Terminator Genisys - From Failure to Farce 

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Terminator Genisys may be the worst movie in the entire franchise. Let's find out how it all went so wrong.


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5. 03. 2021





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před měsícem
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John Cragg
John Cragg Před 13 dny
Narrative = political correctiveness.
Random Dude
Random Dude Před měsícem
I love Arnold but he lost me when he compared Jan 6th to krsytalnactch sp? Lol
Brandon Ellis
Brandon Ellis Před měsícem
Would love to hear your take on upgrade, jumper, and chappie
Drake Dominic
Drake Dominic Před měsícem
Not sure if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Facebook password using Siczine. Find it on google xD
Nikola Před měsícem
Do a matrix trilogy. I want to see your thoughts : )
ChrisLeMale Před 8 hodinami
Arnold looks great he may not age like fine wine but he is still a badass....age is a number the 80s are over man
Ancient Chi
Ancient Chi Před 10 hodinami
I love terminator 3 to bad they never made any sequels
Zasman Před 11 hodinami
As bad as this was, I found it actually watchable. Dark Fate I just tried to watch and turned off.
Zylo Wolf 2.0
Zylo Wolf 2.0 Před 20 hodinami
Just watch the first two films and read Robocop VS Terminator. That's all you need.
Louise Sea
Louise Sea Před 2 dny
Alan Taylor is the director. Jai Courtney is the star. Therefore, that makes it worse than Dark Fate. Alan Taylor is a threat to cinema.
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates Před 3 dny
I liked T1 a lot, I loved T2! T3 and T4 were pretty good and they continued the original storyline so that’s good. But T5 and T6 are dumpster fires that just go off on an incoherent and boring tangent.
Lucas Před 4 dny
I still dislike Genisys less than Dark Fate though. The reason? The Terminator having a goddamn family of its own!!!
Kimani Reid
Kimani Reid Před 4 dny
You need to add the guy who shouts "I Don't Know" when doing these videos
John Porteous
John Porteous Před 5 dny
Terminator 2 can work with a sequel. The core of the series is personal drama, of man and machine. Take a different angle. Have a fight for an uncertain future. Man and machine live in peace...but can it be kept? One side wants to make sure machine never rises. Another wants to secure peace. And the Connors are left to figure out what future they need to create. There is no future but what we make, but can we make that future a good one? That is the drama of what a great sequel to Terminator 2 should be.
Charlotte Ann Kent
Charlotte Ann Kent Před 5 dny
If I had an emotional attachment to the franchise, I'd probably have been annoyed at them messing with it. But on its own it was just a silly, enjoyable action flick. And I think you're too hard on the cast - Clark's Sarah was way less annoying than the original.
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt Před 5 dny
Hey rise of the machines was pretty good, so was salvation, but the last two were horrible, bringing sarah back in dark fate was unbelievable, a 90 year old lady whoes skin in about to fall off
Gary Seven
Gary Seven Před 5 dny
"In a parallel worlds theory, we can't know the difference between consciousness and multiple realities."
Sergi Medina
Sergi Medina Před 5 dny
They lost me when turned John Connor bad. Well, to be honest they lost me when I realized it was a cheap copy of T2... Still better than _Dark Fate,_ tho! But I honestly don't think they should've made more _Terminator_ movies after T2 unless they really hired talented writers, directors, producers... Post-T2 all feels like fanfiction.
foxkenji Před 6 dny
2:17 I thought that was Paul Riser!! (Alien 2, Mad About You)
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc Před 6 dny
You put this perfectly explained in a lively tone i might add.Old as shit is a term good to go in the urban dictionary.
Lisa J
Lisa J Před 6 dny
This was a god awful movie....still liked it better than Dark Fate.
Julia Pigworthy
Julia Pigworthy Před 7 dny
Maybe the woke studios are the morale destruction branch of the CCP, going back in time to try to replace and then ruin every inspiring character from every inspiring franchise as a tactic of war against the West. When all of our heroes are remade as plastic SJWs then noone will be left to inspire Westerners to defend their values, and as we already see those values are happily being flushed down the tubes to make way for dependence on the state and the corporations that dole out our few approved of comforts.
Mora Před 7 dny
i still have no idea what's going on despite the lengths you go to explain the movie
00ICU812 Před 7 dny
My ranking: Terminator 2, Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicles Terminator Salvation T2: The Universal Studios Ride Terminator 3 Terminator Genesis Terminator Dark Fate
Dez Perado
Dez Perado Před 7 dny
T1 was great. T2 was on a whole other level of 90's excellence. I did kinda like "Salvation". It was trying to move the story on to something new.. as opposed to just rehashing the same old same old same old again and again. Decent cast and decent performances, with a fairly decent ending. We should praise original ideas when they come up. All the others have just been trying to tell/sell the same story on repeat "al-coda ad infinitum" and they should just stop.
MGTOW Freedom
MGTOW Freedom Před 8 dny
It's a shame Paul Walker was dead by then. He looked much closer to 1980s Michael Biehn.
ChronicKoff Před 8 dny
As always your right about everything here Drinker but I must point out at 7:50 J K Simmons made me laugh with his lines.
david Greene
david Greene Před 8 dny
Dark fate was immediately worse when Linda Hamilton said “ I’ll be back “ . And I’m glad she said it or I wouldn’t have been able to tell which was worse , and I would have lost sleep.
RafeDoubleR Před 8 dny
I'm pretty sure the script just described John's change as: "Nanomachines, son!"
DATBOI SSTEVO41 Před 9 dny
Which one is worse: Dark Fate or Genisys? Dark fate is worse imo
OneAndOnlySound Před 10 dny
The only way they can make a legit great sequel to T2 is "Terminator: Future Wars." Past sequences limited to flashbacks of those who saw it and nothing more. No, NOT SALVATION. No Mad max action scenes or transformers robots. Show us the crappy skin models that looked plastic and were spotted. Show us not every other identical post-apocalyptic world. Those exo-skelecton robots and many other kinds be abound, and let the movie end where it all started-Kyle Reese walking past that pile of skulls and people who are just done. Show the amount of lost hope under John Connor, as resistance leader or not he is not all he is made out to be. Of course, if someone reads this they'll get the idea to tear him down if that movie does ever get made. It is the only sensible step. Alfonso Cauron could certainly do it, that "Children Of Men" no cuts scene proves it to me. No wokeness, no rehashing, no agendas, just what we saw in movie 1-2's flashbacks played out with good writers who care. James needs to be there the whole time too. The difference between battle angel alita (excellent) and terminator: woke fate PROVE how badly a director can screw up a franchise even when James pushed it forward to be made. Also, I'd be totally willing to watch "convulted mess that takes 3 movies to get through" if it had begun with actual good casting and better writing, side-characters, the genesis "guy," son of miles dyson, and dare I say Jason Clarke as John Connor...could've worked. They should've did that for a TV series and went with future wars for a film truthfully. T3 also should've been 30 minutes and the same film should've also been future wars starting out with the "inevitable" thing. But they can't seem to do anything right.
j d
j d Před 10 dny
You should do a review for Terminator Salvation. My head cannon is T, T2, TS. It gives you a legitimate result of John Connor's upbringing due to his past experiences, has new terminators, and most importantly continues the time loop from T and T2 to ensure it continues as it does, which means they paid attention to the overarching story and stayed faithful.
rhys oneill
rhys oneill Před 10 dny
The only terminator movie I like after the first 2 is salvation It had interesting ideas Included the t-600 terminator Marcus was an interesting addition and character why we didn't get a salvation trilogy over 3 genesis and dark fate is beyond me .
TheOmegaRing Před 11 dny
"This small child impersonating Sarah Connor" lol you got me there.
Adam Blackman
Adam Blackman Před 12 dny
Not for nothing, the casting for young Kyle Reese in Salvation was really good. Movie still sucked though.
Adam Blackman
Adam Blackman Před 8 dny
@The Mad Titan Good call!
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Před 10 dny
With Anton Yelchin in that movie and Sebastian Stan in this, Reese would’ve been the second best cast character in the entire series.
Kaiser Anonymous
Kaiser Anonymous Před 12 dny
My Terminator head cannon timeline is: T1 > T2 > Sarah Connor Chronicles Nothing else exists for me. Lol
InfamousDBZ Před 13 dny
The movie showed the Conner/Terminator hybrid shed a single tear so John's in there somewhere without free will. Probably just to torture him.
Terrence Kelly
Terrence Kelly Před 13 dny
Shittest sequel ever
Herb Superb
Herb Superb Před 13 dny
Rise of the Machines wouldn't have been near as bad if they'd taken out all the stupid "gag" jokes. They completely took me out of the experience, and I probably could've stayed in it if that hadn't happened. If those are removed, that movie is sort of like a Jaws 2 as compared to Jaws. Not Jaws, but not dreadful either. I've stopped hoping for another truly GREAT Terminator film. People who make movies today simply don't have the same talent, same storytelling abilities and same imagination as the greats of the 80s and 90s like Cameron, Spielberg, and Zemeckis. Not even Cameron, Spielberg and Zemeckis, sadly. The Terminator Franchise is kind of like Godfather and Godfather Part II followed by Jaws 3D and Jaws: The Revenge. From brilliant to shite in a New York Minute.
Primal Rage
Primal Rage Před 13 dny
Worst part of this movie is no naked chicks!
Primal Rage
Primal Rage Před 13 dny
The terminator franchise is as beaten up as captain america's punching bags!
voteDC Před 13 dny
I would have liked to have seen where the Sarah Connor Chronicles went with its time travel story. Not the sending John to the future idea but that different futures were sending people and Terminators into the past. Derek Reese (because they needed a Reese) encountered a girlfriend also sent back but she was from a different time line and different events had occurred to her.
Paul Becket
Paul Becket Před 13 dny
I don't know what you people are talking about ...there's only two Terminator movies...jeez
RentallyChallenged Před 13 dny
Aside from the casting, which which was horrendously off... Genisys is actually a pretty good movie I think. It's the only one that has a unique terminator since the second, and a unique story since then too. But the casting i just couldn't forgive.
Sodaft PM
Sodaft PM Před 8 dny
Genisys is the one of the worst ways to kick off as a sequel...
Pedritox0953 Před 14 dny
I enjoyed this Terminator
Old man Jankov
Old man Jankov Před 14 dny
I fucking hate the "humor" scenes, this is a god danm murder robot, in t2 it only stopped killing people because it was told not to, and you never got the impression it was in any way human.
Sharon Spears-mandeville
You know,Mister Drinker-as much as I kinda thought this movie was okay (Actually went to see it personally,don't judge me.)-I actually AGREE with your point on going back in time to convince the cyberdine worker-guy to not take a job there..hell-If I had a chance to do so,I'd go back and ask that guy- "Dude-as though your a skilled tech-guy and you want to make an AI for this company..but I'd hate/mean to ask,but who HURT you,sir? Your AI will probably kill everyone,if in the wrong hands and/or goes completely rouge and all,Hyphotocally...but,still..who hurt you,you poor man..?"
Sharon Spears-mandeville
*Edit: I meant to say "you're" in that rant,sorry..
Alex Dahl
Alex Dahl Před 15 dny
13:31 No recoil at all, lolz... Would have been fun to see her shoot that and no one told her anything before she pulled the trigger.
Kyle Weiss
Kyle Weiss Před 17 dny
I cant even follow the review let alone the damn movie, glad I never watched this crap.
Jimmy Ray
Jimmy Ray Před 17 dny
I don't understand why so many people disliked Salvation. I think it completes the trilogy quite nicely.
Logical Dude
Logical Dude Před 18 dny
It kind of reminds me of Back to the Future Part II where half of the movie is the same as the original with some stuff changed around because "time travel".
Camthur Před 18 dny
Genisys still had a few decent ideas but it follows the trend in the later movies of the surrounding material being subpar. Unfortunately, with every new movie that comes out, there's less and less solid content to build around. Also, I may be remembering incorrectly, but didn't they just completely ruin the fact that John Conner was a bad guy before the movie even premiered? Here's a big plot hole I think it opened. If forward time travel is possible and Sarah Conner is supposed to be such a badass, why not just pull her into the future and let her be the leader of the Human Resistance? Maybe I missed some techno babble that explained the idea away. You might say "what about John?" if that happened, but that garbage movie Dark Fate showed that John Conner is replaceable. (supposedly)
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Před 18 dny
Muppets do Terminator.
M L Před 18 dny
I do not understand why they dont cast Courtney as a Terminator as Arnold can not play that role anymore in a convincing manner.
Steven Rickett
Steven Rickett Před 19 dny
'How can you be deaf with ears like that!'
pqsnet Před 19 dny
There is an actor who looks like Kyle Rees 2:17.... Tom Lister who casted as Carl in the English longrun Emmerdale... He is cut for the role as Kyle Rees...
pqsnet Před 19 dny
Having said this so many times, i say it again... T1, T2 is closest to perfection all categories. T3 Should have completed the Trilogy by showing us how the Human resistance rose from the Nuclear War, became infiltrated, almost obliterated but managed to capture a T-800 and infiltrate a skynet base to send back the Terminator in time, with high regocnition from the war flashbacks in the previouse movies.
pqsnet Před 19 dny
But no, they had to f--k it up with 3 shit movies casting Jhon Connor, Sarah Connor and Kyle Rees with different actors in each one and top it off with a total cluster-F**k driven by political agenda and propaganda.
dave Před 20 dny
If Rise of the Machines was never made Salvation would have worked, TG was a total mistake, worse than making the actual sequels to Salvation would have been.
What do the remakes have against John? This one made him evil Dark Fate killed him off before anything happened. It's like if Star Wars killed off Luke Skywalker for no reason- oh wait.
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Před 19 dny
I disagree. The way Luke went out was maybe the only good aspect of both his character in that terrible movie and that terrible movie.
Scavenger Nick
Scavenger Nick Před 20 dny
Right on the nose mate! kong climbs up the side of the empire state building.. while godzilla just walks right through it.
James Sharp
James Sharp Před 20 dny
I actually liked this movie, though it's far from great. It's better than Dark Fate. But hey, perhaps that's not saying much. 🤷🏾‍♂️
James Sharp
James Sharp Před 20 dny
But, I understand why this movie didn't do anything to move the franchise forward, and why so many people hate this movie. The studio tried to do something different, and it just didn't work. Worse, the trailer gave away everything.
R4nd0lph’s Way
R4nd0lph’s Way Před 21 dnem
I’m not joking, throughout watching the movie I was thinking to myself “is that supposed to be 1984 Sarah Conor or like a younger version of her from the past?”
William Penn jr.
William Penn jr. Před 21 dnem
I'm done with Terminator. Its time to move on. None of the movies ever address the biggest plot hole of all. If skynet is so advanced then why dont they just send back a dirty bomb or nanite terminators to kill John Connor? I know they address bombs in the first Terminator but that was kinda retconned with the liquid metal terminators. I would also liked to have seen them explain why the machines decided to exterminate the human race while not making the earth uninhabitable.
njmfff Před 21 dnem
Well thing is Terminator 1 was obviously made with idea in mind and I can bet somewhere in the back of his mind Jimmy had idea of how to make natural progression of the story if it ever came to sequel. All other movies were made with no real idea in mind or how to progress the story, they were just made because someone at the moment hold the rights to the franchise. Salvation did try to make something new, however the dude who directed it isn't really a director, he's producer of TV shows, and it felt like it. With better direction and some rewrites it could have been something, however they once again repeated same plot points from first two movies way too many times. It's the same with Predator movies, it's just rehash of rehash and they make Predator movies because someone has the rights to it, not because there's any new idea of how to progress the story. Last Predator movie... Oh boy. It's one of the few movies where I legit zone out in theaters and didn't even bother to follow because it was a complete mess from start to finish.
Aby23 Před 21 dnem
Ur videos are very entertaining even when I haven't watched the movie I enough it when u give good critisim or shit on it.
Arch Enemy
Arch Enemy Před 21 dnem
Terminate GenderCis
stefon shelton
stefon shelton Před 23 dny
Actually I think there is a way to make terminator good again if they do away with the John Conner story line that's already has a beginning and end! Maybe a movie about one of his companions and tress out the world they are surviving in and what it takes to be a supporter in that world to save it! Make a new hero with interesting story that ties in somehow after they botched it
David Kanengieter
David Kanengieter Před 23 dny
I tried really hard to like this movie. As soon as nanobot John showed up, I knew it was doomed. Nanobots successfully killed the Transformer, GI Joe, and Terminator movies.
Gamepro3093 Nick Kulstad
Every single one of the Terminator sequels after Judgement Day have been dumpster fires. T2 had such a perfect ending that brought everything full circle but Hollywood decided that they needed to make sacks of cash off the name and make pointless sequels that cheapened that ending with each successive film. Genesys was such a disaster and has to be the most pointless of all the post Judgement Day sequels. They put more effort into explaining why the T800 is old than they did with much of anything else.
OlafttheGreat1998 Před 23 dny
The idea of Sarah Connor being raised by the Terminator is in very interesting concept, worth exploration, but the rest of the movie was just too clunky to support that narrative.
Yousir Cantknow
Yousir Cantknow Před 23 dny
This channel has turned into a vapid echo-chamber of well-established opinions.
Sodaft PM
Sodaft PM Před 8 dny
What do you mean by that?
durereee Před 23 dny
9:40 Did you make Tyrion look like he pukes out the T1000's handsword on purpose?
ZenOdin Před 23 dny
here's a novel idea... why not make a movie actually during the ai wars and see finally if we actually win or lose ... it's taken long enough to get there.... sheesh
Andrew Percival
Andrew Percival Před 24 dny
Should have stopped at T2, I thought salvation was the only one that was kind of ok and had some decent ideas and visuals although it was generally quite boring, the rest of them are just cash in garbage, needs to stop now.
Frankie Rollins
Frankie Rollins Před 24 dny
Remember when the T-1000 could stab someone out of nowhere like he did with John's stepdad (the milk carton bit) and not be super telegraphing and obvious? Terminator Genisys doesn't.
John Dymowski
John Dymowski Před 24 dny
Terminated early on and never got out of the nineties, eh got lost in it's own wormhole...
Jared S
Jared S Před 24 dny
salvation almost had it right, piss off with the time travel and give us a proper movie of the war itself that ends by wrapping story with no cliff hangers
Matt Před 25 dny
The nice thing about the original Kyle is that he looked like a scrappy fighter from the future. Malnutrition, lack of health care, and constant stress/combat should produce a man that is skinny strong. Look at any images of soldiers from wars that ground them down to nubs. They don't look like underwear models... so a new movie gives us a guy that bulked up to look like an underwear model. I guess cause he beat the shit out of the rest of the survivors in the future to steal their rations.
Your Mother
Your Mother Před 25 dny
One thing that surprises me about this film is that, compared to Dark Fate, the action is actually good.
Hammern28 Před 25 dny
Some of the best Terminator stuff, beside T1 and T2, I remember reading as comics in the early 90's. None of the movies after T2, could even live up to those comics. They mix too much shit in, create too many variables, making a complete turdfuck mess of it all. I concur with everything said in this review.
MrJC1 Před 26 dny
when "sarah conner" said "come with me if you want to live".... that is precisely when i hit the off button, said to my gf "i can't watch this bs", and got on with my life. loool. i tried. funnily enough i think that was when she started to enjoy it. EDIT: all they had to do was crack on years ago when it was relevant, and cast michael biehn in a fully fleshed out version of the future war that he saw from the first two films in the clips. where at the end, he gets sent back for the first film. this would have been a risk, since the ending would have been self-referential, maybe taking away the fear of losing the main character for example, for some. but i think the effects look WAAAAY better, grittier, classic...er. (lol), than any of these new versions could ever hope to be, and done right... yeah... i still think it could have been something epic. they missed an opportunity here. all we ever got since was contrived, bs.
Dessert Ranger
Dessert Ranger Před 26 dny
The only great thing in this movie was how yummy Emilia looks. And why waste matt Smith when he could of been Kyle instead
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Před 19 dny
Or-hear me out-Sebastian Stan. He looks almost exactly like Michael Biehn.
TheTempleTiger Před 26 dny
“Middle-aged T800” 😂😂😂
Noah Exists
Noah Exists Před 26 dny
I'm sorry but terminator salvation is the most underrated terminator movie ever
Chris Gruber
Chris Gruber Před 27 dny
God I love your movie analysis. I only watch movies made before 2000 and is usually find a hit
Chris Gruber
Chris Gruber Před 27 dny
I’m also very drunk rn
Paul Clark
Paul Clark Před 27 dny
Terminator 2 was alright but for me, the first one was just perfect. The second one however I hated John Conner screeching his way through it and Linda Hamilton trying to act hard when Mr Bean would have done a better job.
Sodaft PM
Sodaft PM Před 8 dny
Terminator 1 has always been the better out of the 2. T2 is still good though.
Mark Villano
Mark Villano Před 27 dny
If they make another one, I won't be back.
Peter Wareham
Peter Wareham Před 27 dny
I thought T3 was pretty underrated
Sodaft PM
Sodaft PM Před 8 dny
@M L THe ending was all that T3 had going for it.
M L Před 18 dny
I like that one yeah. But people think it fs up the tome line. I never understood that. I thought the ending was great.
Bionicle Prime
Bionicle Prime Před 28 dny
I never watched anymore Terminator films after Rise of the Machines... I'm quite proud of that fact.
Rondaru Před 28 dny
"It's tough to think of a series that has fallen from grace quite as hard as Terminator" No it isn't: Alien, Star Trek, Star Wars. There ... that was easy.
Sodaft PM
Sodaft PM Před 8 dny
@The Mad Titan In a certain point of view, Star Wars did die after the Sequel Trilogy came out... a legacy in ruin...
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Před 19 dny
No one cared about Star Trek anymore, and Star Wars is still going strong. Seriously, you get one bad and one mediocre movie in a franchise of endless modern comics, novels, and video games, and even 3 good new movies, and that immediately equates to the franchise falling from grace? I know Rise of Skywalker wasn’t that good, but did Will seriously have to make *six videos bitching about it?* Especially when half those videos came out before the actual movie?
M0butu Před 28 dny
Genisys buried the franchise. Dark Fate was necrophilia.
Jim Taramas
Jim Taramas Před 28 dny
Oh come on! the new Conan movie isn’t that bad! Maybe not good but not a butchery.
Swing Low Sweet Chariots
Jai Courtney makes a great Villain. he has the face for it. But he never does well as a protagonist. I don't know what it is, but he just doesn't fit in that role.
JuhhgermanSam Před 29 dny
I haven’t noticed till now but holy shit drinker you do look just like black panther😭😭😭
Mark Kouznetsov
Mark Kouznetsov Před 29 dny
I really like Salvation. The 3rd best. For me it's a trilogy.
Sodaft PM
Sodaft PM Před 8 dny
Salavtion was the only okay one after the first two movies.
DAGGER Před 29 dny
"Jai Courtney looks like Kyle Reese as much as I do Black Panther" Tell Marvel we have Chadwick Boseman's replacement.
Beastinvader Před 29 dny
They should have stuck with Salvation and its sequels. They could have been decent at least
SGT KILL995 Před měsícem
Although T2 is the OG for me I really liked Salvation.
Nicky Ylén-Julin
Nicky Ylén-Julin Před měsícem
Say what you will, this film is still more entertaining than Dark Fate. That film was... ..yeah..
ahmed refat
ahmed refat Před měsícem
The succinct quill prognostically stroke because breath apparently moor save a shaggy record. medical, animated element
Etiandro Rosa
Etiandro Rosa Před měsícem
"Why? Dono" : "Fuck Off Film"
Hello There
Hello There Před měsícem
The worst thing is, the plot was decent untill John connor came back as terminator and sarah connor looks like a kindergarden teacher
Mr.T Před měsícem
ngl, if it wasn't for that horrible twist at the end I lowkey liked that future set terminator movie with Christian Bale a lot. Too bad they pulled the rug under our feet at the last minute and broke what could be a good terminator movie set in the future.
crypsisjim Před měsícem
I love Emilia Clarke, but she looks ridiculous with a gun.
Sodaft PM
Sodaft PM Před 8 dny
Emilia Clarke is suck a goofy person when she isn't acting.
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