The 13th Doctor - A Legacy Of Failure 

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So with the recent news of Jodie Whittaker quitting the role of Doctor Who, I thought now would be a good time to think about the legacy she leaves behind her.


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5. 01. 2021





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 3 měsíci
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Callum Jonas
Callum Jonas Před 7 dny
@Saul Raphael wow! It took roughly 20 mins but it actually worked!
Saul Raphael
Saul Raphael Před 7 dny
dunno if anyone cares but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn password hacker :D
MisterTMH Před 19 dny
You Sir, have summed up why I do not watch DR. WHO anymore.
NILAY SHARMA Před 27 dny
You should really watch her performance in broadchurch
Diego Montoya
Diego Montoya Před 2 měsíci
The bbc is just going to be the othello with the black guy on loop.
mattdeelight Před 10 hodinami
Lucky number 13, indeed.
Another Mark Russell
Another Mark Russell Před 13 hodinami
Why does anyone think sci-fi is even for minorities or women? White boys made it for other white boys, like modern civilization. You idiots could just enjoy it instead of trying to change it.
Super Wiggler
Super Wiggler Před 14 hodinami
I wasn't too sure about David Tennant, Matt Smith as the Doctor during their first episode, but I kept watching and grew to like them. Peter Capaldi was the same, but I wasn't a fan of him. Jodie Whittaker's Doctor, however, was different, as I watched the first episode and instantly knew that it was going to be awful, and didn't bother to watch the rest of her episodes.
Anonymous Mouse
Anonymous Mouse Před dnem
I was actually really excited when they announced a female doctor. I expected a fun quirky, loving character. Instead we got a BITCH
Chad M
Chad M Před dnem
If BBC wants to be a political progressive news company then just go ahead and do it. If Whitiker wants to a politician instead of an actor, then go ahead. Stop ruining shows.
IT WAS I, DIO!!! Před dnem
Forget anything with gender or race, honestly, we'd all want to be the umpteenth Doctor. Jodie could've been great if she took on the role of a time-travelling genius with flaws and a hard time making friends. Each Doctor had their own personality, if she'd leaned into that and the existing parts of the universe so she could expand the story to a satisfying close, then this wouldn't have happened.
Jack Brennan
Jack Brennan Před dnem
Unlucky thirteen
Thor God of Thunder
Hello Critical - you are absolutely bang on with calling the new Dr. Who as being "Too Diverse". Trying to balance ethnic diversity is all well and good and I support it, but since when was there an Indian Master trying to portray a Nazi SS Officer? They tried and failed to explain that one. What's wrong with having a White person in the role of Master? Most White people make excellent villains. Across the pond they call it Politically Correct on Steroids, but I prefer your use of the term "Too Diverse". I love your stuff and watch it religiously. Sometimes I drink alcoholic beverages while I do. Keep up the great work. Now go away now.
Forrest Drouin
Forrest Drouin Před 2 dny
I have not watched any of her Doctor Who seasons. However I remember thinking she did a pretty great job in Broadchurch. I mean she had a lot of great cast around her in that so who knows
Fred Simmons
Fred Simmons Před 2 dny
I will not go away now. Not until I've had my say. I've also been drinking so forgive my errors. Thanks to PBS, I've been watching Dr. Who since 1971. The third doctor (John Pertwee) was the doctor at that time. My favorite Doctor (Tom Baker) showed up soon after. I've watched Dr. Who for over forty years. I know the special effects were campy. That was typical BBC. It wasn't until the Christopher Eccelston era that the special effects really came into play. Regardless, the writing and story lines were excellent. I was excited to watch Dr. Who every week on BBC America. I religiously watched the show every week through the David Tennant and the Matt Smith period. I really liked them both. I did not like the Peter Capaldi period quite as much, but I was barely ok with it. Then here comes Jodie Whittaker. No. No. NO! I can't stand it. I've tried. I really have. I've got all the Jodie Whittaker episodes recorded on my DVR. I've really tried to watch them. I've really tried. I just can't. I've been a Dr. Who fan since 1971. I really hate to see this series go. It saddens me to know that Dr. Who may die now because of PC SJW bull$hit. 😠
Thor God of Thunder
True Dat!
Steven Sanna
Steven Sanna Před 2 dny
LOL You took the words right out of my mouth! The more you describe her, the image of Rey keeps popping in my head..
Ac1dicBagel Před 2 dny
I don't like this new culture of complaining about forced diversity whenever someone decides that they'll introduce a character of a certain race, gender or sexuality. The alternative to this is far worse. The alternative is discrimination in fear of people calling them out for being too diverse. I think giving the role of Doctor to a woman was a fine idea. I do agree that the writers aren't nearly as good now but I'm unsure as to why your review is so fixated on so called identity politics.
geoffreys78 Před 2 dny
I don't think Whittaker is the problem. It was Chibnall. Chibnall is crap. Except for Rosa, every story line has been crap - and both Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi had crap story lines. Remember In the Forest of the Night? Or Rings of Akhaten? The only difference between Matt Smith and Capaldi's eras and Jodi's eras is that every episode script is of the same quality as In the Forest of the Night during the Jodi era.
dutchy mcsmokeyton
dutchy mcsmokeyton Před 2 dny
the thirteenth doctor is the reason, after thirty freaking years loyally watching old shows and the new, i will never watch this show again.
Giant Massive Poo
Giant Massive Poo Před 2 dny
I reckon if they invest in an up and coming writer / producer rather than a highly well known one there will be less pressure? Plus +creative / -reputation damage. I feel unknown writers may put more into it without trying to uphold reputation / legacy
Tahlia Evans
Tahlia Evans Před 3 dny
I clicked on this video thinking it would be a nice, critically thought-out video essay on the 13th doctor... but that shit was brutal... sure, she's not great, but she's not THAT bad
Артём Лузик
"crearive turd" of Capaldi last season? All Moffat seasons are amazing and well written. Because Moffat is probably the best modern TV writer
Yannic Buque
Yannic Buque Před 3 dny
Sherlock Holmes is more iconic
bl36ky Před 3 dny
from this point itll prolly just get worst and more like doctor supports lgbtq doctor supports blm doctor is a feminist
Mikkel Před 3 dny
A terrible actor who does their best and love their role, can easily be better, than a good actor that you can just see hate their role and dosen't know anything about it. In this case she was a shitty actor who didn't give a shit about the role and franchise, backed by a writing staff, that didn't care about good story writing and only wanted to use the show for political messages. At least that's how it feels. 13 is said to be an unlucky number, this proves it.
rjc241 Před 3 dny
Why has the BBC allowed Doctor Who to be Destroyed by a bunch of none writers and actors who know nothing about the time lord or how to really write or act. Doctor who must have and probably still is making millions for the BBC but for some unexplicable reason it has been dumped on. All the good thing about the TIME LORD. Great episodes such as Turn left , Silence in the library The Stolen Earth to name just three. all dumped on. I guess it was always going to come to a sticky end when they started to worry about diversity a premise which has stopped me and I believe many people watching mainstream Television. All the programs are the same with the same makeup and the same kind of cast .People are no longer promoted for their talents but for their colour or creed. go away now
THE META Před 3 dny
until Capaldi, Tennant was MY Doctor, but with my Favourite Companion Clara and the amazing performance of Capaldi i have a new favourite and am ASHAMED by what followed him
Anyone can Art Channel
Yes sir another show destroyed by people that like being trendy because that’s what I’m gonna call diversity these days trendy well I guess it’s trendy to not make money destroy your own product LOL
Anthony Barratt
Anthony Barratt Před 4 dny
#notmydoctor victoirus
J Richards
J Richards Před 4 dny
She pulled a Brie Larson. Lol
T Brown
T Brown Před 5 dny
is it just me or does that creepy looking guy who gave birth look like Rian Johnson
Robert Parker
Robert Parker Před 5 dny
A female Doctor Who would have worked, if they cut down the sidekicks. Three sidekicks, one black male, one asian female and an elderly disabled man. Its clear they were doing box ticking. The BBC for a short time wrecked Top Gear with this approach, failing to realise three guys talking about cars and having fun together was the appeal.
NaN Před 6 dny
So many talented actresses that would've "killed" to get the job.
Mr Crompsky
Mr Crompsky Před 6 dny
Can we get Tim from grand illusions to be the next doctor?
Zandor Clegane
Zandor Clegane Před 6 dny
Call me what you want but Peter Capaldi was my favourite doctor.
Malte Almroth
Malte Almroth Před 6 dny
"diverse" white european woman. No fuck that... let me direct the next season and i will make the doctor jermacan. and his companions will be a gay chinese muslim and a transexual african american jew... and also Obama.
Malte Almroth
Malte Almroth Před dnem
... what?
Krystal Myth
Krystal Myth Před 3 dny
These characters you've created are meant to be humorous in nature because you know there is no chance in hell they could ever actually happen. Isn't that funny? There is no chance in all hell his companion would be a gay, or chinese muslim, or black transexual jew. They'd be none of these nonetheless all at once. Isn't that curious? That you get to relax and make this joke because you know that is absolutely impossible. It's such a bizarre idea, that anyone outside of your race and gender could play the character. Honestly, I wish I knew how that feels. I'm sure one day I will.
Cairo Venn
Cairo Venn Před 6 dny
We all know the 4th doctor is the best
muhd sobri
muhd sobri Před 7 dny
Get woke, go broke
Nameless Cinder
Nameless Cinder Před 7 dny
God do I miss Matt smith...
P Foster
P Foster Před 7 dny
Well, it's April 2021 as I post this and the dumpster is still f*kkin' flaming.
MultiverseMedia Space
Never has the "Go away now" felt more heartfelt.
Hiloha Ian Molinere
Well said!!!!
Spirit Plane Builds
i always thought it was david tenant in female disguise from the 1st scene , total plagiarism springs to mind, still some would say having a female doctor who , was a bold move, ??. next will will be getting a jamie bond, or perhaps a shirley holmes , well why not, these days it seems to be the IN thing to take a show that has gained the accolade of becoming a british icon and supposedly making it , politically correct, actors now have to say ,B,S instead of bullshit for example, anyway back to the subject at hand, being a long time fan of doctor who , i can say that us fans all have our favourite doctors, mine being jon pertwee and chris eccelstone , and my alltime fav enemy is the daleks, in my humble opinion the series started to slip after david tennant era, as the story line started to become some what confusing to follow, or perhaps i am just thick, the peter capaldi era put the penultimate nail in the coffin and jodie whittaker , drove it home,
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Před 8 dny
Seriously though, this video echoes my thought on the 13th doctor... and I always get waved away as "oh you're misogynist" or that I can't accept change. It's like, what the hell? That's the least of my issues here.
HarleyQuinn257 Před 8 dny
If you could choose the female actor for this role, who would be your choose?
Jeff Zimmer
Jeff Zimmer Před 8 dny
A friend got me into Dr. Who with the first episode of "Silence in the Library". I kinda hate him for it because the people-eating shadows were silly but the whole 'killing you so fast the brain still thinks the body is alive' hit that fear nerve in me. I went on to binge every episode starting with Eccleston and the stupid manikins to midway through Capaldi's run. The quality dropped significantly later on and I enjoyed the garbage can Daleks before going all CG with crap stories.
Konstantinos Nikolakakis
And people say that bad luck associated with the number thirteen is just a superstition.
J R Před 9 dny
Are we stuck forever in a world of endlessly bad ideas, packaged as woke progressive nonsense and passed off as creativity?
J Mace
J Mace Před 9 dny
Tell your children that once there was a man who stood for what was right and against the oppression of the mob of conformity and his name was... the Critical Drinker!
stephen mcdonagh
stephen mcdonagh Před 9 dny
What about a story where the Doctor goes back to the 70s & 80s to save children from the BBC's long list of kiddy fiddlers?
Nashman Nash
Nashman Nash Před 4 dny
The BBC is the catholic church?
Nilly Nush
Nilly Nush Před 9 dny
Cultural Marxism's chief goal, is this tripe.
Dabigfatredcrab Před 9 dny
The funniest thing is that while series ten dr who was the least viewed season at the time, series 11 was so bad that everyone went back and watched it and said “wow this is way better”
Big_ NoHomo_
Big_ NoHomo_ Před 10 dny
After david it went downhill like a feminist in a wheelchair
Jonathan Kozenko
Jonathan Kozenko Před 10 dny
Matt Smith had never really seen the show, so once cast he enthusiastically watched a handful of new and classic stories given to him by Moffat, and from loving Tomb of the Cybermen, he worked with the showrunner to adopt a distinctly Troughton style approach to the character in terms of both performance and character writing. Jodie, on the other hand, proudly admitted to David Tennent, that she couldn’t finish a single episode from before her time. To me that really says it all.
Jonathan Kozenko
Jonathan Kozenko Před 4 dny
@Nashman Nash And that's without the additional element of hers which, in your example, would be like: "I'm gonna be the best electrician of you all, because I'M the only one that's not inherently morally wrong!" Like, she proudly saw Doctor Who through 2017 as more-or-less Immoral, and that was why she was happy to take the role.
Nashman Nash
Nashman Nash Před 4 dny
The Irony is...In any normal job you would get kicked out of the office with Jodies approach"So young man,have you ever worked as an electritian and can you vaguely imagine what work in my company would be like?" "No sir,im proud to say i do not give a fuck about what you do because i can do it better anyway"
TheGordem Před 10 dny
My introduction to JW's Doctor Who was walking into an episode half way through and taking at least 10 minutes to figure out which character was supposed to be the Doctor. Nuff said.
Ricky J
Ricky J Před 10 dny
Never really liked modern dr who. I truly tried.
BatFang25 Animations
She looks like a Karen
FurryWulfz Před 10 dny
Problem isn't even really with Jodie I don't think. This role isn't for her -- the Doctor is MALE. Always has been, always should be. Doesn't matter if he's a shapeshifting Alien, he's a character that has always been written as a man. It's not as iconic as the Doctor clearly but it's like taking a long running "iconic" female lead, like Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer... remaking it and instead making Buffy a man. Would that go well? Of course not. The same was and is the case here, it's shameless. Or making Dorothy Gale from Wizard of Oz Male. Or Mary Poppins. Or Sarah Connor. Or Ripley. etc. If any of these were changed to male in a sort of remake, people would lose their minds. I don't see how it's any different for the Doctor. They should've left it alone. They killed this show; they should've stopped focusing on trying to impress through the shock of having the Doctor randomly become a woman and instead focus on getting some better fucking writers after Russell left. Sincerely, someone who stopped watching Doctor Who half through Matt Smith's tenure, when the writing went to shit.
Gun Metal Guy USA
Gun Metal Guy USA Před 11 dny
Reboot back to the basics if they have any sense. Otherwise, Good Riddance.
Charlie Burkett
Charlie Burkett Před 11 dny
Impossible OWSALD...Derived from the Old English elements os "god" and weald "power, ruler".OSWALD was killed by jack ruby who gave odis burkett a wallet that came to charlie burkett,doctor who aired november 23 a day after JFK INCIDENTJenna ColemanfriendedCharlieBurkett oklahoma oklahoma is said 3 times in the 2005 reboot of Doctor who.The doctor is a promise...promise in hebrew is savah.The 7th doctor (sylvester mccoy)came to OKLAHOMA told charlie burkett who was born september 8th 1985 the year there was a hiatus ...in september 7th 1987 sylvester mccoy becomes the doctor(a day before september 8th my birthdate).Charlie Burkett asked god on easter if he could become doctor who and god answered with a meteor,charlie went insane and thought himself jesus and was committed and lost faith.Charlie saw on EASTER 2021 a meteor in sky.13....the 13th doctor According to the Bible, number 13 can be seen as a number of rebellion. Actually, the first appearance of this number in the Bible is associated with rebellion and we can see it in Genesis 14:4. It is said in the Bible that number 13 is a symbol of all governments that a man has created and that Satan has inspired....charlie burkett MUST become 14...The number 14 represents deliverance or salvation and is used twenty-two times in the Bible. The term "14th" is found 24 times in scriptures. The fourteenth day of the first month is the Passover, when God delivered the firstborn of Israel from death. Some 430 years earlier, on the night of the 14th day of the first month, God made two covenant promises to Abraham - one of the physical seed, Isaac, and his descendants, and one of the spiritual seed, Jesus Christ, and the sons of God who would come through Him, who would shine like the stars of heaven (Matthew 13:43). On the day portion of the 14th, God confirmed the promises with a special covenant sacrifice. "After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, 'Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.' But Abram said, 'Lord GOD, what will You give me, seeing I go childless, and the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus?' . . . "And behold, the word of the Lord came to him, saying, 'This one shall not be your heir, but one who will come from your own body shall be your heir.' Then He brought him outside and said, 'Look now toward heaven, and count the stars if you are able to number them.' And He said to him, 'So shall your descendants be'" (Genesis 15:1 - 2, 4 - 5, NKJV).
Zyz zyz
Zyz zyz Před 12 dny
13 doctors. She doesn’t count. The War Doctor is 13.
Slavery is Freedom, War is Peace
Whittaker put in a very lack luster performance in Broadchurch also. All I can think of is that she tickled the right willy at the right time and was handed Dr Who on a silver platter.
Reaper Před 13 dny
I can’t in good faith return to doctor who. Jodie has been rumoured to be leaving for what feels like 5 years now but still hangs around like a bad smell. So nowadays I watch Eccleston (who is kind of a pretentious prat) - end of Capaldi, hell I even watch reaction channels who watch Nu-who just because, but once it gets to Jodie Era, I jump ship.
itsjoshbeeton Před 13 dny
This should get more views. I feel like there is no respect for tradition anymore, the whole "capturing the modern world" is just so fucking annoying.
alim ali
alim ali Před 14 dny
I feel bad for capaldi.. i watched through his era, even after the horrible writing, he did his utter fucking best to make the show enjoyable. Even after they made a plank of wood his companion. Then said plank became a robot
alim ali
alim ali Před 11 dny
@Isaac XCII heaven sent was a great episode though
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před 11 dny
I stopped caring about DW because of Capaldi, I found him unbearable.
filmneek Před 14 dny
Chris chibnal gained success with Broadchurch, which was at best a passable detective show with good characters but the most predictable plot I’ve ever seen
Shreyasi Roy
Shreyasi Roy Před 14 dny
The only saving grace of that show was damm good acting....
David Simpson
David Simpson Před 14 dny
Well said, sadly.
Damian Rice
Damian Rice Před 15 dny
Man... these type of directors REALLY want to lose money
DodgeThatAttack Před 15 dny
"told through the white male gaze" because companions never existed for the human element of the show wait werent they usually... women...
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před 11 dny
The world was already bad when I was a teen (10-15 years ago) but I never heard such a crap.
The Skate Factory
The Skate Factory Před 15 dny
Best one yet.
spawn3133 Před 16 dny
Ok this guy just a hater first off when it comes to non critcs ratings you guys should look at the number of people who rated season 11 and 12 which was 8000 for season 11 and 4000 for season 12 doctor who has nevere ever had that many people rating it all other seasons have been in the double to triple digits now all of a sudden there are 4 to 8 thousand people doing it lol just like the election you guys are trying to cook the books to make it look like the most hated doctor ever sad just sad
Alp Tigin
Alp Tigin Před 17 dny
Man, remember when we thought Matt Smith sucked? Speaking as someone who thought Return of the Jedi sucked and was/is a John Pertwee fan who thinks Sylvester McCoy sucks.
Nikolai Terry
Nikolai Terry Před 17 dny
They made a female Dr who, who knew
Stephen Matthews
Stephen Matthews Před 18 dny
Epitomizes the steady decline of the beeb,wonder if they will ever wake up and smell the coffee,probably not
Aaron Haigh
Aaron Haigh Před 18 dny
why are u so upset at Dr Who? lol what a snowflake
Liam The Great
Liam The Great Před 7 dny
@Aaron Haigh bro why you just callin everyone a snowflake
Aaron Haigh
Aaron Haigh Před 10 dny
@*Insert funny username here* snowflake
*Insert funny username here*
Shut up
Mark Před 18 dny
Just hire capaldi back and have him wake up as if all this was a big nightmare
NM AT Před 19 dny
There were two doctors playing a TV/movie version of Dr Who so wouldn't this Jodie Whittaker be the 14th Dr Who? Not the 13th? Just wondering looking @0:43-0:47 pictured
Swilly Billy
Swilly Billy Před 19 dny
Tom baker was the only doctor
Miguel Palacio Castillo
The 14th Doctor after this will be a 12 year old kid that people underestimate because he’s a kid,and he will also be a ginger
LostBoy Gaming
LostBoy Gaming Před 20 dny
The day Capaldi Doctor Who is the day Jodie begun to star in Doctor Wtf
Wing Zero
Wing Zero Před 20 dny
still waiting for the 13th Doctor the show in this video never happend
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Před 20 dny
She was not a great doctor granted. However, the real problem was atrocious writing. They basically screwed all of the doctor's history and completely changed it and screwed over gallifrey yet again. Beyond ridiculous
Peter Kent
Peter Kent Před 22 dny
I'm starting to wonder if it was deliberately let slide so to scotch the idea of having a woman as the Doctor. Now I'm guessing they'll pick up the pieces and resurect the show with a male actor, when with the right showrunner, scripts and woman in the part it could easily have been a killer combination.
Loading Mikke
Loading Mikke Před 22 dny
Oh how I got nostalgia feels when you showed clips of Jack Harkness.
Stephane Dorion
Stephane Dorion Před 22 dny
Wtf is wrong with her? That face! Watched the 1st episode. Was more then enough. Just can't look at her.
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore Před 22 dny
The problem with the showrunner change coinciding with Jodi Whitaker's casting is that Chibnall has something like SJW armor. Any backlash at the new writing typically gets dismissed as sexism, when the issue is not Whitaker its the writing and direction.
marksapollo Před 22 dny
Don’t worry, looking at the current BBC I fully expect to see an Asian or black transgender to play the next Doctor who identifies themselves all throughout the show as gender neutral, with worst acting talent then Jodie. In fact the whole problem with the last two series of Dr Who is the awful writing, and Jodie fucking Whticker!
andrew curran
andrew curran Před 22 dny
I think the problem is believing any of these films and series had generational longevity. Star Trek was over after Star Trek: The Motion Picture. TNG to Picard was all shite. Terminator 2 could never be adequately followed up. The Alien series should have ended with Alien 3 and Star Wars began and ended with Star wars (1977) That's all I've got. GO AWAY NOW!
123videos456 Před 22 dny
I’ve never watched “Dr. Who” but to that program’s fans; i say: i feel your pain.
Stephen Mason
Stephen Mason Před 23 dny
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII Před 23 dny
The Master looks like footballer Diego Costa
chosen one
chosen one Před 23 dny
Dr who has become totally unwatchable now. Time to put it out of its misery and cancel it. The BBC is only interested in being pc and ticking the right boxes so I think it can never get back to the amazing show it once was
Nunya DamBusiness
Nunya DamBusiness Před 23 dny
Toss whittaker in the can & BRING BAcK ROSE!!!...
george waite
george waite Před 23 dny
Well said.
pnyhmsmx Před 24 dny
So the Chris guy is a "writer". Seeing that guy's face gives me reason to believe he's part of a larger transnational group
Thomas Kolter
Thomas Kolter Před 24 dny
There is no 13th+ Doctors it rapes Canon, since early on, and all Doctors past the Classic Series and one movie aren't okay and the Time War never happened so solves any issue just ignore the new series as an alternate universe.
Matthew Quek
Matthew Quek Před 24 dny
Absolutely love the thumbnail!
Mall Ninja
Mall Ninja Před 24 dny
"If you don't like the garbage we've served up, then you're the problem. Not us" - That's the attitude that propelled Apple the first trillion dollar company in history. It's not surprising that everyone else has followed their lead.
Charlie Burkett
Charlie Burkett Před 24 dny
Great video and i agree with everything except the accent.The doctor is an ALIEN and has chosen bodies with british accents SO FAR.
Luciano Armstrong
Luciano Armstrong Před 25 dny
even with all the explanations about the writing team, criativity... they just gonna say we were not ready for a female protagonist
lonegroover Před 25 dny
She, and the BBC's laughable political correctness, ruined it.
Frances Atty
Frances Atty Před 25 dny
what happened to "run fast, laugh hard, be kind"?
The TokuTickler
The TokuTickler Před 26 dny
I honestly think Matt Smith made the show spread to America. His run was when stores here were becoming filled with Doctor Who merch. Now there's nothing.
Frenkie Master
Frenkie Master Před 27 dny
It's kinda sad tbh. She's not a bad actress. Broadchurch is a proof of that.
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