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Jim Bo
Jim Bo Před 12 hodinami
I am Jack's utter disappointment that you did not mention the movie's kickass score. Basil Poledouris did the score. He also did the score for RoboCop and Conan the Barbarian.
kool joe
kool joe Před 12 hodinami
For Critical stinker: Did you notice that Robert Downey Jr's Doctor Dolittle is a flop and he's nominated for a razzie award? We don't talk about it, Critical Drinker likes better to denigrate women.
Darth Spock
Darth Spock Před 12 hodinami
Well reviewed, I think you nailed it in saying that this basically IS a propaganda film from that fictional universe. I've seen some, I think misguided defenses for the Feds in this movie. While there is an argument to be made that this was an unfaithful corruption of Heinlein's original novel, the film itself is clearly portraying a dystopian, authoritarian regime in parody form.
buzzme Před 12 hodinami
i wanted vision to take thor's mantle rather than this nonsense but i have a feeling the boys of the future will be worse than the ultimate weak simps i hate today
Bai Su Zhen
Bai Su Zhen Před 12 hodinami
1:21 oooh this scene is almost like Spiderman but way worse.
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Před 12 hodinami
When I first heard that movies/ games are starting to preach about race, sexuality, and gender I was confused. I mean I thought these things were already solved for decades in the USA and European countries. Maybe it’s a problem in third world countries or less developed countries, but I don’t care really I just want to play games and watch movies in peace, not care things that won’t affect me. I am also an Asian Male and have had no one look down on me since I was born because of my race.
Degrelle Holt
Degrelle Holt Před 12 hodinami
I avoid films with prophesies like they were prophesizing a plague of prophesies.
Hassoon Bobs
Hassoon Bobs Před 12 hodinami
I consider it a scifi horror masterpiece. "Annihilation was one of those movies that conned people into thinking it was smart." I never got the feeling of it ever trying to convey that it was smart. The main theme of this movie was visual aesthetic and the also gore horror. Also the prism analogy of matter dissolving was just beautiful to me like how light can slowly disperse in a prism so can we since matter is a wave as well with similar properties to light. Search up 'de brogile' matter wave. Also I cringe when people expect movies to be realistic like how they aren't wearing any protective suit etc. what part of science FICTION do you not get.
ilove2playtoo Před 12 hodinami
I've seen it pop up on Netflix, i've laughed at fat Melissa McCarthy, and then i downvoted without watching it.
I Lőrincz
I Lőrincz Před 12 hodinami
Why do we play ball with these idiots? Viruses are good for one thing: revealing system vulnerabilities. We need to build franchises better and make sure the critical idiots are locked out.
Hand Solo
Hand Solo Před 12 hodinami
I'd get naked for Verhoeven for free! Come on you apes, you wanna keep your clothes on forever???
gentlemanjared Před 12 hodinami
Admiral Gender Studies Trash
watching rushins stream yaboy
I rember mistaking this movie for kick ass and then I watched it greatest desicion ever
Eugene Pomeroy
Eugene Pomeroy Před 12 hodinami
An eminently forgettable movie.
Garrick Před 12 hodinami
I saw this when it came out and we thought it was a hoot. We were really surprised to find that some people did not recognize it as satire. The male and female lead are clearly extremely good looking, like the people in propaganda films (or advertisements) and the news stories are very obviously spoofs of real-world patriotic news, such as the news surrounding the First Gulf War and the Balkans. (Not entirely a coincidence that Wag the Dog was a movie from the same year.) Plus it is Paul Verhoeven, and if you've seen Robocop or Total Recall you know they guy likes to make mindless action films that are not at all mindless if you are paying attention.
Havi Khukhur
Havi Khukhur Před 12 hodinami
Wow what an uplifting game!
Darnok X
Darnok X Před 12 hodinami
I really liked the animated Mulan movie. It was well made and good fun back then. It also came with a reasonble lesson. Can't have this today.
Stephen Lofton
Stephen Lofton Před 12 hodinami
The hilarious part is that the Heinlein book is most certainly not satire and is actually an incredibly effective, powerful and convincing indictment of Democracy. Of course the film is completely uncharitable towards the books themes of autocratic fascism and the undeniable failures of democracy. If you haven't read it I would strongly recommend it even if you just read the cliffsnotes for the classroom scenes and the conversations with Rico's commander. Funfact in the book Rico is actually Phillipino and in fact the entire military is highly multiethnic though it is almost exclusively Caucasoid and Asiatic. They also explain the reasoning for the prolific corporal punishment in a space travel Era civilization. Long story short we will never make it to space with a civilization as soft as what we are seeing in this fucked up, late stage democracy where violent groups are allowed to run rampant and society is constantly drained trying to come up with softer and softer ways to "discipline" them. Basically just read the book. Really gets the old noggin joggin.
Mark Oman
Mark Oman Před 12 hodinami
Damn, Mila Jovovich is so beautiful that even with a stupid looking hairdo she's still a 10/10.
Demonluv Před 12 hodinami
Fun shit like RoboCop, Total Recall, and Starship Troopers is definitely where Paul belongs, I watched Elle and it was kind of a slog. You could tell there were plot points and bits of acting where he wanted to go with his usual all-out approach but at the same time direct something "serious"? I dunno it felt weird.
Cqllel Před 12 hodinami
It was overrated bcuz they're black. People loved it bcuz they're black. It had errything to do with their skincolor and nothing else. They see skin color and gender above all else. And while they do that, anybody who disliked the movie was automatically called a racist. You are not allowed to criticize them bcuz of their skin color. You have to love them or else.. Talk about sup---acy (I can't say the word or my comment gets removed) The Woke creatures have a tendency of accusing other people of the things the Woke do/are. So when you don't *Burn Loot or Murder* in the name of segregation or Marxism, or disagree/disapprove of those actions and ideologies, you're automatically labeled, defamed, or censored/banned. Automatically wrong. And they are allowed to get away with it all. I miss the days of not even knowing what racism was. I watched movies growing up, and seeing an asian or a black didn't even cross my mind. I just saw people doing things. Now I'm the most hated human breed in America simply bcuz of my skin color. They hate me bcuz of my gender, skincolor, and beliefs. They call me supr---cist and racist and other horrible things. Just bcuz of my skin color. Those are the creatures in power. Control over our entertainment. They direct movies. They are why we need Natural Selection back The movie isn't bad. I liked it. It's just overrated and used to push agendas and call erryone white a racist. I was looking forward to a sequel but Chadwick Boseman died of Cancer. Shame Rest in RIP
The Thirst Israel
The Thirst Israel Před 12 hodinami
"Or maybe you were one of those weirdos that got a kick out of Voyager." You're God damn right
Brian Boru
Brian Boru Před 12 hodinami
Why they didn’t bomb the planet from space is beyond me.
Wandering Waypoints
Wandering Waypoints Před 12 hodinami
So happy you did this one-such a great movie.
cynderfan2233 Před 12 hodinami
The only difference between a civilian and a citizen of the Federation is a civilian can't vote or hold public office until they've completed some kind of Federal service, not necessarily military although that's probably the most obvious method. Other than them everyone has the same rights. Neither of Rico's parents are citizens, yet they're very rich and live in a big house.
cyberpimp29 Před 12 hodinami
Couldn't get through two episodes - fucking trash...
FruitJuicerOnline Před 13 hodinami
Agreed drinker
CanOPorkSoda Před 13 hodinami
I feel like it’s a running theme of newer movies where they have to tel you everything that’s going on instead of using visual cues
Degrelle Holt
Degrelle Holt Před 13 hodinami
These women desperately want superpowers. I mean they've got nothing else. Wish big.
Charles Sands
Charles Sands Před 13 hodinami
“The Brothers Dim” 😂
his dudeness83
his dudeness83 Před 13 hodinami
"You made a mistake my friend." - Ernest Stravlo Blofield
H.B. Hatecraft
H.B. Hatecraft Před 13 hodinami
You left out the part where their society works unlike ours where cities burn ever summer.
anvior45 Před 13 hodinami
Its pretty much 100% the same thing with everyone i have talked about Westworld with. Season 1, AMAZING, Great, so damn good! The music! OMG. Then its Season 2.. "Its.. Ok i guess." and then "Season 3... I kind of tried starting to watch it but stopped."
Coon Pooch
Coon Pooch Před 13 hodinami
Get over it already lol 😆 🤣 😂
Lindani Mvano Nkosi
Lindani Mvano Nkosi Před 13 hodinami
I loved this movie, it was one of my favorite movies as a young dude
Darnok X
Darnok X Před 13 hodinami
Still waiting for the all-men remake. But gender equality is only for women I guess.
Angry Pilot
Angry Pilot Před 13 hodinami
Dizzy was my favorite. The red head that turned me on to red heads. Been broke and emotionally beaten down ever since.
Jason Lusk
Jason Lusk Před 13 hodinami
Actions (and speech) deserve consequences, Snowflakes.
Degrelle Holt
Degrelle Holt Před 13 hodinami
I can only think that something nefarious is in the works when these new "writers" use an old property and change existing characters, instead of using their creations in their own new stories and milieus. As goofy as Rey and Kylo are, they could be used as characters in many other genres or worlds.
BOT Mushin
BOT Mushin Před 13 hodinami
It was a false flag, the bugs don't have the means to launch an "asteroid".
Felix Z
Felix Z Před 13 hodinami
I agree 100%. Relevant as ever...
flo muz
flo muz Před 13 hodinami
Buenos Aires was an inside job.......
cyberpimp29 Před 13 hodinami
They should have called this the Wokeman...
ChatNoir13th Před 13 hodinami
Nah, not really the political system looks more like the early Roman republic
I.C.G Flying Channel
I.C.G Flying Channel Před 13 hodinami
1 minute 12 seconds until ranting again 😁
dan smith
dan smith Před 13 hodinami
Critical Drinker says Fascism, but I see everything Antifa/Communists would have done. Fascists wouldn't have women in power/authority, ever.
Jinpachi Bobochan
Jinpachi Bobochan Před 13 hodinami
Didn't they actually turn a famous character of the world black in the serial? ...just becuase. Imagine they turn Black Panther white, letting him be played by Vin Diesel. Some would probably like it cuz Vin Diesel is badass, but the Social-Justice-Baboons and all the Simps in the world would probably call for war.
Jason Vyzer
Jason Vyzer Před 13 hodinami
There are plenty of bad movies that I can't sit through. The Chronicles of Riddick isn't one of them. While I don't think anyone disputes it's flaws, that doesn't mean it lacks entertainment value. I can't tell you where the line is, but it's there. Sometimes movies can be bad, but fun to watch.
Turner Around
Turner Around Před 13 hodinami
10:20 seconds without talking about the terrible CGI
Arturo Vegas
Arturo Vegas Před 13 hodinami
I have never seen this movie and after listening to the drinker, I'm glad I sparred myself the disappointment.
StevenWolf Před 13 hodinami
How to write dr who: Doctor going somewhere Troubles happen Doctor is in trouble and seems to be out of solution, ppl's life is at stake All hopes seems lost Doctor figure out the solution/knew it all along Doctor starts to take control of the situation Doctor is now with his/her commanding presence, banish the villain/got the hero moment (either with speech, intimidation, charisma, hard choice, sacrifice) Doctor is Victorious (at some point with great cost, including his/her life) Why cant they got this right?
Archie Scriven
Archie Scriven Před 13 hodinami
What is the best war film?
ItsNotaTuhmah Před 13 hodinami
They actually PAID for positive reviews in sites like IMDB and RT trying to defend this bullshit.
Devon Tatarek
Devon Tatarek Před 13 hodinami
You sound like your about to spit or poop or barf lol? Are you flexing your diaphragm every time you talk?
ciupenhauer Před 13 hodinami
That shower scene is one of the sexiest in all SciFi. The fact that Verhooven had to strip to get it into the movie makes it even better. Oh well, brb I guess...
Mary-Elizabeth Gilbert
Mary-Elizabeth Gilbert Před 13 hodinami
Over all franchises have been failures and TV shows can't be trusted... Star Trek, 5 years?! I suggest, if anyone is looking for more of the same, then try rip-offs and wannabe's...look to the old school B films...look to the Gr80s (60s, 70s + d2v 90s as well)! Sure, "Battle beyond the stars" is no "Empire strikes back" but it feels more STAR WARS canon than today's Disney slop! csshows.info/up/video/ktSvyYm_iHqmu20.html
Chance Brown
Chance Brown Před 13 hodinami
Happy 40th birthday Hayden Christensen!
Barbaros357 Před 13 hodinami
I was young when I saw this movie and I enjoyed it for every single reason you cited in your video.
Malacore Před 13 hodinami
12:45 killed me dude
Mark O'Phaeley
Mark O'Phaeley Před 13 hodinami
The best thing to do with stories from Heinlein is to satirize it.
Another Mark Russell
Another Mark Russell Před 13 hodinami
Why does anyone think sci-fi is even for minorities or women? White boys made it for other white boys, like modern civilization. You idiots could just enjoy it instead of trying to change it.
Mr Brown Alliance
Mr Brown Alliance Před 13 hodinami
20 years ahead of its time
Behr Willsonn
Behr Willsonn Před 13 hodinami
I was so excited for "Prometheus" then the scientist absolutely fell in love with an aggressive alien snake. Then one of the dudes came back to the ship all zombie looking killing people and for 45 seconds others were trying to "calm him down". So, I went and saw "Alien: Convenant" thinking the filmmakers saw their mistakes and course corrected. But then Bill Crudup didn't shoot the alien egg thing, he was staring at it for 30 seconds, and didn't shoot it. I yelled "SHOOT IT!" In the theatre and I got applause. Then, the Ripley replacement saves the day, fine, but she's crying the whole time. Sorry Angie but you're never going to get an Oscar for this.
Mark O'Phaeley
Mark O'Phaeley Před 13 hodinami
Satire is often lost on Americans, especially smart satire like this.
Steel Bear
Steel Bear Před 13 hodinami
Because it's not a smart satire, it's a dumb dude who didn't read the book and later used smart words like 'satire' to save face
Jesse Brown
Jesse Brown Před 13 hodinami
The best part of the entire movie is when the main character is getting killed by a bug while everyone is retreating and during the entire scene there is a camera guy chasing the monster trying to kill untill it turns around and kills him after like 20 seconds of close up filming
Frank Tanner
Frank Tanner Před 13 hodinami
You just now figured that out? I figured that out the first time I watched it.
Gzus peterson
Gzus peterson Před 13 hodinami
Despite being over 18 when I went to watch the movie at the theater , I was carded anyways
Simon Smits
Simon Smits Před 13 hodinami
I can tell this movie has gotten under your skin. It even made you stop drinking. Seek help plz
Ancient Chi
Ancient Chi Před 13 hodinami
I didn't like endgame, I was cheering for Thanos
HighGras Před 13 hodinami
nice movie
I Make Retro Games
I Make Retro Games Před 13 hodinami
Starship Troopers wasn't smart satire. It was the film equivalent of a Twitter SJW smearing ideas they don't like as Nazism.
Steel Bear
Steel Bear Před 13 hodinami
StevenWolf Před 13 hodinami
The script is actual shit, and u never failed to point that out
Landon Miller
Landon Miller Před 13 hodinami
Ragnarok and roll
Ragnarok and roll Před 13 hodinami
After years of slandering and humiliating fans with this whole "gatekeeping" nonsense or with false accusations of racism and prejudice, I can safely say, out of everyone I knew who loved SW and were hardcore fans fighting to be the first to see a new movie or buy a new toy, there are exactly ZERO who still care, zero who ar willing to show it to their kids, and every single one is done with it SW. GL to Disney and Darth KK(k) making passionate fans out of all the twatter hate mob, they were never in the lines to purchase mechandise, or the ones to care about lore.
ZeroMalarki Před 13 hodinami
This is your best video because it's informative without putting on a fake persona and expousing an alt right grift.
Tashawn Nicholas
Tashawn Nicholas Před 13 hodinami
The show that only introduces the west while going completely east.
Congo Kael
Congo Kael Před 13 hodinami
If you think this movie was bad - go watch "The Stand In" with Drew Barrymore... It looks like it is supposed to be a comedy - but it is more like Single White Female...
Metal Mark
Metal Mark Před 13 hodinami
Not long ago , critical did a broadcast with Sargon of Akkad. For those interested, Sargon has a fantastic critic of the book and film on his You Tube chanel. Or was it the Thinkery......dunno.
Terry Rodbourn
Terry Rodbourn Před 13 hodinami
The real Bat Woman was a lone young daughter being raised by her veteran Dad and a bad person kills him! She takes her hero (Batman) was out of town fighting Rase in Europe for so long, and Dick out of Town and Bat Girl in. College so she went to several fighting schools and made her name taking out this responsible for her Fathers death! This is when Bat Man comes back and has to hunt her down because she takes lives of her enemies! In the comics Bat Man catches her and her back down on killing the man whom ordered her Fathers killing!
Volume Dealer
Volume Dealer Před 13 hodinami
The ShangCHI trailer looked more interesting with any character other character then the guy the cast as Chi. A blank piece of paper would of looked more exciting.