Godzilla vs Kong - Big, Dumb and... Fun? 

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Who wins in a fight between the big monkey and the big lizard? Well, I've finally seen it, and it was very 'special'. Join me as I review Godzilla vs Kong.

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3. 04. 2021





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Pro Plan
Pro Plan Před 2 hodinami
What 🗑
ZeroPoint Clocker
ZeroPoint Clocker Před 3 hodinami
I grew up on monster movies and this latest run has been the best, despite all the blacked out fight scenes in the reboot that started. The cast didn't even show up and the CGI monsters deserve the Oscar nod. The rough A.I. was a subplot that caught me off guard.
XperimentorEES Před 3 hodinami
Thank you for pointing out the rampant ineptitude that is the constant interjections of the human drama in a monster movie; the original Pacific Rim handled that issue with competent style. None of these godzilla remakes have come close, dumb fun is how this era of the lizard should be labeled; even the older godzilla movies shown the monsters taking damage at least.
Fernando Simon Music
Fernando Simon Music Před 3 hodinami
Honestly, the EFAP crew and you should just pass on this one Drinker. We all know the plot is shite. An in depth critique would be redundant. Just let some things be dumb and fun. At least we got zero wokeness and political bullcrap... But we were all there for Monke VS Lizard and we got it.
Sunkmeistern Olsson
Sunkmeistern Olsson Před 8 hodinami
What those my brain do a happy mean and is beastes a real word?
Sunkmeistern Olsson
Sunkmeistern Olsson Před 8 hodinami
Philipp Oppermann
Philipp Oppermann Před 11 hodinami
Yeah I am cool with everything going on in a sense. But that hallow earth. My lord... I am by no means an expect in gravitational physics, but what on earth is that supposed to be? How is there axis rotation? And what's the light source? Give me at least soooooome form of explanation!
Sowmiya Rajasekar
Sowmiya Rajasekar Před 12 hodinami
Cgi in this movie is underrated
Sowmiya Rajasekar
Sowmiya Rajasekar Před 12 hodinami
People must enjoy the cgi
Hadassah S
Hadassah S Před 15 hodinami
I honestly enjoyed the movie but the one thing that kept bothering me was how Millie’s character and her pals kept breaking into these top secret facilities without getting caught. I mean when it first happened I was like “okay I can live with that.” But then it kept happening over and over again and it was just annoying 🙄 They were not even relevant to the plot. It was way too cringey watching their scenes.
Barnaby Wentworth
The plot should've been.... Kong falls in love with a pretty blonde lady, Godzilla tries to eat pretty blonde lady, Kong gets mad, they fight, the end.
Mr Wholegrain
Mr Wholegrain Před dnem
Movie was dumb with awesome fights, that's literally everyone wanted and they got it. Even the details of the plot are there, it's not like they didn't bother: -Godzilla keeps nature in balance. He's specifically attacking human structures that have bits of robot in them because the humans are using the skull and brain of King Ghidorah, the alien dragon, from the last movie to help build it. Godzilla can sense this and is annoyed. -Kong, probably the most human character in the film, despite being a giant ape monster, is sick of humans containing him because they're afraid of him and Godzilla fighting as they're both Apex monsters. -Evil science cooperation need to get to hollow earth. Use Kong as a glorified bouncer and make him go by saying there's maybe more like him in the hollow earth. -Godzilla and Kong fight because animal instinct and dominance. Godzilla wins cause Kong has to play dead. -Hollow earth stuff happens. Throne room is probably built by other kongs or people because people have worshipped the monsters in the past. -Plot Energy Source is activated, triggering Godzilla. Godzilla blows a hole into the hollow earth to tell Kong to 1v1 him. -Cooperation does a bad and betrays them. Monke says no. -Lizard and Monkey fight again. Monkey wins next round. Godzilla says no afterwards and beats him again to win the fight. -MechaG appears. Turns evil because alien dragon brain. He beats Godzilla's ass. -Kong forced to help. Understandable because if MG kills G, then MG will probs kill K since he;s right there. -Teamwork makes the dreamwork. -G and K are now friends. Kong is the victim in this movie. He's brought along and thrown into fights he doesn't want and nearly dies on a few occasions. Dude just wants a home to leave peacefully. The human parts are the weakest part, but literally everyone watched it to see the not-human stuff. It doesn't really need to be deep or compelling if it's entertaining.
MagnumTriumph Před dnem
The human characters in this were worse than what you get in Michael Bay and Roland Emmrich movies. Especially the stuff with the kids and the conspiracy theorist. The deaf girl was ok though. I think the movie would've been more interesting if she was the only human character
Jabet Aguiluz
Jabet Aguiluz Před dnem
I kind of want to hear your " The Drinker Fixes" version
Jar Jar Studios
Jar Jar Studios Před dnem
Why doesn't Kong have balls? I mean, it's not like it could be classified as nudity and make the movie rated R, he is just an ape. Where are Kong's balls???
jtojagicc Před dnem
I am still mad about Pacific Rim 2 being shit
Larry Před dnem
At the end of the movie, as Kong and Godzilla become friends, a giant werewolf should come out of nowhere and the movie should transition to the *Rampage* (videogame)franchise.
huntressvideos Před dnem
Watched it yesterday and basically fast-forwarded anything that involved the "plot" surrounding the humans (especially Millie Bobby Brown). I sort of liked the smackdowns but on the whole, I have to say that I rather stick with the Toei movies, which may be a lot cheesier but have more soul than WBs CGI overkill movies. Godzilla: King of Monsters was such a letdown because Mothra, Ghidorah and Rhodan were really barely there and it was hard to see anything. The best scenes were already all in the trailers...as usual.
Impulset0 Před dnem
The first pacific rim is still my favourite monster flick.
BidenBlows Před 2 dny
That was a dude?
BidenBlows Před 2 dny
Why does HBO max exist? "Don't know"....
Man Ho Marcus Fan
Man Ho Marcus Fan Před 2 dny
Big, Dumb and Fun? Absolutely.
Tyler Bradfield
Tyler Bradfield Před 2 dny
FixedWing82 Před 2 dny
So this is almost a movie version of the video game primal rage. Monsters just beating the shit out of each other with insignificant humans running around. Noice.
Beta Tester
Beta Tester Před 2 dny
its probably because they have done it several millions time
Num Hont
Num Hont Před 2 dny
100% agree with all your points. Exactly what I had in mind. The upside of it is: you can eat popcorn watching a movie with pretty pictures and not paying any attention on the story. Because there is none. Also a huge plus, it‘s not woke bs. I support that, even if it‘s a pretty dump movie.
Sydney Sprockett
Sydney Sprockett Před 2 dny
I feel movies like this and superhero movies are just for kids anyway. Not even worth a review really. An adult enjoying this kind of stuff is just...wrong.
Bad Finger
Bad Finger Před 2 dny
Did I like the fight scenes? Yes. But what bugged me was over and over again I had heard that ever since Kong Skull Island, this battle was what the series of movies was building up to. So they had years to plan this out. Years, and this is what they came up with? If you are going to ditch any kind of logical story, then why not bring in some of the other monsters? Why not clone and reanimate ghidora? I’ve read so many fan ideas of what this movie would be, and they are all better than that product. sure, the plots of the other movies weren’t perfect, but they did layout a somewhat logical explanation for the world we were witnessing and they did have humans you sort of cared about. This? People were talking so much gibberish and so quickly about what was going on that it was hard to care. Characters were lame. Dialogue was lame. Kind of a disappointment.
trev Před 2 dny
I hate how movies like this do so well, while actual good movies flop like bladerunner 2049
TheBornOfFire Před 2 dny
I have just watched it, it was Big and Dumb but not fun. It's like watching a children's action cartoon, zero to be invested in but plenty of explosions and stuff. Even the fight scenes between the big lads were boring, because they are all the same size and it just looked like a couple of puppets getting shirty, one was reminded strongly of the old Japanese Godzilla movies, which actually were fun but for reasons best known to stoned students. I wasn't expecting a riveting story or complex, dynamic and interesting characters to get invested in but honestly I just kept getting bored with the endless monkey punch lizard etc etc
Kevin Baboolal
Kevin Baboolal Před 2 dny
So how many people are going to die in this movie? Director: Yes
TDATA Před 3 dny
4:31 why does mecha godzilla have party lights for eyes?
Julio Zavala
Julio Zavala Před 3 dny
Honestly this movie made me appreciated KoTM a whole lot more, and even '14 despite the big flaws it has, because GvK is just the worst of the films currently. Looking at Kong, just in this filmverse alone, is honestly the perfect balance of dumb cheese and fun-so it's obvious they can make better films. This? Jeez I rather watch All Out Monster Attack or Final Wars. instead.
Littlest Soul
Littlest Soul Před 3 dny
Dude, sounds like you needed a few more Manhattans while watching this one.... The fights scenes were the best ever and the right monster won!!
John Assal
John Assal Před 3 dny
Sir, KotM was *ten* times the movie this was. As most movies are. I just saw it for free and wish I had my worthless time back. The only thing dumber than every single character in this script, or the script is the team who actually wrote it.
CloudedIntentions Před 3 dny
Oh come on, i like you drinker but for fuck sake it isn't supposed to be the shawshank redemption. It's godzilla versus kong for fuck sake. The amount of work gone into one frame of the creature battles is unbelievable. Probably the first time i watched a movie and really admired the CGI scenes without caring about the fact it wasn't photorealistic. I enjoyed it for what it was. Makes a change
Eyesfortruth Only
Eyesfortruth Only Před 3 dny
Although the Drinker is right about this movie, he seems to forget about the original. There was a human story that was worth it. It was the tragedy of Dr. Serizawa. Even now once in a while I might watch it.
J_b_ Před 3 dny
Kong had the only character arc in the movie, and it was just right.
mackinawey E
mackinawey E Před 3 dny
Everyone can agree that the human part sucked ass cheeks
Brendan Whitaker
Brendan Whitaker Před 3 dny
Its BvS but without the crust and the bread center
Motl Klein
Motl Klein Před 3 dny
Isn't the lesson behind almost *all* movies these days that humans are garbage and nature should just kill us? I got tired of that lesson about ten years ago, but they keep shoving it down my throat.
Eduardo Pereira
Eduardo Pereira Před 3 dny
It's nice to go see a movie to just have fun without being bombarded with left wing bullshit propaganda and hateful feminazi rhetoric. I was getting so stoked at the end when Kong and Godzilla were teaming up against Mechagodzilla. It didn't need to be a cinematic masterpiece, it just needed to be cool and exciting. I'm so happy that Kong and Zilla became friends at the end.
Bofoi takoyaki
Bofoi takoyaki Před 3 dny
The whole point was to not care about anything BUT Godzilla and King Kong. So to even try to talk about anything other than that is a waste of your Time. An easy 10/10 movie. Bc It gave the fans and target audience EXACTLY what they wanted. So for those who are not the target audience to critique it.... Is pointless and ridiculous. The only real critique is: Why didnt king kong have his signature ATOMIC LIGHTNIGHG GENERATED BY THE ATOMIC STATIC ELECTRICY GENERATED BY HIS FUR. Yes thats a real thing. I really though they were gonna include that
Bofoi takoyaki
Bofoi takoyaki Před 2 dny
@trev Bc the movie wasnt made entirely BY fans, it was made by people who didnt have the whole vIsIoN
trev Před 2 dny
If it’s to only care about Godzilla and Kong, why put any humans at all?
Fluffington Před 3 dny
Hooo boi, I've just watched it. The plot was so bad they had to put a dumb children arc to add more content. I would have been less disappointed if they just rolled with only 30 minutes monsters fight.
Seaun Lobo
Seaun Lobo Před 3 dny
King of monsters better than gvk
Balakrishna Před 3 dny
This Movie made Godzilla King of Monsters look like a 9/10 Art work Masterpiece For me, KOTM had some Good Moments but felt Mediocre
StevenWolf Před 3 dny
Critics: its just a big dumb cgi fight Me: but... *Big Monster!!*
Angry TechAddict
Angry TechAddict Před 3 dny
A 1080p upload from the drinker? 😍
margareth michelina
When a movie about Giant Monkey and a Giant fighting is way simple and not complicated as Batman V Superman
Jadus Lokai
Jadus Lokai Před 4 dny
I hope Mauler reviews this
Thermionic Emission
For me it did what a giant monster movie is supposed to do, it was fun entertainment. There are so many homages to the 1962 movie, the original Kong movie, and several of the other Showa, Heisi and Millenial Godzilla movies. I did not mind the absence of political posturing, and messaging rampant in current day Hollywierd movies. For that alone this movie is good in my book.
toxicwaltz69 Před 4 dny
This flick was a moronic piece of shit, as were the two before it. But at least I now know to avoid anything with Alexander Skarsgard.
Goff Cool
Goff Cool Před 4 dny
Who built the temple? Why is there an a ac just there for Kong?........ Umm probably because that is his home and where his family lived.
Dauth Eldrvaria
Dauth Eldrvaria Před 4 dny
It was fun dumb fun....
Robert Stevens
Robert Stevens Před 4 dny
WOW, I just recently found your channel. While I don’t agree with all your takes. I do get a lot of entertainment out of most of your content. Keep it up, and thanx
James Paguip
James Paguip Před 4 dny
It's basically batman vs superman all over again.
Blizzard b
Blizzard b Před 4 dny
Ich love every Godzilla move ever made... but this movie is a piece of shit. Im sorry
John Baker
John Baker Před 4 dny
I think this would be better, or at least more intresting. csshows.info/up/video/nsxwqKawf5fSp5w.html
Monk-ish Monkey
Monk-ish Monkey Před 4 dny
I'd love a no human monster movie.
Rekkless Před 4 dny
I think for one time Drinker is missing the point. One doesn't turn on a movie called "Godzilla vs. Kong," expecting the art of Shakespeare or the class of say Formula 1. We turn it on for the brain dead fun of the WWE or a Demolishing Derby. I honestly really enjoyed it. In a theatrical climate of so much SJW, Identity political and social issue movies, it was great to just take a break and have a good old fashioned action movie. With great special effects, great fights and plenty of nostalgia I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. It won't win any Oscars, but it won my heart.
Ishaan Sharma
Ishaan Sharma Před 4 dny
This guy had no idea of the plot all the other monsters were dead and big monke was not getting shipped across the see to fight radio active iguana it was to go to the damn hollow earth. How Much did you drink???
Ishaan Sharma
Ishaan Sharma Před 4 dny
The camera man is probably the biggest fricking chad ever
Bigb Před 4 dny
Isn't that the fat kid from Deadpool?
Bokane25 Před 4 dny
This film is fun and generaly good ,nothing special i realy liked Kong
David Fedor
David Fedor Před 4 dny
i dunno, i kinda disagree with this review. I for one was invested in what happened to Kong and definitely felt sad when he got injured etc. I think they were trying to make Kong the main character and hero of the movie and it worked to some extent because his face is expressive like that of a human and thus much more relatable than Godzilla.
Weaknee Rose
Weaknee Rose Před 5 dny
After watching bunch of shitty Star Wars and super heroes movies I was genuinely enjoyed GvK.
Tito Leaks
Tito Leaks Před 5 dny
Billy Love
Billy Love Před 5 dny
This was such garbage. Turned into a michael bay transformer movie. Ridiculous story that had nothing to do with godzilla but at least we got to see Kong scratch his ass and put his shoulder back into place. We saw the enormous temple his monkey forbearers made. And the absolutely stooopid comedy that you didn't need. The first godzilla movie was a drama. The first and second one had great imagery during the fight scenes. This one definitely will kill the franchise.
admrlwlvrnlgtngblt Před 5 dny
If you have to have human drama on a giant monster movie, why not have it focused on disaster relief/evacuation efforts?
Tyler Sizelove
Tyler Sizelove Před 5 dny
Please do the Fast 9 movie when it comes out, I already know its gonna be phony as hell.
Mikkael Mansbridge
Mikkael Mansbridge Před 5 dny
It's always one or the other with these fight scenes. "Godzilla barely shows up in these movies, fight scenes rarely last more then X amounts of minutes/seconds before it cuts away" Or "The Fight scenes go on way too long, it's exhausting to watch." I get it, they want a good middle ground, but so many times it's one of these two criticisms. It just has a "never satisfied" vibe to it.
Fletch Keilman
Fletch Keilman Před 5 dny
Whatever. I love Godzilla and I'm happy. I don't care that I may be cognitively challenged. Me like
The TrashCanMan
The TrashCanMan Před 5 dny
Fight scenes were garbage too 😂 movies are on the fast decline
raymond reiz bong
raymond reiz bong Před 5 dny
Yes~ I agree with you, a boring film while every one say wow it so fun...~~~~ I like Kong, so hope they a Kong and jia film
Артем Мячин
Man this movie is infinitely better than King of monsters. The best part of this is that it never takes itself seriously and so even the dumb jokes made me chuckle a couple of times. Unlike the King of Monsters that was so deadpan and cringe with its story it was physically painful to watch. Also cinematography and camera angles here are especially great imo.
I Cunt Spell
I Cunt Spell Před 5 dny
I almost got cringed to death by this movie.
Soundwave Před 5 dny
He may not be good as the Scientist in this film, but you should really see Aleksander Skarsgard in generation kill as the iceman.
alphatrion100 Před 5 dny
Ofcourse they call the conspiracy guy who fights big coöperations Bernie.
buryitdeep Před 5 dny
This movie is like your 3 year old trying to tell you a story
Grant Reid
Grant Reid Před 5 dny
Big dumb and fun and that was all it needed to be and it was really really fun
Silverfan96 Před 5 dny
One thing most pple not realise is Mechagodzilla was actually hunted because Godzilla sensed Ghidorah as its component. And he was right! Kevin completely took over it.
Lankycide Před 5 dny
So pretty much exactly what we (you) expected? It's a dang shame. Pacific Rim was great because there was an actual, meaningful (if a bit silly at times) story. I mean, it's not like we're expecting movie creators to capture lightning in a bottle with every movie they make, I just want good stories again.
Terry Rexford
Terry Rexford Před 6 dny
The first 8 seconds but unironically.
Scrambled Ganglia
Scrambled Ganglia Před 6 dny
At least the Americans spliced in a 50's Perry Mason lookalike in the monster movie. That was interesting.
Kevin Bell
Kevin Bell Před 6 dny
Go back to when the Critical Bawbag was still in the closet. And you'll unsubscribe.
Tyler Aguilar
Tyler Aguilar Před 6 dny
Wish we would have seen more of shady business guys daughter lmao
The Karp King
The Karp King Před 6 dny
I didn't like it that much. I don't know why, I loved the previous godzillas, but this one seemed different. The previous movies had a sensible direction they wanted to go. Don't get me wrong, this one knew what it wanted, it just got to that destination with little thought.
Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia Před 6 dny
Big dumb monster movie is what we wanted
dbsommers1 Před 6 dny
It was good because it was exactly what it aspired to be, and never pretended it was anything other than that. Big monsters fight. Humans babble nonsensically to kill time between fights.
Nephilim Heart
Nephilim Heart Před 6 dny
Omfg i never realized theres sunlight inside the earth bahahaha movie broken.
Nephilim Heart
Nephilim Heart Před 6 dny
And how the fuck did they rebecca hall and skarsgard to do this garbage?
Nephilim Heart
Nephilim Heart Před 6 dny
I cant say i was disappointed, cuz i learned my lesson with everything leading up to this one. The only thing that surprised me is how the fuck they managed to do even less character development on the humans than ever before, but STILL only have five minutes of monster fighting. You cant even use budget as an excuse anymore. Kong is on screen for a lot of the movie. Hes just not doing anything interesting.
some jose
some jose Před 6 dny
drinker you should watch godzilla 2014 if you havent already. its technically set in the same universe as this one but after watching both, you wouldnt believe it. i cant stress enough how grounded it is compared to later installments and the effects look fantastic.
Adora of Eternia
Adora of Eternia Před 6 dny
real fun movie awesome fx
Bond James
Bond James Před 6 dny
i just hope the big lizard wins this time. i feel oppressed cause i'm forced to keep watching the big monkey punch the big lizard. equal time!
Maskman Five
Maskman Five Před 6 dny
Still way too much woke ... Damn Mlie Bobby Brown
Maskman Five
Maskman Five Před 6 dny
Samara Gintoki barely had a role in it despite being in the movie. The next Gintama shod parody this
Maskman Five
Maskman Five Před 6 dny
Still not as good as ShinGoji ...but strangely not as bad the 3 part Earth Godzilla
R.E.Z Před 7 dny
I really wish we had gotten a Pacific Rim 2.
TheGeorgeJr672 Před 7 dny
I told my girl Godzilla is Godzilla, he won't lose. She and her mom believe otherwise. They say it's Kong's movie. He proceeds to win every fight unless tiny humans help big money. The fight scenes were good but the part with Millet bobby brown seemed off to me. The scientist parts were a lot better. Edit: Enough power to power Las Vegas......so we could have almost unlimited power over the whole world....but the big monster is more important.....I understand but Godzilla was never a true threat.
London Rhodes
London Rhodes Před 7 dny
Just watched it with my 9 year old. We both loved it.
DelawareComicDude Před 7 dny
I actually liked the human characters except the horrendous fat kid, black dude and millie bobby brown, they are absolutely aggravating
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