Production Hell - Superman Lives 

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Today we take a look behind the scenes of the most expensive movie that never was; the ill-fated Tim Burton and Nic Cage superhero collaboration, Superman Lives.


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1. 02. 2021





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 2 měsíci
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Melony Thompon
Melony Thompon Před měsícem
@Zev Gregory whoa! Took like 10 minutes but it reallyworked!!
Joshua Isaac
Joshua Isaac Před 2 měsíci
@JR Nick Cage "normal"...? I dunno... maybe "Valley Girl"?
JR Před 2 měsíci
@Joshua Isaac I didn't think of that, perhaps we should try to make him normal for a change instead. Nah that would be whole other production hell in of it's self.
Joshua Isaac
Joshua Isaac Před 2 měsíci
@JR So basically you'd remake every Cage movie in the history of ever? Lol
JR Před 2 měsíci
Id so make that movie with that script and have cage in it today, and id have cage really go off the rocker. It couldn't be any worse than what we've had recently.
bowshock galaxy
bowshock galaxy Před 21 hodinou
I'm born in 84,so I'm huge fan of comics,I couldnt read until my mom took me into a shop n said pick out what you want and it was a superman comic and wham my life changed,well in the mid90s or have you I was buying a comic and I go wow spiderman looks way cooler n what's THIS a sword and gun I want it,well some of u reading this know whom it really was... deadpool!!but as I was checking out and looking in the glass case which was The checkout counter the shop owner told me of this movie and I was like do what!!!then he sd nick cage was to be superman and I lost it and he took offense,and sd it doesn't matter who plays the role cuz in real life if superman was real his powers would still be his own, basically saying he can be fat or skinny or what not...I go I understand that but...nick cage....no not the right person for the job, doesn't even match the look... heroic,ready to jump in and save the day...that's not nick...looks like the kid was right in the end..
M Chambers
M Chambers Před 5 dny
Kevin Smith is in his 50s and still expects people to believe he has a full head of black hair and a matching beard. A least get a grey hairpiece to match your grey beard.
M Chambers
M Chambers Před 5 dny
The fact that Kevin Smith is even considered a credible filmmaker by anyone is laughable. The guy made one very low budget film 25 years ago which rightfully became a major cult classic but WTF has the man done since then? He's given a lot of interviews where he seems like a great guy. That and a nickel earns him a hot cup of jack shit.
Kelvin CW Chang
Kelvin CW Chang Před 7 dny
Then Cage moved on with Ghost Rider
Let’s FuckinGo
Let’s FuckinGo Před 7 dny
Ya can’t say those things about Kevin smith bruv
Rowan Melton
Rowan Melton Před 7 dny
Who thought it'd be a good idea to cast Nicholas cage as Superman?
Armeen Před 7 dny
I would actually like to see this film
Bio Trek
Bio Trek Před 8 dny
Did he just stand in that same room the whole time?
An Other Wolff
An Other Wolff Před 8 dny
Please make "Jodorowsky’s Dune" this will be nice.
K Před 8 dny
"as a film critic" ok this made my day .
Dudepool Před 8 dny
I can't respect Nick Cage as an actor, and he's way too crazy, even for my weird ass. However, dude gave the Rex skull back after finding out it was stolen, that's a good dude in my book.
Outskirts of Infinity
At least the actor for Superman wasn’t Christopher Walken.
Veer Maharaj
Veer Maharaj Před 9 dny
Dude, mismanagement... when you look at what happened to Justice League 2017 and this, and you begin to understand that no one at WB understands the comic book and super hero medium at all. Their biggest mistake was not appointing Kevin Smith as their Kevin Feige. If Kevin Smith had gotten his way with Superman Returns, that funeral scene with all the heroes present, could have jump started the DCEU, 2 decades earlier.
Dean DuPont
Dean DuPont Před 9 dny
Superman has been rejected by readers and viewers for the last 35 years because he was created as a modern deity: the only things he can't do are things he hasn't tried. There is no drama, he's just boring.
Bad Dragonite
Bad Dragonite Před 9 dny
I'd watch it if they made it today as an HBO stream exclusive
Rafael Před 9 dny
Warner didn't disappoint even back then
F P Před 9 dny
The documentary on this movie is well worth a watch
LIFE advincula
LIFE advincula Před 9 dny
I kinda want to see this movie........
jnramage Před 10 dny
the preproduction costs were added to the costs of Superman Returns which gave that movie, which was a decent B minus movie with a decent but not great box office, the perception of failure. So the shittiness of this production hell ruined a decent restart of the Superman franchise and led to ...Zach Snyder Superman. And....yeah...
Dmon Bman
Dmon Bman Před 10 dny
" ...there were too many of us, we had access to too much money, too much equipment, and little by little we went insane".
Casey Před 10 dny
Right of the bat you know it was doomed because Nick Cage was already balding! how can he play superman???
Shaun Mason
Shaun Mason Před 10 dny
Their heads turning at the end gave me a laugh.
InfamousDBZ Před 10 dny
Bransen Před 10 dny
So glad this movie wasn’t made
Dwayne Jones
Dwayne Jones Před 10 dny
I'm sorry but having Cage as Superman is not a good idea. Having to look at that the whole movie, it'd be very distracting looking at him and believing him to be Superman
rvnmedic1968 Před 4 dny
Yeah, maybe cast him as CryingMan, or SadMan or KarenMan. What a joke. Riddick would be my choice - more energetic and mysterious.
Ragael Před 11 dny
the most interesting part of this whole thing... was the booze at the end :))). damn what a sucky movie this would have been
Roxy Lindholm
Roxy Lindholm Před 11 dny
What a blessing this movie never happened. As being not a real fan of Tim Burton movies, which does not mean, that his movies are bad, just saying, that I do not like his visual language, it would have really been just aweful, to see Nicolas Cage as Superman. He is not the right Superman actor anyway, he is also a bad, completley unconvincing actor. I‘ve never noticed his missing actor‘s skills before, until I‘ve started to watch movies in their original language. Cage owes german lip sync speakers lots of thanks for saving his reputation as an actor.
Foxy Před 12 dny
2:59 He looks like a discount George Lucas
Elijah Elvis
Elijah Elvis Před 12 dny
Bottom line is that artists are bloviated self righteous douche bags.
John Smith
John Smith Před 12 dny
3:45 You think Kevin Smith is talented :-0
marksapollo Před 12 dny
Oh God I can see Pacific Rim being mashed up with Godzilla and hell King Kong all directed by Michael Bay..
Knob Job
Knob Job Před 12 dny
Superman is almost the original Mary Sue to me.
Goblez Před 12 dny
To be honest, the superhero movies that don't take themselves seriously are the best.
whylekat Před 14 dny
I sitll think Smith would've produced a quality Superman movie if he got to write AND direct Lives.
Eric S. Czernecki
Eric S. Czernecki Před 14 dny
Funny thing is, Cage eventually WOULD play Superman.... in the Teen Titans Go movie.
Pettifogging Pharisee
7:22 It's here that shows this is not a Superman flick. It's Nicholas Cage Going Trick or Treating.
Jamie Jackson
Jamie Jackson Před 17 dny
These Production Hell episodes are AMAZING. Please do more of them
BigMug Bob
BigMug Bob Před 19 dny
Watch the Waterworld production breakdown. Stunning how bad it can go. I did love the movie anyway.
Axel Cezar
Axel Cezar Před 20 dny
Mike DiBona
Mike DiBona Před 21 dnem
I want to visit the alternate timeline where all of that happened
Clay Pigeon
Clay Pigeon Před 21 dnem
you know if WB had gotten Steve Buscemi for Superman in Superman Lives everything would have turned out different
Martin Tedder
Martin Tedder Před 21 dnem
Wait! So....on the superman comic cover where lois lane is holding superman's cape, that bit that looks like a breast, ISN'T a breast?
Joshua Irwin
Joshua Irwin Před 22 dny
The Superman franchise as a whole just seems cursed on screen. The 70's/80's run was a similar mess of too many whacky ideas, and producers constantly interfering. And the Synderverse version certainly suffered from this. Smallville had an amazing start that ended in disappointment, and the arrow verse version of the character has had a really rough go of it so far, mostly being marginalized to prop up other characters. I'm hopeful for Superman and Lois, but so far the most "successful" run for Superman on screen is "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"... Boy That's pretty rough.
Lobo Před 22 dny
Please take a look at „The Colour From Outer Space“ with Cage. Its a pretty decent sci fi horror film.
Sickiey Před 22 dny
love that Christopher Reeve was too old ,, oh and he was in a wheel chair, the other reason he wasnt going to be superman
RobertoBenet2021 Před 22 dny
It a good thing this never came out...Nick as superman???🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪
Ross Booth
Ross Booth Před 23 dny
I fucking lost it at your final joke. Lol could you imagine?
Julian Grant
Julian Grant Před 23 dny
I think they slapped the loses on this film towards the Superman Returns budget.
LeandroSFx Před 23 dny
Dude! Please don´t say: Melissa Mccarthy as Wonder Woman the DC executive can think this is a good ideia and the Twitter Agenda would like it a lot.
Andrew Sanderson
Andrew Sanderson Před 25 dny
But Adam West does what it does best and and they shoot kanden at all the movie ceremonies he didn't get a single mention when he passed I can remember many a Saturday morning because it was primarily made for children I agree with the drinker it was cheesy but a lot more successful and had big audiences definitely better the Josh less League I mean what we had since Shazam not bad but a ripper of big with another controversial actor Aquaman some pretty good visuals but with quite a small story that seemed to go on forever and ever James 1 is it good director and stick to the horror and that's why we got that matey from Prometheus and insidious playing Orme not to mention Amber Heard he see where I'm going with this you are right it's like DC needs to take a drink of karma fuckdown the streaming services cinder release and everything but black widow as you say why I don't know because she wants it to be at the cinemas maybe be didn't like one division at all well at least you got Falcon and the Winter Soldier or Captain America 2.0 with no soldier serum and and Bucky Barnes to me would be the obvious replacement for Captain America but hey ho when they turn Thor odinson into a girl it will go the same way is to comics it's almost like they're saying what's this it cost a lot of money nii-san about the plot holes we could only had it for the rusty spoon talking of Michael Keaton you was actually a pretty good Batman and it was good in Birdman and and held up Spider-man on homecoming well someone had to I know it's a different movie but but I can't see him holding up the franchise on his own now that Disney has to two sides a Spider-Man world and the rest which Spider-Man can come into two executives arguing over the movie which evidently fucks it up
rvnmedic1968 Před 4 dny
Holy shit! I didn't see a single period in that helluva long sentence. Go away now!
Andrew Sanderson
Andrew Sanderson Před 25 dny
Glad someone else noticed SpongeBob I mean Silent Bob is still trying to cash in on the Snyder cut right now like it's his own idea it's like you wanted Superman on to look like the original idea because Superman was originally drafted to have no hair are the studio was like no it's got a look like handsome chiseled 2 that's what Lex Luthor is the original vision for Superman yes he had no hair but he could fly why has X-ray heat Vision and the rest the saddest thing about Superman is the people that actually wrote it had their idea stolen and didn't turn a Cent And Out Come the curses Superman no not a film the two guys actually cursed anyone that would make money out of it which is kind of ironic because lots of people that have appeared in Superman movies have had bad luck I mean the Justice League was awful but it makes for a good paper weight and a reminder to try and do the right thing
Brian Fuller
Brian Fuller Před 25 dny
So, all around cluster f**k?
pittland44 Před 26 dny
All of these ideas sound like "Superman Lives" would have been a beautiful acid trip.
DHIKЯIS Před 27 dny
I really can't understand WB. They want tim burton but refuse him doing tim burton's thingies. They also want zack snyder but eventually refused him doing zack Snyder's thingies? It's paradoxical!
huntressvideos Před 29 dny
To be honest... I would totally watch it. It sounds awesome in the most hilarious way. Glorious like "The Room". I am quite certain it would have been a lot of fun.
Useless Humans
Useless Humans Před měsícem
Campy Adam West Batman? Or, to put it another way - the best onscreen Batman outside of the 90s WB animated series.
Laura Hugill
Laura Hugill Před měsícem
11:39 Don’t give the SJWs ideas!
Jbone Před měsícem
Your comment drinker about Superman being timeless and older than my grandfather I think has a lot of insight. The DC universe could have handled Superman the way the MCU handled Captain America. By establishing Captain America as a character from the 1940s it felt authentic when they brought him in to modern times. Being able to imprint the image of your grandfather on to the hero archetype of Superman or Captain America makes a much more satisfying "Hero's journey" and creates a fun and relatable adventure story.
snowboredsnj Před měsícem
Think your liver will survive the Snyder cut?
Andrew Orders
Andrew Orders Před měsícem
why are there spanish subtitles?
Andrew Orders
Andrew Orders Před měsícem
I would've liked to see Smith's version. WTH was up with those mandates though? No flying!? Giant spider!? Burton's also sounded pretty amazing in a different way.
Live Large
Live Large Před měsícem
So basically Hollywood is stupid.
Eli Kennemer
Eli Kennemer Před měsícem
4:27 - 4:53 "I see, so this is how movies are made huh?"
Peter Kurten
Peter Kurten Před měsícem
As soon as you mentioned Kevin Smith we already had our answer why this film never got made. Just looking at the line of trash he has been involved in should have been a clue to the dolt at Warner who hired him. Anything he touches turns to shit and dies.
Joe Mapes
Joe Mapes Před měsícem
Nick Cage looks like a Superman junkie living out by the Leaving Las Vegas movie dumpster.
Nightmare1398 Před měsícem
I feel Superman Lives could have been a movie that would be a critical failure but would soon gain a cult following 20 years later.
Kafir Named Mutt
Kafir Named Mutt Před 12 dny
Pretty convoluted way of saying "I think this movie would have followed the same trajectory as every other Nic Cage movie" lol
A P Před měsícem
11:42 You say that, but...
Marius Wales
Marius Wales Před měsícem
Okay, was Jon Peters actually trying to make a crappy Superman film? No flying around? No Superman suit? Was he just a complete troll or something?
iMO Před měsícem
Miss Jon
jonny5777 Před měsícem
I love this series
Alex Lawson
Alex Lawson Před měsícem
I don't think Jon Peters was head of Warner Bros. Malllrats was not a success. Kevin Smith says it was the buzz around his Chasing Amy script which helped him get his foot in the door for Superman
Darío Fonseca
Darío Fonseca Před měsícem
Hey Drinker im a Big Fan of your work. I think I have recomendation for a future production hell, ROAR... A shittie movie about lions and such. Anyways I Hope you hey yo read this, thanks
willzsco Před měsícem
Love these videos. More production hell, please.
PinkyN DeBrain
PinkyN DeBrain Před měsícem
Eventually we’ll be graced with a production hell analysis of the new “Batman”.
Mike Olivson
Mike Olivson Před měsícem
You don't see Melissa McCarthy playing Wonder Woman...yet.
wdenegri Před měsícem
Somebody do this animated movie!
Will Yum
Will Yum Před měsícem
30m dollars spent but 100m+ dollars not spent I guess
Kuribo Kutsu
Kuribo Kutsu Před měsícem
Speaking about Cage and his debts...i think Mandy and Color out of this world was GOOD
Terrence Nowicki
Terrence Nowicki Před měsícem
What the hell is with Jon Peters' obsession with giant mechanical spiders, anyway??
helel smith
helel smith Před měsícem
It was finished in an alternate reality, same place that Sinbad film is too
Lea Green
Lea Green Před měsícem
I don’t think Cage would have been bad as the character if the script was good. He’s a HUGE fan so he respects the genre and they could have added respectable muscle mass if needed. The leaked footage of him with long hair looking decidedly UnSuperman-like was not a good thing; especially with the other issues they had.
bananaempijama Před měsícem
Kevin Smith is an hack fraud
Is Robin wearing Cuomo’s nipple ring at 8:06?
Steeleye 2112
Steeleye 2112 Před měsícem
Damn, I wish this could have got made, it could have been the biggest, funniest dumpster fire ever put to film.
The footage looks exactly like souperman
Chris 112
Chris 112 Před měsícem
Nicholas Cage looks so......f*cking ridiculous as superman. What incredibly bizarre casting.
Dutch Před měsícem
The giant spider did appear....not in spiderman but in Wild Wild West starring will smith. And who was the producer of that film.....none other than John Peters
659009stan Před měsícem
So the winner here was Nicolas Cage for getting $25 million for doing nothing.
DeepEye1994 Před měsícem
I dread how the JJ Abrams reboot with a black Superman will turn out. If this movie was a dodged bullet of everything stupid from '90s cinema, the upcoming reboot could be a sum up of everything wrong with soulless rehashes with identity politics that plagued cinema since the late 2010s.
RFSA180 Před 22 dny
I'm not read in... Genuinely, is what you said happening?
32lara32 Před měsícem
Superman IV was incredible!
Franola Před měsícem
Nicholas Cage as Superman looks like a dead ringer for Tommy Wiseau
adgtheone Před měsícem
Lemme get this straight: Warner Bros. spent $30M to just "develop" a movie, not release it, and Cage got $20M of it? Am I understanding that correctly??? No wonder they failed where even dumb-ass Disney could succeed!
Formakiwi Před měsícem
It´s unfair to say that there was no strong creative vision behind this non-movie; it´s more a case of that vision belonging to a coked-out former hairdresser to the stars, drunk on his status in Hollywood and obsessed with giant spider battles.
chokkan7 Před měsícem
I was a comic book geek as a child, but have been out of the loop for ages. I noticed several images in your presentation which looked as though they were derived from 'Tumithak of the Corridors' (the human heads upon a wasp-like body), and I wondered what was the connection to Superman lore?
Brent D
Brent D Před měsícem
Drinker, please do a “Production Hell” of “Heaven’s Gate.” The coke-filled behind-the-scenes drama of that production was immense!
Kafir Named Mutt
Kafir Named Mutt Před 12 dny
Really fucking weird because either just stumbled onto another comment 2 videos ago mentioning heavens gate as a nightmare film, and literally over the weekend I stumbled on a new word three times in a day, after learning the fun (supposed) fact "if you don't hear a new word/thing 3 times in a XX(i think they usually just say 24 hours) then you'll completely forget that word/thing until it comes up again"(and I have no clue how they prove that, and tbh I'm not even sure which word it was that stood out to me lol) Guess I kinda disproved the whole thing, but really weird stumbling on basically the same comment in totally different places.
Everthus4 Před měsícem
Man, it would be great anime. Or anime series, with voice of nic cage, fighting aliens in robot suit. Or they could finish movie. Matrix was also revoultionary, cool, and weird.
George Saint
George Saint Před měsícem
I loved it after Richard Pryor hacked away all that paycheck money... "The one who did it will remains silent. Only an idiot will spend all that money immediately" (or something like that) In comes Richard Pryor,... riding his expensive sports car. One of the best comic scenes in movies ever.
Donkey Grima
Donkey Grima Před měsícem
The discreet land reassuringly wail because circle comparably lick concerning a succinct size. versed, abandoned voyage
Kevin Bell
Kevin Bell Před měsícem
At 9.18, we have Howard from The Big Bang Theory. No Bernadette... that's a damn shame.
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