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So I finally got around to watching Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, and well... it wasn't quite what I was hoping for. So I thought I'd review it before I completely forget what I even saw.


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1. 03. 2021





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před měsícem
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dobiem1 Před 10 dny
It is called re-writing history. The kind of movies that make you want to buy the books and read them instead.
Lotus Afire
Lotus Afire Před 10 dny
Henry cavill is super hot. The Drinker is hot and funny ;)
Jamie Smpg
Jamie Smpg Před 15 dny
Al Payne
Al Payne Před 25 dny
Can you tell me the title of your first book I want yo buy it I like your critique of all the shite Hollywood makes us watch so I would like to start reading your books and know where to start thanks
jc100hung Před měsícem
THIS GUY WRITES BOOKS TOO? What's next, he's a real human being??
J S Před 35 minutami
I like this movie.
Aurelia London
Aurelia London Před 3 hodinami
Was told by friends that I’d like this movie. When I told them that I don’t want to watch a female version of Sherlock Holmes, they looked all “shocked.” Unlike them, I’m a real fan of the stories and grew up reading the books.
The Cavalier Panda
The Cavalier Panda Před 8 hodinami
ngl I would be more up for having a film centring around Henry Cavill's Sherlock
Victor David Ramos Brast
Victor David Ramos Brast Před 11 hodinami
So, what happened to her mom?
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Před 14 hodinami
Yea this was pretty obvious to be just another sjw movie.
badas45 Před dnem
The only Enola ive ever heard of was gay....hahaha ww2 reference for all you
Erik DeMann
Erik DeMann Před dnem
The immensity of the female inherited insecurity issues and inferiority complexes are just further exposed, with every new tv series and movie made from this gynocentric narrative. I'm just wondering if they're aware of it themselves? To be honest I seriously doubt it, given they also seriously suck at self-reflection.
roshand matabick
roshand matabick Před 2 dny
Character seems made up by girls at a sleepover.
FREEMAN Před 2 dny
Feminism and multiculturalism ad nauseam
Uwe Magerl
Uwe Magerl Před 2 dny
i am disgusted how milly bobby brown always gets sexualized in any show or movie she is in. like that other girl from "it".
Sitcom Christian
Sitcom Christian Před 2 dny
Mark 14:6-8 But Jesus said, "Leave her alone. Why do you trouble her? She has done a beautiful thing to Me. For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you want, you can do good for them. But you will not always have Me. She has done what she could; she has anointed My body beforehand for burial."
August Brown
August Brown Před 3 dny
The point of her switching clothing was because she knew her brothers would look for her. So because everyone was looking for a woman. She dressed as a man. Later on in the movie this is pointed out several times. For the 3 times she dresses as a boy, she also buys very feminine dresses because she knows people are now looking for the "boy". This reasoning is explicitly stated in the movie twice. The fighting suffragettes were actually a real group of women in London during this time period. They actually learned Jiu-Jitsu in a hidden training center like this one. That is the way the protected themselves as the campaigned for the right to vote. Their instructor was Edith G. Women in the Great Britain didn't actually get the right to vote until 1918, what happened on the late 1800s is the law was changed so they weren't excluded from the electorate. This allowed them to be represented. (Basically, "okay, we won't stop you from being represented in parliament, but you still don't have the right to vote for who you want to represent you". The conversation between the black woman and Sherlock never actually mentions race or gender. The black woman is a suffragette, as is Sherlock's mom. It's why he approaches her in the first place. He belittles her and his mother's work. He tells her that the world doesn't need changing and she says that he doesn't think the world needs changing, because the world already works for him. A universal theme in all revolutions not just gender and race. This funny thing is the way that this review discusses it, actually reinforces that the conversation has merit. The reason it feels unfocused is because it's supposed to be. Enola thought she needed to do things Sherlock's way, but she finds it doesn't fit. She tries to do it her mother's way, but it still doesn't fit. It isn't until the third act that she finds her own style of handling things. Mycroft wasn't played as an idiot, an asshole, but never an idiot. He only tries to send her to the reform school. However, it's Enola's movie so of course she out thinks them, but they never look like anything other than who they are. You can actually decipher the words as she does. I paused the movie and actually did it. Meaning either you didn't try it or you couldn't figure it out. If you actually watch the movie and not have it just on as background noise. They go through step by step as she cracks increasingly difficult ciphers. They poke fun at a lot of different tropes and it truely is a good watch. Will it rewrite the world? No, but its still fun.
August Brown
August Brown Před 3 dny
The fighting suffragettes in London were real actually. They learned Jiu-Jitsu taught by one of the first female marshal artists Edith G. To protect themselves as they campaigned for their right to vote in London in 1907.
Marionette King
Marionette King Před 3 dny
So overall not worth a watch. Tbh the only character I can truly enjoy doing a fourth wall break is Deadpool and even then that's because his character has pretty much always had that ability. Plus it's a pretty big turn off when you humiliate a well established character simply so you can push an agenda. I am really happy public domain is a thing, but when I see pathetic fan fiction like this, it annoys me.
Anthony Faiell
Anthony Faiell Před 3 dny
Guys so I made a new TV show. It's called the Powerpuff Girls. It's a show about 3 young male super heroes. It's new and intuitive because the characters were initially girls... and now we just copy and pasted their characters but changed their gender. Genius right? Thought of that all by myself.
R H Před 3 dny
"This pipe is perfect." "It will be ... once it is smoked by a woman."
Nerdvana North
Nerdvana North Před 3 dny
I can't be the only one who gets the feeling of needing to punch something whenever Millie Bobby Backwoods is on screen? I can't describe it! It's the same feeling I get when I see Miles Teller's face. Anyone else feel this strange proclivity to punch a face? Maybe I just hate them or maybe they are boring, tripe actors in an age of creative bankruptcy.
Ashley Před 4 dny
auhguhg for fucks sake a character doesn't need to be a specific gender to be well loved n shit. im a girl, i love indiana jones, i wanted to be indiana jones. there was no need to ever make indiana jones female, i didn't wanna be indy because he was a girl i wanted to be indy cuz he was cool lol. not that im saying they made indy female but i wont doubt that it'll happen soon enough. i dont think there was ever a time i liked a character but wished they were a different gender or race. because it doesn't fucking matter. i mean if they're going to keep making sherlock stuff and they want a female to play it thats fine but the issue is the female always has to be different from the original so then it makes it stupid and shitty. i dont wanna see sherlock getting raped cuz hes a woman now and women get raped. i dont wanna see sherlock have to deal with pregnancy because hes a woman now. i dont wanna see sherlock struggle to get a job at the paper because hes a woman. that shit shouldn't come into any of it when you are making a sherlock movie or story or whatever. make a new series with that character but with a different fucking name. if its good it'll make money if not then it wont. oh wait whats that? you know its going to be garbage and thats why you used a popular IP so you could get people who know that IP to see it and give you money?? well no shit sherlock.
ZhoRZh37 Před 4 dny
Man, you could be narrating notes from cyclist activists' brainstorming session and it would sound relevant and interesting...
Rolando Poitras
Rolando Poitras Před 4 dny
MBB showed why she was silent most of the beginning of season 1 of Stranger Things... shes not that talented yet... Her facial expression are repetitive in the works shes done... Enola Holmes was made to keep girls woke with false narratives about modern day society.
Fletch Keilman
Fletch Keilman Před 4 dny
The jiu-jitsu academy wasn't so far off as you think. While "Baritsu" was the chosen martial art of Holmes, women, especially during the suffrage movement, we're in fact taught "jujutsu". After a time, Jigaro Kano's favorite student a British woman of Aristocracy. Jiu-jitsu was a very powerful tool, as well as a fad, around the tune of the century.
Matt Murphy
Matt Murphy Před 5 dny
5:42 who's their cinematographer lol. "I have the perfect shot: a dramatic closeup with a short focal length. If we make her head look like a balloon then she'll be more relatable to the clowns watching this"
Matt Murphy
Matt Murphy Před 5 dny
You see the lord's plan makes sense because being in London with no money around this time was actually a very pleasant experience
alphatrion100 Před 5 dny
Still like MBB. This is just a movie for girls.
Ella De Castro
Ella De Castro Před 5 dny
This movie had no direction whatsoever. The most useless Sherlock.
Amber Legowik
Amber Legowik Před 6 dny
[Disgusted noise]
Cryptic72 Před 6 dny
My family made me watched this movie. I lost it when the guy popped plastic shells into his shotgun
ManicallyMetal Před 7 dny
I thought I was the only one that didn’t like this movie
Art Vandalay
Art Vandalay Před 7 dny
Yeah because life as the rabble is so difficult. Not expected to be something you're not, not under the public eye 24/7, people never expecting anything from you...just because one is privileged doesn't mean life is always easy. Poor people can be assholes too.
Lankycide Před 7 dny
The Drinker is the basest of chads. xD I really enjoyed that last dig at the ridiculous real-world statue "marketing campaign" they had for this movie. Just yikes.
James Newstead
James Newstead Před 7 dny
This movie does prove that Americans will watch any shit set in some make believe Victorian ingerland
Fumbleweed Dumblecock
Granola Holmes.
russian d
russian d Před 8 dny
This girl thinks she is an adult... drake does too
russian d
russian d Před 8 dny
Anyone notice that henry cavill likes young girls?
Jobs mine
Jobs mine Před 9 dny
Couldn’t agree more because the movie is way overrated when it was just an average forgettable piece of Netflix that you play on the TV as a background.
HoneyComb Castle
HoneyComb Castle Před 9 dny
What I didn’t like about this film, as a woman, is the constant and unnecessary put down towards men. Especially the edith/Sherlock scene. She just sounds so bitter towards him and they’ve only just met. He just wants to find his mother for enola and she wants to push her politics. It really took me out of the film. Plus the scene with her mother feels manipulating. I initially dismissed my points above but after thinking things through this subtle yet constant rubbishing of men is not what I want in female lead movies.
Ash Kiff
Ash Kiff Před 9 dny
Id get you a bottle of JD for reviewing that it must have been painful.
Yovry Před 9 dny
They had a sister in the BBC adaptation and unlike this movie she was written pretty well
banjo tails
banjo tails Před 9 dny
I really enjoyed the movie. But it fell apart at the end.
le fu
le fu Před 9 dny
Enola Holmes is basically a Mary Sue fanfiction. I am female, somewhat of target audience for this kind of media, but it was unbearably cringy to watch. Didn't make it past the first ep.
Anal Insidemea
Anal Insidemea Před 10 dny
so It's Lara Croft
Lotus Afire
Lotus Afire Před 10 dny
The long lost sister should have stayed lost. I'm surprised she isn't black. Nothing new from hellyweird in the last 15 years.
Zachary Chu
Zachary Chu Před 10 dny
At some point there’s gonna be a movie about the sister of Jesus or something and she saves the world from evil
OverlordMcGeek Před 10 dny
Gave up on this movie halfway through when it said, 'fuck it. yeah the mother is a shit stain trying to blow people up.' Then what was the point of trying to paint her in a nice light? Like she had just disappeared so something wrong was done to her? Nope she's just fucking insane.
kirtons4u Před 10 dny
Bet Drake likes it
The Circle of T.E.D
The Circle of T.E.D Před 11 dny
I recall seeing a trailer for this, and just thinking "wow this looks like shit", for obvious reasons. Opinion hasn't changed: WHEN the fuck was there ever a martial arts school in the victorian era?! I studied victorian history at school, I'd have remembered something like that!
Vajira Lasantha
Vajira Lasantha Před 12 dny
Please do the Equalizer.
Enchanted Cookie
Enchanted Cookie Před 12 dny
Why doesn’t this movie care that the suffragettes are literally terrorists? Why doesn’t this matter?
peace2014 Před 12 dny
I think they should have named her Shirley. And I am serious.
Rafa Eterna
Rafa Eterna Před 12 dny
honestly eurus seems like a better female character than her, eurus seems waaaaaay smarter than both sherlock and microft
henry louis
henry louis Před 13 dny
I’d say that shit is a joke but it’s not even funny
Hans Olav
Hans Olav Před 13 dny
'than her more famous brotherS'. Mycroft is very much Sherlock's equal. if more lazy. :)
RandomKitty Před 13 dny
I'm surprised Netflix hasn't made a movie of Hitler's unknown sister who was perfect at everything and was a saint.
Neltins Před 13 dny
man, one of his truest videos
voteDC Před 13 dny
There is a series of books called the Sherlock Holmes/Lucy James Mysteries. There will be spoilers further down, so don't go past the Read More if you don't want them. The first two books of the series are excellently written Sherlock Holmes stories, narrated by Watson. The author manages to ape Conan Doyle's style without it coming across as a straight up copy. . . . . Lucy James is introduced and revealed to be the potential daughter of Professor Moriarty. It is of course later revealed that she is in fact the daughter of Sherlock and a woman he met years before. The pair eventually form not a familial bond but one of respect. Mycroft is the more welcoming member of the family and is shown at one point that he is capable of creating a complex code, in a note intended to lure Lucy into a trap, while drugged out of his mind by the bad guys. As the series has progressed it has become the Lucy James Mysteries with occasional guest star Sherlock Holmes but his intelligence is never played down to make her look better, he remains Sherlock Holmes. The only real negative about the series is that as it has continued Sherlock has kind of taken a back seat, that's not a slight against the stories, I just really would have liked to have seen more Sherlock Holmes stories from the author. It's a shame that this series couldn't have been adapted as it wouldn't have required the shoehorning that Enola required to fit into the Holmes universe and would still have provided a great female detective.
swedish house mafia
swedish house mafia Před 13 dny
Millie Bobby Brown reminds me of the child characters’ faces in Skyrim; just look at her face
Nobody At All
Nobody At All Před 14 dny
Couldn't get past the first 20 or so minutes without being bored to death and nodding off to dreamland. 😴
Kel J
Kel J Před 15 dny
Only reason to watch this, Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes.
Melthorme Před 15 dny
MENS RULES!!!!!!! in England 1800. YEAH!!!! Start to work at 6/8 years in factories or carbon mines for 16 hours a day 7 days a wek. YEAHHH!!! MENS RULES!!!!!!!!
Bill Waller
Bill Waller Před 15 dny
If you thought this was bad wait until you see The Irregulars...
Samantha Blight
Samantha Blight Před 16 dny
Actually the character who taught martial arts is loosely based on Edith Margaret Garrud who trained the bodyguard unit of the women's social and political union (WSPU) in jujutsu self defence techniques, which ties into the women's suffrage plot line of the movie.
ילד טוב ירושלים
I really enjoyed it, i recommend it.
SAM BRICKELL Před 19 dny
Is it cultural appropriation when feminism keeps stealing good male characters and ruining them?
Poke Před 19 dny
You know what I hated the most in this movie and any other historical piece in this type? The absolute hate towards corsets. Like gurl, this thing was invented to help YOU to make YOUR life more COMFORTABLE it's like a superpowered bra that holds not only your melons but also your spine in healthy position not a torture device #stopcorsetshaming. Good corset is comfortable as hell!
Silly Puppy
Silly Puppy Před 20 dny
I've watched 15 minutes of the movie and am already irritated. It's not a bad idea but the feminism is poured on like concrete. Woman good, man bad.
Sickiey Před 20 dny
:) Wait till you get to "the Irregulars",,, its going to bring instant crashing sobriety , you will log out and never return
Bomber 44
Bomber 44 Před 20 dny
The description on Netflix describes both Holmes brothers as “useless” . First and only indicator that I don’t need or want to see it
Ninjabear Press
Ninjabear Press Před 21 dnem
As I thought when I saw it on Netflix, a feminist rewrite of history to avoid.
MrJonnydanger Před 21 dnem
More Hollywood Wokeness - hard pass.
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 Před 21 dnem
Yes Mr Cavill if you want to do the Witcher you have to be in this SJW nonsense.
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 Před 21 dnem
So let me get this straight, there’s a film on Netflix with Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes but instead of the awesomeness that brings they decide to make up a long lost sister who was never in the books who obviously has to be far superior to a mere man and then get a child to play her? Oh ok then🙄🙄🙄
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 Před 21 dnem
We need the drinkers take on the Irregulars, Watson is black, obviously 🙄🙄 and you really have to look hard to see a white person, in Victorian London.🙄🙄
Chris Před 21 dnem
Sobriety escapes “The Drinker”
František Fojt
František Fojt Před 22 dny
"While Sherlock lurks in the background looking cool as fuck", haha, so on point. Also why does the Witcher work
MR. FOWL Před 18 dny
So true while Sherlock is off to face Professor Moriarty. Enola is busy in reform school or something.
Invisible Man
Invisible Man Před 22 dny
This movie sounds lazy as hell.
I really liked this movie. I give a fuck about the mainstream media or ANY critic. I was happy while I watched it. Don't make me send Ryan after you Will. Like 20 yrs younger matters? You're killing her likability for something she has no control over....shame on YOU Will. Better than any MCU movie, IMO, as long as you're going to point out shit that's not probable. As a matter of fact, better than ANY make believe DC/MCU movie as long as your pointing out "discrepancies" that are far fetched? So make believe is okay when I like it and make believe is bad when I don't? What does that sound like..................HYPOCRICY!
kev3d Před 23 dny
She can't ride a bike after repeated attempts, but she can drive a car -a thing she had never seen.
Antoniu Balibanu
Antoniu Balibanu Před 23 dny
Get a tweeter mebbe?
Antoniu Balibanu
Antoniu Balibanu Před 23 dny
clone yourself so you can do More!
MasamuneChad Před 23 dny
6:17 LMAO!
martins freimanis
martins freimanis Před 24 dny
They should have made film about joung Jessica Fletcher instead
martins freimanis
martins freimanis Před 24 dny
Drinker criticises all movies that I hate 😂
Jack Lantern
Jack Lantern Před 24 dny
How they portrayed Mycroft is utterly unforgivable. Look, I am all for female empowerment. But this is trash as hell!
Joe Harris
Joe Harris Před 25 dny
Yes way!!!!
Fantasy Engineered.
Fantasy Engineered. Před 25 dny
it's like licking my nightstand lamp, light socket !!!
America First
America First Před 26 dny
This what happens when your childhood break is a Godzilla film..
DHIKЯIS Před 26 dny
What a big budget fan fiction movie
Al Payne
Al Payne Před 26 dny
Anything milly boring brown does now is just going to be safe and stream lined and predictable 😴
Peter Kaufman
Peter Kaufman Před 26 dny
Thanks. Saved me some time!
White Skullz
White Skullz Před 26 dny
I've come to the conclusion that modern feminists are completely devoid of the ability to empower women without bashing men. Millie Brown was the head producer, and she made it very clear that this movie was about female empowerment. But of course along the way we have to make out pretty well every man to be evil, women haters. Except for Sherlock himself of course. Mainly because you'd be crucified for vilifying Sherlock Holmes.
Ton Huyen Thu
Ton Huyen Thu Před 26 dny
The honorable balance considerably obtain because racing emotionally fence following a hard-to-find profit. somber, obese quit
Kberns Před 26 dny
While I certainly appreciate your insightful and intoxicated review of this film, (I use the term loosely) I would have been better off never knowing that this existed. Thanks, I guess...
Strangely Ukrainian
Strangely Ukrainian Před 26 dny
I didn’t mind Enola Holmes all that much. Except for a couple of parts in the movie, the feminist ideas didn’t really show through, and most of the movie was more about Enola being strong as an individual and not relying on anybody. To be honest, it probably would’ve been better if they had made it annoying and bad, because then I might actually remember more of it, it’s as the title suggests, it’s just a forgettable movie
ah mecorp
ah mecorp Před 27 dny
wtf, Tom Baker played Holmes?
Brick Guy
Brick Guy Před 27 dny
Martha Tedla
Martha Tedla Před 28 dny
Unpopular opinion: a movie like this doesn't have to relate to the books at all. Honestly, the books have been remade into so many different movies, shows, and retellings, that I actually no longer care about the characterizations or even existences of the original characters. Because at this point, there's always going to be a better faithful adaptation, so if you want cookie cutter sherlock content just watch that. So I don't mind that enola Holmes exists or mycroft isn't as smart. HOWEVER, this movie sucks and thats that. If you're going to go out of your way to change the main characters, you better make them better
Sean Pertwee
Sean Pertwee Před 29 dny
The problem I have with films like this is that the people who make them dont know how to portray how people really were back then, not a single character in this film accurately portrays what the British were like, also this bullshit about life being easier if you are a man? Almost every man and women in the entire country were desperately poor and overworked with no regulations or laws in place to really protect any rights you had. Back then you could be executed for stealing some bread.
Archduke Hamburger Von Onionrings
"It's shite" - Dalai Lama
Petri Kokko
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The most realistic charactarisations.
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