How To Be The Bestest Journalism Ever 

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The recent coverage of Cyberpunk 2077 has got me thinking about what it takes to be a professional journalist in today's gruelling videogame world. But after much thought, I believe I've found the perfect formula.


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10. 12. 2020





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 4 měsíci
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Dudepool Před 28 dny
"Games and gamers are bigots" I was literally playing a like, 10 year old game the other day, and was flirting with dude npcs just because I could. Mind you, I never bother with the relationship crap in games. I can tell you how best to enchant an item in Skyrim, or how to get rich quick, still no idea how to get married.
barninja1 Před 3 měsíci
@walentaz He is doing what he has bashed others for and not finding out who someone is or has done. I get the point of this video and agree with it in most parts but Pierce is a gaming journalist, has been writing for years on multiple platforms, has degrees in journalism and plays video games a lot. Quick glance at her social media or even a proper google would of solved that. Shat the bed on that one Drinker.
Bitters Před 3 měsíci
Oh dang, I thought it was some clever part of the review but I'll be damned. Looks like I'll be getting some new reading materials on payday!
Rex Everingham
Rex Everingham Před 3 měsíci
If only book 2 (the kindle version) was available on amazon.com.au, because I can’t buy it from the provided link.
Ilya Rysenkov
Ilya Rysenkov Před 4 měsíci
Drinker forgot one more piece of advice: you should apply all this in real life to get a vaccine from stupidity if you suffer from it.
Cowyboy Bebop
Cowyboy Bebop Před 2 dny
The problem is that this type of marxist woke ideology is being taught in schools across all industries. The feeble minded get easily influenced and adopt this ideology during their younger more impressionable years.
Zylo Wolf 2.0
Zylo Wolf 2.0 Před 2 dny
I still don't get why you guys defend Trump.
Zylo Wolf 2.0
Zylo Wolf 2.0 Před 2 dny
The new G4 sucks so far. It's just Adam Sessler talking about the glory days and Ovilee going on about how lesbian she is.
R H Před 3 dny
Oldschool journalist: Needs to know how the world works, needs good shoes to get from one event to another, needs a solid knowledge of the history of the subject, needs to be unbiased. Newschool journalist: Needs an internet connection with a shortcut to Wikipedia, needs a twitter account, needs strong feelings, needs to be part of an agenda in replacement of talent ... or actual knowledge of any sort.
Ashley Před 4 dny
this is why i only go on youtube anymore. any "articles" for movies or games are just garbage wastes of time and money.
Da gru
Da gru Před 5 dny
I love how all of the former main stream media managed in just a few years to castrate and kill themselfs with pure incompetence. Gaming Journalism apart from a hand full of CSshowsrs... Completely garbage, every magazine that was big a few years back completely suicided itself. I mean, it is impressive how well they managed to put every person in they target group of and plummed their whole reputation in a bucket full of shit. And now they complain that nobody gives a shit about their opinion. Truely impressive, what gigantic idiots...
MeCanWin Mac
MeCanWin Mac Před 6 dny
I identify as a gay black starfish.
Lyle Slaton
Lyle Slaton Před 7 dny
The beacon of truth and enlightenment!
The Butcher
The Butcher Před 7 dny
It's nice watching kotaku get closed, Game Informer getting downsized while the man who created it jumps ship, GameSpot and IGN fizzle out, PCGamer lose market share, and all the other games pubs slowly die. Rest in piece, you bullshit publications that killed the golden goose.
The Metal Pig
The Metal Pig Před 7 dny
That Charalanahzard ex-IGN is one of the most smug condescending c bombs going round.
Khail Kupsky
Khail Kupsky Před 9 dny
This is why I play music instead of games. Please do the same thing for the talentless hacks that journalise that...
little fish
little fish Před 10 dny
me dont think it is a coincidence that her name plagge is so close to the german word "Plage", which means plague or pest
rygy1994 Před 11 dny
John Solo
John Solo Před 11 dny
You're slowly becoming my favorite CSshowsr, my friend.. Keep calling out Cancel Culture, Feminazis, and SJWs everywhere for every sinister BS tactic they implement in every part of our society in the name of "Adversity" and "Bringing Down the Straight White Male" 😎😎 love all your videos man.. Keep it up..
DHIKЯIS Před 15 dny
Guess I'll just enjoy playing Japanese game here then
Marcus Skyfall
Marcus Skyfall Před 16 dny
Hey, let's lock the entire world up for a year, pay people not to work, dictate every part of their lives and make them take an "injection" for a "thing" with a 99.98 survival rate. Journalists in 2020 : yup there's definitely nothing that needs to be looked into here!
James Josef Laki
James Josef Laki Před 20 dny
Games Journalism? More like Games URINALism.
Axel Cezar
Axel Cezar Před 21 dnem
Sylar Před 22 dny
Politicians and the media are masters of this and even have a word for it, "negative campaigning" basically circling the toilet bowl of propaganda, why tell people how good something or someone is when you can play at their emotions and tell people how bad something or someone is. CSshows is no different, hate videos about item X gets more likes than an honest review video about item X, just shows you how many people like being spoon fed a bowl of shit. Apparently free thinking is a "boomer" thing.
J Dog th3 Wise
J Dog th3 Wise Před 22 dny
I definitely like your videos, but suggesting The Quartering is anything but a legitimate trash human being is a bit cringe
Cognition Před 22 dny
When I think of this guy I just imagine the Demoman from TF2
D Před 23 dny
Does anyone even still care about this game? Everyone stopped talking about Cyberpunk as soon as it came out...
Skeptic Mind
Skeptic Mind Před 23 dny
Heros don't always wear capes ... more often than not they are drunkards ✌
Lotus Afire
Lotus Afire Před 25 dny
The game is a bunch of fancy code. Critics want more than everything? Learn to code baby, learn to code. and show us what you've got
eon14873 Před 25 dny
Not sure if you have reviewed Dark on Netflix yet?
Yukiko Davila
Yukiko Davila Před 26 dny
I used to ignore politics and happily enjoy watching football, a movie, or playing a game. I had no Idea how much political BS was going on until 2020 and saw that it was absolutely everywhere. Politics belong in the political arena not in entertainment. Mainly because politics are far from entertaining.
Stone S
Stone S Před 26 dny
This game was the most broken pile of s*** I ever played. Who cares what the journalist said it's garbage piece of s***.
Chonic Před 26 dny
Your accent adds so much more to the video.
umartanwir Před 27 dny
fault lies with game developers, they should do a better job of listening to their actual base
Dick Tampon
Dick Tampon Před 27 dny
You go away now
Hero Games
Hero Games Před měsícem
Journalism is just a f*cking joke these days
Kyle Maxwell
Kyle Maxwell Před měsícem
Oh, the irony of Critical Drinker complaining that reviewers "Insert their own political agenda into their articles". That is literally ALL YOU DO these days, Drinker. You're not even a reviewer any more, you're just a mascot for the Incel community.
Goat Warrior
Goat Warrior Před 17 dny
And what exactly is his political agenda? Which political party does he support? What political views does he share on his videos? Go ahead.
GM Freeman
GM Freeman Před měsícem
I'll have you know I'm a Key Master, not a Gatekeeper.
Area Code
Area Code Před měsícem
I have found there is plenty of media out that respects the fanbase where it is easy to drop things that insult their target demographic without feeling any regret or second thoughts.
Carlos Laurel
Carlos Laurel Před měsícem
This people that consist of the 1% richest morons on mostly first-world countries should NOT be speaking for all the others, not letting the real people that are subject to those problems talk, they're so self centered they don't even let anyone talk for themselfs, fuck those so called "journalists"
Nossahm VSHS
Nossahm VSHS Před měsícem
Journalists are so shitty at playing games that they have their own difficulty. It's probably easier than the tutorials.
shiawasekappukekiful Před měsícem
“ there’s too much water and it’s black Creator is a white supremacist” - People paid to play the game that don’t play games
Shaken not Stirred
Shaken not Stirred Před měsícem
This is why Brie Larson can consider herself a gamer..........
barombolo bombolo
barombolo bombolo Před měsícem
954 critics are butthurt lmao
Robert Burton
Robert Burton Před měsícem
I sense sarcasm
Gavriluta Vlad
Gavriluta Vlad Před měsícem
My friend. Be more specific. Its not just medieval europe. its medieval Poland. I am as white as the whitest mozzarella, yet the polish actually surpass me. I doubt these snowflakes would want to see the black represented as there is a very minute chance they could have been seen in that part of the world at that particular time: slaves. There are no records of black traders let alone anything else. Only darker skinned people would have been the Turks.
Nittanyburg 20
Nittanyburg 20 Před měsícem
Journalism is a joke
Thunder83 Před měsícem
I think he being sarcastic I might be wrong
Fleeting Footnotes
Fleeting Footnotes Před měsícem
Why can't fully metallic robots be obese? :P
Evil Ian
Evil Ian Před měsícem
I was hoping for more Cyberpunk 2077 commentary. Must have taken a wrong turn at PC Junction.
Junomaster Před měsícem
Why 951 dislikes?
Goat Warrior
Goat Warrior Před 17 dny
30 wokes and their sock puppet accounts.
Christi A
Christi A Před měsícem
this is why I get all my news from fortune cookies
MrBG1138 Před měsícem
Man I wish Cyberpunk was as good as this footage....
Crimson Focker
Crimson Focker Před měsícem
You know its funny anytime I make this argument there are people who say something like "it's just a game man don't take it too seriously". I look back at them and ask if that's the case then why did they need to change it, because if its just a game there would be no need to add this bullshit into it. If it doesn't matter to you why did you bother to tell me that or moreover why did you continue listening to the conversation. They always have nothing to say after that
R&W Coastal Salmon
R&W Coastal Salmon Před měsícem
This is what Jim Sterling turned inro
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Před měsícem
Why the hell do people feel the need to insert politics, personal agendas, and their own biases into everything? Wouldn't the world be a better place if people just stopped doing that? Maybe since I am a white heterosexual male it all goes over my head. I don't know... Looking at video games from the past and comparing them to what they are today, it's seriously disheartening. Most things that actually made video games fun and enjoyable have been stripped for the sake that everything and everyone needs to be represented... for people who don't even play video games.
Konnor Deschain
Konnor Deschain Před měsícem
So, it´s like, reviewing a series after the first episode? Yeah, that´s really bad journalism... Oh wait, YOU can say what you want, right? Not a journalist, hmmmm Don´t get me wrong, I´m with you on this topic, even if I don´t like many interpretations people make out of it, like "fuck journalism" - yeah, THAT is a pretty good solution...
John Olmos
John Olmos Před měsícem
Who gives these assholes jobs? Like seriously it’s like all I need is a creative writing degree and I too can be a journalist for videogames as long as I have far leftist ideals. I gave up on reviews after people gave MGS5 good scores.
William Moore
William Moore Před měsícem
Drinker, what are your thoughts on an American president trying to inspire a coup?? A lot of Trump support fo someone who doesn't live here and see his effects. lol
Mere C
Mere C Před měsícem
Water isn’t just overrepresented in video games. It’s overrepresented in the real world. More than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in the stuff. Dry land gets only 30%! If you care about equity and social justice, you’ll agree that this is NOT FAIR and must be STOPPED.
T Brown
T Brown Před měsícem
Imagine being so stupid that you criticize games like witcher 3 for having an all white cast even though its in Poland where the entire population is white, but when games like ghost of Tsushima have a all asian cast, its good, its just racist to have criticism like this considering how white people cant have diverse games in there continent but everyone else can? i would rather watch cats (furry the movie) for a week than read articles like this an polygon or kotaku
The Ollon
The Ollon Před měsícem
as much as I agree wiht thsi video, it's still funny that most sane people had given thsi game far lower scores than 7 ^^
Fake Name
Fake Name Před měsícem
I may be wrong, because I really like Jameson and Guinness, but isn't media that specifically focuses on sexuality instead of story called...porn?
Petrow Egynyolc
Petrow Egynyolc Před měsícem
I'm kinda glad I grew up reading actual, printed gaming newspapers, where actual gamers wrote real articles about their actual gaming experiences, could put it into context and comparison to the other products of the industry and even had their independency so they could write a negative review about a big title if it actually turned out to be bad.
Nick Schneider
Nick Schneider Před měsícem
Only a thick armor of self-righteous ignorance could possibly deflect such a strong & sharp criticism. ...too bad they're all suited up.
Jose Antonio Marrero Resto
Cyberpunk 2077 it’s a great game especially since the game it’s not woke, SJWS got mad because of it
Sercil Před měsícem
It's not enough to not be a gamer. You must openly despise and antagonise gamers and all what they like. Now I know what you're thinking: "it's insane to hate your audience openly" What? You expected me to say anything else?
chris macdonald
chris macdonald Před 2 měsíci
Tarron Před 2 měsíci
That whole woke movement is just a different color of fascism. All extremes are bad. Equality is about tolerance and respect, not intolerance and discrimination.
milcoll73 Před 2 měsíci
this word "journalism" you keep using. i do not think it means what you think it means.
R B Před 2 měsíci
This guy deserve his own talk show... but not in that woke-trash calked BBC aka Biased BullSh!t Corp.
TheRaccInBlack Před 2 měsíci
“Shiiiit. Hit the nail on the head, V.”
CMDR F. Ravelli
CMDR F. Ravelli Před 2 měsíci
Hi, lately I´ve been watching some of your videos because i honestly enjoy them. In this one csshows.info/up/video/pc6yyYSdg2nJtaQ.html I´ve noticed that (@3:04) you include a pic and a comment driven by your political bias. Can you comment on that, please?
Paul Connett
Paul Connett Před 2 měsíci
Drinker, I love how subtle your sarcasm is. That's one reason I'm a fan. It's amazing how many experts there are who know fxck all..
Kenneth Selby
Kenneth Selby Před 2 měsíci
Preach the truth my hilarious, drunk friend! Still think Ghost of Tsushima should of won the golden joystick award.
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer Před 2 měsíci
In WAB we trust.
g davis
g davis Před 2 měsíci
U never said shill. A glaring omission
kj3n Před 2 měsíci
New sjw game: Stunning and Brave. Start the game, instantly win. The end.
Alexandre MONBAILLY Před 2 měsíci
Hmm. In the end TLOU2 is an amazing & WORKING game. CP77 is pure shite.
Deo Frutuoso
Deo Frutuoso Před 2 měsíci
Amen, Brudda. Keep up the good work. Careful though as they are going to cancel anyone who is a free thinker. Gotta drink the coolaide
Nicholas Brakespear
Nicholas Brakespear Před 2 měsíci
I started writing for PC Zone magazine back in the day because I was highly vocal about games on the forums, and ended up playing left 4 Dead (the very first one) with one of the writers, until I was offered a sort of internship (meant they didn't have to pay me, which was good because Future Publishing was in the process of strangling them out of existence through budget cuts), which eventually led to freelance work. This included not only reviewing games... but I once did a couple of two-page spreads for the magazine about level design, in which I had taught myself, over the course of one month, to make levels for Left 4 Dead 2 and documented the experience, before putting the end result on the magazine's demo disc. I guess I represent the last generation of actual game journalists who were actual game enthusiasts - I got the job through gaming, and now here I am, working on my own indie title. Because it was always gaming that mattered to me. Somehow I don't see the current crop of journalists following this path. They probably won't even end up in PR, as many of the older generation of journalists did, because who in their right mind would want them promoting a game?
Yong Yea
Yong Yea Před 2 měsíci
Story of my life....
mikeus69 Před 2 měsíci
So you like the orange man eh?
cyber spark
cyber spark Před 2 měsíci
I would consider myself somewhat of an activist. But ya know where I'm going to go? on the streets. To the voting poles. Talking to the community. Places where you can actually make a difference. I'm not going to waste time throwing a bunch of pretentious lectures into video games or movies or the comics I write because those are an escape from busting your ass fighting the good fight. The extremism of "woke" culture is an insult to everyone who is trying to make a difference because it undermines everything we are trying to achieve.
The Baron
The Baron Před 2 měsíci
I'm still playing and loving Cyberpunk to this day. The only thing I have noticed is how the world is literally propelling itself forward at an alarming rate towards the miseable corporate dystopia that it portrays!
EleFunT Před 2 měsíci
Taking my hat off to you sir
Scott B
Scott B Před 2 měsíci
It's always nice to hear I'm not alone in my thoughts
TheOkThx Před 2 měsíci
I do find myself feeling nostalgic and missing the good old days reading a bgamer magazine with my friends with a cool review and we all getting super hyped about a game when internet wasn't really a thing, and these cancerous so called "journalists" didn't exist yet.
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh Před 2 měsíci
I'm confused where people get the notion that games journalists get paid heftily. I REQUEST anyone here who believes that to actually ask a freelance games journalist, or a games journalist for a small site about that. PLEASE DO. Even ALANAH freaking Pearce, former IGN, now writing for SANTA MONICA stated in one of her videos she worked for free for her first SIX MONTHS. Please, if you want to know ONE THING about games journalists, it's that there's not a lot of pay in the work.
Scrill The beast
Scrill The beast Před 2 měsíci
>>> Status: normal human Objective: become a video game reviewer Initiating attempt #67: Failure Revaluation of the word “review” Choosing proper course of action: Changing status... >>> Status: politically correct journalist Objective: become a video game reviewer Initiating attempt #68: Success Revaluation of the word “correct”
olawunmi popoola
olawunmi popoola Před 2 měsíci
The determined leather luckily shop because siberian encouragingly learn notwithstanding a axiomatic screw. divergent, mundane peru
WinchesterKID -
WinchesterKID - Před 2 měsíci
Cyberpunk was review bombed because they couldn't let another game other than TLOU2 be the GOTY.
Robert Witt
Robert Witt Před 2 měsíci
I love the humor about this, but we act this way because its relatively new. It will turn to anger. And then who knows.
Dan Rogenstein
Dan Rogenstein Před 2 měsíci
C.D., you’re a journalist. And yet here we are, listening to your opinions. My dad always said about reviewers: find somebody who you tend to agree with and listen to them. I’m happily listening to you, but I don’t hate journalists and I don’t think they are inherently idiots (the real ones anyway)
Boris Dorofeev
Boris Dorofeev Před 2 měsíci
I want Batman to be a paralyzed non binary woman of color in the next Arkham game. We NEED more representation in video games. Developers have to *try harder*.
craZivn Před 2 měsíci
Dear Mr. (or may I say, fellow) Drinker, I am not a religious person but if you were to start a church I would probably join it. Your weekly sermons would be the bomb.
Charmander Gamer
Charmander Gamer Před 2 měsíci
I wish that ‘why is there so much water?’ Was a joke but on my god I am dying
Wilson The Ball
Wilson The Ball Před 2 měsíci
Is there a name to this demented fairy land of yours? What happens there when someone doesn't just "Go Away Now"? (Reference to 'death by tea cup' scene in Chronicles of Riddick) I keep remembering this scene every time I reach the end of one of Drinker's vids and he says it. :D
DatOneCommie IronGEAR
DatOneCommie IronGEAR Před 2 měsíci
to be honest, the "too much water" one was a valid critisim that was just worded poorly, what they meant was "The new plethora of pokemon is heavily based toward water types over others, which cause non-water pokemon players to get less out of the game." IIRC
Burjis Azrael
Burjis Azrael Před 2 měsíci
Cyberpunk in the state it was released compared to what was promised, didn't really deserve any higher a score than 7/10 but this video was spot on!
Bioweapon N
Bioweapon N Před 2 měsíci
Aniket Chahande
Aniket Chahande Před 2 měsíci
Just thankful that atleast someone covered this shit
Edward Rivas
Edward Rivas Před 2 měsíci
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee Lol I love this channel
Jory Cassel
Jory Cassel Před 2 měsíci
This aged like milk.
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