Godzilla vs Kong Trailer - Hilarious Insanity 

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With the release of the first trailer for Godzilla vs Kong, it's time to venture into the Monsterverse and break down this madness.


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27. 01. 2021





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 2 měsíci
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Derrick Nichols
Derrick Nichols Před měsícem
I could've done without the kid thing.
Derrick Nichols
Derrick Nichols Před měsícem
@Tanel Viil I'm guessing after the 1st one, yes?
It doesn’t matter What your name is
Again. No I don’t want to help your channel. But keep em coming.
Omega Prime
Omega Prime Před měsícem
@Tanel Viil maybe because we like the thrill, the spectical, and the raw awesomeness that is watching two building sized monsters beat the shit out of each other. If monster movies aren't for you thats fine, my own sister isn't a fan of the genre, but you can't imply that someone is stupid because they like something that you don't.
Linda Marquet
Linda Marquet Před měsícem
They're just making big lizard and big monkey go boom! And I'm okay with that!
TexanTube Před dnem
Unpopular opinion, but I liked the 1998 Godzilla. And that guy who was looking around and laughing with the camera, that was actually great acting and here's why...He was early crushed to death under the enormous lizard's foot and when he managed to get between the monster's toes and live, that laugh was basically an "I'm crying because I stared death in the eye and made it out alive" but instead of crying, he laughed in absolute amazement.
IroncladBomber Před 2 dny
Yeah, this movie was Loud and Dumb. And that is Exactly why I like it. I could just turn my brain off and watch Godzilla and Kong fight Mechagodzilla. I still love the Original Godzilla more though, but I do love these new movies.
John Sullivan
John Sullivan Před 3 dny
Drinker, you sick fuck!!!!! Why do i get fried... & watch your commentaries again&again??????? You golden tongued prince!!!!! You pop culture gad fly,..... my hats off to you,...santa ana style, made in america!!!
Nam Shet
Nam Shet Před 9 dny
Your voice is....wierd!
raphaël beuchot
raphaël beuchot Před 14 dny
Kong Skull Island is one of the best pop corn movie ever made. It's action packed, fast paced, and pretty gore. First Riddick, then this, oh Drinker, what have you become ?
Habitacion 101
Habitacion 101 Před 16 dny
I'm sure Godzilla destroying Hong Kong has nothing to do with servicing the CCP.
Habitacion 101
Habitacion 101 Před 16 dny
Stop trying to make Brie Larson happen. It's not going to happen.😂
Logan Grimnar
Logan Grimnar Před 16 dny
*Godzilla* "U WOT APE?!"
The Godfather Of Toys
This movie was so bad, after about 40 min I turned it off and watched Snyder cut again
Ed209 V
Ed209 V Před 16 dny
I started watching this on HBO, 15 minutes later I was back to watching Rick and Morty. No regrets.
TheSaphire Katana3795
Your review is great and I can tell u arnt a fan of big dumb monster movies but I believe u missed the core theme that has been all of the monsterverse films. 'The arrogance of man is believing that nature is under their control and not the other way around' The humans arn't supposed to matter in these films the focus is the monsters. U also said that no human experiences character development but DR Nathan lind did experience character development. At the start of the film he is a coward afraid of kong and only cares to be recognised for his theories yet at the end of the film he is willing to risk his life to save kong Kong himself also goes through character development by exploring his past and learning that not every kaiju is his enemy Also when u state that the monsters don't seem to take lasting damage this is partially due to their healing factors but their are still moments where they suffer extended injury. Such as godzilla limping after taking an axe to the leg, kong almost dying after godzilla broke his ribs and ripped at his chest and not to mention godzilla barely put up a fight against mechagodzilla because he was drained after fighting kong Also u describe the change of monsters going from slow and sluggish to incredibly fast jarring yet this has a simple explanation. They don't need to be hyperactive when going through their daily routine. When u walk around the house I doubt u go into a full sprint. However if someone broke into your house and got into a fist fight with u then u would move alot faster due to adrenaline pumping through you which is what happened to the titans in their fights and why the move so quickly in their fights.
Democratlies matter
Democratlies matter Před 17 dny
Ive seen 1 movie since the common flu was demonized, joker
Justin Stoll
Justin Stoll Před 17 dny
The shin Godzilla 2016 did the best to incorporate human characters.
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez Před 17 dny
Do another video. Include Mechagodzilla and the ending
p. Binx
p. Binx Před 17 dny
I went last night and wow! They need to invent a new word for this movie
BMan2Cool4U Před 16 dny
You mean other than crap?
Commander Před 17 dny
Kong couldn’t break free because he was being sedated. The movie also mentions how he grew in size. I know the movie is boring but pay more attention next time.
Nick Georgiev
Nick Georgiev Před 17 dny
They actually even said it in Skull Island that Kong in the 70s was still a juvenile and had some growing to do.
Jonathan Davila
Jonathan Davila Před 17 dny
This movie was so dumb but god damn was it entertaining lol
T1tusCr0w Před 18 dny
Kong diverts Godzilla with an ax and basically grabs his head DDT ing him into a skyscraper. That bit alone was worth it 🤣❣️
Mr Elkatook
Mr Elkatook Před 18 dny
just watched it big, stupid .. a McGuffin. a story that passes the time between big stupid monster stuff 90mins of entertainment , i feel a directors cut or deleted scenes special would easily padd some of the shorter plot / story line devices recommended for sure
Amir HB
Amir HB Před 18 dny
Kong is always growing Like literally always
Sam Chan
Sam Chan Před 18 dny
Still I thought the 1998 was pretty darn decent. I will die on that hill. Compare to so much of the SJW narrative diverisity crap in the last 10 yrs... I will be happy to watch it again and again.
Nethiuz Před 18 dny
This was the worst movie i think i've ever seen. OK eye candy 10/10 Stupid shit that makes no sense yeah 10/10 too. Lots of strong women and weak men, yep they went a solid 10 on that too. Space ships, anti gravity, inertia dampeners, hollow earth, robots, portals and gravity not working as intended a solid 12/10 What the f*ck did i just watch? I kinda feel violated.
Randiesel Před 19 dny
Fantastic movie. Would love to watch the follow up to this video.
James Scott
James Scott Před 19 dny
The Kong took place in the 1970's so the explanation given was he has grown up so now he is bigger.
Ady Hart
Ady Hart Před 19 dny
Just seen it. It’s as goddam awful as you would expect it to be. Utter shite.... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ted Papadopoulos
Ted Papadopoulos Před 19 dny
CGI lizard vs. CGI monkey MMA fight where I don't care who wins - expensive garbage! Saw it. Time lost :(
Ghetto Geography
Ghetto Geography Před 19 dny
Monster movies are the shit. Loved this one.
MRFIKSIT31 Před 19 dny
It was freakin awesome tho!!
Miguel Palacio Castillo
We came to watch monke vs Dino,not drama
Mac G
Mac G Před 19 dny
the movie would of been better if everyone died and kong and godzilla had a beer and laugh afterword's. no one wants to see human issues in a monster-verse movie. other then AHHHH ITS GODZILLA
I AM THE REAPER Před 5 dny
Godzilla and Kong should sit down for a cup of coffee at HISHE cafe. 😁
I AM THE REAPER Před 5 dny
His Holy Name
His Holy Name Před 19 dny
0:42 When it all gets too much, pray to him. He is your friend.
Slam 420
Slam 420 Před 20 dny
Tried watching it but 35 minutes in turned it off. Chick flick with too much talking.
mongol33t Před 20 dny
lt sucked
MrSGL21 Před 20 dny
this movie was absolutely lit!!!! my theater was PACKED!!!
Masaharu Morimoto
Masaharu Morimoto Před 20 dny
It's bad! REALLY BAD!!
Arturo Gutierrez
Arturo Gutierrez Před 20 dny
I enjoyed the movie, it was fun and I personally understand it's just a movie made to entertain, it doesn't have to be perfect.
pugbuddy kachoo
pugbuddy kachoo Před 20 dny
Just watched it and it's a crap-fest of many bad ideas and one or two good ones (mechagodzilla being one of them). SO many unexplainable things happen just "so there's a movie". It will be fun to see the Drinker's video on this one.
Ricky Rackey
Ricky Rackey Před 20 dny
I’m back after seeing the movie. Everything Drinker said was exactly what I want
309Blink Před 20 dny
This was surprisingly not terrible. Rather enjoyable in a turn your brain off kind of way.
Robert Feldmann
Robert Feldmann Před 20 dny
movie was ....okay
Sidewayz Před 20 dny
Oh Drinker, you magnificently eloquent bastard, you're gonna have such a field day with the movie itself.
They explain kong being taller in first few mins of movie with a subtle line, "kongs gotten only taller" or something like that
cb750 Před 20 dny
Its a good 1980s style movie. And its got a lot of monster fighting in it.
gunlock177 Před 20 dny
Mechagodzilla mvp
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Před 20 dny
Wow...what a great movie.
Got my tickets. I’m fvcken ready. I’m sneaking in a small bottle of Jack Daniels.
Matthew Norberg
Matthew Norberg Před 20 dny
How much Toilet Duck do you recommend drinking with this movie?
Nethiuz Před 18 dny
All of it
PirateRo333 Před 20 dny
It’s not ever been a good story line or even a fair plot. Godzilla’s atomic breath and his ability to heal are unavailable to Kong. Just there, this kind of storyline makes no sense to me. It’s really forced me to actually pay attention to the human characters, who, by the way, pull off their jobs with aplomb, many congrats there. The other real problem is the weight difference. If you look elsewhere on CSshows, you find an estimated weight for Kong at 150 tons. Godzilla’s estimate weight is 90,000 tons due to his atomic nature. NINETY-THOUSAND TONS. Think about that for a moment because you can do an entire CSshows video about it. Kong could punch Big G all he wants and never move him. I ran into that when watched I Pacific Rim, a movie I detested only marginally less than Pacific Rim 2. Their ridiculous plot gave away the weight of the robots and their adversaries and I just had to laugh. I thought how Godzilla’d be kicking ass all over that film. So, sorry, Kong’s just not going to do it - axe and all. I did wonder who built the throne room and the axe, though. I think that might have been a better story than “der kin be only waaaannn” alpha.
Alex Dahl
Alex Dahl Před 20 dny
Seeing little girls in a team sent to a hostile island in the middle of the nowhere made me turn it off. No one would send little girls on a job like this.
Monsieur Amigo
Monsieur Amigo Před 21 dnem
The point for what you said about the size: well the thing is the kong movie took place in the 1970's therefore kong would've grown a while before meeting godzilla and that's why they're the same size
Adrian Alexandrov
Adrian Alexandrov Před 21 dnem
1:40 Brie showing emotion?! And looks kinda cute. Oh...
Jayden Spell
Jayden Spell Před 21 dnem
Well Kong is bigger because he was just a kid in the 70s and now he’s a full grown adult
Doug Před 21 dnem
Maybe, just maybe you need to switch to Wild Turkey. This movie is a pile of stinking shite.
insert name here.
insert name here. Před 21 dnem
It's a monster film, they don't need to make sense!!! Thats the point of them!! Pure entertainment, thats all!!
Jodaddy Před 21 dnem
i audibly sighed when watching the movie in the theatre
Don Clyburn
Don Clyburn Před 22 dny
So basically Godzilla was female all along, is pregnant , and protecting her egg....and being more territorial.....ill drink to that
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Před 22 dny
Gotta say you dropped the ball here, obviously none of us care about the story, we just want a big monster fight. Plus kong was described as a baby in skull island, not blaming you for not remembering that throwaway line but they did think of continuity
I AM THE REAPER Před 5 dny
@Nethiuz I second that notion. They should've renamed the movie "Team girl squad vs Big Monsters with the power of Friendship!"
Nethiuz Před 18 dny
It was shit. Try it for yourself just don't pay for it.
michael stewart
michael stewart Před 22 dny
You can review the whole thing now. Pretty close so far just on the Trailer though Drinker. Actually was not too bad a movie.
Ru Před 22 dny
Charles Dance is the same guy that said yes to a role in Space Truckers!
js100serch Před 22 dny
I'm from Mexico and the movie has been out for a couple of days now. And let me tell you, it is awesome, there's no deep message, no bullshit, no nonsense, just Godzilla and Kong going boom, there's a lost of punching, and kicking and jumping and roaring, you will have a good time. Yes the plot is dumb and for a movie about big Lizard punching big Monkey it is kinda fantastical and extravagant, almost out of place, I know that sounds ridiculous but you'll see. If you haven't seen any spoilers yet, you will be pleasantly surprised by who our two heroes are going to team up against to. Human characters are a total waste as always, I don't know why they keep trying but anyway, they are there, present and running around doing stuff, fortunately they don't get in the way. By the way during the first half of the movie you'll kinda smell some feminist bullshit going on, but during the third act everyone play their part to save the day, I liked that.
Pedro Cc
Pedro Cc Před 22 dny
I think this film will be as shittyas king of the monsters. My bet is that all the actual fights we will see are from the trailers, because they will incist on focusing on the human story and drama. Now, I don't care for shit story o this ki d of film, but when the thing I don't care starts invading the space of the things I care(monster fight), then I have a big problem with it
Viridis Před 22 dny
Whats this? He didn't sound as dreadful at the end ?
bign3ck Před 22 dny
Where is that Whaaaahhhhhhoooooo from? 😂
Thomas Shaxon
Thomas Shaxon Před 22 dny
The both of them are going to have to team up to face (drum roll please) .... Mecha godzilla. And I am not making this up.
Matthew Před 22 dny
Godzilla is nuclear Kong hasn't got a chance
behrouz Muny
behrouz Muny Před 22 dny
Conspiracy theorists everywhere😂 we can't find a movie these days that does not generate conspiracy theory and putting the blames on others.
minh do
minh do Před 22 dny
So they got godzilla to fight mutos n now they got king kong to fight godzilla. Lol
papinbala Před 23 dny
everone i know that seen this movie all recommended it..... you and your twats are jumping the gun on this one, go actually watch it first before bitching about it
Generic Weeb
Generic Weeb Před 23 dny
"How is Kong even supposed to beat Godzilla?" Literally the first shot in this video: Kong's axe nullifying Godzilla's most deadly technique
John Herndon
John Herndon Před 23 dny
Kong was growing in Skull Island.
John Herndon
John Herndon Před 23 dny
Godzilla is THE KING!!!!!
Sean Haberlin
Sean Haberlin Před 23 dny
When everything else in modern cinema virtue signals until it's blue in the face, a big dumb movie about a giant radioactive dinosaur fighting a giant monkey might be the smartest thing we've seen on screens in a long time.
godzilla was good in the last movie!!! what happened
Our_illumination Před 23 dny
Monke rides Godzilla, Monke kills Godzilla... Monke misses Godzilla. Monke contemplate life.
Felix Z
Felix Z Před 23 dny
I usually do not go to cinema anymore and thanks to the Drinker I know exactly why. But today I had a date and it happened that I watched this movie: Holy shit, the whole movie is terrible. No characters at all, the whole movie I had absolutely no idea who the people in the movie were and what their purpose is. The fight on the ocean is ridiculous and physics seem to play no role at all. And why the fuck do they go to hollow earth? And who the fuck is the black fatty that manages to get into high security installations? Seems like in that world CCTV does not exist yet. The whole movie does not give any fucking explanation why something is happening, pure plot neccessities lined up after another. Dear Drinker, i think this movie is a goldmine for you, i am waiting for your detailled dismantling. Thx
Felix Z
Felix Z Před 22 dny
@vin Air i do complain about the level of how much physics are neglected. I do not require a movie to be physically accurate but the scene when Kong and Godzilla jump on the carrier with no impact on the waterline, it is just awkward.
vin Air
vin Air Před 22 dny
u are complaining about physics ? BRUH. PHYSICS in a movie where there is a giant monkey and a lizard doing mma ? okay
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Před 24 dny
you are wrong on this one man.
Game Jedi
Game Jedi Před 24 dny
Your critique of the 2014 Godzilla is spot-on. It loses something in the translation from conceptual horror movie to... not so much. However, the second and third movies are definitely based on the original series where it became movies with half-assed human sub-plots and (more importantly) epic kaiju battles. Working as intended.
Sam Lee
Sam Lee Před 24 dny
Japan with an anti-war message!? That's something I've never heard of.
Arthur Staufackar dos Santos
"Big Lizard and Big Monke go BOOM" That's...why I'm here.
Honk Honk
Honk Honk Před 24 dny
Lowest common denominator content.. probably targeting BLM members as their audience.
KoolJupiter Před 24 dny
CJ Perry
CJ Perry Před 24 dny
I know I'll prolly regret saying this, but.. Kong was a baby in Skull Island. He was a baby, the lizard things killed his parents who were supposedly much, much larger than he was in the movie.. meaning he was still growing and would grow to be much, much larger himself.. This was all clearly explained in the movie, I think.. Know what.. I regret nothing. Needed to be said lol.
Satish RM
Satish RM Před 25 dny
4:58 Yes, you are wrong. Kong: Skull Island made it clear that the monstrous ape was only a juvenile and hadn't reached full maturity and ergo its size. Since then, he must have grown sufficiently to be commensurate with Godzilla. Come on man! Don't be lazy. Do your fucking research. Unlike most others, I'm not here to build a personality-cult around you but after the fruits of your intellect.
uglyduckling81 Před 25 dny
I feel like this trailer showed the entirety of the movie including the final fight scene. The only thing left to watch is all the boring human parts that flesh out the time with non CG parts.
Justin Weber
Justin Weber Před 25 dny
Oh, no no no. This isn't going to be the 'logical endpoint', they still have to mine the alien invasions in the Japanese Godzilla movies for plot points. Have to introduce Biollante as what happens when someone screws around with G-Cells, or Hedorah as.... living pollution, of some kind. And "Space Godzilla" Oh! And, of course, revamping the Shin-Godzilla concept of the current 'zilla melting down and a younger one taking his place!
Meatbyproducts Před 25 dny
King of the monsters was great. Skip the humans
JR German
JR German Před 25 dny
JR German
JR German Před 25 dny
Please watch the movies made in Japan in 2000 and on and earth Godzilla cartoon before u judge Godzilla in America 2014 to this Kong vs Godzilla please
Gdstrike Law
Gdstrike Law Před 25 dny
Monster fights > Story True story
Brian Wiemer Photography
I was really disappointed that Kong and Godzilla didn’t bro fist at the end of the film.
james mayhew
james mayhew Před 25 dny
if kong was getting slapped by the lizards on skull island how can he beat godzilla? he has fire and lightning abilities, and probably a higher bite force than the other lizards. kong stands no chance :(
MikeOxmaul Před 26 dny
Wow this video was a disappointment 🙁
MRI Před 26 dny
Kong is going to be victorious, but die at the end and break our hearts again. I cant do this again lmao.
Jacob W
Jacob W Před 26 dny
God nothing would make me happier than for them to surprise me with Jaegers.
Bongo Spongo
Bongo Spongo Před 26 dny
Wait a secound all I remember about the Kong movie was an ape eating octopus and a lizard smashing a guy into a rock and explosions. And you trie to tell me brick face was in it too. I'm actually scared now that if I rewatch it I will constantly just see unnecessary sjw politics crammed into it
DHIKЯIS Před 26 dny
Actually i catch that point. The very first Godzilla movie have strong message, same also with shin Godzilla (which i think it's better than godzilla 2014)
Michael Vedal
Michael Vedal Před 26 dny
Sorry dude, but in this scenario, you make zero sense at all. Your comments are all over the place. You bounce around like my 2 year old shifting his focus every 5 seconds. Godzilla was never "dead in the water". Between the 1998 Zilla movie and the 2014 movie, lots of Godzilla movies came out in Japan. Also, between Skull Island and King of the Monsters, we also had Shin Godzilla, which was pretty good. They TRY to do somethign different with their monsterverse than to follow the Japanese plan. For that, they have Toho's backing, since they think its pretty cool they can think stuff up on their own rather than falling back on whats been established in Japan. The Monsterverse exists in a "different universe" than the Toho one, hence origins are different and so on. In Japan, the humans in the Godzilla movies always had a message about this and that, but the importance have faded throughout the years, and when Shin Godzilla came along, even with a halfhearted compelling human story in that movie, most just went to theaters to see Godzilla (of course). When you go to see King of the Monsters or Godzilla vs Kong, you go to see the monsters. You want spectacle, destruction, mayhem and chaos. Its not Shakespear. Its a MONSTER MOVIE. Even critics now has seemed to see the light on this monsterverse and getting on board with it. Only took three movies in for them to realize that small point. Also, Skull Island was set in the 70s. Godzilla vs Kong is set in near future. He has grown a lot in 50 change years. Only seems fitting he is as big as Godzilla now, considering they said in Skull Island that he was just a young Kong back then, and that he will grow to become much bigger. And they needed to do that so he can stand half a chance with Godzilla, even though he has no real chance to win (bets are the lizard wins). Take it for what it is, and stop shitting on and overanalyzing this fanchise to get subscribers and trolls to comment. It makes you look bad. I enjoy a lot of your content, but I really don't like it when you downright shit on something that is actually cool. And those who don't like these movies, don't like monster movies.
Justin L
Justin L Před 26 dny
Basically written for my 7 and 8 year old to live. Perfect for me as a parent so I can literally shut my brain off and actually relax for a couple hours. Can they make it 4 hours like the Snyder cut so I can get a really good nap in??
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones Před 26 dny
When someone asks me what’s my favourite movie in years to come.... here’s my answer!
Jurassic World Fooled Us All
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Why The Hobbit Sucks
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