things she did.
Bond James
Bond James Před 10 dny
maybe, but a lot of hollywood also supports the false conspiracy theory of russiagate.
jospeh jack
jospeh jack Před 10 dny
I get the wanting to fire her for the jab that the right wing were being treated the same as Jews in Germany in the 30's and 40's. As a person who had great-great uncles and aunts killed in camps I too felt the knee jerk reaction to want her gone. It faded fast She has a good heart but has little tack. If firing her for a lack of tact was correct than firing Mark Ruffalo, Taika Waititi, and many others.. Lack of Tack should not be the reason to fire a good, Strong independent woman.
Mitterhuber B
Mitterhuber B Před 10 dny
I'm not gonna lie....when you started talking about the cult i pictured all those right-wing Quanon nutcases ^^
LowKey LowKey
LowKey LowKey Před 10 dny
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John Murray
John Murray Před 10 dny
Awsome script. Thats one of the best movie plots I have ever heard. How do you come up with this stuff lol.
Daniel Bedinger
Daniel Bedinger Před 10 dny
@canceldisneyplus Until they @hireginacarano Never forget Cara Dune! "Well then, until our paths cross."
Daniel Nehme
Daniel Nehme Před 11 dny
This was amazing
Afdgxzghzgfhgfzh Azghzdfhxfghxfgjxhgj
Omg. I never read her original tweet. wtf. There is nothing wrong with what she posted. That's crazy.
TheSleeperShark Před 12 dny
Right or even left. Each group and its individuals can have far ranges of opinions and beliefs. But because of stereotyping and generalization, calling conservatives "rascists" or "bigots" is pretty prejudice or even rascist in its own rights. Just because there are some, doesn't mean I condone nor should people generalize them! Isn't that the point? But commit toaster bath if your conservative, which means you HAVE to be a privileged white male, and because of that you HAVE to be rascist. Lol. Stereotyping and rascism is true FOR EVERYONE AND EVERY GROUP. Stop hate.
Caleb Minner
Caleb Minner Před 12 dny
Also the cover image for this video is not how she looks in the show. she is much heavier and has much more weight on her and this image is yet another photo shopped image of carano. She fluctuates wait quite a bit because of her athletic and wrestling career but for this particular show she was very heavy.
Croissants & Coffee
Croissants & Coffee Před 13 dny
What uneducated warped drivel is this?! I subb'ed to your channel just a few hours ago because I found your delivery funny and you made some good points about some movies. But...yeah...I am out! _Irony_ = Calls Hollywood actors self-absorbed, out-of-touch with reality & dumb (for having an opinion on social issues and politics) in his videos, but then pulls this video out his 'drunk' behind...
Sean Pertwee
Sean Pertwee Před 13 dny
Those who defend everything, defend nothing.
Will S.
Will S. Před 14 dny
Sh*t, where’s that subscribe button? I need more of this in my reccomandations!
icko gospodinov
icko gospodinov Před 15 dny
However, the story goes on, because the mob had already got a taste of blood and they wanted more. So they went after another young woman from the team, who was playing an all favorite anime character.
Bryan A
Bryan A Před 15 dny
Don't care about her politics. I just think she's not a very good actor.
Bond James
Bond James Před 10 dny
yeah but when has that ever mattered to disney.
StoneDog Před 15 dny
The Left "eMpOwEr WaHmEn" Gina "hello..I have a different opinion" the Left "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
#consequenceculture. CRY MORE 😂😂😂
Viva LaMinion
Viva LaMinion Před 16 dny
She can be as stubborn as she wants, but being dumb and being smug about it doesn't make her a proud warrior. This video is as ludicrous as her words and ideals.
Jaques Studly
Jaques Studly Před 17 dny
...and now they want her back. They don't deserve her.
TheJasonaut Před 17 dny
I also heard this story under a different title of 'The Girl That Wouldn't Stop Being Terrible' 😄. This _may_ have been an unfair thing, to fire her, I think you can honestly make valid points on either side, but the fact that it fueled so many hard right media peeps to do more generalizing propaganda IS definitely a negative thing(a simple YT search made it very clear to me). I'm all for holding jerks accountable in general, but especially in entertainment. We can debate what is too much, but people decrying a monolithic monster called 'Cancel Culture' are just asses looking for their own -safe space- to be asses. If Bob at the factory is a jerk when he's off the clock, and gets fired for it, then we can talk. But that's not that. And there's a thousand reasons to be unhappy with Disney, firing Gina Carano is pretty low on the list.
1 Před 18 dny
Absolutely superb video. I'm going to make my own on the same topic.
Eliza Giles
Eliza Giles Před 18 dny
Imagine romanticising an anti-mask wearing, trans-mocking, election conspiracist who compared being a conservative now to being a jewish person during the holocaust.
Eliza Giles
Eliza Giles Před 2 dny
​@Bhuvan 'You don't need to know my intent'?! You have to admit that considering this conversation is all you know about me that that's unfair, I have made no such assumption as to your stance outside of these issues. Yes I believe mask-wearing is important, yes I believe standing up for trans rights is important and yes I believe that perpetuating election conspiracies is dangerous for American politics, if that makes me sound like a 'typical leftist' I'm fine with that. Admit though that you assumed I don't stand up for those other issues on the basis of an assumption. I'm not even mad if she supports Trump, a lot of the American population do, even if I don't understand it myself. I can see why you'd have that interpretation of her tweet but as you say yourself she was comparing the tactics used by nazi's to how people nowadays treat others based on their political views. The fact that she thinks the struggle that we face today when representing our political views is anything akin to the horrors jewish people had to go through is insensitive at best. It wasn't that statement alone though that got her fired though. Whatever we think about the issue, Disney are a business and if they think she doesn't represent their company in the way they want then they have every right to fire her. Do I think that Disney are very hypocritical, yes. I'll say it once again, we probably agree on more than you think. I don't want this to be an aggressive, unhelpful argument I genuinely want to find some common ground with you and I think we've already found a bit of it, that Disney are not the moral pillars they hold themselves up to be!
Bhuvan Před 3 dny
@Eliza Giles I don't need to know about politics or intent the words "anti mask" "trans mocking" "election conspiracy" pretty much gave away your "cover", btw I said *you're sounding* like a typical leftist who usually follows "rules for thee but not for me" policy read my response again, I'm not ignorant, I'm a normal person who sees things the way it is, before making that post did she ever make a post directly saying she's a conservative and supports Donald Trump ? How did you came to a conclusion that she was comparing herself to Jews in that post ? As a normal person here's my interpretation of that post "Nazis bad, they dehumanized and divided Jews before rounding them up, same tactics is used by politicians today to divide the country don't fall for it" and I don't see anything wrong with this, ask yourself this question if other actors posted the same thing do you think they deserved to be fired ? If your answer is no well here's a tip stop browsing Twitter and watching news channels, if your answer is yes continue being a pawn for politicians while they use people like you to further divide the country.
Eliza Giles
Eliza Giles Před 3 dny
@Bhuvan Also you have to be wilfully ignoring the intent of her tweet to claim that. Of course she was saying Nazi's bad, I'm not doubting that, but she was also correlating her current conservative 'struggle' to the struggle of jewish people in the Holocaust. If you say that’s not true I can only assume you failed to understand the point of that post. I’m not even that mad at the tweet, it was just really thoughtless and dumb.
Eliza Giles
Eliza Giles Před 3 dny
@Bhuvan How do you know I haven't called all those things out? You don't know my stance on any of those issues but you're entirely assuming who I am and what my politics are, which is really sad because I'm sure there are many things we would agree on if we ever met in real life.
Bhuvan Před 3 dny
@Eliza Giles I'm really surprised how people like you don't forget to breathe, Disney has direct ties with CCP why haven't you called them out ? How many Hollywood actors claimed that Russia stole 2016 election ? Wasn't that conspiracy ? why aren't they fired ? You sound like a typical leftist with "rules for thee but not for me" policy, if you're gonna set new rules better learn to follow it, She made a typical "Nazis bad" post on the internet and you morons drew lines and connected something to another, happens a lot if you're a basement dweller, stop browsing Twitter and get a life jeez.
Megiddo Eubanks
Megiddo Eubanks Před 19 dny
She had to bring up the Hollow Cost. Ofc.
pqsnet Před 19 dny
Hahaha, That 01:16 Epic Face of a SJW who cant handle Democracy... LMAO... If that... uh... ummm... Pronounce... Got a dime every time it was shown.
spod32827 Před 19 dny
Her sacking was ridiculous! I mean, just because Disney cast her as someone who makes good decisions, that shouldn’t mean she needs to be that in real life.
johnathan mack
johnathan mack Před 20 dny
Imagine glorifying a racist hahaha
johnathan mack
johnathan mack Před 19 dny
@Larry Foulke Official what other point do you think she was trying to make? You seem to be supporting her despite missing the point of what she said. Blind faith has done people so well in the past
Larry Foulke Official
@johnathan mack Where exactly did she say that there was an attempted genocide on conservatives? Stop trying so hard to make it look like she said conservatives are oppressed
johnathan mack
johnathan mack Před 19 dny
@Larry Foulke Official its about context. In the context of division in American politics she spoke out about the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. It is about internment camps, the same minority was targeted. Stop trying so hard to make conservatives the victim
Larry Foulke Official
@johnathan mack never said that. She was mainly talking about how ppl turned against each other at the time. Not rlly anything about internment camps
johnathan mack
johnathan mack Před 19 dny
@Larry Foulke Official if you think republicans are comparable to holocaust victims then I really don't know what to tell you
James Pocelinko
James Pocelinko Před 20 dny
"You have enemies? Good. That means You stood for something, sometime in your life." -Winston Churchill
Memory Foam
Memory Foam Před 18 hodinami
@I spray water for CASH I think that if America went to war tomorrow it would almost definitely be to overthrow yet another democratically elected government or to secure oil, as they have done for decades.
I spray water for CASH
I spray water for CASH Před 18 hodinami
Memory Foam I love that the drive of so many people in this country is their love of hate It’s how America has gotten pathetic and weak, if went into a war tomorrow we’d lose because the people at home wouldn’t back the necessary result we would need
Memory Foam
Memory Foam Před 19 hodinami
@I spray water for CASH I care, as do many other people, especially the Irish and Indian people who he had killed and hated with a passion.
I spray water for CASH
I spray water for CASH Před 19 hodinami
Memory Foam who cares, cry for us baby
Memory Foam
Memory Foam Před 20 hodinami
And Churchill stood for racism and genocise
Keiran Buckley
Keiran Buckley Před 20 dny
Am I the only one who thinks the world would be better to live in if Twitter was deleted
Ole Rüther
Ole Rüther Před 20 dny
How is what happened to her any thing like what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany?
Saphrix Před 20 dny
7.5 losers disliked
Linus Thunderhorse
Linus Thunderhorse Před 21 dnem
UGH cry me a friggin river. She was a pretty good MMA fighter, an ok actor (sorry, ACTRESS. wouldn't want to be all gender neutral and trigger any more libertardian snowflakes) and she got fired for repeatedly saying dumb bigot crap. Welcome to being an adult.
mylittleponyboy Před 21 dnem
Hats off to you laddie
Samuel Před 21 dnem
An actual strong woman
Achban Ilacran
Achban Ilacran Před 22 dny
Uf... Mate... That was unbearable... Just did not make it to the end.
Bruce Aitken
Bruce Aitken Před 22 dny
Yea, it was a nice run, but that was the end of the Mandalorian.
Megan Lukes
Megan Lukes Před 22 dny
And then a Harvard-educated dwarf who refused to work on Saturdays came along and offered her a second chance
nonyadoodle Před 22 dny
The Drinker Rocks!
Noel Taylor
Noel Taylor Před 23 dny
Ah yes, brave Gina Carano. Standing up for conspiracy theories and against science. She may have lost her job at Disney, but don't worry. I hear she's been invited to speak at Holocaust museums across the country. "Finally," they said, "Here's someone who understands what it was like."
My new channel
My new channel Před 2 dny
What do you mean by "against science"?
truecrescent00013 Před 23 dny
This was so F,N beautiful. Thanks! This was freaking perfect! Love Gina!!
Alexandra Před 23 dny
It’s pretty ironic and sad to see people continue to claim that the modern left is this angry and vitriolic cult of hatred when that’s exactly what the right has become when you actually take a step back. If all you do is watch videos from people who cry and whine about the Last Jedi for a living, it’s easy to assume that every single liberal is a brainwashed idiot but if you actually try doing your own research or even engaging with them for a change you’ll realize just how wrong it is. Every time I hear one of these right ting entertainment channels describe what they think of the left it is equal parts hilarious and sad because they are doing an absolutely perfect job at describing themselves and their own audiences. It was funny enough in the mid 2010’s when the image of an SJW was such an easy target that everyone wanted in on it, but that image no longer represents real people anymore. And so we are left in the state we’re in now where countless right winged entertainment channels are left clinging to the past, thirsty for views and attention, trying to condition their audiences into thinking that everyone whose left of center is a zero-pronoun tumblrina with six different hair colors and black lipstick so that they don’t realize the world changed when they weren’t looking... Sad really. I hope that Critical Drinker moves out of this tribalistic cult that he’s positioned himself into, but considering the relevancy it brings him to pretend that we’re still living in 2013 and that “Triggering the SJW’s” is still a remotely necessary term: I doubt he ever will.
Brian Bialek
Brian Bialek Před 23 dny
Dont pretend disney was anything but a ploy to make people think happy joy thoughts and be nice to each other for the happy ending. The world is Arlington Road, not sleeping beauty.
MrHorst38 Před 23 dny
She: "is comparing covid lockdown measures to the persecution of Jews in the Third Reich." You: "What a clever comparison, go off queen, you were trying to warn us but we didn't listen." Normally with you on the social justice cult but this is entering Qanon territory and it's plain stupid.
My new channel
My new channel Před 2 dny
the amount of lockdown shills in this comment section is worrying
Alexandra Před 7 dny
@banana leaf Dude, I didn’t say that comparing you to Hitler was “correct” or that it was justified. All I said was that it wasn’t surprising, it’s a very commonly used insult (many would argue it’s overused) and you being a self proclaimed conservative you should know that. Since it’s clear that nothing I say is gonna change your mind I feel I’m wasting my time for even trying, but don’t try to put words in my mouth or make it look like I’m saying something that I’m not.
banana leaf
banana leaf Před 21 dnem
​@Alexandra I'm going to ignore all the bullshit you just said. I'm even going to ignore the fact that you said the comparison between me and Hitler was correct, simply because you think I'm a bad debater. I'm just going to point out the sheer ignorance, you've displayed whilst trying to get your point across. Firstly, you calling me idoitic for assuming you were liberal is pretty self reflective as in you're first comment of my response you openly bad mouthed conservatives. How is that making an assumption when you literally insulted the oppisition and call them 'fascists'? Also on that subject I don't hate liberals or democrats in general as you made yourself believe. I respect the Democrat party and what they stand for (healthcare, equal wages, equal rights, etc), but I disagree with the execution of that and how radical it has become has turn me away. I do have respects for their morals and I personaly believe they are well established, but the execution of those factors is like eating ice-cream covered in ketchup. Secondly, yes there is a political biasm across the United States, especially in the media. Yes, Fox News, Prage U and Paul Joseph Watson are all forms of conservative media, but compare that to the mass migority of the media present in the United States. CNN, MSNBC, The Nation, New Rupublic, The Progessive, Slate Magazine and The Washington Post are all heavily liberal and continusely mock people on different ranges of the political spectrum. As a matter of fact a Washington Post article, filled with quotes from Trump (that were fake) was a large part of his second impeachment trial. Washington Post even had to apoloigse and openly admit it was false. Also the famous 'build a wall' quote, was also no exception to the media's butchering of Donald Trump, editing the clips to make it seem as though he called Mexico rapists, which he did not say. These are just very few of many examples of the left wing media trying to villify conservative. Now, not all of what they report is false, but like every media outlet it's edited to suit the frame they want. I don't trust any mainstream media, not even Fox News. I do my own research, and from that I became more understanding of how the mainstream media attempts to paint a potrait but with only the colours they seek. Thirdly, you claim there is no double standard whatsoever and in fact, if anything Republicans get the double standard. Okay, lets compare two very similar scenarios: Donald Trump wins in 2016, Hillary claims it was Russia and voter fraud. The media support this theory to the full and thus causing many riots that the media praise as 'progresiveness', when in actuality it causes million in property damage. Then all Voter fraud is cleared and Trump is elected. Joe Biden wins, Trump calls voter fraud due to a massive off the numbers spike. The media proceed to mock him, despite there being more evidence then there ever was presented in 2016. Even if it wasn't enough to prove right or wrong, the media and democrats mock and belittle him. Protests start off peaceful, until it drives badly causing damage and one causuality. It was horrible. Most medias attack Trump for this, even though the closest connection he had to the riots was a tweet posted saying that this is what happens when the election is robbed. Media attack him and try to impeach him (to which he is aquitted), and CNN even suggests we should remember this day similar to 9/11. Notice in the double standard, how when the Democrats rioted it was praised as progessiveness (it was the oppisite of progessive for the three people that died), but when Republicans did it was suggest it was as, if not more vile than 9/11. I'm not going to pretend the capitol riots aren't tragic and horrible, it was and should never happen it again, but there is an undeniable double standard between Liberals and Conservatives. Fourthly, I'm gonna discuss the subject we started off on, Gina. Gina apparent 'wave' of controversy is just an example of how differnet criterias such as politics, factor into your career. It started off with a meme about how people want you to now put the mask over your eyes, so that you can't see the truth. It's a political joke obviously and in all fairness, a fairly uncontroversial one. The whole 'voter fraud' is extremely exaggerated. In the tweet, she never claimed voter fraud happened, she said if people want it to stop they need to count mass numbers. That's true, we don't want to be spoonfed, people want the truth and counting mass numbers is how we achieve it. Then came the Holocaust tweet which read: “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbours.... even by children." The actor continued to say, “Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?” Want an example? Virginia Heffernan, who compared her conservative neighbours that plowed her driveway free of charge to the Nazi's. Now I understand, not all liberals are like that, but when these people are the one's vocally speaking for your group, it's not hard to see the point Gina made. Now I don't like Holocaust comparisons because they downplay history's most tragic event, but the comparison made here is easily one of the least controversial. Even compared to her co-star. Pedro Pascal made a very poorly constructed Holocaust comparison comparing the treatment of immigrant children in America to the Holocaust (using a picture not even taken in the USA). And your claim of this causing 'controversy' is complete and utter crap as there were no articles written about it at the time and only rose to promence as Ben Shapiro mentioned this. If there was no double standard, Pedro would've been fired from both Mandalorian and Wonder Woman 1984, but he was kept because his political views gave him a force field from critcisms until now. And I can't believe Disney cut ties with her, when Liu Yifei openly supported the violence in China (though judging by the credits in Mulan, they seem to be good friends) and Amber Heard is still employed for several DC projects. And finally, I want to say I don't think of myself as a 'freedom fighter' or anything close to a warrior and I hope you don't ether considering were both just on our computers arguing about a wrestler. Anyway, regardless of your political opinion, I hope we can both agree to disagree and move on with our lives. I'm wishing the very best of luck :)
Alexandra Před 22 dny
@banana leaf Since your responses are both unorganized messes of empty words, I’m gonna respond to each one of your complaints one at a time. I’m on this video because I actually enjoy critical drinker’s style of movie reviews, and I think he’s both talented and funny. But all too often he lets his dated, poorly aged and often times inaccurate political opinions take center stage and it begins to feel like he values pushing a political agenda over saying anything of substance. Also, It’s unfair of you to call me far left just because I’m critical of the far right. It’s pretty ironic that conservatives are constantly saying “not all conservatives are far right or fascist” but the second anyone is critical of their opinions, they label somebody far left. Next, you being compared to Hitler isn’t too surprising considering how bad you are at getting your points (or lack there of) across and how you are totally unwilling to listen to somebody who disagrees with you, but either way; you being insulted and called names does not equate to there being an anti-conservative bias. You say that the mainstream media hates conservatives, despite much of the mainstream media actually being paid for or at least partially sponsored by right winged political groups. It’s easy to see how somebody who only ever watched Fox News, Prager U and Paul Joseph Watson all day would think that there’s a widespread anti-conservative bias but the second you start doing your own research it becomes apparent that it isn’t true. Liberals are just as targeted as conservatives are, and with the rise of right wing talk shows who never site their sources and constantly exaggerate half-truths to push an agenda - we’ve long since reached the point where conservatives are no longer “under attack”, they are the ones punching down. I use quotation marks there because if you actually look at what people like to pretend is an anti-conservative bias, it’s a heavily exaggerated farse. Most of the time, it’s just CSshows demonetizing somebody’s videos or leaving a fact-check tab above the comment section. This has nothing to do with politics, this happens on literally every video that mentions relevant issues regardless of the political lean of the video itself. But since conservatives are so inclined to play the victim 24/7, the claim that this incredibly common and unbiased algorithmic trait is somehow oppression or censorship. You say I’m wrong for saying that there’s no hatred of conservatives, and while political bias exists within everyone; you are completely blind to what these people are actually referring to when they claim bias. You bring up Ben Shapiro as “proof” that her tweets weren’t offensive: but it should be obvious to anyone that an individual cannot speak on behalf of an entire group. That is something you so called “free-thinking” conservatives adamantly agree with, right? I must ask where the “free-thinking” went, almost as if you just blindly follow whichever contrarian right winged figure you’re currently a devotee of... Either way, Ben Shapiro has a pretty extensive and well documented history of twisting the truth to push an agenda, so he isn’t exactly a great resource when trying to prove something is or is not offensive. You also act as if I do not know the context or meaning to her tweet - and while the OP we’re both replying to was wrong I completely understand the point she tried (and failed) to make. The problem with her tweet is how tone deaf it is, I guarantee you that if She was a leftist and the point of her tweet was to illustrate how the left is being ostracized by new-age conservatives you’d have been flaming angry and would’ve used the subject matter of her analogy as ammo like how the left did. Thing is: even if that were the case, the left would’ve still had the same complaints. You clearly, fundamentally misunderstand what the left actually is and what they want. It’s unfair to represent the entire group with a gif of a screaming feminist from 2016, people on the left are just as critical of offensive phrasing and bad takes even when they are agreeing with him. I can personally confirm to you that every leftist I’ve ever met is highly critical of Joe Biden and the Biden administration at large, but you don’t see these right wing channels covering it because it doesn’t fit there narrative. I bring this up because you mentioned Pedro Pascal’s tweet and acted as if I didn’t know about it, but I was well aware of it and if you actually understood how people on the left were: you’d know that people were just as critical of his tweet as they were of Gina Carano’s. The reason he wasn’t “canceled” had nothing to do with politics and had everything to do with A) him being the main character of the show and B) him handling the situation much better than Gina did. You being a consumer of far right ideas and takes, you probably see yourself as some freedom fighter battling an oppressive enemy of free speech and justice. It’s so funny to me because you don’t realize you yourself are the very enemy you think you’re fighting :)
banana leaf
banana leaf Před 22 dny
@Alexandra also Pedro Pascal made a Holocaust comparison far worse than Ginas. And you know why he isn’t canceled. Politics!
Gnomesmusher Před 23 dny
Meh. She's a moron who acted like she was some sort of victim when she'd been tweeting anti-mask idiocy and election fraud conspiracies. No one should cry about how she was treated. Disney had given her plenty of chances to tone it down. But she wanted to play the "conservative hero/victim" so she got exactly what she asked for.
Heather Whatever
Heather Whatever Před 23 dny
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