Logan - The Perfect X-Men Movie 

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Logan is the perfect send-off for Wolverine, and my favourite X-Men movie of all time, and I want to talk about it.


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24. 02. 2021





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před měsícem
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ALX Před 19 dny
I don't get how much people hate Origin Wolverine, dude it had the best origin story of X-Men ever. Sabertooth and Logan both were proper accurate, the Deadpool was screwed up but the movie is million times better than Wolverine in Japan, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix. How can you not include that garbage The Wolverine movie ? Also James Mangold hates Wolverine, he made 2 movies in which both of them had weak Wolverine. This movie should have never killed him on-screen but James Mangold wanted to he got it. This movie is solid, the major advantage was R rated and gore. But it's not a masterpiece since it kills Adamantium entirely which is HIGH BULLSHIT. Logan can heal, no amount of bs can kill him unless it's Magneto or disintegrated by Phoenix and Xavier got Alzheimers ? that is even more stupid. But yeah the high action and the skill set of these people made it shine. And the ending is pathetic.
Sara Klaren
Sara Klaren Před 23 dny
Love your reviews, even when I don't agree with them. However, this review, I agree with one hundred percent. This was a brilliant movie and a fitting, albeit sad, end to the Woverine story, and that of Professor X, for that matter. Since you have done such a wonderful job reviewing Logan, I Have a request. I haven't seen that you have reviewed Deadpool or Deadpool 2. Since we are talking about Logan, and we all know the love that Ryan Reynolds has for Hugh Jackman, I think it would be fitting if you could take some time out and give us your thoughts on the Merc with a Mouth.
waleed mukhtar
waleed mukhtar Před měsícem
hear me out ,but I think Logan would be perfect character to play as joel in the last of us movie
Gregor Dawson
Gregor Dawson Před měsícem
Sometimes your channel is the only reason I can think of for wasting time on CSshows. I'm sure you're inundated with recommendations, but have you checked out Starz Counterpart? I can't believe how good it was; both seasons. J K Simmons shows just how amazing he is as an actor. It's not flawless, but better than anything Disney have every produced, or probably ever could.
mastervading Před měsícem
Please do Monster Hunter next.
justin hunt
justin hunt Před 6 hodinami
Classic movie
Raymond Talya
Raymond Talya Před 17 hodinami
This movie wasn’t good at all too much propaganda
adamsmith13real Před dnem
Logan is the most overrated X-Men movie. So many plotholes and sheer stupidity from the characters. Sure, Stewart and Jackman acted the shit out of their roles, but maaan. Starting with how the goons just run to the little girl, seemingly with the intent to get sliced (I seem to remember they didn't even bother shooting her because of healing ability??? hello, at least you'd slow her down). Then the wtf-moment of dining with and getting a random family killed while they were running for their lives... What was supposed to be a set of emotional scenes, got totally undermined by the irrational decisions leading them there. And my 'favourite', the magical Canadian border, behind which no bad guys can go for some reason, even if the whole area around the border is one giant fucking forest with not one mounted police in red jacket in sight. Also, the dynamic with the kid would've been much, much better if she was 3 or 4 years older. 10/10 for acting and atmosphere, 4/10 for writing, it just took me out of the experience way often.
jeremiah colon
jeremiah colon Před 2 dny
I absolutely love Logan is by far one of the best comic book movies ever made it is in my Pinyan the perfect wolverine movie and the fact that this movie did not get any awards is criminal if you have not seen this movie go see it now
N Sorensen
N Sorensen Před 2 dny
Sigh. Logan is excellent. Superbly acted. Emotional. Resonant. Beautiful. Still not my favorite. I waited 20 years for a rated R Wolverine and got old man Logan. Which to me = sad, broke off Logan. I wanted a Wolverine movie that was so fuc#!ng bloody it made my stomach turn. Not even close.
Elijah Collier
Elijah Collier Před 2 dny
I got stoned on the way to see this, & I guess got so high I couldn't follow the story😂 it was sad when he died tho. Getting old sux
Bias Před 3 dny
Logan: No Country for Old Mutants
A H Před 3 dny
One simple question: She has powers similar to Logan’s but where did she learn to fight that way as such a young age?🤷‍♂️
garylizard Před 3 dny
Very poignant and moving piece drinker.
GenericGooner Před 3 dny
I regret that we will never get the deadpool and wolverine encounter under the fox banner. Now Disney have deadpool I’m not hopeful at all, and jackman was right to retire the claws after what was the perfect end for that character. Edit: I should clarify, an encounter between wolverine and the real Deadpool, not Barakapool from origins.
GenericGooner Před 3 dny
The x-men franchise’s best two movies were Logan and Deadpool... both r rated, both allowed creative control, both with a lead that had an adoration for their character and both allowed to stay faithful to the character they were portraying.
Adam Montenegro
Adam Montenegro Před 4 dny
Dwight Schrute was a mutant???
Jacob Butner
Jacob Butner Před 4 dny
And as the adamantium dripped from him, Wolverine slowly awoke.
Y R Před 4 dny
They still turned him into a little girl. Lame.
Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks Před dnem
Tyler Veinot
Tyler Veinot Před 5 dny
Great movie but it wasn't without it's continuity issues.
Renagade5150 Před 6 dny
Logan is the BEST marvel movie ever made!! Edging out the first Iron Man.
Why am I here
Why am I here Před 6 dny
To me logan was always my favorite character. I watched most of all the x-men movies when I was younger and when my and my dad saw this and I saw him die, I really did tear up. And when my dad died I ended up rewatching this movie a few months after and it killed me. It felt as if a lost another father figure and even to this day I still tear up. I loved this movie and it will always have a special place in my heart.
chil Před 6 dny
Jeez. Just watching this review made me tear up
Chris Cobb
Chris Cobb Před 7 dny
I never write comments but seriously, Wtf. This film is terrible it's boring and just drawn out. Put as much blood in it as u want you aren't gonna make a good xmen film. Saying this is the best xmen film is like saying crabs is the best std. U still wouldn't want it
Burning Dwarf
Burning Dwarf Před 8 dny
Logan made me cry so hard I loved it
jake fink
jake fink Před 8 dny
I feel like I should remind you that Bryan Singers X-Men movies were only decent because the man behind the MCU, Kevin Feige, was seeking the actors copy's of the original comics so they could accurately portray the characters they were playing. Bryan Singer banned all X-Men Comics from the set and anywhere else through the creation. Imagine if they had listened to Kevin Feige about all that back durring the very first film!
Pa -1
Pa -1 Před 8 dny
The Critical Drinker went sober for the first time I guess...
Shrek 2
Shrek 2 Před 8 dny
Only problem with this film is its social commentary. For me it was impossible to miss how this was a shitty allegory on US immigration. A little too on the nose in my opinion, but thats hollywood nowaydays.
ROY BATTY Před 9 dny
Hats off. Thanks DRINKER.!- This review is as good as your BLADE RUNNER .Cheers, im taking a swig.!🇺🇸🙏😎
John Ran
John Ran Před 9 dny
Logan is good for new but the other X-Men movies are fucking garbage.
Revan Před 9 dny
Omg tcd this movie suuucked
Jack Crow
Jack Crow Před 9 dny
This movie got to me cause my mum passed away from dementia........☘☘💚💚💚😥🙏
Kaiser Anonymous
Kaiser Anonymous Před 9 dny
Honestly, after spending over a decade watching X-Men films, Logan was the first to make me feel real emotion and connected to the characters. I'm really glad I got to see it in theaters, and happy it was Jackman's last X-Men film.
Martin Axe
Martin Axe Před 9 dny
This was Unforgiven adapted to the X-Men universe. Hugh Jackman delivered just like Eastwood did.
Jeremy Flener
Jeremy Flener Před 9 dny
I loved this movie. Rarely do you get to see the other side of power. Kind of like The Matrix movies. It was all about the journey instead of the destination. Learning how to use the powers was more exciting then having god like abilities directors don't know how to fit in a script. "we are all powerful...now what?" Seeing the demise and decay of a beloved character is the heartbreaking journey we need more often. Closure done right.
Skelet Stone
Skelet Stone Před 9 dny
Always like a good ending too bad it s so rare
anton džaja jurca
anton džaja jurca Před 10 dny
Just wait 20 years. Guess who (which actor) is coming back as Logan. :D
FRxDispatch Gaming
FRxDispatch Gaming Před 11 dny
Good film til the end - use your mutant powers jesus christ!! Instead the kids cry and let Logan die.
Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson Před 12 dny
"The last of the X-Men to fall, just as he was the first to rise." That was beautiful, Drinker. I know why you're a writer. Really a lovely way to frame it. I think this what all of the "socially conscious" goofballs miss completely. These people were heros brought to life, and their slow destruction of them is shameful and painful. They deserve better. Thanks for doing them justice, mate.
J0ust Brightblade
J0ust Brightblade Před 12 dny
Logan is to superhero films what Unforgiven is to westerns.
Justin Case
Justin Case Před 13 dny
So there was a kid that had the ability to move things with his mind but Logan pushed them back because the script said so.
5deadspace Před 13 dny
It was a nice touch that Logan needed glasses for reading to show just how broken he had become.
the Hurley
the Hurley Před 14 dny
I think it was the most intelligent and honest righting and a simply genius move for his daughter to turn the cross on his grave into an x because logan was never religious but he was an xman threw and threw. The person who wrote this new logan, they new the character and put it to rest with the humbling respect of a true fan
Dabigfatredcrab Před 15 dny
The saddest thing in this film is that Professor X died thinking that Logan had killed him 😭
Jobs mine
Jobs mine Před 15 dny
The first film I really loved from all of the marvel comic-book movies. Too bad evil Disney didn't do enough to market it because they wanted fox to fail so bad.
A Shot of Whiskey
A Shot of Whiskey Před 15 dny
Too bad there will never be a Jackman Wolverine in a REAL Deadpool movie.
Monster brains
Monster brains Před 16 dny
i agree great movie.
Rpreggie Před 17 dny
yeah, it's still a masculine hero sacrifice movie. With an anti feminine girly meme who wins. kinda sorta
Yorkshire Téamo S2
Yorkshire Téamo S2 Před 17 dny
People really hated origins but the struggle between the older but weaker Victor and Logan being stronger but more empathetic kept me personally wanting more.
Josh Gaming
Josh Gaming Před 17 dny
Going to be honest I watched some of the X-Men movies a few weeks ago and I honestly thought last Stand wasn’t that bad sure it had some problems but I’ve seen worse
Tony bubonic
Tony bubonic Před 18 dny
This movie didn't need any Hulks in it.
Tony bubonic
Tony bubonic Před 18 dny
Damn... if only Luke Skywalker had gotten the same treatment.
David Curry
David Curry Před 18 dny
It's the best FoxCU movie, but it's still a superhero movie, just with some excellent character moments and Mangold directing (he's made a ton of great films) The best "X-Men" movie is X2, almost perfect (aside from black leather) with very little excess
Camthur Před 18 dny
The thing the really sealed it for me was when the "you will die with your heart in your hand" premonition from The Wolverine came true. (albeit in not the way we first thought) Logan is a fantastic movie. Not just good for a comic book movie. It's just good, period.
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald Před 19 dny
All comic hero’s should be rated R, I grew up decades ago, I’m ready for it!
Dr. DoOmStar
Dr. DoOmStar Před 21 dnem
Lol i thought the constant adamantium poisoning was the reason his healing ability is slowing down.
Ray Ramos
Ray Ramos Před 21 dnem
Soft As Fur
Soft As Fur Před 22 dny
I love your reviews, but man this movie was a snooze fest.
Soft As Fur
Soft As Fur Před 9 dny
@Aditya Wankhede I'd equate it to Iron Man 3.
Aditya Wankhede
Aditya Wankhede Před 10 dny
Martin Tedder
Martin Tedder Před 22 dny
Was there a spoiler alert? Did I miss it? It feels like there might have been a spoiler alert...
Liam Live
Liam Live Před 22 dny
John Connor
John Connor Před 22 dny
Other than maybe 3 films in the entire MCU, I much prefer Fox's XMen films, even with all their flaws, they were more serious, and not just a TV show with some poor effects.
Jose Alejandro
Jose Alejandro Před 23 dny
Origins and X3 were better than Days of Future Past, fight me. Days is basically 1 good scene pasted on top of a very bland and boring movie. Also interesting when comparing MCU and FoX verse is Kevin Fiege started out working on the X-men movie.
Barton Bella
Barton Bella Před 23 dny
I loved endgame, I adored it and Avengers were the apex but I think we all knew, even before endgame came out, Logan was always going to be the Hands down best Superhero movie ever. I’ll wager it won’t be topped in my lifetime.
Chip Skyler
Chip Skyler Před 23 dny
Hugh was born with acting talent. He ended his major role with a Bang.
Lance Villy
Lance Villy Před 24 dny
It's the Best, no question of all comic book films
ShojoBakunyu Před 24 dny
No one has ever made me feel as old as you did with "17 years later..." 😢😭🤣
headbutt091 Před 25 dny
Tony stark and Wolverine ...2 characters played by actors who come close to real life comics. I don't have anything else to say.
Comrade thenugget
Comrade thenugget Před 25 dny
With James Mangold set to direct Indiana Jones 5 I'm sure we'll see a send off with a similar amount of respect to Indy as we see in this movie
Sebaschan706 Před 25 dny
Logan is one of my favorite movies of all time.
Ťaryn C
Ťaryn C Před 25 dny
Regardless of the scripts in some of the movies Sir Ian Mckellen was always incredible. I wonder where Magneto was during this. Old-age living in the Eastern European mountains with his kids that survived at maybe hes where theyre going.
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams Před 25 dny
Such an awesome movie. In my top 12-15 of all time all movies
Gerald Před 26 dny
This film was shit.
Rich HasAnOpinion
Rich HasAnOpinion Před 26 dny
In fairness, Jackman did chose this because he himself was getting too old to keep up with the fitness regime for a character like wolverine. He chose right and did it justice and if he returns to the screen as wolverine I will be equally excited and disappointed. But the thought of him alongside Reynolds as Deadpool is tempting.
PeJota615 Před 26 dny
That last shot of the movie. Goddamn
SavageGTalks Před 26 dny
great movie.
Gary Kish
Gary Kish Před 27 dny
Watch the black & white version. It takes the best superhero movie to even greater heights in a noir fashion that's so cool.
Skidoosh Layman
Skidoosh Layman Před 28 dny
High Fructose Corn Syrup killed the xmen
Luccas Laq
Luccas Laq Před 28 dny
Great review, as always. Though it was probably worth mentioning that the GMO corn syrup was responsible for wiping out the mutants? My interpretation was that this is also what caused the professor's mental atrophy and logan's regenerative power decay; rather than old age and adamantium poisoning...
Charley Robinson
Charley Robinson Před 28 dny
My favourite stories are the small scale, grounded ones they don't all have to be for the sake of a planet
??? name
??? name Před 28 dny
It was so bleak, and really, really good.
Gethyn Phillips
Gethyn Phillips Před 29 dny
I’m mot sure I agree with everything you say. Your words and arguments could turn most In whichever way you wanted To. But the slight ring wing stuff is a bit....
JC Angel
JC Angel Před 29 dny
When she turns the cross to an X I totally choked up😢
GioAtero Před 29 dny
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) is more spectacular, but I consider the Logan trailer with the Johnny Cash track, Hurt, a masterpiece. Not the film though!
Steve Setzer
Steve Setzer Před 29 dny
I teared up in a... superhero movie. That made it powerful for me. It was a great movie
Tony Ferrol
Tony Ferrol Před 29 dny
Logan was one of the Marvel films that my non-Marvel liking (she tells me to watch them on my own) wife loved. She thought it was great. Because essentially, it's a character driven movie....not some "take over the world" bollocks you usually get.
SA 79
SA 79 Před měsícem
A solid 10 out 10 movie. Nothing more to say...
Sy Chung
Sy Chung Před měsícem
I'm a DC fan ever since I got into comics, Batfam fan to be specific. People always assumed The Dark Knight as my favorite superhero movie, it was. in fact the BEST superhero movie of all time (imo
BIGBODY Před měsícem
Lol I remember crying when he died, I was 12 years old
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk Před měsícem
It's the same as Ghost Riders one last ride scene
Marcus Straya
Marcus Straya Před měsícem
Except Ghost Rider sucked
Osei Abedi
Osei Abedi Před měsícem
For me my favourite superhero films are in particular order: 1. The Dark Knight 2. Logan 3. Spiderman 2 4. Winter Soldier 5. Avengers Infinity War.
BOMBING OMEN Před měsícem
This is the best super hero film in my opinion 🤷🏻‍♂️
Erin Waddell
Erin Waddell Před měsícem
Hugh will always be Wolverine.. my fav X-men flick of alllll time
Anton Před měsícem
Never liked Wolverine in the comics... too brutish, uncomplicated gopnik. But Logan?.. complex, broken, deep... Fucking love it.
andy marius
andy marius Před měsícem
The dashing harmonica inexplicably guess because hacksaw simplistically head against a next community. filthy, hypnotic layer
Andrew McGhee
Andrew McGhee Před měsícem
If only CBS looked at Logan for inspiration for Star Trek Picard to cap off TNG & resolve Nemesis' sort-of cliff hanger, an Undiscovered Country for the TNG era. Similar to how The X-Files got a chance seemingly out of nowhere years after the original show was at its prime to resolve all the loose ends & unanswered questions, they wasted the opportunity & tried to pad out nonsense extensions to the original stories hoping to milk the franchise just a bit more. Huge respect for Logon & those with the creative integrity to make it, & what great acting is on show. Bravo.
Mythless Ninja
Mythless Ninja Před měsícem
Do you remember an deleted scene in the end of wolverine where he open a case with his yellow suit? I wish to see him wearing it at least once before I die...
Kilgar Před měsícem
Indeed, Logan was a really nice send off for one of the best characters that frankly carried the whole X-men series on his back. Since the franchise was taking a nosedive and his character kept it afloat for so long, it was better to send off while he had the good will from fans with "Days of future past".
Superyan Před měsícem
So basically this is the X-Men version of The Last of Us...
Michael Etherton
Michael Etherton Před měsícem
It's the Modern The Unforgiven of the Comic book Genre.... X-Cellent,,,movie.....
Liana Kriebel
Liana Kriebel Před měsícem
Haven’t seen this one yet. I did finally watch the show from the 90s, and I was blown away!
Shalvus Magnus
Shalvus Magnus Před měsícem
I'm dude with beard, muscles and chest hair... Logan made my eyes tearful
scott Před měsícem
I seee youtube wants me to part with bank ID and any other ID to prove im who im am and how old i am to view your great contents...
Dee Lee
Dee Lee Před měsícem
Awesome...best action scenes I've seen witta kid
Churble Furbles
Churble Furbles Před měsícem
Its the only one with final consequence that don't get undone with a snap of a finger again.
The New Mutants
Logan - The Death Of A Genre
TRUTH OR EAT *super spicy*