Batwoman Season 2 - The Funniest Thing I've Seen All Year 

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With the recent release of a trailer for Batwoman Season 2, I thought I'd take a look and see what's in store. How will the show go on without Ruby Rose? Nothing could have prepared me for the delights contained in that 60 second trailer...


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13. 12. 2020





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The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker Před 4 měsíci
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Jame Retief
Jame Retief Před 17 dny
@InfamousDBZ for God’s sake man don’t do it. It’s not that I’d deny you happiness but have you seen the offerings out there? Faster and less emotionally draining is just to set a little over half your cash and possessions on fire.
InfamousDBZ Před 17 dny
I feel like joke 8:08 came from a personal experience, because it was so out of place and made no sense. Hang in there man, I'm still looking for a woman in her late thirties, early forties to hold at night.
Brandon Newby
Brandon Newby Před měsícem
I'm not saying that woman is the greatest thing or anything, but don't hate on Alice so much. I really feel like her deadpan acting is consistent with her character. She feels abandoned by her whole family her whole childhood. It kind of works. It even works more so cuz she knows that her sister was Batwoman, so how the hell did they not find her, you know? All those high level resources.. I'd be kind of deadpan too.
Jame Retief
Jame Retief Před 2 měsíci
The Critical Drinker Douglas Scott Ray was great in "Arabian Nights" and "Hitman" and would have been Wolverine except for a conflict in filming a "Mission Impossible 2". It will take some great roles to get this used toilet paper to stop clinging to his career.
Hella Coorinna
Hella Coorinna Před 3 měsíci
8:25 .. "I don't care, I'm still free" "You can't take the sky from me"
bikebudha01 Před 47 minutami
i thought batwoman was white? i mean i finally got around to watching crisis, and batwoman was white
Brandan Dengler
Brandan Dengler Před hodinou
Question did she ever fight anyone from Batman rogues gallery? I would love to see her fight bane he would break her like a toothpick.
OofurCracked Před 5 hodinami
Arrow was the best show
Caleb Black
Caleb Black Před 8 hodinami
No shows like this keep getting renewed because girls actually watch this shit. My ex-girlfriend tried at least a dozen times to get me to watch The 100, a CW show.
hostile Před 8 hodinami
That slow mo of the magazine cover saying “batwoman reveals herself AS A LESBIAN” is sooooo forced and corny
89chillin Před 9 hodinami
Anyone know where that edited laugh sound comes from at 1:29? Shits too funny. More of that please
gerano007 Před 10 hodinami
Is it me or sounds this man too fat and angry at the same time
Chris Brandenburg
Chris Brandenburg Před 10 hodinami
why does it seem like every female character has the desire too tell everyone and themselves how "powerful" or "confident" they are. i cant think of male characters doing it. it would be funny to see the terminator say "i am powerful" lol
Rightontrack Před 10 hodinami
Wtf is with the World mama 🌍😓
IndicaPlayz Před 13 hodinami
Bat-Girl: **exists** Joker and his tendency to cripple female bats: allow me to introduce myself!
P Před 13 hodinami
Did you know that Dougray Scott was meant to be Wolverine? Look where he is now instead.
Terry Rodbourn
Terry Rodbourn Před 14 hodinami
The real Bat Woman was a lone young daughter being raised by her veteran Dad and a bad person kills him! She takes her hero (Batman) was out of town fighting Rase in Europe for so long, and Dick out of Town and Bat Girl in. College so she went to several fighting schools and made her name taking out this responsible for her Fathers death! This is when Bat Man comes back and has to hunt her down because she takes lives of her enemies! In the comics Bat Man catches her and her back down on killing the man whom ordered her Fathers killing!
twinjuan07 Před 15 hodinami
Awww so many butt hurt white boys :) sending thoughts and prayers boys
Be-LEAVER _19 Před 15 hodinami
wow, the show didn't even air and you're already making judgements.... that looks a like a fine demonstration of human intellect
bzrkmaniac Před 16 hodinami
I've never watched this. It looks horrible. lol
Tobi Pohan
Tobi Pohan Před 17 hodinami
The problem of first season of batwoman is not the show, but the character itself. The show actually stay close to its character in the comics and other media like cartoon. Batwoman is the captain marvel of dc. Season 2 just makes it worse
Cozmo Před 18 hodinami
She prolly felt entitled to save people after watching a "Self Defense for Women Guide" on CSshows
Dankus Memeus
Dankus Memeus Před 18 hodinami
Why is she black?
Kevin Herbert
Kevin Herbert Před 20 hodinami
End the show now. Oh the pain the pain 😂😂
Fakha Udin
Fakha Udin Před 20 hodinami
go woke go broke
Parsa8 Před 20 hodinami
Mr. Khan
Mr. Khan Před 21 hodinou
The message is "If you're not gay you should be ashamed of yourself"
Nawasa Arthur
Nawasa Arthur Před 21 hodinou
Not interesting at all
Doug Dingey
Doug Dingey Před dnem
The idea of the costume is to cause fear in the dark... until you see the well groomed red hair which turns fear to mirth.
Neo Moon Sevin
Neo Moon Sevin Před dnem
I love this series good things start out different but get better over time
A1KENI Před dnem
literally didn't know that this even existed, and now kinda wish i didn't know, its literally a whole dump, my garbage bin ain't got shit on this, this doesn't even deserve to be called human excrement, more like elephant shit
Rollin' Před dnem
Its like shoving every possible LGBT scene forcefully down the audience's throats!
D WREX Před dnem
Im sorry but the other shows are not garbage I 100 percent disagree arrow and flash are amazing
C Brown
C Brown Před dnem
I'm a white man over forty and under 6 feet... this is sillier than a series or movie about me in the nba
C Brown
C Brown Před dnem
These writers have made a laughable mockery of their intended girl power stuff 😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣
C Brown
C Brown Před dnem
This guy cracks me the hell up. Bad guys that go down from one punch from a hundred pound woman 😅🤣😅🤣😂😂😂
marchristiansen Před dnem
Holy Cow Batman! Season 2. That's right old chum. I can't wait to not see it. 🦇
Juan Solorio
Juan Solorio Před dnem
Anyone who has acted in a cw show should be blacklisted from life
Sinchan Goswami
Sinchan Goswami Před dnem
I know why I don't like "female Batman' ., and why I unsubscribed..
Bill Před dnem
So I take it you don't like the show. I'm surprised you get the show in England!
Burak Dağ
Burak Dağ Před dnem
ı swear at first ı couldnt understand a word you said, man how can you talk like this
Alex Braun
Alex Braun Před dnem
Was there an actually Batwoman comic? Technically that is sexist...should be called Batperson
Jonathan Gasser
Jonathan Gasser Před dnem
For crissake, when will they create good original character and stories with women and gays? This is doing a disservice to the cause.
LeBator Před dnem
Oh no. Not more woke Hollywood garbage. 🤮
Bailey Reed
Bailey Reed Před dnem
You either die the Dark Knight Trilogy or you live long enough to see yourself become the black lesbian batwoman.
Chad Berk
Chad Berk Před dnem
Looks like we currently have 1.5k rejects who disliked this video lol
InsanoDystrya Před dnem
Mac Lemaster
Mac Lemaster Před dnem
I can’t believe they made a season 2 wow
Chris Laverick
Chris Laverick Před dnem
one, just one single thug would beat down both those bat girls, its so hard to get into a show like this, I really dont understand where the funding comes from
Jordan Flaherty
Jordan Flaherty Před dnem
The show was really bad, but the amount of misogyny in the video is disappointing to hear.
Nicholas Madison
Nicholas Madison Před dnem
I agree with you that the show sucks but your video also sucks everything you said was already talked about mostly occurred during the first season you didn't really discuss why the second season is so funny you just kept spewing the same shit everybody else has already said about the first season you didn't talk about the second season other than that Kate's been replaced by a black girl with attitude what I'm saying is you need to give out examples as to why it's so funny like show a clip and then break it down as to why it's so funny cause the titles pretty misleading I thought you were going to take me on a trip through shitty dialogue and horribly choreographed scenes and plot points but nah there was none of that
sanriodeppression thermos
The wig is still so bad. Put some work into that thing, some dry shampoo maybe?
Brendon Colson
Brendon Colson Před dnem
Jesus Christ people.
Festered, Pestered and Sequestered
Drinker, you truly are our last hope!
Tim Gray
Tim Gray Před dnem
Literally turns my stomach to see a lesbian black batwoman
Sarath To
Sarath To Před dnem
Charector should be obese too, cos all shapes are beautiful
Blaklyon Den Radio
They really fucked the dog with this shit show...
Dimitris Gisaris-Balaskas
in season 3 they should make 1 episode, batman coming back and being pissed to all of the copycats and end with a montage of him throwing some punishment their way for making his identity a joke
Just Looken
Just Looken Před dnem
Stupid shit. I wouldn't watch this ever. I would rather watch commercials and fast forward through the bad ones. This Sucks.
Future President
Future President Před dnem
stop doing the stupid voice. You'll get a broader audience
Jeffrey Hoover
Jeffrey Hoover Před dnem
"Discount Morgan Freeman" got me fucking good
Md.Fazlul Haque
Md.Fazlul Haque Před 2 dny
Is Batwoman lesbian according to the comic book? I dont know..
Gordon Denny
Gordon Denny Před 2 dny
they really casted a black woman to play the whitest fucking character ever. like she is so fucking pale in the comics
Gordon Denny
Gordon Denny Před dnem
@Bailey Reed batwoman has always been lesbian???
Bailey Reed
Bailey Reed Před dnem
You either die the Dark Knight Trilogy or you live long enough to see yourself become the black lesbian batwoman.
Xandis 37
Xandis 37 Před 2 dny
You can't just change up the actress and expect people just just go with it and act like its the same person.
Never Ending Productions
This character could have been really great if WB had competent writers.
{AWG}Darkbolt Před 2 dny
i seen a bit of this show while eating dinner one night WHOLY FUCK IT IS SOOOOOO BAD!!!
Michał Kowalczuk
Michał Kowalczuk Před 2 dny
onlyfans the movie
ian ski
ian ski Před 2 dny
What if we made black suporheros white
Michał Kowalczuk
Michał Kowalczuk Před 2 dny
the british accent is exactly what everybody doesnt want
Kristofer T
Kristofer T Před 2 dny
that was the best criticism i have ever heard. and the truest. fk!!! piece of s!!!! things they want to call shows.
Samuel Mcglohon
Samuel Mcglohon Před 2 dny
Zephyrus_anim8 Před 2 dny
I can't help but think that maybe if they added more of the known female batfamily character to the series it may have helped? Like maybe Oracle at least or some of the other birds of prey since they've become more popular if they wanted to stick to female characters. Batwoman is one of the more underrated members of the Batfamily with so much potential, it just sucks this show was how she hit the mainstream.
Dishonored Před 2 dny
to be honest whenever i see batmans mask on a face i can only see a man even if its a woman wearing it.....it just doesnt work
Dan 1031
Dan 1031 Před 2 dny
Wow didn’t even knew about this show before this video, you got a point
basketofpuppys Před 2 dny
I don't like my batwoman to be a Lesbian
James Beeks
James Beeks Před 2 dny
No Batman/ bat women show will ever be as good as Gotham
Bearja Před 2 dny
this is proof that the batman job can only be done by a men, every time a women try to do the job they manage to stay alive only for one season before they disappear
helmet098 Před 2 dny
I can happily say all the footage of this show I have watched has been through your channel.
King Bernard
King Bernard Před 2 dny
They should just end all the CW series and start over.
Adamguy2003 Před 2 dny
I'd keep 'Walker' on, that's alright, and I've heard good things about 'Superman and Lois.'
Pastabilities Před 2 dny
our culture?
T Lae
T Lae Před 2 dny
"Morgan Freeman" 😆
Vakidis Vaselidis
Vakidis Vaselidis Před 2 dny
Get woke, go broke
susan boyle
susan boyle Před 2 dny
Why can't we just have more batman brave and the bold that's all we want
GokuX Před 2 dny
I laughed so hard at this!! Well said on all points my good sir!! You are a legend!! Discount Morgan freeman killed me 😂😂
omer kidwai
omer kidwai Před 3 dny
How was Punisher and Daredevil cancelled but this shitty show is still going on wtaf
Alan Před 3 dny
the story would be better if a teenager admired batman bc once he saved her so she also starting to investigate bad things happening in the city in her own created gadgets and bat suit and got to meet batman once again in the story I know its not good but better than whatever story they come up with
Steger 13
Steger 13 Před 3 dny
I thought this show was cancel?
James Debbarma
James Debbarma Před 3 dny
Lot is actually good tho
Christian Nicholas
Christian Nicholas Před 3 dny
i thought the thumbnail was some shitty fanart from deviantart and reposted in tumblr.
Robert Ya
Robert Ya Před 3 dny
nuts and bolts
nuts and bolts Před 3 dny
As soon as I saw the article revealing that she was a lesbian, I knew it was going to suck
nuts and bolts
nuts and bolts Před 2 dny
@James Debbarma Yeah, but they never made a big deal out of it, as soon as I saw the big announcement and women with short hair, it was an obvious giveaway that it was going to be more of an independent woman thing that was going on
James Debbarma
James Debbarma Před 3 dny
i mean im not defending the show but Batwoman is lesbian in the comics....i guess u only watch shows
Ara Dubyah
Ara Dubyah Před 3 dny
Next stop: BATDANCE !! 👈 😆
Devon Matthews
Devon Matthews Před 3 dny
Ruby Rose looks like Justin Beiber...i don't know why
David Harris
David Harris Před 3 dny
I kept gagging while drinking my apple juice and eating my bed time cookies every single time an image of HUGE MESSY STEAMING PILES OF SHT were displayed. . .😭😭😭
James Nnabeze
James Nnabeze Před 3 dny
Honestly identity politics is so irritating
James Nnabeze
James Nnabeze Před 3 dny
This guys sarcasm kills me 😆
John B
John B Před 3 dny
Last couple of years have had the worst TV shows and movies ever. The worst I saw was The Craft. All the people in it didn't know if they wanted a penis or puss or both. All I can say is that my money is only going to non woke movies and shows if I can find them.
Sean McGall
Sean McGall Před 3 dny
hahahah that light up mask is literally off of aliexpress...
B GT Před 3 dny
Everything about this show is absolute garbage that was Defecated upon and then set on fire.
Erick Kamau
Erick Kamau Před 3 dny
i never got intrigued by the first few minutes of sn 1 first trailer, glad i missed this agony ,
Winston Gonzalez
Winston Gonzalez Před 3 dny
Terry Huff
Terry Huff Před 3 dny
Holy hell, what a huge steaming turd! Drinker, you nailed it once again.
red wolf92
red wolf92 Před 3 dny
cant wait for gay Joker and black Harley Quinn
East Afrika
East Afrika Před 3 dny
If this Batwoman was to fight the Joker, he would turn her into another Harley Quin.
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